A tall European man looked down on an unconscious black haired Japanese male. The man's short and messy sandy blond hair fell into beast like hazel eyes.

Those eyes looked like a demons when combined with the rest of his face. Slightly pointed ears, pointed nose and especially his mouth full of pointed teeth.

A dark green, wrinkled, over shirt was worn over an off white T-shirt. Blue jeans hugged long, thin, legs and rested over pointed boots.

For all intensive purposes he looked some kind of demon, a demon who was frowning at an injured Japanese male.

"You alive?" The man nudged the male in the side. "I said are you alive!" He kicked the male, sending him rolling through the alley's trash and into the wall where he grunted.

"That hurt…" He whined, like a wuss.

"Jeez." The man scoffed as he kneeled on the ground, picking up mister Japanese's wallet. "Kyo is it?" The man ruffled through the wallet and had a large frown as he pulled out a wad of folded hundred dollar bills. "The hell is this?"

"It was pay day." Kyo's eyes were half closed and he looked pretty much dead, if he kept lying on the cold ground he might be dead soon.

"What the hell kind of job do you have?" The man tossed the wallet into Kyo's chest and frowned down at him.

"I work for miss Sei." Kyo slowly grabs his wallet and tucks it into his pants pocket. "She's a really kind boss."

"I'll say, what do you do?" The man, named Mat, walked over towards Kyo, hands in his pocket and back slouched like a delinquent. "Because I can only think of a few things that have money like that involved, and none of them are good for wuss's like you."

"I'm their chef." Kyo coughs, a fleck of blood coming forth and splattering the man's boot.

"Their chef?" Mat knelt down and frowned. "How many are there? A small army I'd hope…"

"Just the four of them." Kyo smiles a little bit. "But Jo eats like a small army... I swear there must be a hole in her stomach."

"Wait, there's a chick named Jo?" Mat raised an eyebrow. "You sure it's a chick? There are some guys that could pass as a girl you know, but I can't think of any with a guy's name." Kyo shook his head.

"Trust me, Jo's a girl…" Kyo blushed as he thought about how she dressed, if Jo were a guy it would have been painfully obvious. "But you'd never know from how she acts."

"Did she do this to you, wuss?" The man asked.

"No, there was a gang here. They were dealing some kind of drugs and saw me." Kyo struggles to sit up, but managed to lean up against the wall and look up at the man. "And beat me up. I was just lucky they didn't have a gun…"

"So you let 'em beat you up?" Mat sniggered. "Man you're a wuss, don't tell me your gay right?" Kyo's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to defend himself. "'Cause what women would want a weakling like you?"

Kyo looked away. He was clearly hurt by Mat's words.

"I'm not gay." Kyo's fist clenched. "There is a girl I like… but she'll never look at me like that."

"I can't blame her." Mat was baiting him now. "Look at your skinny ass. No muscle mass, and your clothes or frigin ugly. Hell I'd be surprised if any girl would be interested in you, ever." Kyo's head shot up, Mat was pushing all the right buttons. "You'll never be good in anything with a weak body like that. Hell you'd probably just hold her back…"

Mat hit one too many buttons. A weakened Kyo got to his feet and charged at Mat, swinging his fists wildly. Mat easily, proficiently, side stepped sloppily thrown blows.

"What is this it ya damned brat?" Mat grabbed one of Kyo's slender fists. "Armless shits punch better then you…" Mat was cut short as a weak kick hit him in the stomach. "Jeez, are these limbs or are they jelly?" Mat flipped Kyo over, hard.

He hit the ground with an exclamation. Kyo laid there, shaking in pain.

"I guess that's all you've get eh?" Mat smirked like a demon as he loomed over Kyo. "What about this girl you like? Does she mean so little that you'd just lay on the ground?" Kyo slowly glared up at Mat. "I wonder what kind of bitch she is if you like her? Must be pretty ugly…"

Kyo slowly pushed himself up. It was hard, his entire body said 'stay down and let him say what he wants.' But this guy…

"Take that back." Kyo barely managed to stand, his breathing labored.

"What will you do if I don't?" Mat had his hands his pocket and demonic smile on his face.

"I'll make you." Kyo tried to charge forwards, but his knees gave out and he fell instead.

Mat caught Kyo before he hit the ground. Kyo wanted to hit him so bad, but his arms didn't want to respond. He must have been beaten worse then he thought…

"You have the willpower." Mat observed. "You want to be strong for her right?"

