Category: Jim unconscious; Subcategory: Fainted from shock.

There's a table of contents?


You're turning into Spock!

Don't even…

What kind of an album is this? "Jim Asleep" and under that "Drooling," "Mouth opened," and "SUCKING HIS THUMB?" I DON'T…

Photos don't lie, kid.

Shouldn't "Jim unconscious" be a subset of "asleep?"

Shut up.

Fine. So that's "Punched by aliens," "Walked into bulkhead," (Hey! I only did that once!)


And… No! there's NO WAY Spock nerve pinched me forty-seven times!

More than that. I don't carry a camera everywhere.

There are twelve more categories?

I have to organize 487 pictures.


I have 894 of Spock