Stomach rolling because of the apparition, Harry squeezed his eyes closed and tightened his hand on Severus' wrist. The older man tugged on his sleeve and Harry nodded his affirmation. And a few seconds later he braced himself for the landing. His feet slipping on the unsteady ground, Harry gasped and let his eyes fly open. With a curse, he crumpled to the ground on his bad ankle and Harry let out another curse. His stomach twisting, he shook his head and scowled.

Feeling Severus kneel by him, Harry groaned and shook his head. The older man chuckled but asked, "Your ankle?"

"Yeah and the queasiness with this trip was a little extra." Harry let out an appreciative noise when Severus numbed his ankle. "Where are we?"

His voice soft and even a little amused, Severus whispered, "Open your eyes and see."

Opening his eyes, Harry let out a little awed gasp and just stared at the beauty in front of him. He was on a beach, made with soft white skin and lots of beautifully colored shells and rocks. The ocean in front of him was a crystalline light blue, the sun causing bright lights and sparkles to jump off the water. It was everything Harry imagined paradise was like.

"It's beautiful…" Harry let out in a small choked voice.

"Yes, it is."

Severus sat next to him on the beach and they stared at the beauty of the place they were in for what seemed like an hour before Harry turned and asked, "Where are we?"

"It's a small island by Hawaii. I don't think it has a name." Severus pulled at his heavy cloaks and pulled his hair back.

"I've never been anywhere like this." Harry stood and let the sun bathe his skin with warmth.

"I figured as much."

Harry grinned, took a few steps back and began pulling his shirt off. Tossing it on to the sand, he shrugged at Severus' inquisitive look, "It's what you're supposed to do." He pulled off his pants and stood in his boxer briefs, a startling green color.

"What are you doing?" Severus looked downright petrified, his eyes wide and staring bewilderedly at Harry.

With just a wink, Harry ran at the blue water and threw himself into it. Gasping at the way the warm water enveloped his body. He dove into his and let it pull him to and fro gently. Smiling under the water, Harry watched the millions of colorful little fishes swim away from him. Popping out of the waist high water, Harry shook the water out of his face and glanced back up at the beach.

Severus was standing, watching him, his face nearly unreadable. The older man was popping the buttons on his long, thick cloak. Harry watched Severus pull the cloak off and drop it onto the ground. Swallowing hard, he took in the image of the man on the beach, in only a black button up shirt and black slacks. His feet were bare and buried in the sand. The man was quite a sight, a dark and mysterious element in this beautiful, bright place.

Feeling his heart beating quickly, Harry slowly walked out of the water and over to where Severus was standing. He smiled at the man when he stood in front of him, the sun dripping down his body turning warm in the sunlight. "This place is like paradise."

When Severus didn't answer right away, Harry looked closer up at the man. Severus was staring at him, his eyes tracing in every part of Harry that was visible. His eyes were dark and intense as they followed one glistening drop of water dripped down his chest. Biting his bottom lip, Harry squeezed the water out of his hair and felt his groin starting to stir. Tipping his head to the side, he took an unconscious step forward, "Severus…Are you okay?"

Dark eyes flashed back up to his, the burning intensity in them, hotter than anything Harry had ever seen before. Looking down almost submissively, Harry bit his bottom lip, "Thank you for bringing me here."

"All a part of the job." Severus murmured, obviously not paying attention to what he was saying.

Gazing up through his eyelashes, Harry realized how hard he was getting and sat quickly back down onto the sand. He thought he heard Severus chuckle, but the older man simply sat next to him. They sat for hours, Harry asking questions about Severus' potion and trying to ignore the fact that his cock never returned to its flaccid state. When the sky darkened above them, they both fell back against the sand and stared up at the stars. Severus pointed out the constellations in the mass of sparkling stars above them and began to explain their origins and meanings to Harry at his request.

Finally, Harry's stomach started to growl and the older man chuckled again, "Honestly Potter, you don't take good care enough of yourself. What would the hoards of your fans think if you died of starvation simply because you weren't aware of your own hunger?"

"They would probably find someone else to blame for it, they usually do." Harry laughed and sat up too.

Severus stood and held out a hand to Harry, "Come…We'll fix up the tent and then I'll make us supper."

Taking the hand offered to him, Harry smiled coyly up at Severus, "And what would your fans say if they knew you offering to keep Harry Potter from starving?"

The heated wind blowing his silky black hair tossed around his shoulders, Severus rolled his eyes, "Fans? Potter, nobody, can hardly stand to be in the same room with me."

"I'm not finding it to hard…" Harry flushed wildly and looked away, up at the moon, at the pearly white sand, anywhere but at the Potions master.

Severus didn't say anything for a long moment, but when Harry chanced a glance up at the man he noticed an unusual look come over the man's face, almost like sorrow. Eyes narrowed, Harry frowned, "Severus…?"

"Come. Let's get the tent put up before it gets too late." Severus' fingers brushed across Harry's palm as he pulled away, causing the younger man to break out into shivers.

Rolling his eyes at the sensation, Harry followed Severus up to where they had dropped their bags. Summoning the tent out of his bag, Severus and Harry got to quick work unfolding the poles and trying to figure out how it went together. Once it was all put together, the younger brunette frowned at the tent, thinking that it looked bigger but he brushed it off as though his mind playing tricks on him.

When he entered the tent he was startled into laughing. The tent was definitely larger, now a two bedroom, one bathroom and a large area for a kitchen and dining area. There was soft carpet under his feet, and inside smelled like the Potions master himself, that and the sea. Sighing deeply and turning to grin at Severus, he raised an eyebrow at the older man.

Severus shrugged half heartedly, though he did rub his neck as though he was embarrassed, "I was not going to sleep in that bloody dreadful tent another night."

Harry smirked before heading off towards one of the bedrooms. It was lovely inside, the main color being white fabrics, walls and light brown woods. Harry smiled at the simple loveliness of the room and stepped in to drop his bag on the floor next to the room. Realizing how clinging and revealing his underwear were becoming. Harry shut the door to his bedroom and pulled out a pair of loose black sweatpants, and a v-neck t-shirt.

Feeling positively warm and snug, Harry opened the door and leaned against the frame. Severus stood at the stove, his sleeves folded up to elbows, his black hair tied back at the nape of his neck. Whatever he was making smelled scrumptious and Harry felt oddly peaceful. Like the smell of the delicious food, the loveliness of the cabin like tent, and the fact that he was not alone made him feel almost serene. Deciding to ignore the confusion that was always in the back of his mind, he stepped over to the stove and leaned around Severus, "What are you making?"

The older man smacked his hand with a clean spatula, "Chicken primavera, now shoo."

Rolling his eyes, Harry backed away and poked his head inside of Severus' room. It was basically the size of his room, except the coloring was greener than anything. And not just a forest green, it was almost exactly the same shade as a color most in the wizarding world knew by heart, killer-curse green. The exact shade of Lily Potters eyes, the eye color her son inherited from her. Harry stared at the room for a long moment before stepping back out into the main room and sitting on the plushy couch.

