I'm Not Your Toy.

Giuseppe De Luca leaned forward in the chair and lifted the glass of water to his mouth. Dr. Gillian Foster watched the action but kept her eyes from lingering on his full lips as the glass touched them. She also concentrated on not licking her own lips. She wasn't going to lie to herself that the man sitting in front of her wasn't attractive, but she wasn't going to broadcast it either. He had the most vivid green eyes, that she had ever seen, and they seemed so out of place with his naturally tanned skin and black hair. He was in his late thirties, and took very good care of himself. She could tell by the way the fabric of his expensive, tailor made suit strained against his shoulders that he worked out, but not too much.

Dr. Cal Lightman, her business partner, was slumped in his office chair while she stood to the left of him, his focus on their potential client across the desk from him. Gillian could tell by the way Giuseppe was returning the gaze he felt he had nothing to hide. Or he wasn't worried about hiding anything from them. He knew what he was hiring the Lightman Group for.

"I know my business partner's been dealing dope outside of my- our club. The police are already onto Antonio but they are starting to think he's been using the club as a base of operation. What I want you to do is convince the police that the club and I have nothing to do with it." Giuseppe said as he set the glass back down on the tray Gillian had set out. His eyes flickered to her, then down in a subtle once over. To an untrained eye his slightly longer than casual glance would have looked completely innocent but Gillian had been trained and Cal was the master. She kept her eyes forward as she saw Cal glance up at her. She knew he was checking to see if she enjoyed Giuseppe's attraction to her but she wasn't about to make it easy for him.

Suddenly Cal stood up. "Alright, but I want to check out the club myself." He went around the desk to stand unnervingly close to Giuseppe. His eyes searching the taller man's face for any sign he was hiding anything.

The handsome club owner didn't flinch in the slightest as he nodded. "Absolutely. I want soul ownership of Static, and if Antonio goes away, that'll happen." He held out his hand for Cal to shake and didn't appear at all surprised when Cal just walked away. "I'll have a car come around for you at 9, when Static opens." He said and Cal signaled with a flick of his hand that he heard before disappearing around the doorway.

Gillian stepped forward and extended her hand, trying to make up for Cal shortcomings when it came to proper business etiquette. "Thank you, Mr. De Luca. I'll have the receptionist draw up the papers for you to sign before you leave." She smiled as Giuseppe took her hand, noting he had a very warm and strong grip.

"Please, call me Gius." He asked, pronouncing it Jess. From his position less than two feet from her she could clearly see the less than innocent invitation he was sending to her with his eyes and she successfully kept herself from turning away and blushing.

She nodded almost imperceptibly. "Gius." She repeated, accepting his invitation for more familiarity. "Gillian." She offered in return. "I'll see you out." She didn't wait for affirmation before turning away and leading the way to the front reception. She could feel his eyes on her the whole way and found she didn't really mind at all. It was flattering even if she wasn't really interested in pursuing anything with him. It wasn't everyday that a man told her he liked the look of her. A younger man too, no less.

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