Mr. B. and the Motel

On a rainy night, a car pulled up to the Bates Motel. A man got out and walked into the office. At the front desk, he signed the register.

The young man running the register, Norman Bates, paid attention to the signature in the book. Robert Bloch, it said.

Norman asked, "You're the one that just wrote that God-awful book, aren't you?"

"Yes," Mr. Bloch said. "Don't worry, though. I doubt anybody will believe a word of it. The publisher classified it as fiction."

Norman gave the visitor a room key and showed him to the room.

That night, Mrs. Bates went to Cabin One. She was about to enter it and kill the guest inside. She hesitated outside the door, but decided to go back into the eerie house on the hill.

The next morning, Robert Bloch escaped the Bates Motel alive.