"I'm surprised…Two rooms, haven't had that in awhile."

He watched Severus' back stiffen, and then the older man shrugged, "I figured you might enjoy having a big bed to yourself."

Frowning, Harry looked down at his hands. "I didn't mind…"

Severus stilled for several long moments but just resumed cooking. Harry flushed and sat silently for the rest of the night, only remarking with wondrous delight at how delicious the food was. After they finished eating, they sat quietly together, reading individually. Harry sat on the floor, leaning back against the couch, reading his King Arthur book. Severus sat straightly at the end of the couch, partially leaning against the arm rest, going over his notes.

Late into the night, Severus stood and stretched, "I think we should tuck in, busy day tomorrow."

Harry closed his book, making sure to save his page before pushing up of, supporting himself on the couch, "Oh? What happens tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow I begin a very long hunt for ingredients in the forest behind us." Severus laughed darkly and shook his head, "It may take days, maybe even a week."

Harry nodded and leaned against his doorframe, Severus leaned back letting his own doorframe support his weight. "If you need any help…Well I'm offering my services."

Severus' lips twitched at his words, "I'll let you know."

With another nod, Harry and Severus stared at each other for a long silent moment until the younger man said quietly, "Well…Goodnight." Turning to give Severus one more inquisitive glance, Harry smiled before slipping into his room. Shutting the door behind him, Harry listened hard and let out a sigh when he heard Severus shut his own door. Pacing around the room, Harry listened to the noises in the next room and felt his heart race. He wondered what Severus was doing…in there. Putting away his trinkets, organizing his notes, staring out the small window above his bed? Or…Was he getting ready for bed, washing his face in the small basin across the room, or getting undressed and changing into his pajamas?

Chewing his bottom lip, Harry rolled his eyes and moved to his own bed. Pulling up the blankets, the young auror laid back on his pillows. Closing his eyes, Harry allowed his mind to wander. Under the veil of sleepiness, a dark figure approached him in his mind. The taller figure stopped in front of him, his dark eyes flashing. The man smirked at him, in that almost menacing way. But the look only served to send shivers crawling up Harry's back. A pale, long and unbelievably cold hand reached up and cupped his chin, the fingers brushing lightly over his pulse.

Harry tipped his head back and arched into the touch, his eyelashes fluttering against his face. He watched as the older man's black eyes traced across his face, following the way Harry's mouth was curving up, the way his eyelashes batted against his soft cheeks. The potion masters other hand moved up to very gently brush the hair that was covering part of Harry's face out of the way. Closing his eyes, Harry arched up a little bit and waited. He could feel the man's body getting closer to his and waited his heart swelling.

And then the cold arms around him disappeared, and the room was filled with the sounds that Harry knew too well. Opening his eyes again, he glanced around the ruined castle. His heart sinking again, Harry's breath quickened as he stared at the splashes of blood on the castles staircase, floor and walls. The terror inside of him grew as he noticed the many bodies lying mangled and eviscerated on the ground. A hand closing over his ankle forced a yell from him and he hurried backwards.

Colin Creevey's pale face was spotted with the small young man's own blood. He reached his small hand up at Harry and began to whisper, blood pouring out of his mouth as he spoke, "Harry…You were supposed to save us…You were supposed to stop all of this."

"I-I'm sorry!"

"You were supposed to stop them from doing this!" Colin Creevey's lifted his head to the sky and revealed a three inch deep, five inches across cut directly under his Adams apple. As Harry began to scream and try to push back, blood began spraying out of the small mans throat. The blood sprayed all across the ground, and up around Harry, soaking the young man in hot steamy blood.


Harry let out a strangled groan of, "I'm sorry!" and felt himself being shaken back and forth.

"Wake up Harry!"

Feeling himself snap into consciousness, Harry let out a low sob and launched himself into the arms that had been shaking him. Pressing his face into the cold chest, he let out another strangled sob, "I'm sorry…"

A gentle hand petted at his hair and then Severus' voice washed over him like a comforting blanket, "Sorry for what Harry?"

"I didn't save them…it was my job and they all died because of me!" Harry sniffed loudly and pressed further into the older man's chest.

The hand on top of his head stilled and then it was yanking on his head so that his watery eyes were met by Severus' intense glare. "Harry Potter, I will not hear that from you. You stopped the dark lord and that saved thousands of thousands of lives. It was war and they knew what they were signing up for, they knew the risks. I'm almost positive they would sign up to fight for your side, our side again if they had the chance. They were willing to die to make the world a better place. And that's what you did. So none of that, you're not responsible."

Still breathing hard, Harry wiped away the tears under his eyes and looked down, "I…

"No more of that. How long and often do you have the nightmares?"

"Usually at least three times a week but they're normally not so bad."

Severus looked stunned, "Three times a week?"

"It's the worst when I'm alone, which I usually am." Harry swallowed hard and ignored the fact that his hand was helping to hold his weight on Severus' thigh.

"Have you been to St. Mungo's?"

"Of course, they gave me a dreamless sleeping potion but it was too strong and I felt like I was becoming dependant on it."

"You probably were." Severus sighed and shook his head. "Well then just one thing we can do for now. Scoot over."

Harry sniffed again and tipped his head in confusion, "Huh?"

"You're not going to sleep alone, just to fall back into more nightmares." Severus lifted him partially and laid him back against the right side of the bed. The older man pulled the blankets up and around him before lowering himself to the other side of the bed and snuggling in under the covers.

Harry turned in shock and stared at the man he'd once loathed. Severus was lying on his side, his own eyes open and staring as well. Letting out a smile sigh of relief, Harry very slowly reached out and dragged his finger across the back of Severus' hand, the cold igniting chills in him. "Thank you Severus for staying here, with me."

The older man nodded once before slowly closing his eyes, "If I hadn't you would have kept me up all night, no doubt."

His small smile growing into a grin, Harry allowed his own eyes to close, "No doubt."

Sunlight prickled at Harry's eyes and he frowned as he began to wake. Feeling something solid next to him on the bed, he stilled and opened his eyes slowly. His eyes widened and then softened at the sight on the bed next to him. Severus was curled sweetly under the blankets, his arms and legs splayed around him. His mouth was soft as he slept, almost a peaceful expression. The sun was pooling around Severus's face and body. It was making his snow white skin almost seem see-through. His shockingly black hair was almost unreal looking against the white comforter and his white skin.

Heart beating loudly, Harry slowly sat up so that he could stare down at Severus more openly. How he'd ever thought that Severus Snape was anything but gorgeous was beyond him. The man was almost ethereal in his looks. He almost looked fae…But without the pointy ears and odd coloring. Harry froze when Severus shifted on the bed, his legs slightly kicking down the blankets, revealing his bare chest and lower stomach. Swallowing hard, Harry stared at the revealed skin and had to restrain himself from reaching over and testing how soft that skin really was.

