Title: Assumptions Conclusion

Pen Name: StupidLeeches (WolfH00r & nicekittyrawr)


Rating: MA/NC-17

Summary: FBI Agent Rachel Black has returned to the Cyber Division, but needs a date to her brother's engagement party.

She's not happy about it, but her only choice is Agent Paul Warren. It starts out as just a date, but that changes quickly.

A/N: We donated this conclusion of our Assumptions one-shot to Fandom4Texas

Rachel tossed her keys and purse on the table in the foyer of her tiny apartment as she locked the door behind herself. Snagging the stack of mail from her purse, she kicked off her heels and headed straight for the kitchen. It had been a long ass day and all she wanted was a glass of wine and her tub. If she was honest with herself, she wanted something else, but he wasn't an option.

Leaning against her kitchen counter, she began to flip through her mail to distract herself. The second piece she came to was an invitation to an engagement party hosted by her parents for her brother, Jacob Black, and his fiancée, Ness Cullen.

She flung the card stock down on the counter and muttered an expletive. She had a month to find a date for this stupid party. There was no way in hell she'd attend alone, not with her over achieving baby brother and her twin sister's picture perfect family being there. She was tired of her family looking down their nose at her for being single and solely focused on her career. It wasn't enough that Jacob had to join the FBI and climb the ladder quickly, now he'd also managed to get himself engaged.

In the Black family, she was the white sheep. She was damn good at her job, having more than proved the fact in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, she was too good, which meant no promotion coming her way any time soon. On top of that, because she was so focused on her work, she also had no relationship potential in sight. The last boyfriend she'd had was - well, so long ago she couldn't really remember.

Not that she lacked for company, but she stuck with keeping things casual. Most men were looking for someone to be their mother, not their wife. She loved her career and had no plan of giving that up any time soon. Unfortunately, the only men that understood her passion for her career were fellow agents, but she wasn't going there. She didn't date agents.

Not wanting to think of how she had technically broken her own rule recently, she returned her thoughts to her current dilemma. Who was she going to take to this thing? It had to be someone she could tolerate for a few hours. And hopefully someone that would at least help her get through the night.

His face jumped into her mind; the one she had broken her own rule for. Maybe she could invite him.

No. Definitely not. Not him. Why would she even consider that now that their working relationship had ended? She should be excited to be free of that chauvinistic pig. Instead she missed him and was honest to God considering asking Agent Paul Warren to join her at her brother's engagement party.

She stomped her foot in frustration. One nice evening followed by good sex, and oh was it damn good sex, did not give him the right to burrow into her mind. She reminded herself again that she didn't date agents as she poured a glass of wine for herself and headed for her bathtub.


"This is a huge mistake," Rachel told her reflection as she checked her make-up in the foyer mirror. The doorbell rang again, the person on the other side impatient to be let in. Rachel knew on the other side of that door stood Paul Warren, her 'date'.


She had tried her hardest over the weeks leading up to tonight to find someone, anyone other than him to join her. There was no one. All of her fellow agents that she could stand were married and she didn't have friends outside the Bureau. She probably could have called her sister to see if she or her husband knew of anyone, but she didn't want Rebecca to know how desperate she was for a date for the evening.

Reluctantly she opened the door; however, no one was there. As she looked around something sparkling at her feet caught her eye. On her front steps were a pair of shoes, Louboutin's to be exact. She picked the shoes up, trying not to squeal in delight when she realized these were from the latest collection. Shoes were her weakness. She was so caught up in looking at the shoes she didn't see him approach her.

"I take it you approve?"

Her head jerked up from the shoes at the sound of his voice. He looked just like she remembered him. Of course, the last time she'd seen him he'd been wearing only his pants as she'd slipped into a cab. She had managed to avoid him at work over the past month, wrapping up her end of the case they had worked on via email. Even when she finally gave in and asked him to join her tonight, she had done so over the phone.

"This doesn't mean I'm sleeping with you, Warren." Even as she laid down the ground rules, she wasn't sure she would be able to stick with them. Just seeing him made her entire body come to life. Their night together flashed through her mind and she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning aloud at the memories. He looked incredible in his suit.

Paul didn't say anything as he approached her. He stopped directly in front of her; so close it wouldn't take much for their lips to touch. Just as her brain was processing how close he was, he was gone. Her head dropped to follow his movement; he was kneeling on the porch. She nearly fell over when he lifted one of her feet. Just as she reached for the door jamb to steady herself, his free hand reached up for the shoes she was holding onto.

"Of course not, Black. These are to celebrate your promotion. Or should I say, Special Agent-in-Charge Black."

He gently changed her shoes, handing her the pair she had previously been wearing when he finally stood up again. She was too surprised to take the shoes or even move. "How did you know about that?"

She barely realized he was pushing her back into the foyer to make room for himself. It wasn't until the door closed behind him that she finally woke up from the weird daze she had been in. "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

He didn't respond. Instead, he placed the shoes he had removed from her feet on the floor next to the door. Standing up again, he gave her a grin that she recognized. He was proud of himself.

"I may have asked McCarty and Hale to update me on what was going on with you. Once or twice. A week."

Rachel felt her blood start to boil, "You were stalking me?"

His grin got even bigger. She knew he was pushing her buttons, could feel him playing her, but she couldn't stop her irritation with him. This man knew how to rile her up faster than anyone she'd ever met.

"Not stalking, just asking questions, doing some research. You know, being an old-school, chauvinistic pig agent." He shrugged then had the audacity to wink at Rachel, "I had to do something, you were being very stubborn."

"There is nothing wrong with being stubborn," she huffed out. Stepping closer to him, she gave him a proud grin, "Being stubborn got me my promotion."

"True," Paul's arms pulled her tight against him before she could protest, "but it also meant denying yourself this."

And then he was kissing her. His lips felt like heaven against hers; strong and sure. She knew she shouldn't let herself get pulled in, but that was easier said that done. Even as her brain was shouting to push away from him, she sank into his welcoming body. His fingers tugging at her hair made her moan, opening her mouth to him. His tongue slid against hers as she felt his erection against her hip.

Just as she leaned back to gasp for air, his mouth found her ear. "You've missed me."

He was right, but there was no way Rachel was going to let him know that. Finally gaining control over her body, she leaned back out of his arms, examining him from head to toe. Shaking her head, she crossed her arms over her chest, "I might have missed your cock, but I definitely haven't missed you're cocky attitude."

