De-anoning from the Kinkmeme.

The original prompt-

America is loud and never shuts up; Greece is quiet and willing to let others talk. Clearly this is a perfect match. Anon wants to see America totally taking advantage of Greece letting him talk on and on for hours.

And naturally, Greece eventually needs some payback. ;D

Bonus: Greece makes him put that mouth to good use.

Hope you all enjoy, as this prompt has now converted me to shipping Greece/America (though Russia/America is still my fave. . But it is nice to have a break from the angst, y/y?). This will end up being a series of one-shots of joy. Expect sexy-times ahead, though I suck at smut so don't expect too much.

Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't owned by me, yadda yadda, etc.

That is all. Enjoy!



In truth, Greece had always liked America. Though there had been that one period where America had gotten a little too meddlesome during Greece's military coup in the late 60's and early 70's, such things happened and time moved on. And sure, he still was meddling, but Greece had been around long enough where petty squabbles didn't effect him too much anymore (and every Nation had to do a balancing act of their feelings between their people who felt one way, their leaders who felt another, and the aid that they themselves received. It was a complicated game that they all had to play).

He still remembered their first time meeting face-to-face. It was during WWII, and Greece had joined the Allies early that year after soundly defeating Italy (the descendant of such a imitator really should not have expected to defeat Greece, the son of the original of the two. Honestly, it was bad enough they renamed Zeus Jupiter. What kind of name was that?). Certainly he had heard of the Nation; and his own politician's and businessmen's interactions with him, but then to see the youth's face was another story. It was in December at England's meeting place, and the young man with sun-struck hair and eyes burning the blue of the flame's heart was standing there. He had a nasty limp and was obviously injured, and Greece wondered if it was fate or human stubbornness, deities or mortals, or maybe both, that had resulted in something of this magnitude being what finally drew America into the war.

He didn't have long to ponder the ways of history before the young Nation perked at Greece's name and had rushed over to him, gushing about how awesome Greece was and wow, it was amazing to meet him face-to-face, and to be in front of the descendant of the first democracy-WOW- and Greece was fairly certain America managed about five run-on paragraphs before remembering he needed to breath.

It had been flattering, really. Not many people recognized his mother's contributions to such a extent, and hearing America go on about the different philosophers (with not that much of a grasp on them, and a bit of name-mixing, but Greece didn't mind) and ideas with a awe that Greece hadn't seen in a long time had made the older Nation smile. Everyone came by to visit him for his old buildings, but this young Country had built his entire capitol based on Greece's Ancient Mother's works, and had even forged democracy inspired by it.

After all, to have the young man proclaim that he wanted to be just like Athens ("Just better, because though it was awesome I got to be even more awesome, you know?) was flattering all by itself.

And yes, America had also borrowed heavily from Rome, but considering Rome would have been nothing without Greece's mother he was okay with that.

So perhaps that was what led to this, Greece mused to himself as a warm summer breeze stirred the branches of the olive trees and strands of his hair, music and laughter in the background at one of his human friend's house, and America was now going on about how slow everything was here. "Seriously, everyone showed up a hour late! What the hell, does no one own a clock here? And why didn't that old lady complain when she was the one inviting us all to dinner? And I can't believe you made us thirty minutes late, that's just sucks you know, she will totally think me a loser since I didn't show up one time-" Greece just let out a hum and nod, letting the noise wash over him.

The boy had discovered just last year that Greece did not mind his babbling as much as the other Nation's did and had quickly taken advantage of it during breaks in the different meetings they attended. Within a couple months Alfred had demanded a invitation, and Greece wasn't troubled enough to deny it, so Alfred was now running around Greece's land with wide eyes and asking about all the stories of history that he had already heard a hundred times before, even sometimes repeating them to Greece as if he had known them always.

It was almost endearing, after a point. After you got used to it.

Though when Alfred got onto yet another tangent about how now everyone was going to hate him because clocks were evil in Greece, Hercules merely shook his head, grabbed Alfred's hand and pulled him onto the dance floor (which half of the dinner crowd was busting a move on already).

Alfred looked a mix between startled and panicked as Greece started forcing him to dance. "Wait, what the hell? Herc, man, I haven't actually danced since the 70's, and you do NOT want to see that, trust me. It's awful. Look, let me just go back-"

Greece just let out a pleasant hum as he patiently showed America the movements. By the second song Alfred had stopped talking about how much he sucked at dancing, and crowing about how awesome he was to pick it up so quickly. Really, the man was just too cute sometimes.

And so later, when Alfred was talking about how AWESOME Greece was (both the man and everything that made him up), and how Baklava was actually pretty damn good, and they strolled under the moon while thoughts of Zeus and Ganymede danced across Greece's mind, it seemed perfectly natural for Heracles to lean over and seal the words in Alfred's mouth with a press of lips, chapped and dry skin rasping gently against sensitive gasps, and tanned fingers to weave through golden hair like the sun. For a moment, Greece wondered if he was Selene or her Ever-Sleeping lover, or if Alfred was too great for either metaphor (for the boy had surpassed Greece's mother in many ways, and he wanted to live long enough to see how history would be to this man), and then thoughts ended along with the words.

Later, he couldn't help but be pleased he had found a pleasant (and not very troublesome way) of quieting Alfred whenever he needed.



*Ganymede was the most/only notable male lover Zeus stole away, who acted as a cup-bearer to the god and known for his handsome features.

*Selene, the moon, begged the gods to give the man she loved eternal youth... which resulted in him sleeping for all eternity.

*Seriously. The founding fathers had a hard on for Greek stuff, and our capitol borrows heavily from Greek awesomeness.

*It is expected for you to show up from 30 minutes to 1:30 late to dinner. Greeks don't run by America time, man. Also, dancing is usually expected to happen.

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