As he stared at the man, Harry knew without any doubts how he was starting to feel about Severus Snape. He knew he was starting to have feelings for the older man, was starting to want him with a burning desire. That didn't mean he understood his feelings for the man, or why he felt so intimate with him already but he wasn't trying to push them away anymore. Harry knew he wasn't going to act on his feelings, that would be ridiculous and Severus would probably hex him if he tried. But that didn't mean Harry couldn't imagine what it would be like to have steamy hot sex with the potions master.

Biting his bottom lip, Harry felt as though Severus' pale body was calling out for him. Reaching out to grab warily at the comforter and sheets, Harry pulled slowly lowering the blanket even further on Severus' body. He felt his cock stirring inside of his loose pajama pants but ignored and let his eyes feast on the simple inch more of skin that he'd exposed, including the older man's strong hip bones and an ebony strip of hair leading down from Severus' belly button and disappearing into the man's black pajama pants.

Breathing fast, Harry was unaware of the dark eyes opened and watching him. His eyes simply took in every inch of skin that was exposed for his viewing. His hands tightening almost painfully from the effort of trying to hold himself back from doing something stupid, Harry bit his bottom lip and tried to imagine what it would be like to lick a path down from Severus' collarbone down to where that hair ended under the dark haired man's pants.

"What are you doing?"

Letting out a rather undignified yelp, Harry tumbled backwards and off the bed. His head smacking into the wall loudly, he let out a string of colorful curses. Almost unwilling to open his eyes and deal with Severus, Harry just scolded himself fiercely in his mind.

"Are you okay?"

Managing to roll his eyes without actually opening his eyes, Harry nodded and pulled himself into a sitting position. After several long moments, Harry finally dared to open his eyes. Severus was sitting up in the bed, closer to the side that he'd just fallen off of than before. His body was slightly hunched over, his hair covering his face. Harry frowned when he saw the man shaking slightly but his frown turned to a scowl when he realized that the man was laughing. Severus Snape was laughing at him for falling off the bed…of course he'd only fallen when he was caught staring at the older man's naked body but that wasn't really the point.

Harry couldn't help but grin at the infectious laughter spilling from Severus' lips and began to chuckle as well, "Oh bugger off."

Severus lifted his face and Harry stared in amazement at the way the older man's face lit up with his laughter. His pink lips pulled up in a way that showed off every straight white tooth in his mouth. His sharp canines sent a shiver up Harry's spine and he was instantly imagining the man's teeth scraping his soft skin, biting deep and raising purpling marks on his neck.

The older man tipped his head to the side and continued to grin sleepily, "Are you going to stay on the floor?"

Harry shook his head, partially answering the man and the other half scolding himself in his mind, for getting caught up in his fantasies again. Shuffling to his feet, he stepped over to the bed, one hand on his throbbing head. Sitting heavily on the edge of the bed, Harry jumped when a cold hand wrapped around his wrist. Looking up under his eyelashes, Severus dark eyes were narrowed on his.

"Does your head hurt?"

Pouting Harry nodded and rubbed at the back of his head. Severus rolled his eyes and pulled his hand away, and pushed his head down so that he could part his hair. Cold fingers brushed against his scalp and through his soft hair. Harry sighed softly and allowed the man his search. A few moments later, Severus' cold fingers pushed into the sore spot on his head and Harry let out a hiss of pain.

"Sorry…" Severus whispered, his other hand rummaging around on the bed for his wand.

Harry shook his head and pulled regretfully away, "I don't like to numb my head." He chanced a look up into the older man's eyes, "But your…hands were cold enough." Eyes flashing away, he felt pink rising in his cheeks.

But then those freezing fingers were resting carefully on the sore spot on his head and the world seemed to freeze. In that instant Harry knew he'd always remember this moment, the sunlight pouring in from the window and lighting up the white filled room, the softness of the blankets underneath them, the comfortable heat and breeze floating around the tent. And the way they were sitting together, Severus tending to his hurts and Harry completely relaxed in his former professors arms. He would never forget this moment. It was already scarred on the back of his mind.

After another couple of long moments Harry lifted his head and smiled, "Thank you it feels much better."

Severus nodded and moved back so that Harry could sit cross legged in front of him. The man narrowed his eyes on him and tipped his head to the side, "So, what were you doing?"

Harry felt the blood fill his face again and looked away, "Er…I was um…Seeing how long it would take you to wake up if someone was staring at you." He twisted his hair in front of his face and continued to play with it, "It's something you're supposed to feel. But you did terribly, could never be an auror."

"Pity, it always was my life's dream." Severus rolled his eyes playfully and stretched, baring his strong muscles to Harry without realizing it. "Are you hungry?"

"Huh? Oh yes."

"I'll make omelets." Severus rolled his eyes again at Harry's eager grin but moved fluidly off the bed.

"Wait, Severus…" Harry joined Severus at the door and reached out to lightly take the older man's hand. "Thank you for staying last night…And you know… not making a big deal out of it."

Severus' expression grew serious but he nodded, "Your welcome, but we're not done talking about it. You need to understand that nothing that happened during the war was your fault. We all knew what we were signing up for and you saved the world. I know it doesn't seem like much to you, but the rest of us are always going to be in your debt. You did what you had too and you were amazing."

Staring deep into Severus' eyes, Harry swallowed hard and blinked rapidly. His throat grew tight and hot and he looked down at the ground, oddly emotional. A hand on his shoulder made him look back up and he caught Severus' gentle looks, "Thank you Severus, again. It means a lot…I-I."


Harry shook his head and smiled a watery smile at the potions master, "I should shower, unless you want to first."

"Nice change of subject, but go ahead. I'll start breakfast." Severus rubbed his hair playfully and moved out of the room.

Harry smiled at Severus' back and turned to grab at towel out of his room. Stepping out of his room he walked into the room next to his and into the bathroom. Turning on the shower, Harry stripped slowly and stepped into the cool water. Letting out a relaxed growl, Harry shivered as he let the cold water pour down over his body. His hard cock refused to wilt, even under the freezing water and he frowned down at it. Biting his tongue for a long moment, Harry gave into the need and wrapped a hand around his arousal.

Letting images of Severus overtake his mind. Harry closed his eyes and began to move his hand up and down. He imagined Severus as he had been in the bed with him just minutes before. Naked to the waist down and completely comfortable with it, licking his lips, he let out a little growl. Imagining the man wearing less clothing, Harry moved his hand up and down faster. Groaning softly, the images of Severus stalking nearer to him, with a predatory look in his eyes forced a blossom of heat in his lower gut.

Then the image took on a different route and Severus was above him, his mouth ravishing Harry's neck and chest. Then the feeling of a cold finger slipping between his ass cheeks began to feel so real that Harry started and had to check that no one was behind him. Once he was assured that he was alone, his hands pace on his generous cock began to pick up. The imaginary feeling of Severus dry humping him returned and Harry had to lean against the shower wall in case his legs began to buckle.

