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Here's what happened last chapter:

"So this is your plan? To ignore me and the food I've brought?" He chuckled slightly, "Not a very wise one."

My head snapped in his direction and I glared at him, "And your plan was much better?" I snapped, and lifted up the ankle and wrist with the rope on it. I saw his eyes widen slightly. "Trick her into thinking you're going to help her then tie her up while she's asleep?"

He went to open his mouth to speak but I wasn't done yet, "No, but that's not enough for her. We'll leave her in here all day with only breakfast, by which you left here then ran away. You didn't even face me after what you did. Then, to top it all off I get left in here alone like I'm a prisoner, and now you come in and expect me to be all jolly to see you and your food?"

He sighed, it seemed like he was doing that a lot lately. "Well I at least expect you to be happy to see the food." He said, coming to sit on the opposite end of the cot. I went to move my foot, but oh wait, it was tied to the cot. He saw my vain attempt, and slightly smirked. I decided to look at the tent wall some more. Kygo decided to drop the plate of food on my lap. It hit my lap with a smack and it made me jump.

"Why did you do that?"

"Because obviously you weren't going to take it from me."


And with that comment he left, and annoyance flickered over my features.

"I would have, if you would have apologized." I whispered as I watched his receding shadow, walk away from the tent.

An apology, I thought, I would never get one. Kygo is my Emperor, and I'm sure he thinks he is doing me a favor. I sighed at the thought and decided to return my attention to the food that was so rudely placed on my lap, and began to sooth my hunger. Once I was done I turned my attention back to my tied limbs. He was only a person, people make mistakes, right? There had to be a flaw in these knots.

I took a deep breath and examined the knot that held my right wrist to the cot. I did not recognize the knot, to my dismay. But I refused to get flustered; I changed my position to look at the knot that tied my right ankle to the cot. It looked like the same knot. I sat back and let out an annoyed huff. Knot tying was something I never bothered to learn, it didn't seem important at the time. I made a mental note to learn some knot tying skills later on.

I glanced at my wrist again in a vain attempt to free myself. And something didn't look right, something was off. My eyes squinted to look at it, it was the same knot but something was different. The knot had the same basic pattern as the one at my ankle but it seemed that the pattern was interrupted. I looked at my ankle and it confirmed what I was seeing. I probed the knot with my fingers and suddenly felt a loose part of the knot. The mistake in the tying must have weakened the knot. I started to mess with the knot more and after a few minutes it loosened enough for me to pull my wrist out of its hold.

I gasped in satisfaction; now that my right hand was free I worked on the knot on my ankle. It came loose in seconds. I jumped up from the cot, but a stinging in my wrist stopped me. I examined the burns on my wrist and ankle. The bleeding long since stopped now, only dry blood surrounded the burn. The blood reminded me of when I stayed in the salt mines.

The whip master had a mysterious glint in his eye when someone went to slow. I never understood why, not when I was little. I only ever understood the terror that gripped me when I heard the blood curdling screams and the laughter that followed. But now I understand. That glint, that smirk when he striked the back of an innocent. I knew now that he relished the feeling of it.

I shook my head to get rid of the memory. But that smile has always haunted me, and any smile like it. Personally I would rather you glare and look menacing, a smile is always worse… Smiles can hide so much and reveal so little. I've seen that very same sadistic smile on Sethon's and Ido's lips. I shivered at the memory.


The name whispered—no, called to me, I slowly felt myself slipping. It was different from when I was pulled into the energy world. The pull was much more sluggish almost as if I had been drugged. Although the pull itself was insistent, and I had a hard time resisting it. It was almost desperate even. I closed my eyes and took a large breath and gave into the frantic pull. When my eyes opened I looked at my surroundings. I was in a dungeon?

It was dark and damp, much like you hear in children's stories. There were cold gray stones that surrounded me; clearly they were put here to emphasize the darkness. There was not much light and there was not a window in site, I was almost in complete darkness. If it wasn't for the torch on the wall, I would be in complete darkness. I had not expected any different of a dungeon. I breathed in and almost gagged. The smell was sickly sweet, it smelled of sweat, blood, and tears. I then noticed I was standing next to a cell, and there were chains bolted into the ground. There were two sets of rusted black chains. Most likely put there to hold the prisoner in place. I walked over to the chains; even though they were rusted they were by no means old and decrepit. The cell, and chains were empty but I could tell it hadn't been for long. The fresh blood and urine confirmed that.

I suddenly heard an ear piercing scream; I doubled over at the sound. Before I knew it tears were streaming down my face. It sounded so unnatural. As I heard the wail again and I realized I could faintly hear a deep tone I recognized.


Ido was producing that horrible sound? That realization spurred me to move. I started to sprint towards the undesirable sound. It did not matter that Ido had killed Brannon, or murdered the other Dragoneyes. It only mattered that I get to him, I may not like him particularly but never have I imagined a man like Ido making that noise. I only stopped when I came to a door, I heard another ear piercing wail scream through the air. But through the screams I could hear a calm voice.

"Ido," He crooned making a clicking sound with his tongue, as if he were scolding a child. "Reveal the location of your darling Dragoneye. And maybe, just maybe you will be spared some pain."

I could almost hear the grin in his voice, the glitter in his dead back eyes. But I couldn't open the door, not if I was to remain inconspicuous.

The reply was barely audible, "Go to hell."

I heard a deep unnatural growl, that I did not think was possible for a human being, which was followed by more blood curdling screams.

"You will tell me, even if I have to pick you apart piece by piece. And I will make sure you are alive for all of it."

