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and the crazy things that still come out of my own father's [and older brother's] mouth. Oh father's, hahaha.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of GLEE. :'(

"Why does he walk like that?" Burt asked as he held the door open for Carole.

"Like what dear?" Carole rolled her eyes as she sat in her car's passenger seat.

Burt fast walked to the other side of the car, Kurt didn't approve of his running, and heaved out "He saunters," as he sat in the driver's side to start up the car.

"Kurt, honey, will you please try not to saunter when boys pass by." Carole said, half amused, glancing back at Kurt through the rear view mirror.

Kurt merely huffed, put his compact mirror away before responding, "Dad, I don't saunter as you so eloquently put it. I simply walk past rather attractive boys every now and then, and they happen to like what they see." He sat back with a satisfied smirk as Finn leaned forward to whisper in Burt's ear.

"Don't worry, I glare them down everytime."

Burt smiled relieved, as Kurt squeaked, "You what?", indignantly.

Rather than respond, Finn for once, did the smart thing and simply sat back as Burt pulled the car out of their driveway. Carole sat up front with a small smile upon her face, sometimes her boys were just too cute!