Paul's laugh sounded like a bark in the small foyer. Deciding to ignore him, she quickly glanced in the mirror to straighten herself up. Taking a deep, calming breath, she grabbed her bag from the table. Turning back to Paul she gave him her best smile. "Let's go. We've got a long night ahead of us."


"I can't believe you are taking me to this event in your agency car." Rachel wrinkled her nose, glancing over at Paul in the driver's seat.

"Wow, one promotion and look who's turning into a vehicle snob."

She didn't bother replying to him. She really didn't care about the car; she just wanted to annoy him. She hated that he had gotten the upper hand back at her place. She needed to retake control of this evening.

"So, what's our cover?"

She didn't even bother lifting her eyes from the mirror in her hand, fixing the lipstick he'd messed up. "There is no cover. You are my date for the evening. End of story."

"Really? You think it will be that simple?"

She closed the compact in her hand with a snap, returning it and her lipstick to her bag before turning to him. His upper lip was lined in her coral colored lipstick, but she didn't feel like telling him just yet. Crossing her arms over her chest she glared at him, "Yes. I do think it will be that simple. Why shouldn't I?"

Paul's laughter filled the interior of the car. He only laughed that loud when he thought he had information she didn't.

"This isn't funny. You are simply my date for the evening."

Paul shaking his head infuriated her. What did he know that she didn't? The more he laughed, the more she considered giving him a quick kick to the groin with her brand new heels. She could feel herself getting more and more irritated by him. Unable to hold back any longer, and wanting to keep her new shoes intact, she punched him as hard as she could on his arm. "Stop laughing and explain."

"Most of the Bureau is going to be at this thing tonight." Paul said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Rachel's anger was surpassed by her confusion at his statement. She had to pause for a moment, realizing she'd never considered who would be attending the party. "What do you mean?"

"You do know who your brother is engaged to, right?" The grin was back on his face. She wasn't sure if she wanted to slap or kiss that grin off, but she definitely wanted his "gotcha" grin gone.

Instead, she answered his question, though she wasn't sure how he would know her brother's fiancée. "Of course I know; her name is Ness Cullen."

"And do you know who Ness Cullen's father is?" he asked, tilting his head to the side slightly.

Rachel rolled her eyes, "No. Should I?"

"I'm sure it's not a big deal, your brother is just engaged to the daughter of FBI Director Edward Cullen."

Rachel's heart stopped. She'd met Ness a couple of times, even gone on a family skiing trip over the holidays with her, but never considered her last name. She never mentioned anything about being related to the FBI Director. "Fucking Jacob," she muttered under her breath. Trust in her brother to fail to mention that little fact to her.

"Which means, Deputy Assistant Directors and anyone above them have been invited to this shindig. My boss is going to be there along with your new boss, DAD Hale." Paul grinned at her, "By the way, thanks for inviting me. I was getting a little jealous that McCarty was getting to go to this thing. It's his and Hale's first big FBI event together since she moved out of Criminal Investigation Division to head up the Office of Law Enforcement Coordination."

Paul stopped the car and she looked out the window to see they had arrived. Making a snap decision she glared over her shoulder at him before the valets could open their doors, "We've been dating since our case ended. Just dating."

"So I shouldn't mention to your father how you fucked my brains out and left me?"

Rachel reached for her shoe just as Paul started laughing again, "Kidding! Geez, so sensitive, Black."

She was still fuming but knew they didn't have time for his jokes. Putting her shoe back in place, she narrowed her eyes at him again, "How about you just don't talk to my father?" Her door opened for her and she quickly slid out of the car.

She didn't wait for Paul. "If we're dating," he whispered against her ear as he caught up with her, "you might want to act like you like me." He pulled her close and she wanted to tell him to let go of her. But she knew he was right and if dating was their cover, he was acting the part.

"You look beautiful tonight, by the way." Paul grinned at her as he led her into the party.

"You have lipstick all over your mouth, by the way."

Paul chuckled, leaning his head down to her ear as they walked in the door, "My girlfriend can't keep her hands off of me. I wear this lipstick with pride."

"You are such a dick." Rachel snarled at him under her breath.

He shrugged, "Pretty sure you said you missed that part of me." He wiped at his chin then looked at her, "Better?"

"You're still a dick, but yes, the lipstick is gone."

As they approached the line to check in she was once again struck that he knew so much more about this party than she did. However, it wasn't surprising. She had been dreading this thing since she first received the invitation. She was so focused on her own problems with her family; she'd never considered any other aspects of the party. She hated that he had trapped her into this charade, but hated even more that she had missed something as obvious as her brother's fiancée's last name. Good agents always paid attention, most importantly when it came to family.

"How did you know? About Ness being Director Cullen's daughter?" Rachel had just asked him yesterday to join her at the party. While her brother was well known in the Bureau, his fiancée's name had never been mentioned.

Paul gave their names to the lady at the check-in table before escorting her into the large ballroom. "I told you, I asked about you. DAD Hale wasn't willing to directly give me information, but she conveniently shared some things with McCarty. He's a blabber mouth when you get him drunk."

Rachel was too stunned to say anything. Why would he be asking about her? She could still clearly see the crestfallen look on his face when she left his bed after their "date" last month. She had wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in his arms, but her fears of turning into her mother or sister had forced her out of his bed. Casual was the only option for her if she wanted to keep growing her career.

She assumed Paul was on board with casual, but now she wasn't so sure.


Rachel moved to step away from Paul when she heard her sister calling her name, but he wasn't having that. He stepped closer to her, his hand sliding around her hip as he tugged her against him, "Not so fast, Black. Remember, I'm your boyfriend tonight."

She wanted to snarl at him, but knew she couldn't with her sister approaching. As soon as Rebecca pulled her into her arms, Rachel pushed her heel back squarely on the tip of Paul's loafer. When Rebecca released her and she leaned back against Paul she could just barely hear him whisper, "You'll pay for that one later, Black."

A shiver moved down her spine, but she had no chance to savor what his voice did to her body. "Rach, have you been holding out on us? Who is this handsome man you are with?"

"Not holding out, promise Becs." Rachel took a deep breath before starting the dreaded introductions. "Rebecca, this is Paul. Paul; my sister Rebecca and her husband Grant."

"There's no reason to be so private, Rach, we are free to be open about our relationship now that you've been promoted." Paul and Grant shook hands, but Paul released Rachel to hug Rebecca. "So good to finally meet you, Rebecca. Rachel has told me so much about you."

