Love Me Like No Other

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x x x

His breathing was levelled, a sharp contrast from only moment before in the heat of their passions where it had been ragged and heaving. Inuyasha slowly opened his eyes, gazing up into the gold pools he had come to lose himself so easily in. They were shielded from the world by a curtain of silver hair, his own spread out on the sheets like a halo. The moonlight shone in through the window of the master bedroom, the screens that led to the balcony were open and though the night air was chilling, it gave all the other reason to cling to his mate. The hanyou was swept into a kiss, drawn from his using of the cold and into their dreamscape once more. It was a place where nothing else existed besides the two of them, their bodies, their love, their passion and this moment. Clawed hands gripped one another, chest to chest, legs intertwined, neither seeming to know where one of them ended nor the other began.

"Mine..." growled the alpha, nipping along his beta's throat as he remained hilted inside him, wrapped in his heat and moving from time to time, loving the tiny cooing noises Inuyasha brought forth every time he moved. "Always mine, always mine..." he repeated, his possession only intensified by the love he knew was reflected in it. He was more primal this time, a brute force in his voice and behaviour but in this moment of tenderness Inuyasha came to treasure the demon spirit of his lover.

Inuyasha sighed happily, nuzzling under his alpha's chin in submission, nodding in agreement as he kissed under his chin, running his teeth along his jaw line before he laid back completely and bared his throat, "always yours..." he whispered, watching as the demon took over his lover once more.

x x x

The day had gone full circle it seemed to the young beta mate. He had been laying with Sesshomaru in the study, napping peacefully for a long while before they awoke with a need returning. They were both truly insatiable at times and this was no different. Changing position from lying on the floor Inuyasha was now laying across his lap and enjoying his mate's caressing, his teasing driving him slowly into a lust haze. He had wrapped he Kimono around himself to keep warm in his sleep, but with his mates hand moving again he knew it wouldn't be long until it was left crumpled on the floor again. "My beautiful mate, so wanton." He purred, slipping his hand into the folds of the kimono and running the backs of his fingers teasingly on the inner thigh of his mate, smirking as Inuyasha sighed and parted his thighs, leaning against him further. His skin was so soft, for someone who had been fighting their entire lives Inuyasha had still managed to stay as soft and supple as the most fragile dame, but he was anything but a dame. Sesshomaru growled, taking hold of his mate's arousal, teasingly stroking him to hardness while listening to the gasps and moans of his smaller lover. "Yes mate, sing for me..." he whispered, watching as Inuyasha looked over his shoulder and tipped back, begging in silence for his lips.

They shared a deep kiss, tongues dancing together in the dance they always found themselves longing for. It was intoxicating, everything about it drove him further, awaken his blood and screamed. He broke away as Sesshomaru's land left his member and drifted down, poking at his entrance. "Oh Sess!" he whined, hands gripping the Lord's thighs as he plants his feet, spread his legs and let his hips buck. "Please, please..." he whined. The Lord was not one to deny him but teasing him to so delicious. Instead of giving him what he wanted he left that part of his body alone and parted the kimono completely, moving his fingers to teasingly play with this chest. Inuyasha gave a gentle cry, arching his chest forward into the air as he tried to get more of that aching pleasure from his mate.

The inu moved the inu hanyou, sitting there with his own legs crossed and relaxed against the pillows he had piled on the floor, but he shifted Inuyasha, placing Inuyasha on his knees, his knees on either side of his own crossed legs. He was spread wide, exposed at the kimono fell between them. Inuyasha was allowed to sink back a little against him, his rump grinding on Sesshomaru's hardness. He growled in want, biting his mates neck while he continued to torment his chest, all the while Inuyasha was left with his yes closed and grinding back against the heat, whining and begging for more. This was how he mate should always be, sweating, hard and dripping for him. He smiled sadistically, reaching down to rub his finger tip over the tip, adding enough pressure to be known but not stimulate anything. He then sucked on the twitching puppy ear before he got an idea, "my darling Inuyasha...i wish for a show." He whispered gently, listening as Inuyasha moaned in reply. "Now, I want you to turn around, remain on your knees and I want you to wrap that delicate hand around your pretty puppy cock, and pumping those luscious hips, but the hand will not move for you."

