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Alucard: beast

Seras: belle

Anderson: belle's dad (papa)

Jan: Gaston

Pip: Lumiere

Walter: MR Potts (XD I know)

Rip van winkle: Cogsworth

Integra: Enchantment

Schrödinger: chip

For my sister

The blood of the rose

100 years ago at castle Dracula

The wind howled and the rain poured down from the heavens over the God forsaken land Transylvania, where the cruel vampire king sleeps by day and sheds the blood of the innocent by night. Villagers lay awaken in their beds clutching their young and praying to their God, although their prayers go on unanswered. Many brave men have tried to destroy the no life king but none prevailed. Until one faithful night, there was a knock on the doors of Castle Dracula and the outraged king answered to find a shivering beggar women warped up in a single sheet for clothing and had no shoes, her face was crinkled and her eyes were clouded with age, to his eyes she was hideous to look at, her voice was as withered as her face

"please, I am so cold could you give me a room for the night, in return for your kindness I will give you a single rose" The women pulled out a beautiful red rose, however the king sneered at the rose and mocked the beggar women

"What makes you think I would let an old hag like you into my home, I would not even drink your blood" The women spoke again her voice holding a strange tone

"I warn you things are not what they appear, I ask you one more time may I have a room for the night and I shall give you this rose" The king let out a cruel, mocking laugh

"you pathetic human, get out of my sight before I let my hound eat you" he slammed the door in her face, but to him amazement the door burst open and light shone from where the old women was standing, Before his hell fire eyes the women turned into a beautiful enchantment, her long white hair shone with the grace of heaven and her eyes a deep sea blue

"You shall pay cruel vampire king, I have seen that you have a heart of stone and blood, I place a seal upon you" as she spoke the vampire kings hands become gloved and a red seal shone on each, the burning pain caused him to yell

"What did you do to me!" he growled at the enchantment

"Silence! You are to remain in this castle never to leave or drain a human again until your heart has been melted by a virgin woman with a soul of a saint and the heart of an angle, take this rose it is enchanted like me when the right women comes into the castle it will begin to wilt, if the women does not fall in love with you when the last petal falls you shall turn to dust and rot in hell , your human servants will be turned into human objects and will return to their human state when the last petal falls" And like a shooting star she vanished leaving the no life king imprisoned in his own domain.

Present day village versitots

"Papa...papa?" Seras looked at her stepfather who was rummaging around the broom cupboard

"Aye Know it's here somewhere" his voice muffed, seras tapped his shoulder, he span around blood rushing to his face

"Ah seras! Have you seen it?"

"It papa?"

"Aye me leather bible" Seras rolled her eyes

"Papa why the hec would it be in the broom closet, anyways it's in your pocket" she pointed at his left pocket, the bible poking out quite clearly

"Ah how the hec did I miss that!" Seras giggled brushing the dust of his shoulders and straightened his coat out. Seras stood on her toes to reached her step fathers face, she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before opening the door to their cottage

"Papa I am heading to town, I will be back in about an hour!"

"aye!" he called as she shut the door, Seras took in a deep breath inhaling the smell of barley and apple cider , she was wearing her favourite blue and white checked dress and had tied her long (I made her hair long in this story)hair back with a blue ribbon that she had received for her ninetieth birthday. Picking up a light brown wicker basket she walked into the village centre, as she did she took the short walk as an opportunity to dig into her thoughts "oh I hope I don't bump into that prev Gaston he's been more determined than usual, humm I hope that Mr Raleigh has a new book in store" she smiled at the thought of having a new book to read, she looked up ahead to find she was now at the village centre , the bakery was open and the smell of fresh hot bread filled the air, Mrs canfield's salon was open and the new dresses were hung in the window. Seras sighed "same thing, but a different day" she thought to herself, she put her hand into her pocket and jingled it she had been saving up money to buy a new book, since her step farther was a priest they did not get a lot of money, so seras had been telling story's at the inn to earn money for simple things, like food. Clothing, she would put a small amount back so she could buy a new book. She smiled as she approached her favourite shop, the book store

"Good morning Mr Raleigh" she spoke to the elderly man behind the desk, whose glasses were almost as big as his face.