Rachel wanted a hole to open up and just suck her in. Telling her sister was like making an announcement over the PA system. Paul had taken their charade from a date to a full blown relationship. A relationship in which, apparently, she talked quite often about her twin sister. The problem was, she had never mentioned word one to Paul about Rebecca. She had no clue how she was going to cover this up, but at this point, she wanted to make him sweat out the lie he had built for himself.

"A relationship? Is this so, Rach?" Rebecca turned to Rachel, her eyes bright with excitement at the news.

Rather than answering, Rachel shrugged and gave her sister a tight smile. Unfortunately, Paul couldn't leave it at that. His fingers dug into her hip, pulling her against him as he spoke, "We didn't want to say anything right away, since we both work at the Bureau. It took a lot of convincing though to get your sister to date me. She can be pretty stubborn."

Rachel glared up at Paul just in time to see him wink at Rebecca. She wanted to elbow him; but of course he had her pinned against his side.

"My Rachel, stubborn? Never!" The booming voice announced her father approaching their little group. Rachel wanted to run, hide, do anything other than lie to her father. Unfortunately, unless she wanted her sister to learn she was a big fat relationship failure, she had to keep up this charade.

"I'm not stubborn, Daddy. I am just highly opinionated and sure of what I want in life." Rachel said with a sly smile. It took every ounce of patience she possessed in her body not to nail Paul between the eyes when she felt his body shake with laughter.

Billy didn't respond to her statement, instead turning to Paul. Rachel felt a small thrill when she saw her father's steely gaze lock in on Paul. He's so not ready for this. "And you are?"

"Dad-" Rachel began but was cut off by her sister, who sounded entirely too giddy to be sharing this bit of news.

"This is Rachel's boyfriend, Daddy! His name is Paul and he's an agent with the FBI. Apparently they've been secretly dating. Now that Rachel's been promoted, they are able to be seen together in public." Rachel felt the heat rising up her neck. Not from embarrassment, but from annoyance. They'd only arrived a few moments ago and already three of her family members were under the impression that she was dating Paul. The last person she wanted thinking she was involved with someone in the Bureau was her father. His enthusiasm had always been less than lackluster about her choice of career. As a retired cop it stung that his children went to work for the "Feds" instead of the D.C. Police. She wasn't quite sure what his reaction was going to be to her "dating" an agent.

Billy frowned and like the seasoned cop he was, took in every little detail, looking between Rachel and Paul. Rachel followed his eyes down to Paul's arm around her waist, up to her torso leaning away from Paul and back to Paul's face. Rachel felt certain that her father would see through their lies, see how uncomfortable she was, but he didn't seem to pick up on it.

"You're an Agent, huh? Did you go straight into military or did you attend college first? What are your goals and intentions with my daughter?"

Rachel gasped when she heard his rapid fire questions, "Dad! Honestly, we can discuss this later, in private." Rachel's goal was to get the focus off of herself and Paul for the evening then tell her family that they broke up, later. "Why don't we go find Jacob? This is his night."

"No, it's ok, baby." Paul's whispered words stunned Rachel into silence. "I don't mind your dad asking me questions. He's your father, of course he would want to know about the man that is sweeping his daughter off her feet."

Rachel turned and looked at Paul. He was wearing that smug grin on his face again. He knew Rachel couldn't say anything now that her family was being misled. What he didn't know was that she refused to go down without a fight.

"Now Paul," Rachel all but simpered against his ear, "don't be smug sweetheart." She could hear the growl building in his chest, but she pushed on, her voice getting louder so her family could clearly hear her, "As I recall, I'm the one that swept you off your feet the night we went to dinner. You asked me on a second date before dinner had even been served and when I said yes, you had tears in your eyes. You'd have thought he had just proposed."

If looks could kill, Rachel was pretty sure she'd be on a hospital gurney right now, but it would be worth it. She held back the bubble of laughter that filled her throat. His eyes narrowed on her but there wasn't much he could do but agree with her words. "You know, Dad, he told me he'd been wanting to ask me out for a year but he was too shy. Imagine that, someone afraid to ask out little ol' me. He was so cute about it though."

"Rach. That's not how it happened." Paul finally spoke up, apparently realizing she would continue to go on until he stopped her. Hearing his protest made Rachel smirk at him. Paul's fingers squeezed her side in annoyance. "How about we go find your brother and his fiancée. I'd like to meet them. See if he has any tips on proposing."

Rachel's nostrils flared in anger as she heard her sister giggling at her exchange with her "boyfriend". She could even see a little smile on her father's face. Not wanting to stick around her family any longer, she gripped Paul's hand rather roughly, tugging him behind her as she made her way to the couple of the night. He was going to pay and she knew just how to get him back.

"Baby brother!" Rachel called to Jacob and he turned around in surprise. This irritated Rachel. She had told him she was attending, why should he be surprised she was there? Paul's muffled rumbling reminded her that it might not be her presence here, but the man she was tugging along behind her that caused the surprised look on her brother's normally stoic features.

"Rachel. I'm so glad you could make it." Jacob hugged her as soon as she stopped in front of him. When Rachel didn't introduce Paul right away, Jacob took the lead, "Hi, I'm Jacob Black. And you are?"

"This is your biggest fan, little brother," Rachel blurted out before Paul could say anything. "He talks about you non-stop. Even has a poster of you hanging in his bedroom."

Jacob rubbed his hand across the back of his neck, his awkwardness obvious. Rachel almost felt bad for putting her brother in the middle of her and Paul's ongoing tension. Almost, but not quite.

Paul cast her a look of annoyance, but she just grinned at him. He rolled his eyes at her before thrusting his hand out to Jacob. "It's a good thing I like her. Agent Black, I'm Agent Paul Warren. Rachel's boyfriend."

The look of confusion on Jacob's face said a lot. She'd never had someone introduce himself as her boyfriend before, which her brother was well aware of. She held out hope that her brother would see the truth, unlike her father.

"Boyfriend?" Jacob shouted. The entire room went quiet.

Rachel felt her cheeks starting to burn in embarrassment when Paul wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to his chest. While the move fit with their cover, she was still taken off guard by it. Her first instinct was to relax into him, but the second her body considered it, her shoulders stiffened and she moved out of his arms.

Jacob, however, didn't see this move. Finally catching up, his face broke out into a huge grin. "'Bout damn time, Rach!" Jacob clasped Paul's hand in his and shook it roughly. "Nice to meet you man. Glad you could join us."

