Dear loyal readers, to whom I owe an extraordinaryly large apology,

Right, so you all know the score? Good story, hasn't been updated in over 7 months and so the author has completely given up and won't update ever again...? WRONG! I know I owe you guys a billion, zillion apologies but first, I want to explain myself...

I've been sick, and not the kinda sick where you lie down for an hour, fall asleep and wake up just to realise that everything's okay, because all you have is the cold, and the worst thing that could possibly happen to you, could be that you got snot all over your favourite pyjamas. Nope, I mean I've been extremely, critically ill... and no, it hasn't been pleasant. If any of you are genuinely concerned and would like to know exactly what was wrong with me, please feel free to send me a little mail in here...God, it's been so long since I've actually been I apologise immensely. I know it's no excuse, I could have at least left you guys a little A/N to let you know what was going on, and please believe me when I say I had absolutely no intention of making you wait this long...I just assumed I'd be well sooner than this, but unfortunately for all of you and myself, I haven't gotten better in the pace I would have expected.

I am getting there though, everyday my health is improving and once I am completely better, and once I've finished all my exams that i still have to take! (thank you mother and father, for hiring a tutor, I appreciate it, PS, your daughter who almost died, kiss kiss) I will complete this story, I have not desertated you all :) I fully intend to finish this story, because it's been such an outlet to me, and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it even half as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

All I ask of that you bear with me, I cannot promise anything but I will try my absolute hardest, with everything in me and all my power, to have the next chapter completed and posted by...the 30th of June, at the latest. I am so sorry for making you wait even longer, but I can't commit to this story right now, with everything going on. I hope you can accept my deepest apologies and keep the patience you have all had for so long, to remain strong fans of this story...

see you all on the 30th of June

All my love,

Al xoxox