"Ah good morning seras what can I do for you today?" Seras gave him a quick smile

"Do you have anything new?" she asked hopeful

"Seras you asked that yesterday" he chuckled

"Really! Oh sorry it's just I can't seem to get enough of reading" The man pattered her head

"Well I tell you what, since you are such a loyal customer you can have any book for free!" seras grinned in delight

"Really! Are you sure"

"Yes indeed go ahead" Seras ran her finger over a row of books kept in an oak shelf, she spotted a bright red book

"May I have this one?" The man looked at what his favourite customer was holding and smiled

"Ah Romeo and jullet"

"Have you read it?"

"My dear I have read every book in this room, it's about two lovers from two different families who hate each other, I warn you it's a tragedy"

"Is it very romantic?" He nodded

"Then please may I have this book"

"Yes of course you may, I will tell your step farther on Sunday if we have any new books in" She thanked him again before leaving the shop. Seras clutched the book into her chest her arms folded across it "oh I can't wait to read it...well It won't hurt to read a little on the way home" she though flicking the book open to the first page and was about to read when she heard giggling voices behind her

"Look at her, doesn't she know how ridiculous she looks, reading a book like that"

"Yea I mean she's so weird I don't know why Jan is so interested in her"

"Yea she's such a freak" Seras tried to ignore the voices of the girls following her, she decided to give them a little scare, she turned around sharply

"Boo!" The three girls jumped backwards in fright and cursed under their breaths Seras giggled at her triumph and span around to walk home, but to her displeasure she was face to face with the one person she really did not want to bump into

"Why hello there seras, going somewhere?" seras winced his breath stank with ale and rotten vegetables

"Uh...hi Jan I was just about to head home" she spoke trying to get around him

"Why the hurry, why don't you came to my home and have a look at my little book collection" seras raised an eyebrow

"Jan we both know you don't have a book collection, now can you please let me pass" she spoke tying to keep her voice steady , he gave her a slick smile then before she could react he snatched her book and read the front cover

"Romeo and jullet, what the fuck is this shit" Seras jumped up attempting to grab her book back, she missed

"Jan please give me my book back" she pleaded

"Humm tell you what give me a kiss and I will give you your book back" Seras felt her rage show on her checks

"No way Jan, give me my book back!"

"No can do seras, unless I get kiss you won't be reading this" he teased flapping the pages and he tore at a few, seras felt like crying

"Jan please that was a gift!" she reached for her book again Jan moved his arm so that she missed and ended up falling in a mud puddle. The passing villagers laughed and pointed while the three girls made pink noises

"Oink, Oink!"

"Ha ha you look like a mud covered pig! Oink, oink!"

"Yea ohh look seras had turned into a pig" Jan knelt down

"Ah don't worry seras, you look like a cute pig to me" he teased, seras grabbed her book and ran for it, tears streaming from her eyes "dam it seras you let them get to you again" she thought as she ran towards her home.

Back at her cottage

Seras's step farther was chopping up wood in the garden, his muscles shone with sweat, he notice her running up the path way , she stopped in front of him his eye's washed over her mud caked hair and dress

"What happened seras?" he asked wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. Seras faked a smile

"I fell over on the way home, sorry...I got a new book and it was free" she spoke forcing her words to sound happy. He nodded

"alright then, well get ya self cleaned up and I will make some brunch" Seras nodded and walked back into the cottage, she stumbled into her bed room and shut the door behind her, she sunk to the floor , hugging her knees she began to sob. After she washed her hair and changed into a plan yellow dress she walked down the stairs.

