A Mistake in the Partnership

It is Bones-day (if not for the hiatus), so I decided to upload the prologue of what will be my new chapter fic.

I have thought about it for some time now and decided to finally write it. I know there is another similar fic running at the moment, but I promise you I had found this idea on my own,and I had actually planned some of it out,and started to write it before I saw the other story, I also promise I will probably go in a very different direction than the other story;this will have spoilers for the episodes from the rest of the season that includes things told in interviews as well as things I have read in the sides. Itwill however have a difference (the thing another story is also dealing with). The reason why I'm pretty sure I will go a different way than the other story is that I plan on from chapter 1 to dedicate at least a couple of chapters toeachepisode, perhaps more, so count a couple chapter for each episode from 15-23, and normally each of the chapters will be between 2500 and 3000 words.

This story will not be an Anti-Booth story or a hating BoothstorysinceI don't hate himor am angrywith him. There will be lots of frustration in the story, fromBooth's side, Brennan's side and the squints'side, it will also be kind of angsty at a couple of points.

English is not my first language soI apologize forthe mistakesI mayhave, however I hope they are few thanks to my wonderful new beta-read Whatever55,who I'm very grateful will proofread my stuff before I post it.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones,but ifI did Hannah would never have happened, at least not the way she did.

Special about this chapter: it starts 2 ½ weeks after the V-day B&B spent together, but it does take place before the next sniperepisode, sincethat will be included in the next chapter.


Brennan was sitting at her bed staring at the white stick in her hand. How had this happened to her? How could it happen to her? She had always been careful to make sure she never ended up in this situation; that was the reason; she had been on birth-control pills since she was 21 even before she started to have sex. However she had been stupid enough to stop taking the pills, when she was on her sabbatical in Maluku. She had also not resumed taking them since she got home since she had not been sexually active, or even had the desire to resume a sexual relationship since she had been back from Indonesia. Of course she knew they had been careless that night 2 and a half weeks ago: both of them drunk, so drunk that she was sure he could not even remember it ever happened. After all the only reason she could remember it happening, was that she had had a few smaller flash-backs to the night, and that she was actually sure it had happened, since she had woken up more or less naked on his living room couch draped over him like a blanket. He, however, did not have the slightest chance of knowing. She had made sure never to mention anything, and to leave him that morning without any indicators of the mistake they had made. That meant that she had covered him up and left a real blanket over him before she left. Actually it was her who had made a mistake that night in an alcohol induced haze. She knew she was to blame for it since she did know that he did not have any interest in developing a romantic or sexual relationship with her at the moment. She was the one who for once had not been able to keep her feelings compartmentalized and had kissed him.

He was drunk and broken and had needed some kind of human contact, so he had accepted without any protest. He had probably not even known it was her, he was kissing. That one kiss led to more kisses. More kisses led to removal of clothes, and that led to them to have sex, which she now knew had led to her being pregnant with her partner's child.

She had wanted his child years ago, but had dropped the idea when she learned about his brain tumor. Her dropping that idea did not mean she did not want his child any more, she did, but there had never really been a time for it after the removal of the tumor. So Brennan's problem was not that she did not want the child that she had just learned she carried, it was that it was not really the right time for a pregnancy between her and Booth to happen especially when Booth did not even know they had slept together. This really was a horrible situation she had ended up in all because she had, for one small moment, let her walls down to show him that he was wanted that he was loved and cared for, which was something she had seen, he really needed that night of Valentine's Day.

Brennan sat there staring at the test, and tried to rationalize what to do. After what felt like hours, but only was 15 minutes, she came to a decision. She wanted the child, after all how could she ever remove a child who had half of Booth's genes, but she also realized she could not tell him about their child. That was likely to destroy the partnership and friendship, they had started to rebuild when Hannah had left.

She knew that she could not tell him. There was only one solution; she needed to make Booth and everyone else believe that it was somebody else's child.

Booth thought she had been dating again, after all the calls she had gotten during Valentine's from guys asking her to have dinner with them. Well, she had been out with one, but only once when Booth was still dating Hannah, but Booth did not know that so perhaps she could use that one as the father.

Brennan knew what she did was in a way horrible: to keep the truth from Booth, to keep his child from him, a child she was sure he would love, but she could not handle the thought of losing him now when they were partners and had started to redeem some of their close friendship as well.

She was conflicted. In reality there was nothing she wanted more than to tell him the truth and hope he would hug her, tell her how happy he was, and that everything would be okay. However, she knew that would not happen: after all he had asked her to be his partner now. That was all he could handle, and from partner to the father of her baby, that was a long way to go.

She knew he would be even angrier with her when he finally learned the truth… if he learned the truth, but hopefully they would be in a better, more stable place in their partnership at that time so they could overcome it together, and he would forgive her for her betrayals.

That was theprologue. Iknow it was not very long but I promise the next chapter will be a lot longer. The next chapter will be my version of episode 15; it will include the planned case for thatepisode, aswell as more details about this extra twist I have made. The chapter/episode will be set a couple of days after this chapter.

I have already prewritten the next couple of chapters so the updates will be regular maybe Thursday and Sunday.