"Yes." Kyo closed his eyes; he wanted to go to sleep so badly.

"Good." Mat slung Kyo over his shoulder. "Come on, I'll show you where we'll be meeting from now on."

"Meeting to do what?" Kyo mumbled.

"You'll see…"


Jo was watching Kyo cook from the couch. Her white hair covered both eyes, making her look asleep. But Jo found it difficult to sleep when Kyo looked so… odd.

"What are you staring at?" Amy questioned, leaning on the arm of the couch by Jo's head.

How the young girl knew Jo wasn't sleeping was beyond the red eyed female. Much less how she knew Jo was staring at something, maybe it was a guess and if Jo was quite Amy would leave her alone?

"Jo I know you're not sleeping." Amy stated like she was reading jo's mind. "Come on, I'm bored!"

Jo shifted her head slightly so she could glare at Amy.

"I'm not staring." And went back to staring at Kyo.

"Are to." Amy persisted much like the child she was. "You know your acting funny."

I'm acting funny? Have you seen how hunched forward Kyo's been walking? Jo rolled over and stared at the back of the couch, hoping Amy would leave her alone. Or how tired and bruised he looks?

"Fine." Amy said in the long, drawn out, way an exasperated child states something. "Your no fun, I'm going to go talk to Kyo."

Jo watched Amy skip over to Kyo. Kyo smiled and talked with the young girl, but he seemed all the more tired as they conversed.

No, it was clear something was wrong with Kyo. But no one seemed to either notice or care.

"Miss Sei." Kyo called as he pulled what looked, and smelled, like pizza out of the oven. "Dinner's ready." Homemade pizza that is, with delicious cheese and expertly crispy crust.

"Thank you." Sei called back.

"I'm leaving now, is that alright?" Kyo asked, even though he was already taking off the apron and heading for the door.

"Is something wrong?" Sei poked her head out from around the corner. "You've left as early as you could for almost a whole week now, is there something we should know about?"

Kyo jumped at this, turning around and trying to look innocent. Of course looking innocent by smiling nervously, shaking your hands back and forth and looking away from the person you're talking to rarely works on morons. And never, ever, works on anyone intelligent.

"N-no ma'am." Kyo's voice rose an octave or two as a result from his nervousness. "I just took up a few extra courses at school and I want to make sure all my works done. I can't fall behind, not if I want to succeed right?"

There was a moment of silence. In which everyone looked at Kyo, whose face slowly fell as his eye's scanned for a possible escape route.

"Well alright then." Sei shrugged and went back into the other room.

Jo frowned as Kyo sighed. There was no way Sei fell for that excuse, or did she not really care either?

"Well I'm off." And Kyo left at almost a fast walk, really more like a slow jog.

Jo watched the door a moment. And then rolled over to stare at the back of the couch. Kyo was in trouble, again. But he wouldn't tell them what it was about and worse yet for once no one was concerned…

"Jo are you going to eat?" Meg stopped to look down at Jo.

"Not hungry." Jo replied simply.

"Alright." Meg frowned down at Jo, and then shrugged and went to eat.

And so Jo was left alone on the couch for a few minutes before she felt something tossed unto her side. It landed with a sting, the heavy weight rolled off her side and to the couch cushion. Jo glared down at it, and frowned. It was one of her hand guns…

"Suit up." Sei had walked into the room, glancing down at a handheld device on occasion.

"What's going on?" Jo stood and took the gun, fixing Sei with one of her standard, serious, gazes.

"I want to know what's wrong with Kyo." Sei grinned as she flashed Jo the handheld tracking device. "If we hurry we can follow him before he's out of range and find out what's been wrong with him."

"Fine." Jo left to get ready.

And when I find him. Jo promised. I'm going to make him swear to tell me what's wrong from now on, or I'll shoot him in the crotch…


"Jo are you in position?" Sei's voice came over Jo's com unit.


Jo was walking silently along the cat walk of an abandoned warehouse. The old, worn, concrete walls were covered in graffiti of all descriptions. From the obscene and crudely drawn to some legitimate artwork with smooth, pretty, lines and vibrant colors.

Actually as Jo walked further into the warehouse the vibrant art was more and more common. And a theme was becoming clear.

Angels. The design was uniform, a blond haired angel with white wings and blood stained robes. The scenes the angel was depicted in ranged from a peaceful picnic in a plains, the angel was surrounded by children and other angels, to great battles against humans and demons, even other angels.

