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Chapter 5: A True Friend

"How is he?" Thranduil asked as he noticed that the guards brought his wounded son to the healing room.

The healer watched and directed the guards in which way to place the prince in the bed, as he did not wish that further harm would be caused to Legolas.

"The arrows hit the main artery, and he lost too much blood," the healer replied and attended to adding more herbal leaves to the wounds.

Gimli stood beside the king, and that move alerted the guards.

"What is he doing here?" one of the guards asked. He was about to shoot an arrow, but the king stopped him from doing so.

"He will remain here," Thranduil replied and made eye contact with the guards. "No one will harm him," he sighed heavily. "Gimli is a true friend, and it costs me to see my son lying in that bed to see it. Pass it along that no one is to touch the dwarf. Is that understood?"

The guards nodded, and the king was pleased.

"Gimli, I want you to sit beside my son and tell me how your friendship started?"