a flexible nature

Orihime is clearly a girl who has stroked cats before. She knows how to touch the skull, how to move her hands along the spine, and how to caress the flanks. Yoruichi finds herself flicking the tip of her tail in sheer spasms of delight.

"You're sure you don't mind me doing this, Yoruichi-san?" Orihime inquires. "I mean, I wouldn't normally ask a cat, but you are teaching us."

"Not - the least objection," Yoruichi murmurs. Her left ear twitches to one side as Orihime brushes it, and she spends a moment in composure-grooming before relaxing into Orihime's lap again.

"I wanted to be a cat when I was younger," Orihime says wistfully. Her fingers trace down Yoruichi's back. "Now I want to be a giant fire-breathing robot."

"It's very important to have ambitions," Yoruichi says gravely. Sweet heavens, the girl has such talented hands.

"And of course I thought it would make milk taste more interesting," Orihime goes on. "After all, cats enjoy it so much. I thought it would have to be like alcohol, only without hangovers or getting drunk, if only I was a cat. Is milk really that nice, Yoruichi-san?"

Yoruichi licks her whiskers reminiscently. "Oh yes. There's just something about how it hits the system. It's like a light going on behind the eyes. The legs tense and then go limp. The body yearns towards it. The tongue moves of its own accord." She sighs and shudders. "Even wine isn't that good."

"Oh," Orihime says thoughtfully.

Yoruichi raises her left back leg for a moment in order to get rid of a little bit of muscle stress. Honestly, training these children is wearing. She deserves a good bit of petting like this, she decides.

"And I liked the tail," Orihime says. "Not just because of the balance thing, but because it was such a good way of showing feeling. Even better than eyebrows. Have you ever seen Kurosaki-kun do that thing with his eyebrows? But cats do it so much better. There's the way that they lift their tail up straight when they're surprised by something, or how they coil it and sort of whip it out when they're twitching their hind legs, or the whole way that they flex it slowly and then just sort of let it go limp, just like you're doing now, Yoruichi-san. Of course, I'd have wanted to be an orange cat. Tabby. Or maybe tortoiseshell."

Yoruichi purrs, distracted by the way Orihime's moving her hands all over Yoruichi's body.

"I'm so glad you don't mind me doing this," Orihime says again. "It's so relaxing being able to pet you like this."

"Yes," Yoruichi murmurs. She rolls over in Orihime's lap so that Orihime can stroke her stomach.

"And you're so elegant," Orihime says, fingers trailing down Yoruichi's belly. "Such beautiful legs and such an intelligent head, and such a gorgeous tail -"

Yoruichi temporarily loses control. She rolls over, body contorting in a loop-and-flex, and gets her claws into the concrete (rather than Orihime's legs) as she performs a whole-body writhe from eartips to tailtip, ending with her tail in a straight line and every muscle in it firm and taut.

"Oh my," Orihime says. "Did I touch something wrong?"

"I'm a very sensitive cat," Yoruichi says primly, before arranging herself back in Orihime's lap again.