Rachel wanted to scream, but instead her shoulders sagged in resignation at the situation. She had underestimated her family; they were so happy to see her dating someone, they didn't care who it was. Even her brother, the rising star in the FBI, didn't pay attention to how uncomfortable she was. She couldn't believe how friendly he instantly was with Paul.

"Thanks," Paul released Jacob's hand then reached for Rachel, pulling her back to his side. When he glanced down at her, she was struck by an unfamiliar look in his eyes. He was happy, but there was something more. Almost like he was excited about something.

He gave her a quick grin then broke their eye contact. Paul turned back to talk to Jacob, but she was too stunned to pay attention to the conversation. Why was he so excited? It was almost like he was enjoying telling everyone they were dating. But why?

A hand on her back made her nearly jump out of her skin. She turned around to see her mother and Ness standing behind her. Ness gave her a quick hug and smile before aiming straight for Jacob's waiting arms. Jacob introduced Paul to Ness but before Rachel could say anything; her mother pulled her away from the little group.

Sarah stopped only when they were nearly across the room from where Paul, Jacob, and Ness were still talking. Her mother's face broke out into a grin as she looked over Rachel's shoulder. "He's dashing."

Rachel glanced over her shoulder and nearly gasped when her eyes locked with Paul's. He was watching her. His eyes narrowed in concern and she automatically shook her head to let him know she was fine. It's just a charade, she reminded herself. He's not really concerned. The thought sounded good, but the nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach told her differently.

"And he seems very protective of you."

Turning back to face her mother; Rachel decided not to comment on her statements about Paul. "This is a beautiful party, Mom."

Sarah raised an eyebrow at her daughter, "Fine, we won't talk about him right now. But you should know your father wants to have dinner so we can get to know him properly."

Rachel was shaking her head before Sarah even finished, "Mom, no. We aren't that serious, we-." She stopped herself. It was on the tip of her tongue to tell her mother the truth. As much as she wanted to, though, the agent in her knew it was best to keep up the cover at all times. "We've only been seeing each other for a short time," she finished.

"That might be, but I have a good feeling about him." Sarah brushed her thumb softly across Rachel's cheek, "I'm just glad to see you with someone that so obviously cares for you."

"Mom-," she started, but was cut off by that familiar deep voice.

"Mrs. Black, I presume? Paul Warren, Rachel's boyfriend."

Rachel didn't bother turning around. She had felt him approaching; his body seeming to send off waves of energy into hers, alerting her to his presence. She shivered when he grasped a lock of her hair, tugging slightly as his fingers slid all the way down to the end. Once he released her hair, his hand rested just above her ass.

"Please, call me Sarah." Rachel watched as her mother reached out to shake Paul's hand.

Instead of shaking, he pulled her hand to his lips briefly. As Rachel watched this unfold, she felt an odd sensation run through her body; her jaw clenched, her nostrils flared, and she had to hold herself back from slapping her own mother's hand away from Paul. Her hand at Paul's side slid around his waist. She couldn't explain it, but she felt the need to hold on to him as tight as possible.

"Wonderful to meet you." Paul released her mother's hand and Rachel felt a wave of relief quickly followed by frustration at herself. Why was she getting upset over Paul kissing her mother's hand? "I hate to ask this, but do you mind if I steal my girlfriend back? I'd like to introduce her to my partner."

"Don't worry, dear. We'll have plenty of time to catch up. I rearranged the table placements so that we are all together for dinner."

"Perfect." Rachel grimaced at Paul's excited tone. This was not perfect. She'd have to give him a quick debrief so he wouldn't blow their cover, tell him the basics of her family members. Then there was the problem of having to tell her family after the fact about their "break up".

Paul wrapped Rachel's hand in his and tugged her away. The last glance she had of her mother her grin was wide and she was winking at Rachel. Yeah, definitely not perfect.

"You know, your eyes are starting to match your shoes, Rach." Rachel was irritated by his shortening of her name, but let that pass for her confusion over his random statement. Her eyes were brown, and the shoes he gave her tonight were green. She looked at Paul, waiting for an explanation. His face broke out into a grin, "They're green, with envy."

His words set her off, her already thin patience now completely gone. She tried to pull her hand out of his, desperate to get as far away from him as possible. She could feel her anger at him boiling under her skin. What was it about this man that got to her nearly every second she was around him? "Envy? What are you talking about?" Rachel all but shouted.

Paul refused to release her hand. Instead, he pulled her close, wrapping his arm around her waist, his hand resting just above her ass. "You were jealous that I kissed your mother's hand, Rachel. She is beautiful but it's silly, really. I'm much more attracted to her daughter."

"Whatever. As soon as this party is over, we're done." Rachel pushed out of his arms and walked ahead of Paul. He was stubborn though, refusing to let go of her, his hand swiftly moving to her back, guiding her. She turned on him before they could take another step, "And just F.Y.I. I was not jealous."

"You were so jealous. And you're pissed I noticed. Face it, Rachel, you like me. Just admit it and come say hello to my partner."

Rachel huffed and spun away from Paul, but before she could take a step the heel of her shoe caught on the floor and made her foot teeter. Strong hands captured her waist, keeping her steady on her feet. Paul's fingers gripped her, the heat from his skin seeping through the silky fabric of her dress. She felt goosebumps shoot up across her skin, originating where his hands touched her.

"Rachel Black," Paul's gruff voice against her ear broke through her focus on his hands. She felt a wave of heat move through her body but didn't have time to focus on it as he led her the last few steps to their destination, "I'd like you to meet my partner, Emmett McCarty."

She automatically offered her hand to shake with the bulk of a man in front of her. He was tall, blonde, and blue eyed; a real knock out, but the dimples, those were the killers. As attractive as he was, she had to admit to herself that he didn't hold a candle to her date. Not that she would ever admit that to his cocky ass.

Emmett was standing next to Rachel's new boss, Deputy Assistant Director Rosalie Hale. Rosalie also happened to be Paul and Emmett's former boss and the one that pushed for Rachel and Paul to work together in the first place. Even though Paul had told her they would be here together, seeing this stunning couple together was still a bit unexpected; if for no other reason than Rachel had really never seen a relationship within the Bureau work out.

"It's nice to meet you, Agent McCarty. Good to see you, DAD Hale."

