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Tales of a Time Lord: New Skaro

Chapter One

The TARDIS groaned and rattled as it flew through the time vortex. It lurched and jolted, forcing the group to grip the console and hold as the TARDIS went on.

"It's never been this rough!" Amy cried, Rory holding her firmly to his side.

"Time's being re-written around it. There's bound to be some turbulence." the Doctor said bitterly.

River was holding onto the console so tightly her knuckles were turning white. "Plan?" she asked as the TARDIS hit another bump, very nearly throwing all of them into the air.

"Fix this." the Doctor said bluntly and rather coldly.

"Okay. How?"

"I don't know..." he mumbled.

"What?" River asked, unable to hear him.

The air in the TARDIS fell still as it rumbled and jerked on.

"I said I DON'T KNOW!" he snapped.

Suddenly everything stopped and River sighed. She put a hand on the Doctor's fist, a gesture that felt natural even though she hardly knew the man.

"I know you're frustrated okay? But I know you can fix this. My older self knew it too. Now, how do we help?"

The Doctor looked at River's gently smiling face. He had to admit, it was comforting. He took a deep breath and smiled back.

There was the old Doctor.

"Right! Well the TARDIS has stopped which means that the Earth is Now New Skaro and the time stream has gone to crap." he said, starting to pace, "We have to mend it."

"How?" River asked.

The Doctor stopped, thinking. The group watched him, not wanting to disturb.

"Time stream gone to crap…" The Doctor mumbled, "Which means the Time Stream has been damaged. Something isn't right in it. Which means…"

He flew to the console, typing in coordinates and pusing buttons and levers. River went to him, followed by Amy and Rory.

"You have a plan?" Amy asked in her Skottish accent

"Maybe." The Doctor said.

"Will it work?" Rory asked.

"Of course."

"Is that a lie?" River asked.

The Doctor stopped, making eye contact with Amy and Rory before his gaze once again fell on her. He couldn't lie to them.

"Yes…yes of course it's a lie." He sighed. "Which is why I can't take you all with me."

"We're not going home NOW!" Amy cried.

"You have to. These are my arch enemies. I face them alone. I can't risk your safety." The Doctor said. He pulled a lever and the whirring sound filled the air. "I'm sorry. But it's time to go home."

"NO!" Amy said quite stubbornly.

The Doctor looked to Rory. He wasn't as impulsive as his wife. He knew the stakes. And he knew as well as the Doctor there was a slim chance of coming out of this alive. Rory nodded.

"Come on, Amy." He said, putting his hand on her shoulders as the TARDIS landed.

"Rory!" Amy pleaded.

"I'm not losing you. Now come on." He looked at the Doctor, "Be careful…and come back."

"I'll try." The Doctor promised.

Amy had tears in her eyes as she hugged the Doctor's neck tightly. "You'd better come back to me my Raggedy Doctor. You always come back."

"I always will…" The Doctor said, hugging her tightly.

The two walked out and shut the door with one last look into the TARDIS. The Doctor felt that familiar empty feeling in the pit of his chest as he flew the TARDIS off. Amy and Rory had been special. Brilliant. He'd miss them.

He was about to start typing in coordinates for New Skaro when he felt two arms wrap around his waist from behind. River. He'd almost forgotten. River, of course, didn't know why she felt so compelled to comfort him. She'd never been the one to comfort people she wasn't close to. But she trusted this Doctor and all she knew was he'd just lost two of his best friends.

"You'll be fine. From what my older self says, you always are." She said.

His heart ached. River's older self…that had all changed now. They might not have ever even HAD a future now. He sighed. "I'm taking you to New Earth."

River grabbed his wrist as he started typing. He looked at her, met by a cold glare. "That's MY planet. MY time. MY home. I'M not letting you go in there alone."

The Doctor sighed. This woman would drive him mad before this was over. "I'll never get rid of you until this is over will I?"

"Nope. You're stuck with me. Now…" she flopped down on the sofa. "Tell me this plan."

The Doctor grinned and typed away, pulling the lever. The TARDIS was off. "Geronimo."