He smirked and watched as his mate shakily crawled off of him and knelt there facing him, the glow of the fire behind him. He reached down with his one hand, wrapping it around loosely and keeping it poised before he started to thrusts, moaning in pleasure at the sensation. He made to close his eyes but a growl made him think twice as his gaze was then locked with his lover's, "That's better," Sesshomaru purred, leaning back unravelling his hakama, reaching inside to stroke himself slowly, not revealing himself to his now horny lover. "That's it my darling, keep going, keep going for me..." he knew it wasn't enough to make him cum, without the ability to move his hand he couldn't grip very hard and squeeze. He watched his puppy sweat, keening, and ears flattening to his head. The demon lord moved carefully, standing before his lover before he reached up, making Inuyasha let go of his member as he then sucked slowly on each digit, watching the strings of salvia break from him lips as he drew them away. As if in slow motion Inuyasha watched as his own hand was then brought to his entrance over his back shoulder and one look told him what was expected. Sesshomaru let go of the hand, moving to cup his lover's cheeks as he kissed him deeply, prying his mouth opening and mapping out his entrance orifice with his long thick tongue. Inuyasha then fingered his opening, thrusting them in and crying out into his mouth, his other hand reaching up to grab Sesshomaru by the hair and keep them engaged in the lip lock. When the kiss broke Sesshomaru took to whispering into those furry ears, "Faster..." Inuyasha obeyed and moved them faster, his cries filling the room as he neared climax, "Deeper," he was commanded and once again he did as he was told, rocking his hips to match his own thursts, "That's it, come for me by love, come my little puppy, give it up, let it free, come Inuyasha..." but before he could, he was so close it was almost painful. Then it happened.

"Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! The Kagome is at the front gates! She is making a terrible ruckus milord!" cried Jaken as he came waddling into the room only to squawk and cover his eyes from the sight before him. "My apologises milord!" he screamed, thinking death was surely awaiting him now after finding them in such a state.

"Leave Now Jaken!" Sesshomaru shouted his voice like an explosion through the palace. As the imp screamed and ran away he turned back to see his mate dressing, the moment ruined between them. His voice softened as he saw how the news had already started to affect his lover. "Inuyasha..."

"What could she possibly want?" he hissed, venom in his voice as he righted himself, combing his clawing through his hair and braiding it again before he struggled with the obi around his waist once more. "I mean, she made it pretty fucking clear before..." He didn't have time to speak anymore as he felt the arms wrap around him from behind and draw him back.

"Let me take of it."


"She distresses you, and I will not have her doing this. You will not get mad at her, you will forgive her the moment she sheds a tear like you always have." Sesshomaru spoke sternly as he turned his lover to face him and Inuyasha pouted, knowing he spoke the truth.

"Just, don't kill her okay? She may be stupid some of the time, okay most of the time, and she doesn't understand demon mating or anything about my demon heritage but please, she has a loving family and I don't want that hanging over my head the rest of my life."

Sighing at his mate's resolved he agreed and told Inuyasha to go to their chambers and await his return while he dealt with the wench. He walked past the guards, everyone falling away from him as their sensed his aura from miles away. He came to the gates and saw the girl, standing there in her outlandish outfit from the future. She was trying her best to glare and remain stone before him, but he could smell the fear radiating off her in waves. He opened the gates and stepped through, looking down at her and spoke simply, "I have promised my mate I will not kill you, but test me and I may just break it. What is a human doing on my grounds?"

"I'm here to speak with Inuyasha."

"I'm afraid that will not be happening."