"Gah!" Jo easily forgot about the art work as Kyo's pained cry reached her ears.

"Ya damned brat!" A vicious voice cried. "Try again!"

Jo ran across the old, painted black, cat walk. It made a loud rattling sound as she did so, but Jo didn't care. It sounded like Kyo was getting killed…

"Just… give me a second." Jo came to the room and frowned down at Kyo.

Kyo was bleeding from a cut on his cheek, under his right eye. The left side of his face was bruised and generally looked like it had been driven over. Especially his now black eye.

His shirt's right arm was torn off and a rib ran down the front, showing off new muscle mass. His pants were ripped and scuffed and cut's could be seen under them.

"I'm not letting you win this time, Mat."

Across from Kyo stood Mat. He was hunched over, as per usual.

What wasn't usual was the bruise on the side of his neck and the cut on his cheek. A red spot was in between his eyes and the upper side of his right eye was starting to swell.

His green jacket was little more than tatters, from being accidently grabbed and ripped. His under shirt wasn't in much better shape. Rips and tears matched the cuts and bruises under it. His pants were torn under the right knee and a cut on his left thigh.

"Like ya have a choice damned brat." Mat put his hands in his pockets. "Come on, weakling."

Kyo ran at Mat and jump kicked at Mat's head. Mat stepped back, Kyo's foot missing by whole inches, and quickly spun.

Mat's longer legs gave him the reach needed to kick Kyo firmly in the rear as he landed. The hard edge of Mat's boot cut a tear across the back of Kyo's pants, revealing dark boxers.

Kyo stumbled from the blow and struggled to turn around to try and hit Mat again, but was to slow. By the time Kyo turned around Mat had rushed in and gave a bone cracking head but to Kyo.

"Ah!" Kyo screamed, grabbing his head, as he fell on his rear.

"Ya brat, don't overextend. Be aware of your reach and don't go beyond it." Mat instructed, spiting a glob of red saliva to the side. "Your advantage is you're small and fast. Not strong and with a lot of reach like me."

"But I can't get close to you!" It sounded like a whine, but then again everything he said sounded like a whine.

"Then try harder." Mat grabbed Kyo by the shirt collar, the injured fabric almost giving way as he dragged Kyo to his feet. "You want to be a burden to that woman you like? Or do you want to be able to last at least five seconds in a fire fight?"

Kyo looked up at Mat, opened his mouth to talk, and spat some blood which landed between his legs. He was hurt; a punch to the stomach earlier was really getting to him. But Kyo refused to lose to Mat.

With a shout he pushed himself to his feet and ran at Mat. Mat smirked and sent a chest level kick towards Kyo.

But the whiny young man side stepped and kept running at Mat, who smirked. Mat's fist shot out of his pocket and towards Kyo's head.

Kyo, in a quick move, tilted his head back and kept running. Mat's fist glanced off the top of Kyo's head as the young man leaned back. And then Mat felt a quick series of punches in his side.

"Good one!" Mat's fist came back and he gave Kyo an elbow in the throat. "But you can't fight like a linear driven wuss!"

With a cry Kyo collapsed onto the ground, flat on his back. Mat looked down at the grey eyed male who was breathing heavily. In truth there may have been a part of Mat that felt sorry for such a pitiful man like Kyo.

That part was however overruled by the part that kicked Kyo in the stomach. Kyo shouted as Mat ground his foot into the soft flesh of his mid section.

"Ya damned brat, I didn't say you could take a nap!" Mat shouted, stomping a few more times on Kyo for good measure.

"You don't have to be so violent." Kyo said as he got up, hugging his now flattened gut.

"You came here to learn how to fight and you're telling me to be less violent?" Mat raised one eyebrow and had an 'are you a moron' look on his face. "I should very seriously kick you again for that."

"I'd rather you not…" Kyo swallowed and shakily rested into a fighting stance.

"You know you can't get past me on the ground." Mat stated, fists moving in front of his head in a decidedly boxer like position.

"Then what do I do?" Kyo asked, Mat grinned.

"If you can't beat me on the ground." Mat's left raised into the air, finger pointing towards the ceiling. "The fly ya brat!"

Kyo blinked once, then twice. His face fell into shock when he realized Mat was serious, and Jo secretly found that look amusing on Kyo's face.

"What! I can't fly I'm not a bird!" Kyo took a step back, waving his hands in surrender as Mat walked towards him.

