Tachibana Kyohei, Kyo for short. He was a thin male with short black hair and grey eyes. But he wasn't overtly tall like most skinny guys, he was fairly average height and fairly average looks. Honestly if you were to meet him you'd assume him a weakling, a wuss, and generally you would be right.

However there are things that even the weak cannot stand for.

"I'll show her…" Kyo muttered darkly as he glared over at the trailers couch.

More specifically he glared at Jo.

Jo, despite the name, was a young woman. Her silver hair fell into her sleeping face, spiked up at odd angles due to not being brushed much. A stray strand of silver lay over closed eyes.

The eyes, when they were open, were a scary, almost evil, red. A red that made Kyo, on more than one occasion, quake in his boots and swallow hard. From the way they glared at him like he was in the way to how they seemed pierce his very soul. No, Kyo didn't think those eyes could possibly be human. And as such he generally tried not to piss Jo and her scary eyes off.

But sometimes a man must stand up for himself. Even when his very life may hang perilously in the balance. And over the last few months his pride had finally had enough and gave him the courage to try and teach Jo, dressed only in a long orange shirt, a lesson.

"What are you staring at?" Jo muttered. Kyo's back straightened and he turned back to the kitchen abruptly.

There's no way I'm getting on her case about it. Kyo thought as he walked briskly to the fridge, feeling a red eye watch him. But that doesn't mean I won't prove my point! After all a man has to stand up for himself! Wait, that would make Jo more of a man then I am… Kyo shook his head as a rather perverted image came to mind.

"Concentrate!" Kyo shouted and banged his head into the fridge door.

Jo frowned at this. Kyo was acting strange, even for Kyo. But that oddly determined, stubborn, strong willed look that his face wore was interesting. She had never seen him so serious and intent, and it was kind of fascinating.

Doesn't matter. Jo rolled over and buried her face into the back of the couch. He's probably just doing something stupid anyways… She closed her eyes, but couldn't fall asleep.

Instead she trained her sharp ears on Kyo, still curious as to what could make him, of all people, serious. Jo's ears were greeted with Kyo sniggering evilly as he did something or another in the kitchen.

Kyo was unaware of Jo's listening. If he had been then he probably would have gotten nervous and abandoned his plot. After all trying to pay back Jo, the genocide angel, was never a good idea. The last man who did wasn't technically qualified to be a man afterwards, and that was the luckiest one.

So what could have such an effect on the young man that he'd take life and limb into his own hands? Well it was last week…

Last week.

"When's dinner! I'm hungry!" Amy whined as she ran in through the door.

"Amy the world doesn't revolve around your stomach…" Meg started, but was cut off as her stomach gave an audible rumble. "Kyo when's dinner going to be done! I'm hungry!"

Kyo sighed. This was part of his daily routine. He'd come in and start dinner, and just as he was finished gathering all the ingredients from the pantry and fridge Meg and Amy would barge in demanding to eat. Kyo had honestly started to think they did this on purpose just to annoy him. It wasn't something he'd put past the red headed Meg and the hacker Amy.

Especially since Meg had been harboring a grudge against him for awhile now. Kyo couldn't really fathom why, after all he made it a point of his daily life not to piss off any of the women he worked for.

But in spite of this Meg had started to give him hard, almost angry, looks. Kyo may have been weak, but if it was just the angry stares Meg gave him Kyo wouldn't have minded too much. No it was when someone had trashed the kitchen and unplugged the fridge, spoiling all the food inside, that he started to get annoyed. Of course he probably would have blamed Jo for this; she was after all prone to a short temperament. But Jo and him were friends, well at least as close to friends as Jo made. And the night it happened he had taken Jo to a new horror movie that had just come out in theatres.

No. It wasn't Jo. That left Sei, Amy and Meg as suspects. Sei wouldn't have done it because in the end whatever food was ruined she would have to pay for, so Kyo scratched her off the suspects list. Then there was Amy… who liked to eat entirely too much to trash the kitchen.