Rosalie raised an eyebrow at Rachel. Before she even said a word, Rachel knew that Rosalie had found out about the "dating". "You've been quite the topic of conversation tonight, Agent Black."

"I don't doubt that I have been. Some of these agents gossip like old women." Rachel voice sounded bitter and she could see Emmett give Paul a surprised look.

Rachel was taken aback when she saw Rosalie throw her head back, her long shining blond hair falling down over her shoulders as she laughed. "Too true."

Rosalie glanced at Paul, nodding her head, "I'd say your date needs a glass of wine, Agent Warren." No one ever thought of arguing with the DAD. Paul glanced at Emmett and they both sauntered off to the bar, leaving the two women alone.

"I hadn't realized the two of you were so close," never one to mince words, Rosalie jumped right into conversation as soon as the guys were out of ear shot.

Rachel shifted from one foot to the other as she considered her answer. She could either tell the woman in front of her the truth or continue the charade.

Before Rachel could speak, Rosalie continued, "Don't worry, I won't say a word. This is between you and I. Off the clock, I promise. I'm just surprised to see you give him the time of day is all."

The last thing Rachel had expected was for Rosalie to start up a personal conversation. It was a first for the two of them and she wasn't sure how she felt about it. Rachel studied the woman in front of her for a few minutes. Something about the clear look in her eyes told Rachel she could trust her with the truth. She was ready to tell her boss this was just a date, but when her mouth opened to speak, something else came out.

"It just happened while I was working as Paul's temporary partner. He was arrogant and a jerk- still is, but he wore me down with his charm." It was like word vomit. Rachel felt like clamping her hand over her mouth to shut herself up. Why was she telling her this? Why keep up the lie? A little voice snickered in her head then spoke 'Because you like him'. Rachel chose to ignore that for now. No sense in arguing with her inner dialogue.

"Ah yes, these guys can be- frustrating."

"To say the least," Rachel murmured just as Paul and Emmett approached. Rachel practically downed half her wine in one sip. Paul lifted an eyebrow at her, but didn't say anything. She could hear the conversation around her, but didn't participate. She was lost in her own mind; her head arguing with what her body and heart were telling her. There was no way in hell she had feelings for Paul. It just couldn't be.


Dinner was a complete blur. She did her best to deflect the attention away from her and Paul, but her family refused. Of course, Paul didn't help her. Instead, he answered every single one of their questions. What shocked her most was how much he knew about each of her family members. She hadn't had time to bring him up to speed, but apparently, he hadn't needed it. The possibility that he had gone out of his way to learn about her family before tonight freaked her out.

As dinner wrapped up, Paul stood from the table and offered her his hand. Glancing up at him, she could feel the frown of confusion on her face. He just grinned, "Dance with me."

Her sister and mother sighed behind her and she could feel her irritation at him rise again. He was manipulating her by making it impossible for her to say "no" without blowing their cover.

Reluctantly, she placed her hand in his and let him lead her out to the dance floor. It was a slow song and as he put his arms around her, pulling her close, she relaxed into him without a thought. Paul's hand moved up and down her back, his fingers paying attention to her spine, tracing it lightly.

She meant to stop him after one song, but she found herself unable to let this moment go. Time seemed to stand still as their bodies swayed as one.


His face dropped to her neck, nosing her hair out of the way. When he pressed his lips to her skin her body tensed. What was he doing? What was he up to? It was one thing to be dancing, but they were at an event with her family and both their co-workers, for fucks sake. Clearly, Paul was trying to make things more difficult for her. How would she explain away their "relationship" with everyone seeing him touching her like this?

"Relax, Rachel. Everyone has left already." The words were muttered against her neck, Paul's chest vibrating against Rachel's. With her breasts pressed to him it sent a wave of desire through her body. She frowned at that. Now that her mind was clearing from the haze of dancing, she was reminded that she didn't want to react physically. Damn him. Why was he doing this to her?

Then she was struck by his words. Looking around the room, she realized the truth. They were the last ones there. Somehow the party had ended without her noticing. Just because she was dancing with him?

She could feel her frustration building again when she heard the rumble of his laughter, "I take it you enjoyed your evening?"

Her answer came out in a huff of annoyance. "I would have enjoyed it more if you hadn't distracted me all night. Where is everyone?"

He sounded surprised when he spoke again, "Your family just left a little while ago. They said goodbye to you. You waved. Don't you remember?"

She couldn't say anything. To respond would be to admit that she really hadn't noticed anything while he held her tight.

"I knew I was a good dancer, but damn." She could feel his laughter rumble against her chest. He knew the truth without her voicing it.

Refusing to admit anything to him, she shook her head, "Just take me home."

"Sure, we can go back to your place."

"That's not what I had in mind," Rachel's anger was boiling, but this time she was more annoyed at herself.


"You are so infuriating!" Rachel lifted her head to look at him, her eyes squinted. He grinned down at her, probably enjoying the fact that he was getting some kind of reaction. One thing she prided herself on was keeping her feelings under lock and key. She never let her facial expressions betray her thoughts. Not until that moment at least.

A smirk drifted across Paul's face and before she could stop to realize what he was doing, his lips were on hers. It wasn't a simple kiss. It wasn't gentle either. This was the kiss they had been building toward all night. This kiss set her on fire, which only made her all the more confused at being in the situation she had gotten herself in. She didn't want to like him, didn't want to be turned on by the fact that he gave as good as he got. She didn't want to, but she was.

Hands gripped and bunched her dress at her lower back and a moan rattled Paul's chest. Except it wasn't just Paul that was reacting, it was Rachel too. Her mouth dropped open in a gasp and when he flicked his tongue out to taste her top lip; Rachel let hers dart between his lips.

Flashes of their time in bed flitted through her mind and when Rachel reached to grip Paul's neck she kissed him harder. He reacted immediately, pulling her tighter, rubbing his body against her. She was suddenly very thankful the room was empty, or else they would have been practically humping in front of everyone she knew. What a disaster that would have been. Except, in that moment, she wasn't so sure it would have been, because his lips were delicious.

Their mouths separated and Rachel fought to catch her breath. Before she could say anything or react by pulling away from him, Paul tucked her head beneath his chin and started moving them again. He swayed side to side; his hands at a respectable spot on her hips, where they held her close to him. If she didn't know better, she would have guessed he was giving her a moment to pull herself together.