"You distress him, I will not have anything displeasing happening to my mate ever again. Now if that is all, I suggest you leave." He growled and turned his back to walk towards the castle once more, but his ears caught movement and he turned quickly to see the miko aiming a spiritual arrow at him, the power surrounding the weapon. She may have been stupid but this girl was strong and he knew it would cause him damage but none the less he stood tall and kept his statue figure as the guards moved to back him up should their lord be injured. "Let me see him!" she demanded, "You stole him! Corrupted him! You're sick!" she screamed, releasing the arrow right for Sesshomaru's face. Before the lord could summon his poison whip he heard the familiar voice of his lover scream.

"Blades of blood!" a red flash filled the air around them and the arrow fell to chipped pieces of wood on the ground before their feet. Inuyasha stood there in front of Sesshomaru, holding the arrow in his now bleeding and burnt palm from where he had actually grabbed the arrow. His hair was unbound and his face was that of which he always wore in a battle, but never had he turned this face to Kagome. "Never...NEVER aim that at my mate!" he growled, his demon fighting to rise and slaughter this bitch like she deserved.

"But Inuyasha..."

"Never again! Leave! Never come back!" he shouted, never moving towards her because he didn't want to kill her but it was hard not to at this moment.

"But you're part of our family!" she pleaded. "We need you with us, you were always there with me, always! You have to come with me!" she extended her hand, "Please." When begging didn't seem to work she glared, "Inuyasha now!" ordering him like he was a pet from her world meant to obey in hopes of a treat.

This inflamed his demon side, it was roaring inside him and all that came of it was a bark like voice,"LEAVE HUMAN!" he all but screamed before he took off away, he could smell her tears but it needed to be done. His hand fell to his side, dropping the arrow head as the blood flowed from his palm slowly, dripping like rain to the soil. His head hung, bangs shielding his eyes. He spun on his heel but ran right into Sesshomaru's chest. Looking up into his eyes he was shocked to find red eyes staring down at him, "Sess..." he watched as the demon drew his hand to his lips, lapping at the burns and the wound, pulling him by the waist against his own body.

"Mate..." he whispered, growling down and sniffing his mate. "Stay..."

"Always alpha." He promised, wrapping his arms around his neck, finding himself swept into his arms and flying back into the castle. He didn't even open his eyes until he felt the soft sheets of their bed hit his back. When he did he found his mate kneeling over him, eyes blood red and riding them of both their clothing. It was hurried pace, for feral and needy as they clung to another. Lips moved, teeth bit and claws scratched as they gripped trying to move closer. "Inuyasha..." Sesshomaru had yet to calm from his more like state as they were revealed to each other. The demon had been challenged by Kagome and needed to reassurance that his mate was not going to leave him. "Mine..." he growled.

"Yours forever alpha.." Inuyasha whispered, running his hands down the other's chest and gripping his hips and parting his thighs to let his mate come closer. He sighed in relief as his mate filled him, stilling for long while, just holding each other. But as the red receeded and gold came back Sesshomaru held himself up above the other, elbows on either side of Inuyasha's head as he saw his smiling beta. "Welcome back.." he teased but Sesshomaru simply smirked and bucked his hips, watching Inuyasha's eyes roll back as their love making began.

He moved his hips slow but powerfully, making full thrusts. He knelt there, pulling Inuyasha closer and moving Inuyasha's legs to hook over his shoulders as he nearly the bent the little on in half as he ploughed into him. He bucked hard and leaning forward, smiling into his neck as Inuyasha started to sing that lovely song once more. "Again! Scream!." He ordered, moving to sit up again so he could look down and watch pleasure take over his mate. Neither lasted long for that round, finding their climax and collapsing against one another but never parting. And now they simply laid there together, drawing the sheets over their tried bodies, tomorrow there was ceremony planning, meetings, paper work and other errands but for now they just clung to each other. "I love you..."

"I love you too..."

x x x

To be continued.