Chapter One: Numb

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Why does it always end this way? It hurts so much to even see him, let alone spend a weekend with him. Kagome threw her over-night bag on the floor and fell back on her bed. Her heart ached and the tears were so close to falling from her brown eyes. No, I won't cry anymore…not for him.

She pulled her pink pillow over her face and screamed into it as one tear fell. Damn it, I said I wouldn't. She screamed into the pillow once again. She let the pillow slide off her face and it fell to the floor with a soft thud. Her hand trailed her face to the tear stain now placed on her cheek.

I need a bath. Kagome slid off her bed and trudged to the bathroom. She turned on the hot water and removed her clothing. She placed one foot into the water at a time before sliding into place at the back of the tub. She let her head slowly seep down to the bottom as the water filled the tub.

A soft knock was heard over the pounding water. Kagome lifted her head from the water and turned the water off before answering the door with her voice.

"Yes?" she said slowly.

"Kagome, it's your mother. Are you ok? I saw your father didn't come to the door like he usually does after your weekend. Is something wrong?" her mother's voice came through the door full of concern and worry.

"He…we had a bad weekend. That's all." Kagome felt her voice crack as she let the little lie slip out.

"Oh. Well, if you want to talk, let me know." her mother could tell by Kagome's voice she was hurt and wanted to be left alone rather than talk. She left the door to go to her own room and leave her daughter in peace.

Kagome heard her mom's retreating steps and put her head slowly back under the water. A bath always seemed to help cure some of the pain, definitely not all of it, but it did do some damage control to her broken heart.

She was always a "daddy's girl", and now that she was older and learned the true reason of her mom and dad's divorce, her relationship with her father seemed to wither away bit by bit…along with her tears. She was becoming numb to the fact of who her father was in her life and realizing who he really was to everyone else.

"You never spend time with me anyway!" Kagome yelled at her father from the couch.

"Well, don't come back then!" he screamed back and slammed the sliding door to the house. Kagome ran up to her room, slammed her own door, and fell on her bed, sobbing uncontrollably. "I hate him!" She screamed at the walls.

Kagome shuddered at the thought of Saturday night. She stood up and stepped out of the tub, grabbing her towel by the door. She rubbed her body dry as she went into her bedroom. She locked the door and began drying out her long ebony locks then, when she was satisfied with it's dryness, she put on her pajamas and went to her desk. Lookind into the mirror, she could see the girl she was so used to seeing happy and cheerful was gone and replaced with a sad and depressed teen. Then something averted her gaze from her mirror. A draft had left raised bumps on her arm. Kagome turned her head to the far wall.

"Why the hell is my window open?"