Let me start out with saying I am sorry to those who thought this was a new chapter, it is not, but I would still advice you to read this if you are following my story.

Today I deleted some of the stories and the authors on my alerts-lists. I decided to do that as some on those stories I used to appreciate and like and enjoy reading as well as some of the authors who could write almost anything and I would love it, now write stories I can't stand behind any longer. Either they write stories which are directly Booth-bashing or give of hints of Booth bashing. Or they have things in their stories which supports the of idea that Booth should do anything for Brennan and just keeps on taking whatever she throws at him, and support her no matter what she decided because he should love her that much, and he should never tell her off for it...

Or those stories and writers support the baby pair of Booth/Brennan's child with baby Michael, which is another thing I detest in stories.

I can honestly say that I have more or less stopped reading any Bones stories, and yesterday one of the last stories I kept on following turned down the road with Booth should take whatever Brennan decided even when she acts like B*tch... or actually more the Booth will just accept anything with her because he wants her to be happy even then it makes him miserable road and that is completely fair, another thing I don't like.

I think from now on it will be unlikely that I read other Bones stories than my Beta's Whatever55's stories.
I am sad that I feel like this and it is how things have turned out, but I really have a hard time dealing with this fandom anymore. I am sad because it has brought me lots of happiness over the last year and a half, but I don't feel that way anymore.

This problem of mine also gives me a problem with writing my story "A mistake on the Partnership", which it has actually been a long time ago since I last updated it, I guess my lack of thoughts for that story had a lot to do with me starting to lack interesting in reading Bones stories...

I am pretty sure I won't continue this story at the moment, even though I have the end planned out, I can't seem to write it.

I am leaving it open for now as I might someday feel like finishing it, but I am pretty sure all the shippers would not be that happy if I finished it now, as I really can't seem to think happy B&B thoughts and loving as that ship actually most of the time makes me annoyed because it have become this thought that Booth should take whatever Brennan throws at him...

I have started a few weeks ago to work on another story, a story which will become the first of a trilogy.

It is a cross-over story between Bones and Criminal Minds. I know I said I can't seem to write Bones stories and happy B&B at the moment, but it actually this way, in the new story they are not happy at all, it is set at the end of season 5, and Booth is sad over Brennan turning him down, and Brennan is dating Hacker, Booth had two dates with Catherine and when stopped seeing her.

The first story will have two endings, one which is more B&B shipper friendly, and one which is not, the second version is the one the next two stories will be built on, and those will deal with my newest ship a cross over ship between Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds and Booth from Bones.
I have never had a cross-over ship before but as more as I think of those two possible being together the more I support those two.

The most notable thing with this story is that the first story will be fully written out before I post it... meaning it will be a long time before I post the story.

I am grateful for the time I have spent on the Bones fanfiction site, and I used to read almost everything which came up.
I am also really grateful for my amazing Beta, whatever55, I met via Bones fanfiction, who will also beta my new story. Her Bones stories is actually the only ones I still read and enjoy, because they don't have Booth blame or baby pairings or things like that in them, plus she always writes great cases. At the moment she is uploading chapters for a story called "Killing for Revenge" she is uploading a new chapter every Sunday. She is also almost finished with another story, which I have already read some of for her to give feedback on, and it was really excellent and funny, reminded me of those Bones stories I used to enjoy so much. She is also working at another story which will be really thrilling and creepy, what she has written so far looks very promising, a little like one of my favorite thrillers... Really do yourself a favor and go read her stuff it is amazing writing and reminds me a lot of what the Bones fandom used to offer me with a lot of the stories...

One have already responded it this note, and called me a Booth fantic and said my note was some crap, unfortunetly she decided not to log in, so I can't respond her. However I will tell all of your others that reviews and comments like that does not in any way encourage me to come back to this story some day, it actually only makes me more sure I won't .

So if you want to leave reviews and stuff for this note, be welcome, but think of what you write in them. Thank you... Another thing is, if you want to be one of the Booth haters and flame me for still liking him
fine, but have the guts to sign in so I can respond. Don't take the cowards way out because it even more so enforces my belief that Brennan is acting b*tchy and there are way to much Booth bashing going on. Because only the one comment would be made and I cannot defend my argument, to that person, which one can then they argue that it means that the anonymous flamer has no argument supporting Brennan and that booth is being bashed for no reason.