So the only logical conclusion was Meg did it. This was further backed up by a couple of red hairs he found amongst his ruined knives…

"Kyo." Kyo looked up as Jo's voice graced his ears. She was wearing her normal attire, which wasn't much. A shirt and underwear along with cowboy boots. She said it was easier to fight in, and Kyo had never found it in him to argue.

"Yeah?" Kyo forced his eyes up from where he had been staring just below her neck, almost at her breast. He had been doing that a lot lately.

"You were spacing out." Jo didn't say anything about his staring. Honestly Kyo didn't think she cared if he stared, he was fairly sure she was gay anyways, but he didn't want to risk it.

"Sorry." Kyo bowed and went back to cooking.

With his back to Jo Kyo didn't notice her watch him a few moments, head tilted to the side and a neutral expression on her face.

However while Kyo didn't notice Jo's staring Meg did. And she didn't like it.

"Jo come on." Meg said as she walked towards the bed rooms. "I want to talk to you."

Jo glanced at Meg, then Kyo, and shrugged.

"Fine…" Jo walked away leaving Kyo with his food.

Food that he was sure would be to everyone's taste today. It was a new dish that he had been practicing, spicy Buffalo wings. He had the idea when he saw Jo cover one of his meals in hot sauce.

The thought process was that if Jo liked hot food then he'd cook hot food. After all no one else was overtly picky about what they ate. The pickiest was Amy and that was only when it came to vegetables.

"Kyo." Sei said as she stood behind the counter.

"Yes ma'am?" Kyo glanced up from where he was coating the chicken in a thick batter.

"What are you cooking?"This was a common question. Sei had to make sure Kyo cooking healthy meals for the crew, and while she trusted Kyo with the cooking she still checked on occasion.

"Spicy buffalo wings." Kyo said proudly. "And I'm going to serve a light salad to go with it." Sei nodded.

"Alright." Sei said. "But isn't that American food?" She raised a thin eyebrow. "I thought you specialized in Chinese, Italian and Japanese food?

"Well yeah." Kyo admitted. "But whatever I cook Jo covers in hot sauce right?" Sei nodded. "So since I always cook meals everyone else enjoys I figured I'd try something more to her tastes, if that's alright of course."

Sei smirked and nodded her approval. She figured that Kyo's motives were probably more complex than that, even if he didn't realize it, but she'd let it go for now.

"What does that mean?" Sei and Kyo glanced towards the bed rooms as Jo shouted.

"S-she sounds angry." Kyo swallowed, an angry Jo was dangerous Jo.

"Don't worry about it." Sei said as she walked towards the bedrooms. "I don't think she'd shoot you. Not unless you did something really stupid." Kyo winced, that made him feel so much safer.

"Well tell her dinner will be done soon." Kyo put the chicken in the frying pan. "And it ought to be a real treat."

"Sorry to keep you waiting." Kyo apologized as he set a large platter down on the table.

"You should be." Amy pouted. "I'm a growing girl after all." Kyo actually rolled his eyes at this. Amy had become something like a little sister, an annoying little sister.

"I'm with Amy on this one." Meg glared at Kyo, even angrier than normal. "Why do we even keep him around since he's so slow?" Sei shot Meg a pointed look and was about to say something when…

"It's fine." Jo muttered, dressed in her signature long orange shirt.

Meg shot Jo a look, which surprised Kyo, and Amy rolled her eyes. Sei just sighed and shook her head from side to side dejectedly.

Kyo smiled at the group. As weird as it may sound these people were important to him. Kyo wouldn't go so far as to say like a family but they were definitely important.

"Where's the hot sauce?" Jo frowned as she looked for it. Kyo sighed; Jo was going to be Jo.

"How about you taste it before adding hot sauce?" Kyo reasoned. "I made it spicy just for you." Jo looked into Kyo grey eyes with a frown. She didn't know quite what to think, so in the end she shrugged and put a piece in her mouth.

