Kurt's phone looked to weigh heavily in Burt's back pocket as he walked ahead with Finn, debating which rollercoaster they should try to run off to.

"What about the girls, we can't leave them here alone," Finn asked.

"Girls, excuse me?", Kurt demanded, his voice going higher than usual in his anger.

Burt just coughed uncomfortably before responding, "Now, Kurt, I'm sure he didn't mean it that way. We just worry about you two, is all. You understand?"

Carole scoffed and smirked, "You know Burt, sometimes I find it incredibly attractive when you get all protective."

Burt's chest puffed proudly, as he nodded in thanks.

"But right now, you've never looked like more of a fool to me."

After that jab Burt visibly dropped. Kurt frowned, but he didn't know if he was upset because his father's feelings were hurt, or because unintentionally his father and new brother, had hurt his feelings without thinking.

He didn't mind being considered to act feminine in certain aspects, but he was a person, and he had his pride. Just as Carole did, and he turned a grateful smile in her direction, as she continued to rant at Burt. Poor Finn just looked on in confusion. Kurt simply tutted, when would the boy learn to pay attention?

He sighed to himself, Kurt didn't mind when his father's "Papa Bear" attributes shown, but it got frustrating and worrying at times. What would his father do when College came around? What would he do when prom came around? Or when he started dating? There were so many unpredictable moments. If his father didn't try to level with him a bit, he'd lose those moments, because protective tendencies, could be mistaken for possessive tendencies.

Now that's a lifetime movie Kurt wouldn't mind his father seeing. He tuned out of his ramblings to see Finn gaping at his mother.

"B-but Mom, I didn't mean it like that! I just meant, you know, you're all alone and stuff, that isn't cool."

Carole sighed and rubbed her forehead, "Finn Hudson, we're going to have a long talk about protective, and when the boundaries can be crossed. I suggest you apologize to Kurt."

Finn hunched down, like a scared boy, and looked for all the world as if his favorite toy had just been broken.

"M' Sorry Kurt, I didn't mean it like that, promise!," he mumbled abashed.

Kurt smiled, and patted Finn's bowed head. "Some big brother you are. I suppose it's fine, especially since you'll be buying me a new jacket today."

"I am?"

"You are," Kurt broadened his smile, and thought 'Who am I to pass up a chance to have Finna Hudson carry the weight of my shopping bill?'

He turned to face his father, and saw that he looked just as chastised. He supposed, his Stepmother was more than a force to be reckonced with, she was a feirce woman to fear!

"Daddy?," Kurt voiced, his childish tendencies peeking out once again, but he couldn't resist doing so when his Dad looked so downtrodden. Yes, he was highly offended by his Dad's behavior for the past few days, but he couldn't fault the man for not defending him over such silly words. Perhaps, it had pushed the line for Carole, and for himself too. That didn't mean he loved his foolish father any less.

Burt leaned forward and engulfed Kurt in a large bear hug. "We're in a whole other city, you're talking to strangers, acting so much more grown than I want you to be and yet you still fit so easily in my arms. Sometimes, you seem so small Kiddo, and I can't help but want to hide you out in our yard and let you play tea party with me again."

His son blushed as Burt kept him at arms length.

"I'm an overprotective bear, but son, you sure as hell don't make it easy. So, sometimes I say stupid things," he paused to looked pointedly at Carole, "it don't mean I won't apologize for it later."

"Dad, you ready to get me a pair of sensible heels to match my new jacket?" Kurt replied, with a quirked smile. He could be offended, and go on about it all day, but in the end they were trying to enjoy a family trip. Plus, if his father could forgive him for almost leaving to meet with a boy he had just met, then he could definitely forgive his father for not immediately stepping up to defend his gender to Finn.

Plus, new clothes, paid for with someone else's money. He would never pass up that opportunity!

His father nodded, as he placed his arm around Carole's waist, "Son, I have a feeling my wallet is going to get quite a whole from the money that'll be burned today."

His wife kissed his cheek, and simply placed her hand in his back pocket. Obviously, parental PDA, was still something Kurt just had to get used to. He nudged his brother in an obvious show of psuedo-annoyance when he pointed to where Carole's hand had been placed Finn reacted accordingly.

"Oh, gross," he groaned jokingly upon seeing that. Kurt simply laughed as he dragged Finn along to the more tame rides in the Mall.

Kurt supposed it was better to have a crazy, protective, father and brother, because in the end, it was just their crazy, protective way of showing their love for him.


AN: I know it's highly possible a few of you were hoping for a scene where Kurt got in trouble over the whole phone debacle. Technically he did I just didn't include it here. I was really pushing for having that scene written out, but it didn't come out as well as I wanted. Instead, this scene came about. I also realize it seems like a rather simple argument, but it didn't seem like too much to me when you take into consideration how these protective moments have been happening more often. I hope I'm making sense because I really like how it ended up. ^.^

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