Love Me Like No Other

Chapter One: Cruel beauty

He wasn`t like the others on his pack, weak and emotional. He was cold and refined, perfection embodied to the greatest levels of its ability. Long silver tresses forever flowing gracefully behind him with each graceful step he laid upon this unworthy earth. Not even the ground was worthy to touch him and serve it`s purpose. Those eyes that gazed with such hatred such intensity would forever haunt his dreams, in waking and his slumber. He would die by those poison claws he was sure, but he held no fear of his on coming death. He was a half demon, he had far surpassed his life expectancy even with the 50 years he spent pinned to that god forsaken tree.

He was lucky, plain and simple, and now with Naraku gone and luck still on his side he knew it would run out eventually and death would come by one demon and one demon alone. The name fell from his lips like a secret as he whispered; laying his head back against the sweating stone behind him, body lounging in the hot spring. "Sesshomaru..." he whispered softly, his hands travelling down the length of his body, so slow it felt as if it took hours before he reached his navel, resting just above the silver curls before his rapidly hardening member, hidden beneath the steam and water.

Long and lonely nights such as this drew his mind from the reality and focused solely on his desires for his half brother. The forbidden lust that ached within him to be owned, taken and ravished by such a creature was a burden upon the barely of age hanyou. He had tried to be strong all his life to avoid this very temptation, finding purpose in his revenge and throwing himself into pointless relationships in the hopes of forgetting the only one who he truly and completely desired with every aching, burning and seething fibre of his being. That pale sex god was his unattainable nightmare. Each time they saw each other it was pure hell for him but heaven all the same. The feeling of the other touching him, even in hatred, was enough to make him hard. The adrenaline and lust that would pump through his veins as they became enthralled in combat would last him hours passed the end of the fight. It took all his being during each battle not to submit, lay himself before the other and beg to be taken.

But no such thing would ever happen to him, not to him. He was a filthy disgusting mutant creature, made of love but never meant to have any of his own. His mother and father may have died trying to save and provide for him but at what cost? So that he would live his life forever unloved and alone, having thoughts of his half brother making him writhe and sweat in his sleep, and knowing the entire time it was an empty desire? This life would have been better spent six feet under, killed by the demon lord years ago. None the less here he was sitting in the spring by himself as his group was miles away in the village safe from harm. Kagome was surely back in her own time studying as she had mentioned earlier in the day, while Sango and Miroku thought of names for the child they were expecteding soon enough. Shippo would play with Keade while he, the leader and the great one to finally over come Naraku, would sit in the water and masturbate to thoughts of the Lord of the West. Reaching more cautiously he twirled a few of the hairs above his sex, then dove softly to his arousal, gripping the base firmly as a whimper passed by his lips.

"Gods.." He turned away from the rest of the spring, leaning over the side of the spring, knees resting on the rock bench beneath the water, chest out into the cold air. His nipples hardened and laid on the soft grass surrounding the spring as his cheek found comfort in the cool dew it was soaked in. Slowly his hand began to move. His lips were dry and soon his back bowed as his precum let his member become slick and his hand move easily over it cock. "Sess...oh my..ah..agh.." sweet sounds of ecstasy spilled forth as he rolled his hips to meet his hand, imagining it was the much larger one of his secret love. His strokes remained slowly, his body keening and his adorable puppy ears pinned back flat to his skull. His body could barely handle the slow and pleasurable torture he was putting himself through but he needed to enjoy this. He needed to escape into his dream and forget the painful truth that this was indeed only a fantasy.

He was drawing close to his completion and forced himself to back off slowly, removing his hand from the rigid member and drawing his fingers to his lips, licking off his own essence, imagining all the while Sesshomaru commanding him to do so. He sucked his fingers greedily, layering them in his saliva before removing them with a loud and slick pop. He moaned as he reached behind him, spread his legs and gave a shrill cry as he let them penetrate his virgin entrance.

He held them still for a moment, gasping for breath and swivelling his hips before he began to pump his own fingers in and out, crying out for more. "Oh gods..yes...please...agh!" soon enough he found the spot and struck it repeatedly. "Gods! Please! More!" he begged and moved those fingers faster, all the while his other hands moving to his member, bucking into his fist and whimpering uncontrollably into the grass as his climax remained on edge. He was so close, so incredibly close. He thought of those words in that sex dripping voice cooing in his ear in amusement, "Little Brother.." and with that final thought he came with a distinct howl into his hand and collapsed against the side of the hot spring, bucking a few more times to completely milk himself. "Sesshomaru!" he slumped back into the water slowly to cleanse himself, a frown on his face.

Little did he know, he had placed a show for a certain, now very arousal driven, demon lord to view in splendour.