Knowing the room was clear; Rachel gave in and allowed her hands to move to his chest, up and over his shoulders to his upper arms. She could feel the muscles there rolling under his skin; the warmth seeping through to her fingers. Suddenly, Rachel was assaulted with visions of Paul's body braced above hers as he fucked her.

"Shit," she muttered into his chest as she felt a wave of desire flash through her entire being. He pushed his hips into her and she moved hers against his without even considering what she was doing. Rachel's mouth moved a fraction and she nipped at the exposed skin above his shirt collar. When she felt his cock twitch between their bodies she finally lifted her head again.

Paul's voice was husky and thick when he spoke. "I need to fuck you so hard."

Without uttering a word Rachel nodded her head. She could no longer deny her need for him, even as she fought against the little voice telling her it wasn't just his body she needed.

Paul started moving immediately. When they made it outside to wait on the valet to bring the car around, Paul had to physically push Rachel's hands away.

"I can't drive if you are trying to put your hand down my pants, Rach. The faster I get us there, the faster we can get naked." He explained evenly as they buckled their seat belts and he tore out of the parking lot.

He made it back to her place in record time.


Rachel's hands wouldn't cooperate. She dropped her apartment keys three times before Paul finally swiped them from her and unlocked the door himself. Looping his arm around her waist he tugged her into the entry way and pushed the door closed behind them. Before Rachel could react he had her back pressed against the door and his mouth latched onto her neck. Her hands clutched at his back, jerking at his jacket before slipping beneath it. She started pulling on his shirt, trying to jerk it from the waist band of his dress pants.

"You look good in a suit. Has anyone ever told you that?"

Head jerking up in surprise, Paul looked down at her for a few silent seconds. "Um," he grinned, "Yes, but hearing those words from your mouth is worth more than all the other times."

"Cocky asshole."

"Damn right," he grinned and began to walk them backwards. "Which way?"

Rachel directed him to the bedroom and tried to start shedding clothes as she walked. Paul stopped her movements with his hands, "Let me."

He walked around behind her, his hands skimming the skin at the back of her neck. Then he grasped the tab of the zipper and started to slowly pull it down.

As the fabric of Rachel's dress separated and exposed her back Paul ran his fingers down her spine. She shivered against him even though she tried to contain her reaction. Even as his fingers moved over her skin, he was also working his way under her skin. She wanted to be annoyed that she couldn't stop her body's need for him, but all she could think about was how much she wanted him right now.

Paul's hands circled her waist, beneath the dress, gently grazing her skin with his rough fingers. Goosebumps popped up and her nipples strained for his touch. His hands moved everywhere except the places she wanted them, needed them. Arching her back Rachel pressed her hips back into Paul's. When she felt his growing erection between them she moaned deep in her chest, grinding into him. Teasing him.

He moved his hands out of her dress and spun her around to face him. His face looked intense, his eyes full of lust. But that wasn't it. There was also something Rachel couldn't quite put her finger on. Before she was able to think too much about it, Paul's mouth was on hers. Using her hands, she pushed against his chest forcing him to release her lips.

Rachel quickly shed Paul of his suit coat, tossing it aside. Her hands found the placket of his dress shirt before the jacket hit the floor. She made fast work of the buttons down his chest and abdomen, jerking the shirt out of his pants so she could discard it too. Smoothing her hands back up his stomach and chest Rachel paused at his nipples, circling one, then the other with a light fingernail. A grin broke across her face when she heard him growl low.

Paul was built beautifully; muscles perfectly sculpted and rippling beneath his taut skin. He certainly was too good looking for Rachel's peace of mind. She was reminded of her reaction earlier when he kissed her mother's hand. She didn't like the idea of him touching any other woman. She pushed those thoughts away, focusing on the fact that for tonight, she was the only one touching him.

When her hands moved back down and traced the sexy V at his waist Paul placed his hands on her hips. He lifted her up and her legs wrapped around him automatically. Carrying her over to the bed he kissed her neck, up to her ear where he tugged lightly with teeth. Her hair cascaded over her shoulder as Rachel tilted her head back to give his lips more access.

Their hands moved along ever bit of bare skin on both their bodies. Exploring, enjoying, and caressing every inch as panting breaths and moans echoed around them. Her breasts ached for his touch. Rather than wait, Rachel reached for his hand and moved it to her breast, squeezing gently.

He grinned at her, "You have fantastic tits."

Since neither of them has spoken since entering her apartment, his voice seemed extremely loud. Before she could reply with a snarky, "I know," Paul was dipping his hand under the cup of her bra palming her breast, her nipple pressing into his skin. With his free hand Paul released the clasp of her bra, dropping it over onto the floor. Arching her back off of the bed Rachel begged Paul to put his mouth on her. He didn't make her wait too long, moving his mouth down her neck to her chest, nipping at her fevered skin. Her body shook as his tongue flicked out, tasting her skin.

Paul's teeth nipped at her as he made his way closer to her nipple and Rachel moaned. Grinning against her skin Paul took his time, teasing his way around the place she really wanted to feel his mouth. When he pulled her hard nipple into his mouth her back arched to press up against him. His eyes flicked up to watch her which sent another wave of heat through her. Rachel's eyes shut tight and her lips went slack, panting breaths escaping in puffs.

And then he was gone. She opened her eyes, surprised to see him all the way across the room, his hands at his hips as he paced. She felt a chill move over her now that his heat was gone. Sitting up she narrowed her eyes at him. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"I won't do this again, Rachel."

He stopped right in front of her. She knew her mouth was hanging open, but she didn't know what to say. He was the one that wanted to come back to her place, now he was getting cold feet?

Rachel found her voice, along with her strength. She leaped off the bed and began pushing against his chest with all her might, shouting in the quiet room, "What do you mean you can't do it again? It's just fucking!"

Paul didn't move. For the first time that evening, he wasn't laughing at her anger. She pushed at him again but he grabbed her hands in his.

"No it isn't, and you know it."

Her head jerked up to meet his eyes. He looked so serious and it scared the living daylights out of her. She pulled on the only defense she had left, denial. "I don't know what you are talking about. If you don't want to fuck me, just get out."

"I'm not leaving, but I'm also not going to just fuck you and pretend it means nothing."

"It doesn't mean anything," Rachel shrugged, pulling her hands free of his and returning to the bed. She wanted to grab some clothes, something to cover her bare chest, but she refused to show any weakness. Sitting down, she crossed her legs and stared straight at him.