The kitchen

Seras was welcomed by her step father's warm smile

"Ah there you are, I hope ye be in the mood for beef stew" seras felt her true smile return, she loved it when he cooked, his meals always were full of flavour and left a warm feeling in your stomach. She sat down on a chair and waited for him to do the same.

"Let us pray" seras closed her eyes and bowed her head

"Dear lord for what we are about to receive may the lord make us truly thankful amen"

"Amen" seras and her papa began eating, seras closed her eyes wanting to savour the taste

"Papa this is wonderful!" seras spoke licking her lips making the priest smile

"Well thank me mother, she always made sure I knew how to cook" after ten minutes he spoke again

"Ah seras I will be going away tomorrow to visit a village and I won't be back for a week" Seras paused

"W...What? You're going away" seras spoke she hated it when he went away

"I know it's sudden but this is very urgent, you know that I moved to this country to preach, well this village may have lost their faith and I intend to help them find it again"

"But can't they just come here and find you" seras muttered stabbing a lump of beef with her fork

"Come now seras you know how important it is to me" seras sighed but gave in

"Yes papa" The man smiled and ruffled his Step daughter's hair

"Oh I almost forgot, I want ye to have this" seras felt her eye's widen and her mouth drop, he was holding a beautiful silver necklace with a small silver cross, he stood up and placed it in her hand

"It was mine a long time ago but I want you to have it" seras jumped up and threw her arms around him

"Oh thank you papa it's beautiful, I promise to take good care of it" he hugged her back

"Ye be welcome seras, now then what's that book about ye got today?"

Seras's bedroom at night

Seras slumped into her bed, she felt tried and her eye lids became heavy. She removed her necklace and placed it on her bed side table, she knelt up and said her prayers

"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep, If I should die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take" She blew out her candle and slid underneath her bed cover's and thought about the day she meet her step farther

"now seras you understand that you are going to live with this man know don't you" mother clag spoke to the little girl who's eye were red from crying, the little girl glanced up at the very tall man, his hair was a fiery red and his eye's a emerald green, he knelt down to her height level

"Hello there little one, my name is Alexander Anderson, why don't you tell me your name" the little girl mumbled

"Seras...Victoria" her voice like a whisper in the wind , the man stood up to talk to mother Clag the little girl could not understand what they were saying , after a few moments the man looked at the little girl

"I understand sister, I will take her with me, and may God bless you" The little girl began to cry and she leaned into his leg

"Ah now angles don't like to see little girls cry and if you don't stop you will make them cry and then it will rain" The man spoke picking the girl up , his voice made her calm and stop crying

"Now then seras, you're going to come with me"

"What should I call you?" she asked

"Why don't you call me papa?"

Seras smiled at the memory and very soon she fell asleep

Next morning at sunrise

Seras stood in the early morning breeze and watched the sun appear in the distance, small spears of red and yellow light stabbed the earth, and the sky was almost ablaze with its light. Seras sighed "I hate it when he goes away" she thought as her papa was leading Gabriel out from the stables , seras pated his neck and stroked his white mane as her step farther mounted him.

"Goodbye papa, come back safe" she spoke leaning up so he could kiss her forehead

"Don't worry little one I will be back before you can say God bless ye" he reassured her, seras waved as he stared to gallop off into the sun rise

"Please come back soon" she spoke stoking her cross that hung around her neck

After a day's ride somewhere in the forest

"Ah blast this useless map!" the Scott's man howled shaking the old map, he had been riding for a whole day and he was lost, it had already begun to rain and his map was getting wet. He could no longer read it and he had no clue where they were. His horse stumbled a few times and it made the priest become worried, the wood's were not a safe place to be especially if you were alone and at night.