For the next several minutes he imagined more heated moments between Severus and himself. He'd never felt such pleasure in his life and couldn't even began to think what it would actually be like with the older man. Pasha had assured him that Severus was an amazing lover and in his deranged state was starting to believe that he actually knew what it was like to have Severus' attentions focused on him in that fashion. Harry's déjà vu was jumping in his mind and it was making him feel like he'd been intimate with Severus at one point or another.

Pulling hard with his hand, Harry arched loudly when Severus' voice called through the bathroom door, "Harry…"

His orgasm exploded of him almost violently. Harry clutched the wall behind him and groaned loudly low in his throat. His cum splattered the wet part of the bottom of the bathtub and his chest heaved up and down. Limbs trembling, Harry heard Severus call his name again, "Yes?"

"Breakfasts almost done."

"I'll be right out!" Harry called back shakily. He rolled his eyes and turned up the water, raising it from cold to mildly warm. With the warm tropical weather, there wasn't much of a need for the hot water.

He finished showering and stepped out of the shower. Standing naked and wet for the longest moment, just letting the warm breeze caress his skin, Harry finally began to relax and cheer up. Wrapping a towel around his waist, Harry stepped out into the kitchen. Severus stood with his back to the oven, the smells of cheese and eggs danced around the room. Harry leaned against the doorjamb and smiled, "its smells amazing in here."

Severus turned and his gaze widened when he saw Harry's lack of clothing. But Harry gave the man props for not saying anything and quickly raising his eyes away from the younger man's body to focus on his eyes. "I made your favorite."

Harry grinned, "Three cheeses with jalapeño's?"

"That would be the one." Severus smirked, "Now, go put some clothing on and it'll be done."

Smirking Harry turned and padded off to his own room. He quickly pulled on a pair of linen pants and a white t-shirt. When he returned to the room, Severus was sitting at the small table, a small map in front of him and a fork with omelet precariously balanced on it, halfway to the older mans face. The look of concentration on the brunettes face made Harry's heart flutter rapidly and he flushed as he stepped over to the table. Pulling the plate full of steaming omelet over, Harry asked, "Do you need help today?"

Severus looked over the tops of his notes at Harry and shook his head, "I think it's mostly hunting for plants and I'll be able to do it quickly…At least that's what I'm hoping."

A pang of disappointment pulled at Harry's gut but he nodded, "There's no one else on the island is there?"

"No, occasionally muggle fisherman will attempt to fish in the water around the island but other than that, we're alone." Severus' dark eyes sparkled at him over the edge of the paper.

Harry's breath caught in his throat, "Oh…"

"Think you'll be able to handle being stuck on an island with just me, or do you think we'll end up killing each other?"

With a playful laugh, Harry looked nodded, "I guess we'll find out. But I don't think I would try to kill you…"

"Like you could." Severus smirked and put his map down. "Eat before it gets cold."

With a nod, Harry pulled his breakfast towards him and took a large and rather obnoxious bite. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Severus' smirk grow into an amused grin as he watched him eat. Almost impulsively, Harry took another bite and groaned appreciatively, if not a little dramatically. He watched as Severus stiffened up and stared at him, his eyes suddenly intent on Harry. Trying not to smirk, Harry repeated the act but licked his bottom lip when he finished chewing and groaning. He thought that he noticed Severus' hands clenching on his tea cup and put his fork in his mouth, he sucked it clean and slowly pulled it out of his mouth.

Severus scooted his chair back quickly and cleared his throat, gaining Harry's full attention. "Er…I think I'm going to start looking. Don't want to be stuck here forever do we?"

"I wouldn't mind." Harry flushed when Severus gave him a questioning look and he looked down, "I-I meant that I wouldn't mind being on the island for awhile. It's nice being out of London and away from the press."

The older man gripped the back of the chair, "You'll have to come back here then…"

"I probably will." Harry finished off his omelet with another soft groan and a wink at Severus, whose eyes widened at the sound. Standing he made sure to brush past the older man's body to get to the kitchen and gasped when cold fingers around his wrist stopped him from getting any further.

Dark eyes burned into his and he waited silently. Severus moved a fraction of an inch closer and said, "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself."

Harry looked down at the hand covering his wrists and then back up, "You are?"

Severus smirked, his lips pulling up in that seductive way, "Yes Harry, I am."


For once, Severus snape looked dumbfounded. His mouth opened and closed a few times before he shrugged, "I guess I just am."

"Well…thank you." Harry smiled sweetly and pushed in to wrap his arms around Severus' middle. For the longest minute he held the older man around the waist, just feeling the cold skin through the thin linen black shirt and following the way the man's breathing increased rather rapidly. A soft hand on his head made him look up and he flushed at the unreadable look in the black eyes. He pulled away quickly and frowned at his actions, "I'm sorry. I-it must be the g-Gryffindor in me."

He turned away, cursing rather loudly at himself inside his head and pushed his plate into the sink. Harry rolled his eyes and wondered what the hell was wrong with him. Why had he embraced Severus like that? That was completely crossing the line that had been set up between them. They had never touched each other so intimately, so now the man must be thinking that he was psychotic or had figured out about Harry's little crush and was wondering how to let him down. And knowing the older man it wouldn't be in a gentle or sweet way.

A hand ruffled his hair and he tensed up. Severus spoke from behind him, "You know…I made the choice between Gryffindor and Slytherin, when the hat asked me. So I understand the urge to hug, even if I very rarely give in to it."

Dumbfounded, Harry turned, but the older man had already picked up the backpack and was heading out of the tent. Leaning back against the sink he swallowed hard and deciphered what Severus' words meant. Apparently like himself, the sorting hat had given Severus the choice between being sorted into Gryffindor and Slytherin, except unlike him, Severus had chosen the house of snakes instead of lions. Shocked, Harry raced out after Severus but the man had already disappeared into the jungle behind the tent. Frowning, he ambled down the beach and settled on the sand.

Digging his bare feet into the hot sand, Harry fell back and closed his eyes. Severus and he obviously had more in common than he'd originally thought. They were, willful, wild, confident, strong minded and intelligent. And now he found that they had both been offered a choice by the sorting hat that Harry had thought he was the only one to receive from it. Mind spinning, he pushed his hair off his forehead and felt the butterflies in his heart fluttering wildly.

Obviously Harry was more than drawn to Severus. Unless he was imagining things, they had a connection. At first it'd been loathing and near hatred, but now…It was more. They were more relaxed around each other, comfortable even. And then there were the moments where he'd look at Severus and his cock would harden just at the look of concentration on the man's face as he pored over his meticulously kept notes and research. He'd often lose himself in the vision of Severus bending over him, with that incredibly sexy concentrated look on his face.

Letting out a groan, Harry sat up and rubbed his eyes, trying to rid himself of the images racing through his mind. Staring out at the ocean, he stood. Undressing down to his boxer briefs, Harry padded across the beach and into the warm water. Diving underneath, he took a long moment before working the courage up to open his eyes. Wincing at the stinging from the salt water, Harry stared around blurrily.

