Here it is. The end.

Gillian had no idea if Cal would be at the Lightman Group when she got there but her clothes and car were there and she didn't want to leave them there overnight. She took the back entrance behind the Cube in hopes of avoiding Cal even though she knew her plan was flawed since she would still have to pass his office to get to her own.

The main lights were out but that didn't mean Cal wasn't there. The exit signs and garden lights lit the way as she walked down the hall, her heels clicked on the flooring, echoing loudly off the walls. If he was in his office there was no way she was going to slip past him with all the noise she was making. She rounded the corner of the lunchroom and debated taking her shoes off for the straight shot to her office but decided not to. They were going to have to talk eventually and as long as she was ready for it there was no point in delaying it.

She noticed his door was open but it looked dark inside as she passed. She was just about inside her office when Cal appeared seemingly from out of nowhere and pulled her into his office. She pulled back when he let her go in the middle of his office, her back to the white wall he used as a screen. She was about to ask him what he thought he was doing but he grabbed her and pulled her to him exactly as he had in Static. He kissed her again too but he didn't have Bodyguard Tim to save him from her biting his lip. And she bit him hard. "Bloody hell!" He cursed pulling back, his hand going up to his mouth.

Gillian licked her lips and tasted blood. "What the hell were you thinking?" She asked heatedly. She searched his face for answers, but the light from his den was behind him casting shadows over his features making it impossible to read him. "You don't get to insult me repeatedly and expect me to let you manhandle me." He moved forward, getting up in her face to challenge her, but she stood her ground. "I was pretending to be interested in Giuseppe."

Cal backed up, raised his hand and pointed at her face. "That's a lie, right there."

She lifted her chin challenging him back. "I think you can't tell because I'm your blind spot. I think you want it to be so you can feel justified in treating me the way you did." She felt her chin quiver, she felt tears starting. "He wanted me, Cal. And yes, I liked it and I wanted to want him back but…" She paused, feeling a tear slide down her cheek. "But, I wanted you more." She admitted quietly, tilting her chin, bringing her shoulder forward slightly.

"Wanted." He repeated signifying her use of the past tense and she nodded. "So what, you don't want me anymore, is that it?" He asked and she caught the slightly condescending nuance in his words and tried to read his face again but she still couldn't make out much in the darkness. She suspected then that he had moved there on purpose knowing it would hide his face from her and that pissed her off.

Angry she balled her hands into fists at her side but she spoke with a calm measured tone. "We created The Line for a reason, to keep us from getting involved in each others personal lives, and it was working, for the most part, while I was married but now that I'm not I think we need to reinforce it more than ever." She knew she'd deflected his question. She also knew he would see it that way too and she had done it on purpose. She really had no intention of answering him, she had every intention of getting as far away from his question as possible. She took a deep breath and looked at the silent and mostly silhouetted shape of Cal and wished she could read his face when she said the next bit. "I think we also need to make a change. We are no longer friends, because friends want each other to be happy and since you are only happy when I'm alone and you don't really want me, and that doesn't work for me; we're done. From now on we are only business partners." She gave him a full minute to say something in return or to do something but he stayed put and she wanted so badly so see his face. She let out a soft sigh, looking down to the side but not really looking at anything. "I believe Giuseppe when he says that he and the club are clean. Rico is one of Antonio's bodyguards, and if he was truly offended by the suggestion of drugs being dealt in the club then Antonio isn't dealing there. Something like that would be hard to hide from someone so close."

Finished with all she had to say Gillian headed for the door. She made it all of two feet when Cal took hold of her wrist and began pulling her back. She tore her wrist free and tried to walk away again but his hand darted out and grabbed her again only tighter. Irritated more than afraid she fought against him as he brought her into his lit den to the metal staircase and pinned her with both arms on the railings. "Damn it, Gillian!" Hearing something in his voice she looked up at his face and she stilled from what she saw there.