Paul's head moved back and forth, a sad look on his face, "You are an amazing agent, Rachel, but you're a terrible liar."

She crossed her arms over her chest, refusing to comment. There was no way she'd admit he was right, even though her heart was screaming the truth.

Paul huffed, stepping closer to her. "I'm done pretending with you, Rachel. Here's the truth. If you hadn't called me to join you tonight, I was prepared to start showing up in your office and bugging you until you agreed to go out on another date with me. You are an absolutely amazing woman. You challenge me, make me laugh, and turn me on more than any woman I've ever known. I had a great time with you tonight, just like I had a great time with you on our last date. I want you, but more importantly, I just want to be with you." He took a deep breath then looked her straight in the eye. "I liked being your boyfriend tonight, but I wasn't pretending. I want tonight to be the start of a real relationship between us. I think you want that too."

Rachel couldn't even begin to comprehend what he had just said. Her mind was whirling, her heart was racing and she found herself having to fight back tears, something that never happened to her.

"I don't date agents." Her mantra fell from her lips so easily, but even as she was saying it, the words felt weak, untrue.

Then he was cupping her face, his thumb brushing her cheek. "You're already dating me, at least as far as your family and our co-workers are concerned."

"That was just for show. It's not real. I'll just tell everyone that you pissed me off one time too many. They'll understand."

He didn't let go of her face so she saw him shaking his head, "They won't understand. What they saw tonight was a couple who likes to challenge one another. You enjoy our bickering and they could tell. Whether you want to admit it or not; tonight was real."

"Just because I enjoy arguing with you doesn't mean I want to date you."

Paul chuckled, "Well, that's one step closer; I at least got you to admit you enjoy arguing with me."

Rachel pushed his hands away from her face, "I enjoy arguing with you because it is so easy to prove you wrong." Standing again, she moved until she was just inches from Paul. "No one believed we were dating. It wasn't real."

Before Paul could respond, her blackberry dinged with a text message. She wished she could ignore it, but this was her life. Ignoring the message now just to argue with Paul was at the very center of why she couldn't date him. She refused to give up her job for a man.

Stepping away from him she grabbed her handbag, fishing out her blackberry. She was surprised to find she had multiple text messages waiting for her. How had she missed these? She never missed messages on her phone.

Daddy and I are both so excited for you and Paul! Dinner next Saturday, all the family, he's more than welcome to join. Love, Mom

Hey sis! I've never seen you look happier. I think this Paul guy is good for you. See you both next Saturday for dinner? Becca

Lets discuss protocol for agents dating on Monday. - Hale

Asked around about this guy Warren. He's a solid agent. Saved his partner's life. Good choice, sis. - J. Black

Warm hands gripped her shoulders as she felt him lean forward to read over her shoulder. Before he could say anything, her frustration bubbled up. She stomped her foot, swinging around to face him. "This is your fault!" She stabbed her finger into his chest. "This was just supposed to be a date. One night. Now everyone thinks we are dating. I. Don't. Date. Agents."

"Why?" His one word question stopped her mid-tirade. Her hand was actually frozen in the midst of aiming for his chest again.

"Why what?" She asked, her hand dropping weakly to her side as she felt all the fire suddenly seep out of her.

This time it was Paul that sat down on the bed. Crossing his arms he locked his gaze with hers, refusing to let go, "Why don't you date agents?"

"Relationships in the bureau don't last."

"I disagree with that, McCarty and Hale seem to be going strong."

She shrugged, "They are a rare exception."

"Who's to say we wouldn't be a rare exception?"

Rachel broke away from his stare, glancing down at her feet as she spoke softly, "I love my job. I refuse to give it up for a relationship."

She saw his feet approaching just before she felt him tilt her chin up so he could look into her eyes, "No one is asking you to give up your job. I just want to spend time with you."

Rachel shook her head but couldn't vocalize her fears any further. Even if she did want to date him, there's no way he'd be satisfied with her dedication to her job.

"Hale told me about your promotion." Rachel's head jerked up, surprised by this admission. Paul chuckled, but it wasn't a happy sound, "Apparently I talk a little too much when I get drunk too. McCarty blabbed to her about how I had feelings for you."

He almost looked nervous, shifting his weight between his feet and scratching at the back of his neck with the hand that had previously held her chin. His voice dropped low and she had to strain to hear his words, "I was so damn proud of you when she told me. I knew you deserved the promotion way before now, but I was so glad I could be even a small part of making it happen for you."

The tears that she had managed to hold back until now fell down her face. The idea that he could be proud of her accomplishments, of her progressing above him in rank, was so foreign that she didn't know how to react.

His soft lips kissed away her tears as he held her face tight. "I would never ask you to give up you job. I know how much it means to you. If it's important to you, then it's important to me. Rachel, if it takes me quitting the FBI to have a chance to be with you, I will."

Her heart stopped beating for a fraction of a second and then picked up at double time. It was like her brain finally caught up with what the rest of her had been screaming all along. He was different, different from any other man she'd ever known. This man, Paul, was special and she needed to hold onto him.

"You'd really do that for me?" She couldn't help the shocked tone, but she needed to know.

"I'll call DAD Uley right now and resign if you'd like. McCarty will be pissed, but it'll be worth it to be able to actually call you my girlfriend."

She knew her jaw was hanging open but she couldn't figure out how to close it. Her mind was whirling. It wasn't until she saw his hand bring his phone up to his ear that she finally regained control of her body.

She could hear it ringing just as she managed to shout, "No! Don't quit! Please, you don't have to. I'll date you; I'll be your girlfriend!"

She heard a voice on the phone start speaking, "Damn it Warren! I just fell asleep. I'm going to kick your ass at the gym on Monday! Congrats, Black, you made a good choice. Warren's a good guy, except when he wakes me up."

Paul grinned, "Later McCarty. I have to fuck my girlfriend."

Paul hung up the phone and tossed it and Rachel's phone onto the floor. Her heart started racing again, but this time it was in anger. "You played me."

"You already agreed to be my girlfriend; you can't take it back now." His grin was wide with excitement, but Rachel was still fuming.

"I damn well can take it back if I want to. How dare you do that to me?"

His hands circled her hips and he pulled her roughly against his chest. Her hands moved to his chest just for balance. She planned to tear into him some more, until his lips found hers. The fire of her anger quickly changed over to desire. His tongue played against hers as his hands once again freely roamed her body.

"You don't want to take it back." Paul growled against her ear, "Admit it, Black. You like me."