Everything was so clear under the water. Dancing sea weed and colorful shells littered the ocean bed. Colorful fish swam around him but when they noticed him swimming nearby, they swam off anxiously. Harry smiled under the water and popped back up when his lungs began to burn. After a few hours, he rushed back to the tent and pouted when he noticed that Severus wasn't back yet.

For the next few hours, Harry cleaned up the kitchen and dining area, did the dishes and made the bed he and Severus had slept in the night before. He did hesitate to the lift the pillow that Severus had used the night before and buried his face deep into its softness. Taking a deep breath, Harry got that deep and sensuous smell of the potions master. Letting out a soft moan, he forced himself to drop the pillow back onto the bed and shook his head.

When he heard the crunch of someone approaching the tent, he grinned and hurried out into the main room. Of course then he realized how obvious he was being and hurried to sit down on the couch with an open book up and in front of his face. The flap to the tent lifted and then Severus was sweeping in, his bag fuller than it had been when he'd left earlier that day. Unable to help himself, Harry jumped up and took the bag from the slightly tired looking older man.

Severus' eyes widened but he smirked, "Aren't you helpful?"

Harry tossed a grin over his shoulder and shrugged, "I try."

He gently placed the bag on the couch and jumped when a hand pulled on his still damp curls. "You know all that salt water's going to ruin all of this wild hair."

Smirking with his back still to Severus, Harry chuckled, "How do you know I didn't just shower?"

"You smell like the ocean."

Harry heard what sounded like the older man taking a deep breath and felt a shiver go up his spine at the idea of Severus smelling the ocean on his skin. Letting the potion masters fingers drop from his hair, Harry turned and smirked cheekily up at the older man. He took in the smudge of dirt on Severus' cheek, the green leaf stuck inside of the dark black hair, and the way that Severus' face was more flushed than usual. "And you look like you've spent a day rooting around in the jungle."

With a grimace, Severus stepped back, "It wasn't as fun as that sounds."

"Why don't you go ahead and take a shower. I can find something to make for supper." Harry felt a pull in his gut telling him to offer to help reach all of the places that Severus would no doubt have trouble reaching, but strongly resisted the urge.

Severus smirked, "And I thought we were finally getting along Harry. What's with this sudden urge to kill me?"

Harry pouted playfully, "I'm not that bad!"

The black eyes twinkled evilly and the older man rolled his eyes, "Yes you are. Why don't I take a quick shower and then I'll make us something to eat."

Letting out an annoyed sigh Harry nodded. "Alright. And you can tell me about your day."

The older man frowned suddenly but turned and walked into the bathroom. Harry stared after him before turning to lift his bag off of the couch. The bag clinked quietly as he lifted it and he carefully moved it to the table with the rest of Severus' notes. Smiling, at the organized mess, Harry looked over some of the notes. He stared at the miniscule and sweeping writing, almost instantly adoring how he couldn't pick up much of what the writing said. It was exactly like Severus, obvious that he was a beautiful man and yet not easily discerned.

Shaking his head, Harry sat on the couch and waited, his mind jumbled. Severus emerged a bit later, his hair wet and pushed back, and smelling fresh and clean. Harry had the irrational thought that he would like to ruin all of that cleanness and get Severus really filthy. Rolling his eyes at himself, Harry and Severus settled into their comfortable nightly routine. Severus fixing up something delicious for supper, then reading after eating or for Severus cataloguing the new ingredients he'd found and then around midnight, Harry yawned deeply and began to stretch sleepily.

Severus put aside his notes and stood, "I think it's time for sleep, tomorrow will be another long day."

Without arguing, Harry stretched and moved around the couch. He headed for his bedroom and opened the door. Without turning on the lamp, he dropped his shirt to the ground and began pulling off his trousers when the lamp flickered on behind him. Turning with his fingers gripping the top of his jeans, his eyes widened when he saw Severus standing almost awkwardly behind him, in the doorway.

"Er…We're you going to be able to sleep alone?"

Feeling his heart thumping wildly, Harry bit his bottom lip and shrugged, "I really never know. It kind of comes and goes."

Severus nodded and glanced at the floor for a long moment, "Alright then." He made to move out of the room but Harry stepped forward.

"But…Usually when it happens one night, it's more likely to happen the following night." Harry tried not to sound desperate, knowing it would break whatever odd situation they were in, but he didn't want to sleep alone, he liked having Severus' solid form behind him.

Dark eyes unfathomable, Severus nodded, "Well, I can't be woken up in the middle of the night, I'll need to be rested and alert tomorrow."

Harry aimed a smile at the floor but made sure his face was straight when he looked back up at Severus, "Then I suppose you should stay, just to make sure your sleep isn't interrupted."

The lamp flickered out with an amazing show of wandless, nonverbal magic and then Severus was moving towards the bed. Harry moved to the other side and finished pulling off his trousers. Severus unbuttoned his shirt slowly, forcing all the saliva in Harry's mouth to dry up. Once he'd pulled the shirt off, the older man slid under the blankets and faced away from the direction that Harry was facing.

Even despite this, Harry was smiling as he fell asleep. He pulled the blankets up to his chin and turned his head so that he could stare at the silvery scars running up and down the older man's back. A frown pulled at his lips and he had the urge to erase any negative memory linked to the scars littering Severus' back with a much more pleasant one of him tracing each and every one with his tongue. Feeling himself harden, Harry shifted a few times on the bed, trying not to rub the comforter with his hard cock.

"Potter…Harry, stop moving about." Severus murmured from his side of the bed.

Harry froze instantly, "Er…Sorry."

So instead of moving…at all, Harry lay still and focused on his former professors breathing. He smiled at the reassuring sounds and allowed himself to drift off into a comforting sleep, his dreams filled with a certain and former professor.

The days grew hotter as they passed and soon Harry and Severus had been on the island for almost a full week and a half. The first three days had been great, full of conversation, a little laughter, and playful banter. But on the third day, Severus came home grumpy, unable to find any of the three ingredients he had left to collect. He'd snapped a few times at Harry over supper and flounced off to his own room, to curse and eventually fall asleep. Harry had been shocked and more than a little unhappy, but he acknowledged that he and Severus were really nothing more than very well known acquaintances and he couldn't chase Severus down to explain his feelings, every time the man was grumpy. So instead, he'd slept alone, tossing and turning, and wondering how Severus was doing.

Harry quickly grew bored with playing in the ocean and exploring the forest, so one day around twelve in the afternoon, the hottest part of the day, Harry loaded a few large bottles with ice cold water and trekked into the forest after Severus. He pushed past the large palm trees and colorful plants. The most vivid birds squawked at him from up high in the trees and he saw more than one dark tails flitting around a tree. Grinning at the idea of monkey's Harry finally caught a flash of the tail tale black and called out, "Severus!"

The older man popped up his eyes wide with confusion, "Harry?"

Pushing over to the older man, Harry held up the water, "Thought you could use a little cold water."

