Tales of a Time Lord: New Skaro

Chapter Two

The TARDIS materialized silently, and rather reluctantly, in the shadows. The Doctor sighed as he flipped a switch and the TARDIS lights went off.

"I have no idea what's out there…" The Doctor said, looking at River.

"Doctor, is that fear in your voice I hear?" she asked mockingly.

The Doctor looked away from her, and she realized that she was right. Subconsciously, she touched the gun she had on her hip, then stepped forward and put a hand on his. "Hey. You can fix this."

He paused, "The human race either gone or enslaved…a whole planet of Daleks out there out to kill me…and I've got a screwdriver."

"You're forgetting one thing."

"What's that?"

River smiled, "You're the Doctor."

The Doctor looked at her, seeing her belief in him, and smiled. "You ready to kick some Dalek arse?"

"Let's go!"

The Doctor cracked the door to the TARDIS, poking his head out and looking around. The TARDIS had parked herself in a dark alley, and was completely concealed in the shadows. The Doctor took his Sonic Screwdriver from his pocket and scanned the area with the buzzing device. After making sure there was nothing else hiding in the shadows, he stepped fully out of the TARDIS and gestured for River to follow.

Quietly, the two kept to the shadows, moving down the street and stopping as they reached the main road. River frowned. The sky was dark. No stars shown. Buildings were destroyed and those that weren't in shambles were on fire.

"It's so different. This is the same place we met just a few hours ago but..." River whispered, her voice trailing off. "Where is everyone?"

"Exterminated. Or taken to headquarters for experimentation." The Doctor answered. He looked back at River, "Last chance. Still want to come with me?"

River nodded. "I can't let you fight alone. Because you're not alone. Now, what's the plan?"

The Doctor looked up, seeming to scan the sky for something River couldn't see. He sighed then. "What's the oldest building here?"

River blinked "There's a chapel three blocks to the west." She said.

"How old is it?"

"Dunno. Some people say it's been around since the 1500's and some say the 1900's." she said, "Why?"

"Because, if my plan goes as it is supposed to, and that is a slim chance with my luck," He said with a nervous gulp, "We'll need it."

"And what is your plan exactly?" she asked.

"Still working on it."

The Doctor crept carefully onto the main street, on his toes. He strained to see the chapel down the road. The streets were empty, and all was quiet.

Too quiet.

"Where is everyone?" River asked.

"Maybe they finished this street and went on to the next one…" The Doctor said, "Or maybe it's a trap…I'm sure they figured I'd come back. I always do…"

River frowned, "Maybe you should wait in the TARDIS then."


"Because if I'm captured I'll be taken to wherever the headquarters is. Then you can follow with the TARDIS."

"Oh yes because the TARDIS in the hands of a whole bloody race of Daleks is just brilliant."

"Well I didn't see YOU coming up with any plans!" River snapped.

"EXTERMINATE!" They heard. They whirled to the side to see many blue lights of the eye stalks of Daleks coming towards them.

"I have one now. Run!"