And so my newest fanfiction has begun! I'd like to thank Project-z for liking my idea of a DoA fanfic and for the story 'Kunoichis Like Us' that helped inspire me to write this, as a reward for Project-z i shall add his OC into this story. Anyway, i hope you all enjoy the story, and R&R plz!

Dead or Alive: The Phoenix of Destiny


Kasumi jumped from tree branch to branch, her dark blue and white trimmed ninja outfit rustling against the night wind, even after the defeat of DOATEC and its scientist, Donovan, who the clan Kasumi was in before had taken a grudge against him for what he did for their clan, some Mugen Tenshi Clan members wanted her, after DOATEC and the scientist were taken out and focused their attention on Kasumi….well Ayane actually, the other ninjas backed off prior Hayate's orders, some with Ayane followed her, and Kasumi was also searching for ALPHA, who escaped during the explosion of the Tri-Tower of DOATEC and out there somewhere.

She prepared for another jump, but something jabbed her thigh, causing her to fall onto the concrete floor down below...

"Takashi, time to go to sleep!"

"Alright …mm…in a few more minutes…"

"Now Takashi!"

"O-Okay!" Takashi said as he shut down his laptop. If there was one thing he didn't want to do, it was piss off his brother. He quickly got under the covers and soon tried to get some sleep…a few restless minutes occurred but he couldn't sleep.

Hearing his brother snore loudly from the next room, he quickly started to pace around the living room thinking. He soon heard something crash outside, causing some dogs to bark outside and for Takashi to investigate.

The three ninjas looked around for any sign of the Kunoichi, but no avail.

"She must've escaped…let's check downtown," one said.

"Oi is someone there?" someone's voice called.

"Shit, run!" another ninja said and the three disappeared.

Takashi looked at the alley, seeing no one there but the garbage cans all on the ground. 'Man, my bro.'s going to kill me…' he thought as he put the cans back in place. He then saw something red and looked at it. "Blood?" he muttered.

He saw some more droplets and followed where they originated and saw a girl with red hair, large breasts, torn clothes that made her look like a ninja, and saw she was bleeding and looked half conscious. "Oh man…I gotta help her," Takashi said as she brought the girl inside.

Takashi watched as the red head scarfed down the food on her plate with vigor, almost like she hadn't eaten in a week or so.

"Aah, thank you for the food, I really didn't eat anything all night," Kasumi said to him and his disbelief brother.

"Coming from the chick that ate three plates of food," Takashi mumbled to himself. Takashi had brought the girl in as his brother saw her in his arms, quickly took care of her injuries, and waited until she woke up a few minutes later and got hungry.

"No problem, miss…" Takashi wondered what her name was and stopped.

"It's…" Kasumi paused, wondering if she should tell them her name.

"Wait…aren't you Kasumi? From the first DOA tournament?" Takashi's brother, Tarou, asked her.

The Kunoichi nodded.

"Wait, the Kasumi? Oh man I heard about you," Takashi said with a hint of surprise and admiration in his tone.

"Oh…really?" she asked them.

"Yeah, uh, I know this might seem strange, but..can I have your autograph?" Takashi said, quickly getting out a pen and what looked like a magazine with her on the cover that had the title of the first DoA tournament on it. Kasumi blinked, surprised by Takashi's behavior and the fact he knew about her and that there was a magazine for the tournament.

"Uh…sure, who am I making out this to?" Kasumi asked as she began t sigh the magazine.

"Takashi Kaido," Takashi said. Kasumi then stopped for a bit when she heard that last name, 'Kaido…wasn't there someone in the village with that name?' she wondered once she finished signing it. Takashi grinned, bowed politely then ran off to his room.

"He's a big fan of DoA…" his brother stated to the surprised kunoichi. Kasumi nodded and soon Takashi returned and sat across from Kasumi on the table.

" what were you doing in the alley?" Takashi asked her. Kasumi wanted to talk, but due to the code of never telling outsiders about her clan forced her to try a different explanation.

"How long until your clan finds you?" Takashi asked her suddenly, surprising her with how he knew about her clan.

"I don't know, your presence managed to drive them away for a bit, but they'll be back…" Kasumi said in a low but almost worried tone. Takashi felt concerned and held her hand, smiling a bit and nodded a little, "Don't worry, we'll protect you," he said, trying to reassure her.