Severus nodded and stood straight up, "Thank you that would be quite refreshing."

"I bet…You've been out here since six this morning." Harry bit back his concerned comments and flinched as the heat forced sweat to rise up all over his body. "Merlin…It's bloody hot."

Severus snorted, "Of course it's hot…it's a jungle."

"My, my snippy aren't we?" Harry rolled his eyes at the annoyed tone Severus was using. "Do you need some help?"

Taking a deep pull at the cold water, Severus let out a happy moan that quickly had Harry's cock standing at attention. The older man let out a relieved sigh and shrugged at Harry, "I suppose you can't mess up too much."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Harry snarled, his eyes narrowing.

Severus smirked and moved over to show Harry the sketches of the plants he was searching for. Harry studied them closely and smiled. He knew for sure where at least one of the plants was in the jungle. It was a small blue fungus pod that grew on the palm tree leaves. He'd stopped and admired it on one of his many trips through the jungle. Smirking, Harry decided to punish his crush for the last few days of crabbiness. So instead of informing the older man where the plant was, Harry nodded, "Okay, I'll look for them."

So they worked for a few hours, Harry searching for the two plants he didn't know the location of and surreptitiously watching Severus out of the corner of his eyes. The older man was wearing those ridiculously thick black cloaks, and the heat was obviously getting to him. Sweat trickled dampened across the older man's brow, and across his neck. Harry watched Severus pull his dark hair back and admired the way he even did that gracefully.

Finally deciding to see Severus' face light up with joy, Harry stood and picked up one of the sketches. He let out a loud aha noise and smiled when Severus looked up quickly. Rubbing his chin, Harry dramatically murmured, "You know…I think…"

"What?" Severus stood as well and leaned in close to stare at the sketch, identifying which plant it was that Harry was staring at.

"I think I've seen this." Harry pointed at the sketch and peeked up at his now excited potions master.

"Where?" Severus hands were on Harry's shoulder, slightly shaking him.

Feeling almost giddy with the way Severus was forcefully shaking him. Harry's cock took interest again. "I can show you."

Taking one of the hands from his shoulders, Harry led Severus through the jungle and back to the place where he'd seen the fungus. Staring around the small area filled with short palm trees, Harry spotted the blue fungus and grinned. He led Severus to the tree and pointed at the fungus. "Is that what you're looking for?"

Severus took a deep breath, let go of Harry's hand and walked over to the tree. Somehow there was already a small glass jar in his hand, and a small knife. Harry leaned against another tree and took a swig of cold water. He watched Severus carefully and slowly remove a small amount of the fungus for several minutes before pulling off his sweat drenched t-shirt, he dropped it to the ground, not even noticing that Severus had finished and had turned back to him. Taking the lid of off his water bottle, Harry poured most of the cold water over his head. Letting out a sigh, he enjoyed the way the cold water dripped down his hair to his shoulders and chest.

Crunching leaves forced him to look up and his eyes widened when he noticed how close the older man was to him now. Severus put the jar and tools back into his heavy cloaks before turning those intense eyes on him, "Harry…" but his eyes were obviously tracking the trail a large drop of water as it rolled down his chest.

Feeling the butterflies in his stomach like they were turning into an f5 tornado, Harry playfully held up the water bottle and squirted a bit of water at Severus. Biting his lips nervously, Harry asked quietly, "Is it the one you needed?"

Dark eyes flashed up to his and a cold finger on his chest made him jump. He looked down and watched as the fingertip followed the same trail of water his eyes had just moments before. In a husky voice Severus answered him, "It's exactly what I needed…" for a tense moment, Harry realized that the older man wasn't fully talking about the fungus he'd just located. Instantly his cock jumped to attention. Severus spoke again, even as he stepped closer, "Thank you."

And then one of those cold hands was burying itself in Harry's dripping wet hair, and the younger man was being tugged forward and his mouth was being covered in a deep and commanding kiss. Letting out a shocked moan, Harry pressed in more, feeling his heart swell and then explode in chest as he was fully snogged by the older man. The hand on his chest moved to the small of his back and he felt himself being urged to the ground by the older man. Harry allowed himself to be lowered to the leaf laden ground and groaned again when he felt Severus' weight so solid and comforting on top of his own.

The press of hardness against his own, made Harry let out a low moan and push up into Severus' erection. The older man above him broke the kiss and cursed loudly, Harry chuckled at the use of such language by the usually reserved man but it also turned him on like nothing before. Severus stared down at him, his chest moving deeply in and out, his eyes burning. Before the older man could change his mind about what was happening, Harry growled and pushed up, pressing his mouth into the unresisting one above him. His own hands began the busy work of unbuttoning those infernal robes. Once that was done, Harry pushed them off and attacked Severus' shirt, his mouth busily devouring the Slytherin's.

Their tongues danced and dueled almost violently, teeth nipping and pulling on each other's bottom lips. But once their bare chests finally met, both men pulled back with hisses of shock and lust. Harry blinked dazedly and whispered, "Bloody hell…" experimentally he dragged his hands down the expanse of Severus' chest, making sure to brush past his nipples. This earned him a passionate growl from the older man and he smirked before leaning up to close his mouth over the hard nub. Wickedly he grinned when he heard Severus' shocked noise and concentrated on his ministrations.

Severus allowed him only a few moments to torture his nipple before forcefully pushing him back down onto the ground. They locked eyes as several cold fingers dragged down Harry's chest to the top of his trousers. Licking his lips, the younger man lifted his hips off the ground in a silent permission. Then the cold fingers were pulling at the button and zipper with skillful accuracy, and his trousers were being dragged down his ass and legs, quickly followed by his black boxer briefs.

Harry let out a surprised breath when he felt the soft breeze tickled across his exposed erection. Severus' eyes finally left his own to glance down at his heavy cock and balls. Light lit up the man's black eyes and then the man was smirking and pushing open the younger brunettes legs open. Harry let out a nervous noise and Severus hesitated, "Harry?"

"K-keep going."

"Are you sure? Have you had sex with a man before?"

"I have…just not a lot." Harry blushed and looked away.

A hand on his cheek forced him to look back at Severus and he saw the man's lips twitch into a gentle smile, "I'll be gentle."

Relief filled Harry's heart and he nodded, "I know…I trust you."

Severus' eyes flashed at his words but the older man simply moved back down. When cold fingers circled around the base of his cock, Harry whimpered and pressed up into that touch. Severus's hand moved up and down gently on his cock but the older man himself was busy stuffing his bunched up clothing under Harry's hips to lift them. Harry who was having trouble keeping track of his logic, wondered what Severus was doing but let all thoughts fly out of his mind when Severus' tongue was suddenly lathing his balls. Letting out a rather unflattering high pitched moan, Harry bucked up into the tongue.

Strong hands pinned his hips to the ground and the tongue continued its path downwards. Harry sat up partially, wondering what Severus was going to do with his tongue down there! But a strong hand on his chest had him staring straight up at the canopy of the jungle once more. And then he found out what that tongue could do down there and he let out a string of curses that had even Severus laughing.