She leaned back so she could look him into the eyes, "I might like you, but I don't like being tricked."

His whole face broke out into a grin. "At least it was McCarty that heard that and not Uley. He doesn't have much of a sense of humor."

Rachel reluctantly agreed it probably was best that McCarty had heard her announcement. Before she could say anything more, his mouth was attacking her neck, "You really like me, Rach?"

"Meh." Paul's head shot up from her neck. He was searching her eyes, panic in his. She couldn't help laughing, rolling her eyes. "Fine, yes, I like you. You are infuriating, annoying, and still a chauvinistic pig, but you are also smart, funny, and fucking hot."

Paul leaned his head back in laughter, barking out, "Ouch, you only want my body?"

"I do want your body."

She felt his hands against her thighs just before he lifted her. Even through her panties and his pants, she could clearly feel his cock, hard and ready. "Fuck do I want your body!"

Paul didn't waste time. He lowered her to the bed once again, quickly removing her last piece of clothing and tossing her lacy panties over his shoulder. She wanted to laugh at his antics, but was too focused on watching him slowly remove his pants.

Just like before, there was nothing between his skin and his pants. His cock sprang free of his pants and Rachel's whole body shivered in anticipation. His eyes moved over her body as he just stood there at the edge of her bed. The heat in his eyes made her bite her lip to keep from moaning. Her hips moved of their own accord, shifting slightly to build up some much needed friction.

"Condoms," he whispered just before he leaned down to grab his pants. He tossed the foil packets on the night stand. She expected him to finally join her on the bed. Instead she felt his fingers push her thighs open just before his tongue took a long sweeping pass over her wet pussy.

She screamed out his name as her hips bucked up, searching for something to help relieve this pressure building up in her.

Then his mouth was against hers, kissing her with more passion than she had ever felt from him. She felt his hips rest in the cradle of hers as he resumed exploring her body. They teased one another for a short time, but she couldn't hold out very long. She quickly found herself begging.

"What do you want?" Paul practically purred against her ear.

She knew what he wanted her to say, and while it was still an adjustment for her, she found the words weren't as difficult for her to speak as she would have expected. "I want you to fuck me, Paul. I want my boyfriend to fuck me."

She heard the condom wrapper rip and felt him pull back briefly. Then he was there; his whole body covering her as she felt him teasing her entrance with his cock. Just when she thought she'd have to beg some more, he was filling her. She adjusted her position to make room for him, and the movement brought him even deeper. They both moaned in the same moment.

She expected him to start moving, but he didn't. His mouth kissed down her cheek to just under her ear. "I'm not assuming again, Rachel. You understand this isn't just a fuck, right? You're my girlfriend and we're dating."

Rachel bit her lip at the sound of his voice. There were emotions in his words that she was no where near ready to deal with. But she knew he was right. No matter how many times she tried to tell herself differently, she had never just fucked Paul.

She nodded her head, unable to do anything more than that. However, it wasn't enough for him. His face appeared before hers, "Say it, Rachel. I need to know you understand."

She closed her eyes. Her entire body was humming in anticipation, but she knew this was important to him. For some reason, this was a deal breaker for him. It scared her, but it scared her more to consider not having him in her life.

"You are my boyfriend, Paul, and I know this isn't just a fuck. Now would you please fuck me?"

She heard a rumble of laughter from him but it was quickly cut short. Her hips lifted to meet his. He set a slow tempo at first, teasing her and building up that heat again. His mouth moved between her lips and her breasts. Each time his teeth grazed one of her nipples, her nails dug deeper into his back.

Before long though, it wasn't enough, and she was pleading for more from him. He pulled her knees up to her chest and when he pushed into her again she couldn't help the deep moan of satisfaction. Having him fill her so completely was amazing. She tugged his mouth down to hers, nipping at his lip as he filled her again. The harder he pushed into her, the harder she bit his lip.

She felt her body start quaking. She tried to hold on longer, but he had played her body perfectly all night. His cock continued to pump into her but soon she felt the added pressure of his thumb against her clit. It was too much. Rachel finally lost all control over her body, surrendering to the pleasure Paul gave her.


Rachel was curled up around Paul after another round of some of the best sex she had ever had. She had a fleeting thought while her fingers traced the outline of his abs.

"I should go," she whispered without meaning to.

Paul moved to catch her eye. "Go? Where? We're at your place, remember?"

She blinked up at him. While her first instinct was to run, she knew in this instance, running wasn't really feasible.

She tilted her head at him slightly, "Did you plan it that way? Bring me back here so I couldn't leave you?"

"I wasn't leaving anything to chance," he grinned before kissing the top of her head. "It was my own personal mission tonight to do whatever I had to do to get you to agree to be my girlfriend."

"What do you mean?" She sat up, leaning over him.

"Like any good agent, I did what was needed to close the case."

"And what was needed?" she asked, feeling her suspicion kick in.

Paul shrugged, "I can't tell you that. All I can say is that you willingly surrendered in the end."

"You infuriating man. Tell me what you did! Did you set something up with Hale? McCarty?" She gasped, "My brother?"

Paul pulled her back down to his chest, whispering, "Don't worry about it right now, Rachel. Just go to sleep. You can yell at me all you want tomorrow."

She narrowed her eyes up at him, "I will you know. Yell at you. Until you tell me what you did."

"Then you'll be yelling for a while and wasting perfectly good fucking time."

She couldn't help chuckling. She had to admit, he had a valid point. Of course, she still wouldn't tell him that. Dropping her head back to his chest, she sighed. "Fine. But you will tell me at some point."

"Sure, I'll tell you when you finally break down and admit you love me."

Rachel was stunned into silence. She didn't have a comeback for that one. Love? Did she love him? She was just dealing with dating; she was no where near ready for the L-word.

"You aren't there yet. I get it," Paul sighed. She felt his fingers move through her hair, massaging her scalp lightly. "But I have a feeling you'll be there soon."

"What makes you say that?" she huffed out.

"Because my next mission is to make you fall in love with me." Paul grinned and Rachel felt her stomach turn into knots. She was suddenly very worried but also very excited. Damn him.

Rather than fight him, she decided to let it go for now. Best to hit him with a line of questioning when he isn't expecting it. She adjusted herself and curled up to fall asleep in Agent Paul Warren's arms. Who would have ever guessed her life would come to this? Definitely not her, but for the moment, she wasn't complaining.


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