The two lamps in the room gave her plenty of light to see his face and he was looking directly at her so she couldn't miss what was on it. The anguish on his face was almost palatable. She wanted to be glad that she'd had affected him so deeply but then she would be happy that she hurt him and she wasn't that kind of person. Instead the pain he was being so forthcoming with broke her heart. It must have shown on her face because he took her head in his hands and leaned in for another kiss.

She placed her palms on his chest, blocking him and brought her head back out of his reach. She wasn't angry with him any longer and she could see he was trying to make amends but she wasn't sure she was ready to forgive him just yet. "It's late, I think we should get some rest, we have a lot of work to do in the morning." She searched his eyes, asking him to understand and he dropped his hands. She gave him a smile that she was sure looked a little sad before pushing off the stairs.

He let her go with a nod. "Oh sod it." She heard him say before she was pulled back into his arms. He pinned her to the staircase with his body, his mouth on hers in a heated kiss while his hands quickly parted her jacket and slid inside. She shivered, letting her coat drop to her feet, as his cool hands slid over the thin material of her dress and her body blazed with desire. This time she didn't bite him or push him away.

One of his hands wrapped around her to her lower back and pulled her to him even tighter while the other went down to cup her bottom. The dress might as well have not been there at all as his fingers came to rest at the curve of her bottom where it connected to the back of her thigh, dangerously close to her burning center. She moaned into his mouth causing his fingers to twitch and she was painfully reminded that she wasn't wearing any panties. Her body involuntarily arched back towards his hand, aching for his fingers to make that last distance to her heated core.

She tore her mouth away in a gasp, unable to breath, and he took her exposed neck as an invitation. The feel of his hot, wet mouth drove her wild, the scruff on his face only heightening the sensation making her hips undulate. She sucked air through her nose as she bit her bottom lip, trying to keep quiet but he found that spot on her neck that seemed directly connected to her center and she couldn't help the quick gasp that came forth. "God, the noises you make, Gill." He whispered against her skin and she moaned further turned on by his words.

Her hands had until then been idle, resting on his sides under his arms, fine with letting him do all the work but his words flicked a switch in her and he wasn't moving fast enough for her anymore. She pushed his suit jacket off his shoulders, and clawed at his dress shirt, attacking the skin with her mouth as it was exposed. He let her go long enough to toss the offending jacket wherever but his hands were back on her instantly, this time one went up her back, his rough hand on the soft skin of her back while the other slipped under the skirt of her dress to her thigh, hitching it against his hip. She tilted her hips forward expecting him to press himself against her but he didn't, instead his hand slid up her thigh stopping where the edge of her panties would have been, not quite at her soaked core, making her quiver in anticipation.

His kisses on her neck stopped and she looked up to find him looking back at her. The intense arousal on his face gave her no clue as to why he stopped but she didn't have a chance to doubt anything as he pressed his lips to hers in a tender kiss. At the same time his hand on her thigh moved up, closing the distance and he slid his fingertips against her slick folds. She moaned loud and long. He pulled back, resting his forehead against hers. "Jesus, you're so wet." His voice was rough, almost foreign. She nodded because she couldn't form words as his finger dipped into her. "And hot." She nodded again and he withdrew only to push back in, with more fingers she guessed from the pleasure pain she felt. It had been way too long. "So damned tight." She panted, clutching at his shoulders, digging into his skin through the cotton of his shirt. She rocked her hips in time with his fingers, her desire rushing towards its peak. She squeezed her eyes shut, creasing her brow as she concentrated on getting to her end but she needed more.

She opened her eyes to look at Cal, he was looking back at her and as if he understood what she needed he placed the pad of his thumb on her clit and drew tiny, tight circles with it. Her lips parted, she licked them watching as Cal studied her face while he finger fucked her. He looked dangerous and so fucking hot. He moved his hand that was on her back around and tweaked her peaked nipple through the soft fabric and she flew apart in a million tiny pleasure pieces. His fingers pumped faster and harder and she wasn't trying to be quiet anymore, she didn't have control anymore. Before her orgasm finished she reached down and pulled his hands away, going for his belt and pants.