She chewed for a moment, still looking at Kyo in a bored way, and then frowned.

"Hot sauce." She held an outstretched hand.

"Huh?" Kyo said dumbly.

"It sucks; now give me the hot sauce." Jo said considerably less patiently.

"I agree with her." Meg added. "It really doesn't taste very good at all, are you sure you're qualified to be a chef?"

Kyo blinked before hanging his head and obeying. If he was to honest with himself that hurt a whole lot. He had practiced this recipe for weeks, only for Jo to reject it so uncaringly.

However Kyo, despite his general wussy tendency's, is human. And humans tend to turn hurt feelings into anger. So when Kyo went home for the day a plan started to hatch in his head…

Present day.

"Atomic buffalo wings." Kyo sniggered.

His plan was to make the hottest Buffalo wings that mankind had ever seen. With enough heat to melt even Jo's eyebrows.

And today was the perfect day. Sei had taken Meg and Amy out for dinner, something about celebrating someone's birthday, and Jo had decided to stay home. Which meant that the others wouldn't be caught in the atomic Buffalo wings fire.

"What?" Jo grunted, not sure if she had heard him right.

"Nothing!" Kyo said lamely.

Jo just shrugged. If it was important Kyo would probably tell her. Besides right now Jo had something more pressing to do, fall asleep until dinner. Which she did a few minutes later, soft snoring echoing across the trailer.

For but a moment Kyo felt guilty. Jo really hadn't meant to hurt his feelings, but damn it she insulted his food! And Meg had been reminding him of what Jo thought of his food all week...

No, there was no backing out now. Not when he was almost done cooking anyways.

It was with a pang of regret that Kyo picked up the platter and set it on the table. He stared down at the dark red wings and shuddered.

No, there was no way he could go through with this. He should throw them out now and cook something proper for Jo, hell he was even going to drown whatever he cooked in hot sauce for her.

"What's that smell?" Too late.

Jo was awake and slowly heading his way, the shirt falling down one shoulder. Kyo might have been able to make some kind of excuse to cook something else. But with Jo's shirt falling down so close to her chest like that… he was frozen.

"Are you okay?" Jo frowned at him, tilting her head to the side.

"I-I'm fine." Kyo straightened up and forced his blushing face to look into her eyes. "Just finished cooking…" Jo nodded and sat at the table. Jo was looking around the table with a familiar look.

"Where's the hot sauce?" And that was when it broke. Kyo was going through with it, his impending murder be damned!

"I don't think you'll need it." Kyo smirked, his eyes lighting up with that strange determination from before. "I made it spicy just for you."

Jo continued to stare up at him. The last time he said that his food wasn't really that good… but that look. Somewhere in her mind Jo was aware that she wasn't going to be able to say no to that look.

"Alright." Jo kicked a chair out. "Sit down." Kyo swallowed, resolve wavering a moment, and then sat down. Ready to take whatever cruel, probably painful, death Jo would dish out.

Jo put a piece of the chicken in her mouth. She chewed and slowly stopped, a frown crossing her face. Her scary red eyes moved over to look into Kyo's grey ones.

There was but a second when Kyo thought she was going to tell him it sucked and she wanted the hot sauce. In a way that would have been worse than being murdered.

So he was pleasantly surprised when Jo swallowed slowly, hesitantly, smiled.

"Wow, Kyo what did you do!" She sounded… happy? Jo happy at something he had done? Kyo was dreaming, that had to be it.

"W-Well I found a deal on some of the world's hottest peppers. And I concentrated that with a bunch of chili paste…." Kyo swallowed, that happy smile from Jo was starting to creep him out. "I-is it alright?"

"Damn!" Before Kyo could move he was being hugged. "Cook this more often!" And then he was released while Jo attacked the platter with a hunger he had never seen from her before. "You want one?" Jo offered him a piece of chicken.