"Then what the hell are you?" Kyo backed into a pole and Mat seized the opportunity to grab him by the shirt. "You sure ain't anything strong. Maybe a little faster than most, a little more flexible, but let me tell you that won't work when you get bicycle kicked across the room. The only chance a damnable brat like you has if he can get some vertical movement."

Mat released Kyo and walked six feet away before turning back to grey eyed male. With a predatory smile Mat settled back into his boxer's stance. Kyo swallowed once, and then set his eyes in determination.

"Bring ya damned brat!" Mat pulled his right fist back and charged. Kyo dodged to the right as Mat swung, the blond's fist breaking through the metal pipe like it was nothing.

"Y-you're not holding back are you?" Kyo's shocked exclamation was even higher pitched than normal.

"No, and please tell me your voice hasn't broken yet!" Mat turned on Kyo and ran at him again. "Because if it has I'm going to feel bad about turning your balls into a pancake!"

Kyo jumped back as Mat's leg swung up, right between his legs. The now very frightened boy easily cleared three feet of air as he landed… well less then nimbly on the ground.

He stumbled beck, fell and rolled. Barely managing to get to his feet and jump away again as Mat's foot left a boot imprint in the concrete where Kyo had just been.

"Nice try." Mat spun fast, faster than Kyo thought possible, and sent his long out as far as it would go to crush Kyo's back. "But my range is just a little longer than yours!"

Kyo took a step back, Mat's booted foot just barely passing by him. Then Kyo jumped into the air and kicked.

A solid crack came from Mat's head as it jerked backwards. Then with a stumble Mat fell flat on his back, but not before delivering the promised kick to the groin on his way down.

"Why?" Kyo's eyes rolled up into his head as a pathetic whimper escaped his lips. Then he fell to the side, writhing in pain as Mat laughed.

"Nice one." Mat glanced at Kyo. "I guess you managed to beat me after all." Mat sat up and waited a few minutes for Kyo to stop screaming. "We're done for the day." Mat got up and brushed himself off, then offered Kyo a hand up. "Call in sick tomorrow. I need you here early."

"Why's that?" Kyo sounded wary as he let Mat pull him to his feet.

"Just do it." Mat leaned forward, looking very much like a demon who was about to steal Kyo's very life. "Or I'll have to come and find you, ya damnable brat!"

"O-okay!" And with that Kyo was retreating from the demon like blond as fast as he could.

"You've got to give the kid points, don't you?" Mat tilted his head up and grinned at Jo.

Jo frowned, briefly wondering how Mat spotted her, and leapt from the catwalk. With a grace that most cats would be envious of she landed in front of Mat, and proceeded to pull out a gun and point it at his head.

"Feisty." Mat leaned forward, letting the gun press against his forehead. "Tell me, are you the Jo Carpenter I've heard so much about?"

"And what if I am?" Jo pushed the gun a little harder into Mat's forehead, just to make sure he understood the situation of course.

"Then I hope you don't like buff guys." Mat stood back up, face falling to a frown. "Because to make him buff… Well I'd rather jump off a cliff, with a bomb, and land in front a train, a bullet train, with angry cybots on board, then make him buff."

"…What's going on here?" Jo let her free hand rest on her other handgun, for good measure.

"He wants to be stronger." Mat shrugged. "Some nonsense about not being a burden and wanting to get stronger for someone. It sounds like nonsense to me, but since I don't have anything better to do I said yes." Mat grinned. "I have to say, for someone so weak he can take a punch pretty wel…"

Mat didn't get to finish. Jo slugged him, sending the blond spinning through the air until he painfully came into contact with the ground.

"For someone so weak you can take a punch." Jo holstered her pistol and glared down at Mat while he slowly got to his feet.

"He wants to be strong." Mat grinned, spitting blood to the side. "So he's not a burden to you." Mat shrugged, which wound up more like a pained shudder, an started for the door. "Tomorrow will be dangerous. There's a sniper in the office, me and Kyo are going to get a gang back for hurting him. If they bring weapons I'll need someone to take of them, the weapons not the people." Mat had his devils grin as he looked Jo's way. "Can I count on you for that?"

"No, You can't." Jo turned her back to Mat and walked away. "Kyo can."

Mat laughed, a slightly high pitched and evil sound, as he walked into the street. The setting sun bathed the sky in purples and reds, a distant yellow halo descending on the horizon.

"The damn brat." Mat grinned and headed off towards his apartment. "Does he trouble everyone he meets? I bet he's always getting rescued by that crazy red eyed chick."

Mat had no idea…


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