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Chapter 16

Hidden Truths

Azimuth unleashed an incredible blast of lightning that temporarily paralyzed everything in the room.

"Go! Now, while they're stunned!" Azimuth shouted, going full commando.

Not hesitating to obey their savior, the four dragons took flight and flew to the nearest exit. Azimuth followed behind to cover them from any attackers. Once, Spyro looked back and saw Azimuth fending off hundreds of dark creatures.

"Don't look back! Just keep moving!" Azimuth shouted at him.

They kept flying as fast as they could until they were outside. Azimuth had gotten out before everyone; do to his new found power. Spyro opened his mouth to question how Azimuth had gotten out first, but Azimuth cut him off before he could get one word out.

"Don't ask questions 'till we are safe!" He commanded, "Old dragon, where is the nearest safe place we can go"

The old white dragon responded, "We will be safe in starlight city."

"You heard him! Move! Move!"

"But- Elpida began to say.


They flew until they reached the still darkened Starlight City. "Whoa, what happened here" Azimuth questioned. His question was left unanswered.

The elderly dragon raised one paw and there was a great flash of light. When they could see again the entire was light and shining again.

"That's amazing." Spyro complimented, "Who are you?"

"I know!" Azimuth blurted. "He's Kedemonas."

"Really Azimuth?" Elpida questioned, "You think this dragon is Kedemonas. He isn't even the same species as him."

"No, Elpida, Azimuth is right," The dragon stated, "I am Kedemonas in my true form,"

"True form?" Spyro wondered, "What do you mean?"

"Follow me; I have something I must tell you."

They flew down into the city where many of the cities inhabitants were waiting for their leader to return. As soon as they saw him they all stated swarming with questions "Everyone calm down," Kedemonas said to the crowd, "I will get to all of you eventually; right now my business is with these four young dragons." Kedemonas continued to lead the four into a quiet room away from everyone then he began to tell his story.

"As you know the pur-

"I know!" Azimuth burst out, "Once in a blue moon purple dragon, blah blah blah, savoir of the world, blah blah blah, the talented Azimuth gets no credit."

Instantly, Elpida wacked him on the back of the head with her tail. "You know," Azimuth said "I don't really feel that anymore."

"Oh yeah, well tell me if you can feel this," Cynder said as she cut his right shoulder with her sharp tailblade.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Azimuth cried out in pain, "Why would you do that?" The cut began dripping blood, and Azimuth put his left paw on his injury to try and numb the pain.

"'cause you deserved it," Cynder said.

"Cynder, that was a little mean," Elpida said as she put her paw to Azimuths wound so she could heal him.

"Fine," Cynder agreed, "I'm sorry."

With Elpida's light magic, Azimuth's wound quickly rejuvenated, and Kedemonas continued his story, "As you know the purple dragon is foretold to be a dragon of incredible power with the ability to control all for main elements, and will also reincarnate every ten generations. The ancestors also created this cycle with three other dragons: The Darkness Dragon, The Light Dragon, and Skill Dragon. Collectively they're known as The Dragons of Legend."

"Wow," Elpida said in awe.

Kedemonas continued, "You have already met three of your predecessors,"

"Really, who?" Spyro inquired.

"You know Malefore, the purple dragon; Ignatius, the skill dragon,"

Spyro's eyes beamed in shock when he heard Ignatius' name.

"And, I am the light dragon of legend."

"You, you're a dragon of legend." Elpida beamed almost fainting from amazement.

"Wait," Cynder said," What about my predecessor?"

Kedemonas replied, "We don't really talk about her much."

"Why not?" Cynder asked.

"That is a story for another day." Kedemonas said, "For now you're main goal is to defeat Regis, and if you are to do that there is one important mission you must complete first."

End Chapter

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