"No." Kyo swallowed hard. "That would be a bad idea." Jo shrugged and put it in her mouth instead.

A few minutes later and a full Jo and mostly empty platter were all that remained.

"So… uh…" Kyo stood slowly, Jo's eyes following him. Though they were being back to her normal, kind of scary, eyes. "I guess I'm going to go now."

"It's kind of late." Jo yawned as she slowly stood. "And Sei can't drive you home. Why don't you stay?"

"Seriously?" Kyo was confused.

"Yeah." Jo grabbed his wrist. "Besides I just got the director's cut off that new movie and I wanted to show you." Kyo didn't offer any resistance.

After all it was only natural for a guy to want to hang out with his friend, right?

nine hours later.

"Jo where back!" Meg called cheerily as she strolled into the trailer. "We brought you back some food, after all Kyo probably didn't feed you anything good."

Sei and Amy followed Meg into the trailer. They were both worn out, even Amy, and were just looking forward to going to bed. Meg however was looking forward to seeing Jo...

"Huh." Meg said as she looked over the living room. "I guess she went to her room." Meg's already cheerful mood brightened up even more at that. "I should check on her, make sure Kyo actually fed her."

"Whatever." Sei muttered as she trudged towards her bed room.

"She's obsessed…" Amy muttered as she collapsed on the couch, sighing once as she fell asleep. Sleep that was interrupted as Meg shouted…

"What the hell is Kyo doing here!" Sei and Amy woke up considerably at that. And with an air of cautious curiosity approached the bedroom.

"Shut up and go away." A sleep Jo growled. "We're sleeping…"

On top of Jo's bed were two things. One was Jo, which was to be expected. The other however was not so expected.

Kyo was asleep, head resting against Jo's shoulder from where they were propped up against the wall. One of his arms was draped across her shoulder while the other was down on the bed, fingertips just brushing her thigh.

Jo, still clad in the large orange shirt, had a one arm around Kyo's waist while the other held the small TV in front of the pair.

"We're the key word." Meg shouted. "What are you doing with, with, that!" Meg pointed angrily at Kyo, who was somehow still asleep.

"Watching a movie." Jo said, and when Meg made it clear that answer wasn't good enough Jo elaborated. It's a small screen so he had to sit close. His arm over my shoulder was the most comfortable way to do it." Jo's anger was only slightly rising; apparently even Meg can get on Jo's nerves. "And we just fell asleep. Now get out."

Meg opened her mouth to protest when Sei grabbed the young woman's shoulder and pushed her, kicking and screaming, towards her room. Amy took a picture before closing the door and skipping happily to her room.

"Idiots." Jo muttered and leaned back against Kyo.

Well, not complete idiots. Jo had one eye on the silent TV as she rested against Kyo's soft body. I did ask him to join me here…

Apparently the romantic potential of hot wings has severely been underestimated…



I'm a huge fan of Burst Angel. Jo has been an inspiration for how I make my female leads in my original works, well except they wear more clothes, so I wanted to pay back the community. And since the only pairing's I write or straight I decided to do a Kyo x Jo piece.

It's not a common pairing. I mean I understand why and I know a Meg x Jo pairing is more likely. But I think writing a Kyo x Jo is more challenging. And I think it's cute (I know, I'm a guy and I said I thought it was cute. Get over it)

Now it's been a long time (couple years I think) since I've seen the series, and since I never had the chance to finish it, the characters are probably OC. Especially Jo near the end. And to top if off this is definitely not one of my finer works of writing, maybe a six or seven on a ten point scale. But hey I liked how it turned out so who cares?

Oh and this will be a series of semi connected one shots. So I'll post something whenever I have a good idea and get written out. Honestly I have a lot of writing projects (most of which have nothing to do with fanfiction unfortunately) so bear with me here. I'm aiming for a new one shot a month with this.

Eh, theres probably something else I should say but I can't think of it so… laters!