Kasumi gasped softly, but what was she to do? She had been running for a long time, and yet this boy was willing to take her in despite all that. "But…what if they go after you?" Kasumi asked him.

"Don't be fooled by my appearance, I'm a pretty average fighter," Takashi smirked and jerked his thumb to point at himself, grinning. Kasumi sighed, seeing there was no way out of this now with them.

"Alright, I'll stay, but I don't want to be held responsible for anything that happens to you, ok?" she asked him and his brother.

"Got it," they both said nonchalantly. Kasumi sighed, wondering wat she got herself in to, ut after cleaning up the dishes, there came another problem:

Where was Kasumi going to sleep?

"Well she can sleep in mom and dad's room," Tarou suggested.

"B-But bro!" Takashi whined.

"Takashi…" Tarou said sternly and gave him 'the look'. Takashi sighed and shook his head, then turned to Kasumi.

"…fine…uh…you can sleep in my parent's room if you want," Takashi said and went to his room, feeling both enlightened and defeated. Kasumi looked at Takashi with a little smile, but still felt a little guilty for using him just so she could hide from Ayane and her clan, but…part of her felt that this would help get to know them better.

Kasumi smiled and nodded, "Thank you both," she said and went to the room that Takashi had given her, she heard coughing and glanced to noticed that Takashi's brother…Tarou was it? He was coughing rather violently, like he was sick or something. Takashi quickly got some pills and water and gave it to him.

The older brother swallowed it down and soon a few minutes later he was ok. Takashi sighed, "That was close…you sure you don't want to see a doctor?" Takashi asked him.

"All they do is give out meds that can't work with me…" Tarou muttered and wiped his mouth with a napkin. Kasumi's eyes caught the sight of something light red on the napkin, blood maybe? She couldn't see since Tarou threw the napkin in the garbage before she could see what it was.

"A-Anyway, let me show you your room Kasumi," Tarou said as he walked her to the room. The two reached a room and Kasumi found it was empty, the sheets looked like they weren't touched in a while and it had barely looked like it was used in a while. Kasumi felt a cold chill down her spine when she saw how the place seemed…empty. "It…feels empty," Kasumi noted.

"Yeah…our dad's in the hospital in a coma…and our mom's…no longer with us, it's just me and Takashi…" Tarou said.

"Oh dear…forgive me, I didn't mean to bring up bad memories," Kasumi apologized.

"It's cool, we got over it, plus with Takashi at school and all, at least he'll get a better paying job to help pay for the hospital bills…" Tarou said dearly, then left the kunoichi alone in the room. Kasumi sat on the bed, noting how cold it felt, the sheets were almost like they hadn't been changed in a while, but it still looked as if it was ready for someone to come in.

"Hey Kasumi, just wanted to see if you need anything," Takashi said as he poked his head in the room.

"Oh, thank you, I'm ok for now," Kasumi said and smiled softly to him. Takashi blushed, having come under the effects of one of Kasumi's warm smiles and turned his head.

"O-oh, no p-problem Kasumi," He said with a blush on his face and a weak smile.

"Well, n-night," he said and left her alone in the room. He went to his room and quickly dialed his cell-phone to call his friend, "Yo, Shun, you are not gonna believe what I have to tell you…no I haven't found a hot girl…well actually yeah but you got to listen," he then began to tell of what just occurred and shun was surprised.

"Yeah I know, right? It's like a dream come true…well no I just met her…I don't know yet! But anyway, what should I do?" Takashi asked him.

"I say go for it, you helped her out, plus you took her in and became her guardian, she'll have to repay you somehow, like maybe be your guardian, dude, you've been living alone in that house with not even a parental figure asides from your bro, you should take this chance while you still got it," Shun's voice said over the cell.

"Well…maybe…" Takashi shrugged. The sound of yawning from the other line gave Takashi a good hint to stop the conversation there, the two said night and hung up, with Takashi flopping onto his bed. He chewed over what Shun suggested, it seemed to be an idea, still, would Kasumi go for it. He thought of this until he eventually fell asleep, Kasumi had already been asleep once she changed into more appropriate sleep attire, having the first night of safety and sleep in a bed before in a long time.

And so it begins! What will happen to Takashi now that Kasumi is here? and how will this affect him personally? stay tuned to find out how it all goes down, and R&R plz!