For years, humans have been communing with dragons. Working together as partners. No one knows who struck the deal with these magnificent beasts. No one knows even why. All we know is that we have been, and probably always will be communicating with them. These humans that have the honor to commune with these dragons are called Dragoneyes. These people are our protectors, they help when they can. They do this by using the four elements:





Dragoneyes use their powers for good, for this is what the dragons are all about. These dragons:

~The Rat Dragon

~The Ox Dragon

~The Tiger Dragon

~The Rabbit Dragon

~The Dragon Dragon (The Mirror Dragon)

~The Snake Dragon

~The Horse Dragon

~The Goat Dragon

~The Monkey Dragon

~The Rooster Dragon

~The Dog Dragon

~The Pig Dragon

Are all about nature, and the one thing that no one can live without.


For nothing is more powerful in this world than love. But there is a catch to this honor, you have to surrender a part of your Hua (life energy) to your dragon, in order to capture their power. Men who surrender a part of their Hua to their dragon, become a Dragoneye. There's also another catch, you can't be a woman. For women spend too much time worrying about their vanity and looking in the mirror to harness the power of the beasts. The people in this universe who love the most, care the most, can't harness the power of a dragon. At least that's what everyone thought. Until a girl named Eona, masquerading as a boy, came into the picture.


We stayed still for a moment, afraid to even take a breath. The moon was shining like a light on the path beside us. The one we were destined to take, well we were supposed to take it. But it didn't seem very safe at this moment. The wind rushed past us like it was fleeing from the blackness of night. We waited for Master Tozay to give us the signal to cross, we crouched in the bushes waiting. Then I heard it, tlot-tlot, of a horses' hooves. I kept my eyes on the road ahead, wondering who was coming; but in my heart I already knew. I didn't want to know, I just wanted this all to be over; but I knew.

"Find them! I don't care how long it takes you! Find them! I want them dead!" The fury in his voice shook the already swaying trees. Or so, it seemed. As he screamed his orders I felt like the whole world could heard him as he shouted,

" Except the Mirror Dragoneye. We have unfinished business. He will cooperate with me or he shall see the end if his days and his precious Pearl Emperor."

Then with that he was gone, as if he was made of moonlight himself. The only sign of him being there were his men, their silver breasts glinting in the light of the moon.

"You heard him! Find them men!"

The man I assumed was the Captain shouted, his voice too gleeful in saying that, after his master's outburst in the sudden silence of night.

A cold, cold night. When anything could happen. We could die tonight. The thought spun around in my head, we couldn't die. I wouldn't -couldn't- let us.

Then they galloped off in the direction we were supposed to go. I felt a hand on my shoulder steadying me, I didn't realize I was shaking. I looked over to Lady Dela grateful for her hand to keep me from giving away our hideout. She looked startled for a moment, then seemed to regain her composure and smiled. Lady Dela at that moment did not look like a Lady at all. She was still wearing the chest plate from one of Sethon's men and very much looked like the enemy. She was tired from losing blood from the wound Ryko accidentally gave her; thinking she was one of Sethon's men. I turned my attention to Ryko now and he was trying his best to look brave. He cradled his injured hand trying to look like it didn't hurt. I knew it did and the guilt washed over me when suddenly a very peculiar bird call came out of the trees across from us.

Master Tozay's signal.

It was a beacon in the night as we made our way through the darkness of the trees. My feet were sore and I was having trouble keeping my footing. Ryko kept steadying me every time I threatened to fall out onto the path ruining the dream like reality of the road in front of us. I couldn't tell how long it had been since we started walking, but it felt like an eternity. When very sharply I was pulled back and a hand was against my mouth.

"Shh, it's me." Ryko said his voice barely a breath. He held me still for the longest time. When I heard what he was listening for.

Soft steps, and the light crack of twigs.

I could hardly hear it, for everything seemed unreal. Ryko was abruptly ripped away from me, and I frantically searched for Lady Dela. When I was tore away from where I was standing and large, strong hands were firmly on my shoulders. I tried to twist around, failing. I realized that my vision was blurring and I wasn't thinking straight. My consciousness was slowly wavering in and out. I used to much energy when I was freeing myself from Ido. I was barely awake when I heard Ryko saying,

"Your Highness! Let her go!"

"Why? Who is she? Why is she with you?" His voice was filled with mistrust, but he sounded weary.

"YOU'RE HOLDING THE MIRROR DRAGONEYE PRISONER!" Lady Dela suddenly, burst out. "Her energy was drained so badly she doesn't even have the energy to stay awake. Look!"

There was a shuffling of feet, and clanging of metal on metal when I was released. My legs wobbled and I slowly started to fall down. I was caught by the rough, but now somehow gentler hands, from before. I was held upright as my chin was lifted. My eyes were half-closed but I knew who stood before me.

The Pearl Emperor.

"Eon?" He asked his voice doubtful.

"Her name is Eona, Your Highness." Lady Dela corrected.

"Eon- Eona," He tried again, his voice more urgent now. "Eona are you okay?"

My eyes fluttered before I totally drifted off into the blackness of my subconsciousness.

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