Once the man could stop chuckling, Severus stroked his leg lovingly, before ducking back down and dragging the tip of his tongue across Harry's tight hole. Harry writhed on the hot, ground, his only staple to reality, were Severus' cold hands on his thighs. Severus tortured him for several long minutes before sitting up and reaching for his wand. Harry felt limp on the ground as he watched Severus move about. His heart was pounding so hard he was shocked that his new lover couldn't hear it. As Severus raised his wand and pointed it at his ass, Harry's limp hand reached up to grasp the slender wrist.

Black eyes snapped to his, immediately softening, "Harry?"

Harry blushed shyly and moved his hand from Severus' wrist. Reaching up he gently pushed back the hair that had fallen into the older man's eyes, as he did Severus's eyes softened and his face became almost someone completely new. Harry studied the relaxed and content expression on Severus' face and realized with a burst of emotion that he'd gone and fallen in love with Severus Snape. Wrapping his fingers around his loves neck, Harry pulled him down and kissed him, trying to put that burst of realization into the kiss. Severus gasped into his mouth, answering his unspoken question as to whether or not the older man got what Harry was trying to convey.

Pulling back, Harry whispered against Severus' lips, "Make love to me…"

Severus whispered the words for a lubrication spell against Harry's lips, their lips meeting in soft kisses in between the words. Harry simply couldn't get enough of the man he'd fallen so hard for. When the cold fingers pushed into his body, he let out a quiet gasp and eagerly moved his body so that his lover knew it was okay to move his fingers, fully stretching him, preparing him for what he knew was a considerable girth.

Finally Severus was leaning in to whisper, "Legs up my shoulders…Tell me when 'your' ready."

Harry felt warm at the idea that Severus wanted him to be comfortable and did as he was told. Once his legs were in position he moaned softly at the soft bounce of Severus' cock against his eager hole. The older man's eyes burned as he gave Harry a questioning look but the younger man just nodded eagerly and with a quick but gentle and controlled push, Severus was sheathed completely in him. Harry let out a sharp whimper at the heated pain that flared up inside, but the love that filled his heart was more overwhelming and quickly sated the pain. Severus' cold fingers brushed his face gently and he whispered hoarsely, "Are you in pain?"

Harry opened his eyes and was surprised when wetness dripped down his cheeks. He smiled softly, "No…the furthest from that."

And then he moved his hips in that sinful way and Severus let out a low curse and began thrusting slowly in and out of Harry, making fireworks pop up in front of those green eyes. Harry buried his fingers in that silky dark hair and began meeting Severus' thrusts. Soft moans and whispered adorations drifted from their lips as they began to move faster, urging each other to completion. The only sounds around them were the soft rush of the waves around them, the flutter of the leaves on the trees, the slap of their skin meeting, and their soft exclamations to each other.

A cold hand closed around the cock bobbing between them and Harry gasped, "If y-you do that…I'm g-going to come!"

"That's the idea silly boy." Severus gritted out, a grin taking over his lips even as his eyes burning with pleasure.

Harry writhed on the ground, his heart panging powerfully in his chest. His body burned with electricity as they moved together and he bucked between Severus' rough thrusts and the hand closed around his cock. The pleasure overtook Harry and as his body spasmed with his orgasm, Severus clamped his mouth over his and proceeded to snog him even as he shouted out the potion masters name. Falling limply back to the ground, Harry opened his eyes to watch as the older man threw his head back and clamped his mouth shout so that only a strangled groan slipped past his lips.

Together they laid panting on the ground, Harry's hands soothing back the slightly sweatier locks from Severus' head and laying out gentle kisses on the man's head and neck. He ached to speak the three words, his heart was proclaiming so loudly, but some very strong intuition in his mind screamed at him that it was the wrong time to announce his love. So instead, Harry just held his lover and listened to Severus' breathing slow back to its normal pace. He enjoyed their sweaty bodies lying together, enjoyed the feel of the dark haired man's powerful cock growing soft inside of him.

Severus pushed up so that he could stare down into Harry's eyes and Harry smiled coyly up at him, "Well, bloody hell if that's what I get each time I find something you need, give me a list."

The older man snorted and reached down to pull himself out of Harry's body, eliciting a gasp from the both of them. He rolled off to the side and Harry turned his head to stare at the older man. After a few moments of staring, Severus' smirk grew, "What Potter?"

"You were amazing." Harry whispered.

"Someone your age would think anyone is amazing."

"I've had sex with other men before Severus. This was more intense and…Well frankly it was the best I've ever had."

The black eyes softened, "You were great too."

Harry scooted inch by inch closer to Severus until his front was touching the man's side. He bit his lip when the older man's eyes rolled slowly but grinned when a cool arm wrapped loosely around his shoulders. Harry pressed his face to Severus' chest and listened to the rapid heartbeat. Letting out a soft sigh, he whispered, "Severus…I…don't want to this to be a one off."

He felt the older man stiffen next to him and felt a pang of fear run through him. Looking away Harry, let out a disappointed breath and push away from Severus. Finally standing, Harry began slowly pulling on his clothing, and listening to the sounds of the other man sitting up behind him. Once he was fully clothed, Harry reached down for the bottle of water on the ground and took a deep swig of the now heated water. A hand gently ruffled the back of his head and Harry leaned back into the touch.

Severus kissed the back of his head gently and whispered slowly, "Let's go take a long shower…"

Harry nodded and let himself be turned back around, his heart panging roughly. The pain in his stomach was mixed with the feeling in his gut of déjà vu, like he'd been in this situation with Severus before and the man had turned him down. His breathed hitched in his throat at the idea and he unconsciously reached for the man's wrist as they walked back through the jungle, Severus making sure he'd gathered all of his belongings. The older man turned back to glance at him curiously, but moved his hand to grasp at Harry's.

Feeling his heart jump, Harry tightened the grip on Severus' hand and let the older man lead him into the tent. He was surprised when the usually meticulous Severus dropped his bags on the couch, almost uncaringly and tugged him into the bathroom. Harry gasped when Severus' cold fingers immediately began gently tugging his clothing back off. Once they were both completely naked, Severus turned to turn the water on in the shower and motioned for Harry to get in.

Harry sighed when the water his skin and then Severus' slicked skin pressed into his own. Feeling his cock hardening again, he turned and blinked coyly up at the older man. Severus smirked but just reached for the shampoo behind Harry. Harry was shocked when the taller man squirted some of the vanilla scented shampoo into his hands and then proceeded to rub it into Harry's hair. His fingers moved gently as he rubbed the shampoo into Harry's hair, making sure to coat all of the thick black hair.

"I've always adored your hair…" Severus muttered so quietly Harry almost missed it.

After quickly rinsing the shampoo out of his hair, Harry smiled sweetly, "We have the same hair."

Severus snorted as he washed his own hair, "No we don't. You have that thick, soft and luxurious hair. I have thin and dull hair."