Cal wasted no time, ridding himself of his pants and boxers, and with her guidance he plunged himself into her. She watched as his eyes closed, his face contorted in pleasure pain as he slid excruciatingly slow into and out of her fluttering core. Still sensitive from her first orgasm the feeling of Cal thick and full inside her brought her to the edge of a second. She encouraged him to move, harder and faster with her lower body and grabbed his bottom to pull him in deeper. "Oh, Cal…" She breathed, overwhelmed. She shuddered as he grunted into her ear. He latched onto her neck again, to the very spot she loved so much and her release hit her at the same time Cal thrust in, adding to the sensations.

She could tell he was dangerously close by the slight hic-ups in his thrusts. She licked the outer shell of his ear and breathed into it. "Come inside me, Cal."

"Jesus, fucking Christ, Gillian." He grunted and she felt him pulse inside her, hot and delicious. He didn't stop moving right away, his lower body continued to pump in and out, drawing out the pleasure for both of them. She held him to her with her arms and legs and inside, in a full body hug.

"That was…" She started, breathless.

"Bloody brilliant." He finished for her, slipping from her body and she groaned at the loss. He kissed her again before stepping back. She waited to regain her strength before straightened her dress and putting her coat back on. She watched as he righted his clothes, leaving his belt undone and grabbed his suit jacket off the floor. He was grinning and she was sure she was too.

"Apology almost accepted." She said as he finished buckling his belt and his head shot up, a perfect expression of surprise on his face.

"Excuse me?" He asked stepping forward until his chest was pressed against hers, blocking her in again.

"If you hadn't left me alone in the car then I wouldn't have had to pretend to be Giuseppe's date. As it was, I had to go alone into the back room where he was waiting with three other men, I had to go with whatever he had come up with as an excuse for my presence and that's what he decided on." She explained, a twinkle in her eyes. "If it had been both of us, things would have been completely different."

"So this was all my fault?" He asked, clarifying, a suspicious expression on his face. She nodded. "Naw, I saw how much you enjoyed Giuseppe's attention." He shook his head, searching her face intently and she let him.

"At first, yes. It was novel having a man desire me." She said honestly, suddenly serious, and she waited for Cal to decide there was no deceit there.

His expression darkened into anger, but it wasn't directed at her, as he cupped her face in his hands. "I've always desired you, Love. I was a ruddy, bloody idiot for treating you like I did."

She felt tears stinging her eyes but they weren't from sadness. "Ruddy, bloody? Isn't that redundant?" She smiled when he shrugged and nodded. "Apology accepted then."

He didn't let her go. "Well that's a load off." He grinned slightly mockingly but there was relief on his face as he kissed her. It deepened almost instantly and Gillian arched into him but then stepped back. "What?" He asked, confused.

Gillian bit her lip, embarrassed. "I'd like to get cleaned up, if you don't mind, before we do anything else." She waited for him to understand.

"Oh." He paused. "We didn't use anything." He said suddenly, taking hold of her hand.

"You're the first since I stopped trying to get pregnant." She replied, both knowing that that ship had sailed, and answering the other unspoken question. "I got tested just before the divorce." She knew she didn't need to explain that to him and he nodded. She tilted her shoulder to him, waiting for him.

"It's just you, Gill." She didn't ask if he included Zoë in his count because she read no deceit leakage and she knew he would never lie to her about that. She nodded and he let her hand go but followed as she walked away.

She turned to him as she walked down the hall to the Ladies. "I told Giuseppe the report would be finished by noon tomorrow so he could come by pick it up any time after that."

Cal grabbed her wrist stopping her, pointing his finger right up in her face. "I swear, if you do so much a smile at him, I will take you right there on the conference table in front of everyone."

Gillian searched his face in the semi-darkness. "You wouldn't dare." She answered, flabbergasted by the idea.

He leaned in close so she couldn't miss how serious he was. "Care to try me?"

Gillian shook her head deciding she really didn't want to know if he really would. Not for her sake but for propriety's sake. No one needed to see them go at in the middle of the office.


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