I gasped but choked on air. I went to reach for the door handle but suddenly I was yanked away. I was being shaken back into the physical world. I could faintly hear Dela and Kygo calling my name. But I did not want to leave, I needed to stay. I fought as hard as I could until I was pulled with such force I hit the physical world with a smack. The sudden collision knocked the breath out of me.

"Eona! Eona! Are you alright?" I could hear the concern in Dela's voice.

I gave a low groan, and Dela started to mutter some incoherent words. Then I could feel her presence; she was only a few feet away.

"Lady Dela, give Eona some space." Kygo said in a commanding tone, "In fact, go get some water for her."

I could hear the hesitation in her footsteps as she retreated outside the tent. Then I felt a soft touch on my cheek, wiping away a tear I had not realized I produced.

"Eona." I heard him softly say, and I sighed at the sound. "Eona." He repeated softly and my eyes fluttered open. He smiled and brushed the stray pieces of hair off my face. I couldn't bring myself to look away from him, his eyes. They had a soft light to them, and kindness that I was not used to. But I mentally shook myself, he is your Emperor, you can't love him. You are not of royal blood. It was then I broke the eye contact, and I heard Kygo sigh. But I was sure I imagined it.

Dela then came back in with a small glass of water. I gratefully sat up and thanked her for it as I let it sooth my throat. She went to sit down but I shook my head. She looked confused and a bit offended. "Dela." I began, taking small sips of water. "I need to talk to the Emperor alone. It has nothing to do with me not wanting you here."

She looked at me doubtfully and opened her mouth to speak. But I cut her off, "I'm fine, really, just a small blackout nothing to be afraid of."

Her eyes flashed an emotion that I did not catch, but then she nodded curtly and walked out. I turned my attention back to Kygo and realized he was a lot closer than I remembered him being. He was looking at me with a curious glint in his eye, although worry was etched upon his face.

"What happened?" He asked, but I was finding it hard to concentrate on his words, I was more preoccupied with his sweet breath fanning over my face. But I reminded myself he is the Emperor and mentally slapped myself.

"I was pulled into a vision." I answered.

His eyebrows furrowed, "Does that happen often?"

"No, not particularly."

"What did you witness?"

"I was in a dungeon. I was not sure where exactly until I heard a scream. A scream that I instantly recognized. It was Ido, Sethon was torturing him."

I felt him stiff at the mention of the two names, I knew he possibly never wanted to hear again. But his voice wasn't hard when he asked, "Is that why you were crying?" He sounded more hurt than angry I realized. I shook the thought though; there is no reason for him to be hurt. I must be reading between the lines when clearly there was no reason to. It seemed I had been doing a lot of that lately.

"Yes—no… Well yes and no."

His lip quirked a bit at my statement but when he answered any trace of warmth was gone. "Ido betrayed his own Emperor. He deserves whatever Sethon condemns him to, does he not?"

His words rang true but I could not help what I was feeling. No matter how much I hated Ido, something inside me was tugging in the opposite direction.

"You did not hear him scream Kygo. It was one of the most unnatural sounds I have ever heard. I did not get to see what Sethon condemned him too exactly," I said using his wording. "But judging by his wails, nobody deserves that. Not even Ido."

He nodded at my words but I had an inkling he did not agree with them. But then he asked me a question that I could never had guessed he would ask.

"Does it upset you? The thought of Sethon torturing Ido."

I looked at him but I could not read him, his face was a mask. So I answered, "Would it bother you?"

He looked at me and scoffed. I smiled sadly back at him, "Truly?"

"I believe he deserves whatever he gets."

"Do all those soldiers deserve to die for a power hungry leader?" I voiced.

"What? It is their choice who they follow."

"But what if it is not? Do they still deserve to die, or be tortured for everyone they have killed?"

He was quiet at my statement. So I answered his silence, "I believe in punishments. I believe in justice. But ungodly punishment and unjust torture? I do not believe in that, no matter what I have lost."

The look Kygo was giving me was quizzical, but then he smiled wonderfully.

"You make a great leader."

Now it was my turn to scoff, "Do leaders lie their way into politics?" My eyes traveled to the ground as I said it.

Kygo lifted my chin so I would have no choice but to look him in the eye. "To me it matters not that you lied. But that you are trying to redeem yourself and heal what you broke."

I had no words, I was speechless. I was surprised by his words, and at how kind they were. But he was the son of a great and kind leader, so it should not have shocked me so. I waited for Kygo to let go of my chin, but he didn't. He held my chin up for what seemed like a lifetime. When suddenly I felt his lips brush against mine. I gasped, I hadn't realized he has gotten so close. His eyes sparkled for a moment before whispering,

"Eona", then his lips met mine. It was a slow languid kiss. I closed my eyes enjoying the warmth of him. I felt his hand move to the back of my neck, and his other arm wrapped around my waist pulling me to him. I let out a soft sigh, as I wrapped my arms around his neck. When suddenly I heard Lady Dela trying to get back in the tent, the guards would not let her in. Kygo broke the kiss and smiled at me. I was too shocked to do anything but stare. He kissed my wrist and whispered "later".

I didn't understand why he kissed me. I was a liar and I am the reason his kingdom is in an uproar. I am the one thing that stands between him winning or losing. I am a liability, I am a mess. But then again I may never understand. Because maybe he isn't thinking with his mind, maybe, just maybe, he is thinking with his heart. I laughed internally; you always fall for the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time and sometimes for the most unexpected reasons.

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