Reaching up, Harry gently tugged on the hair around the base of Severus' neck, "I like your hair, it's lovely and smells like you…"

"I never figured you for a romantic Potter." Severus grinned to show that he was joking and grabbed the soap.

"I'm usually not." Harry's sentence ended in a groan when Severus dragged the soap bar across his chest in one swoop, and then began to draw circles across his skin with the bar of soap.

Trembling, Harry pressed back against the wall as those long fingers mixed with the smoothness of the soap dragged across his sensitive nipples. His cock was standing hard again. Severus made an impressed noise and quickly washed the front of Harry's body, his long, precise fingers lingering on the younger man's trigger spots, his nipples, his ribs, his hips and finally his groin. Severus paid special attention to that spot, much to Harry's enjoyment. Each time he passed over a spot that would make the younger brunette, Severus would smirk up at him, an almost evil smile on the man's face.

After his feet were thoroughly cleaned, Harry couldn't help it anymore and reached down to yank the older man up. Harry kissed the man desperately, his hand moving at his side trying to turn the waters temperature up. Whirling, he pressed the potions master into the shower wall and kissed him even harder, pressing his body into the other man's and diving his hand down to pin the hand that was reaching up to him to the wall. Severus let out a shocked noise and Harry ate it all up, enjoying every moment that the older man seemed to be under his thrall.

Tightening his grip, Harry pulled away from the kiss and quickly dropped to his knees. Severus' eyes fluttered open rapidly and his mouth dropped open in either lust or shock, Harry really didn't care at this point. Instead he stared down at the heavy and long red cock in front of his face. Leaning in, he experimentally licked at the tip and earned a growl from the man above him. Pushing his mouth over the head of his cock, Harry sucked hard, loving the taste of Severus in his mouth. Then Severus' free hand was burying itself in his thick black hair and Harry pulled back with a loud pop. Narrowing his eyes, he took the hand out of his hair and pushed it against the wall, pinning it by Severus' side. The black eyes watching him, narrowed in dark delight and Harry growled, "Keep them there." He smirked at the raised eyebrow from Severus and moved in again.

Engulfing Severus' cock with his mouth, he began moving his head, in and out, swallowing as he did. Groaning at the taste of Severus in his mouth, Harry was shocked when the man above him suddenly gripped his hair in rough grip. Snapping his eyes up to stare at Severus, the Gryffindor smirked around the cock in his mouth when he noticed the dark lust burning out of his lovers eyes. Sucking Severus down to the hilt, Harry let out a low hum in his throat and reveled at the way the other mans began to shake a little and the hand in his hair tightened almost roughly again.

He carried this on for several more minutes and then Severus let out a loud gasp and groaned out, "Harry…I-I'm going to cum…"

Sucking harder and working his mouth the best he could over his lovers cock, Harry reached up and dragged his nails down the surprisingly noticeable abs that Severus had. The older man bucked into his mouth wildly and slammed in one final time before tensing up and moaning quietly. Harry choked a little on Severus' thick cock but swallowed almost instinctively when he felt the warm come coat his throat. He hummed at the sight in front of him, Severus leaning heavily against the shower wall, his pale cold chest moving deeply in and out, his eyes filled with dark passion and completely locked on his own, intensive possessiveness clear in his eyes.

Shivering wildly from the look in his eyes, Harry blushed and looked down the shower floor, his eyes following the waters progress into the drain. Though his heart was beating wildly and only continued to increase its pace when a cold hand under his chin pulled his face up so that he could stare nervously into those deep, dark black eyes. Said eyes, sparkled down at him, something in them warming Harry's heart instantly. He slowly slid up Severus' body and grinned playfully when the man's smirk didn't hold his usual confidence.

"You're…almost unbelievable…" Severus whispered, his eyes staring deep into Harry's.

"Why's that?"

"I didn't expect you to be like this at all. I suppose I've misjudged you in the past."

Harry laughed loudly and turned to quickly turn the shower off before turning back to tangle his fingers deep in Severus' wet hair, "You suppose?"

Soft lips covered his and Harry let his eyes slip closed. He groaned into the kiss and felt Severus chuckle softly at him, "I forgot what being a horny young wizard was like…"

"You're keeping up alright…"

Pulling away, Harry stepped out of the shower and heard Severus following him. He halfheartedly wiped himself down and stepped out of the steaming bathroom. With a surprised noise, he glanced outside of the tent and felt his eyebrows rise at the darkness that surrounded them. He let out a sharp gasp when a smart hand smacked hard on his ass and whirled around to glare at Severus, who was trying not to chuckle.

The older man pulled on a thick black bathrobe and tossed Harry his own, "Shall I make dinner?"

Taking the liberty of answering for him, Harry's stomach let out a loud growl and he sat back and watched with riveted eyes as his lover moved around the kitchen, cooking dinner for him and occasionally stirring up the light conversation. Curled up on the sofa, Harry and Severus playfully fed each other, most of the times more of their fingers and tongues ending up in each other's mouth instead of the food. Still, Severus made sure that both bowls of pasta were empty before moving them away and simply pulled Harry into a cuddling position so that they could lazily kiss and murmur softly to each other.

When he started to doze, Harry felt Severus gently help him off of the couch and into a bedroom. The sleepy young man smiled with his eyes closed as Severus pulled the robe off of his body and made a happy humming noise low in his throat. Harry opened his eyes sleepily at the noise and allowed himself to be pushed down onto the bed gently. His eyes narrowed in confusion as he gazed around the room, when he realized that it was Severus' room that they were in, his face filled with blood and he smiled down at his lap.

His delight grew when Severus climbed into bed with him and turned to him with an amused look, "Do you always sleep with your glasses on Harry?"

"No…But then again I don't usually find myself in these situations." Harry smiled to show Severus how much he enjoyed the situation they found themselves in.

Severus reached out with both hands and gently pulled the glass from Harry's nose, his eyes staring intently into his young lovers. The older man whispered, "Incredible…"

"What's incredible?"

"Your eyes." Severus kissed him sweetly and gently on his bottom lip before pulling them down onto the bed and pulling the comforter over the two of them. Harry felt his heart fill with joy as Severus' arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him into a tight spooning position. The older man's breath on the back of Harry's neck was somehow oddly comforting, as well as the cold arm draped over his waist, keeping a firm grip on him.

Harry decided not to think about what Severus' reaction tomorrow would be, or what the man was feeling for him at the moment was, or even if the man really would want him, he just reveled in being held by the man he'd come to love. He adored feeling the man's arms wrapped around his waist, their bodies being pressed together and the warm breath on the back of his neck. It was exactly what he had needed, to feel…Whole, happy, and loved.

Smiling at the lips that pressed into the back of his neck, Harry whispered, "Goodnight Severus."

"Goodnight Harry…" Severus kissed him again and silence fell. The only sound in the room was the soft sounds of their mingled breath and the soft sighs that fell from their lips.