Be warned! SMUT AHEAD!

Also, badly written smut. This is my first time writing it, people. This is the piece that took my smut-writing purity. So be gentle. /sniffles.




Their first time together had been… awkward. It had taken six months to seduce the boy into his bed (and considering how head-over-heels America was for him, a tenderness he shared, that it took so long was shocking for Greece. He fully blamed the boy's puritan roots.), and then Alfred had not told him that he was his first do to his rather oddly placed pride, which left to it being a bit more painful and a lot more clumsy then Greece had originally planned. As in, the moment he had started pushing in Alfred had proceeded to flail around in the bed like a stuck pig, making everything worse and sending them both tumbling off the mattress onto the wooden floors.

It had taken three crates of Baklava, a large stuffed cat, and another month before America forgave him.

After that, things had gone smoother. The other-first time had a sweeter, a shy America with blushing cheeks and who was all vulnerability and nervous jokes. And then…

"Nnngh, dammit Herc! You're- ah - you're spacin' out again. Do something!" The keening, breathy note had Greece blinking back out of his memories, and he bobbed his head down to take more in his mouth, giving a hum in apology and twisting his fingers up a bit more into America's now well-prepared self (and to make America let out some more of those delicious notes, the man's head falling back with a groan). After a few more bobs, he pulled back and brushed a gentle kiss against the head, removing his fingers with a wet sound before pulling himself up to land a just as gentle kiss on Alfred's lips.

"Ah, forgive me agapi mou- I was simply remembering." A gentle smile grew on his face as he brushed kisses along Alfred's forehead. "You are always so beautiful."

Alfred, whose face at this point was bordering on beet red (No matter how many times they have done… 'it', he could never get used to how sappy Greece was in bed) wiggled around a bit, and let out a snort. "Yeah, I know I'm awesome and everything, but can we please get on with it?" His arms came up around Greece's neck, hooking to sit there while Alfred gave his roguish grin (the one he had perfected back in his Wild West days). "I'm thinkin' I want you to be poundin' into me about now, sound good babe?" His legs hooked around Greece's hips and he gave a sharp thrust upward, causing Greece's breath to catch in pleasure (and a little bit of pain. Honestly, Alfred was just a too rough and demanding sometimes. Greece wondered when he would be able to convince the boy to just spend a leisurely day in bed, murmuring nothing's to each other).

Greece nuzzled Alfred's neck as he aligned himself, stroking alfred's side with one hand as he pushed in and breathed in the smell of sunshine and sunscreen. Behind his eyelids the image of America sprawled out on the bed with his spine supported by pillows looking ravished danced to accompany the noises America was making. "Paidara mou, cardia mou, matia mou- you are too wonderful for words." With each nickname, a kiss was pressed against the pulse thrumming through his skin on his neck. "You brighten my day, agapi mou, you-"

Alfred let out a groan before grabbing Greece's broad shoulders, throwing his weight into the surprised man, and flipping him over. With a shout he slammed down the rest of the way, practically growling with his hair in a disarray and his skin deliciously flushed. "Damn it, Heracles-" with that, he rose up and slammed down with a satisfied groan, leaving the Greek to flush and let out a low moan as Alfred started to ride him. "-Enough with the, ahh! The foreplay-shit! Anngh- dammit, fuck!"

Greece's hands soon found themselves resting on the bucking hips, his muscled arms flexing in aiding the young Nation to rise and fall on top of him, his eyes unfocusing in pleasure as words of encouragement spilled from his lips.

Within a couple minutes of skin slapping against skin, Alfred let out a shout and came in tandem with curses and bunched muscles, Heracles letting out a deep satisfied groan as the clenching muscles caressed him and drove him over the edge to follow. He mumbled his pleasure as he brought his hand up, brushing the bangs out of America's face, letting his hand linger on the boy's cheek. Alfred just let out a tired groan as he slumped on top of Heracles, his head landing on the man's broad chest. He started snickering. "You're such a sap, Herc."

Letting out a light chuckle, Hercules kissed his forehead. "And you are rather too rough. Perhaps we can compromise next time?"

"…I'm not acting like that in bed unless it's like, your birthday. Or you get me McDonalds. Then I might consider it."

Greece just gently patted the boy's head, feeling satisfied despite the drama that seemed to play out each time they were in bed. Their different tastes certainly kept things interesting. Perhaps one day, he could teach America not to treat sex like a wrestling match…




*Agapi mou - My Love, Cardia mow - My Heart, Matia Mou - My Eyes, Paidara Mou - My Gorgeous. All terms of endearment.

*This whole one-shot was inspired by a article I read in a woman's travel mag. It basically rated the best male lovers country- both Americans and Greeks were on the top ten worst list. Greeks because they were too soppy/sentimental, Americans because they were too domineering/rough.

My mind promptly went to the gutter. So I had to write.