"I better find somewhere to shelter, this is getting ridiculous!" he growled to himself the horse neighed as if her understood what he was saying, he patter his neck

"I agree" Then he heard a noise that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, he heard the distant rumble of a howling and not just any

"Wolfs! Shit, God pardon me language, get going Gabriel, c'mon get" he kicked on the horse's sides to urge the best to go faster, they were now on the run from a pack of hungry wolfs and they were gaining on them. The pack were now snapping their jaws at the horses legs, one jumped up and bit the man's thigh

"Ah! Get of me ya hell hound" he punched the wolf with his free hand and he managed to detach his jaws, the horse let out a cry of pain as a wolf bit into his skinny leg and caused the animal to stand on his hind legs, the priest let out a yell as he was thrown onto the ground hitting his head hard. The animal galloped off into the mist the pack of wolfs still chasing him.

"Ah dam monsters" he muttered pulling his wet, muddy body up from the ground and clutched his wounded head, he removed his hand and looked at it, and it was cover in blood

"That's going to hurt in the morning, but right now I need to find a place to stay" he took a moment to look at his surrounding's and he stumbled through the fog

"I hope I don't come by those wolfs again...hang on" The man removed his glasses , wiped them and then put them back on , he was right he had spotted a castle in the distance although the fog was doing a good job of hiding most of it.

"I really hope they will let me stay there" he spoke as he dragged his wounded leg and headed for the castle.

Castle Dracula

"Hello...hello...is anybody home?" he called, his voice echoed the walls, he step inside wanting very much to get out of the rain. He assumed that this was the main hall, the first thing he saw was a very large stair case that led off in two separate parts, one going to the left the other to the right, he noticed gargoyles and stone demons were carved in the walls, the floor appeared to be stone and a large red carpet led up from the stair case. It was all very grand but there was something about the atmosphere that made the priest shiver.

"Hey...hello...is anyone here!" he called out, nothing. "Surely a place like this has an owner?" he thought walking through the grand room.

"Shh he'll here you" The priest froze


"Oh you've don't it now"

"Hey I am not the one still zaliking!"

"Shut up!" The priest held his breath, he grabbed candelabra from a table and to his surprise it spoke to him

"...uh zorry but can you put me down please?"

"WAH!" he dropped the speaking object, which now was using his candlestick holder arm to push himself back up

"Well zat waz rather rude of you, dropping people like zat!" The man starred down at the object

"I...must have hit my head really hard, or it's just a dream"

"Lemmie zest that theory for you" the candelabra placed a flame on his finger, his natural reflexes made him jump back

"Ouch!...so this is not a dream?"

"Well if it is it's a night mare!" The man watched as a clocklike object jumped down from the table

"My name is Rip Van winkle, and you are?"


"Well I am sorry Anderson but you can't stay here, so if you would kindl..." her words cut off from the candelabra's arm

"Ah c'mon Rip za poor man is injured let him stay za night"

"No Pip what if the master found out about this!"

"Well we will just have to be extra careful"

"Grrr fine, one quick cup of tea and that's it"

"Ah lemmie introduce my zelf, the name is Pip Bernadotte please to meet you now if you would come zis way please" The bewildered priest followed the objects unaware that a pair of furious red eyes had been watching.

The lounge

The living objects had pulled the Scott's man into a very large room were a roaring fire was burning creating a much welcomed heat. Pip showed him to a large red chair that even towered over him. He slumped down much enjoying the comfort it was giving

"Pip not in the master chair!"

"Ah it won't hurt! He is still asleep anyway" The priest let out a relaxed sigh , he then felt something small bump into his toes, he peered over his knee to find a small little tea cup

"Hello Mr! My name is Schrödinger "the man picked up the small tea cup

"Uh hello ...so you're a tea cup"

"Yes...for putting tea in"

"Uh huh" the priest noticed that there was a wonderful smell coming from the tea cup

"Go ahead Mr" the man sipped making the tea cup giggle

"Ha ha pip he's tickling me!" there was a sudden chill in the air and the fire went out , the man noticed the objects shiver in fear and the little tea cup was now trying to hide in his clothing , a dark shadow filled the room , it came closer its voice made the priest want to grab his crucifix

"There is a human in here" the voice growled like a distance thunder, the tea cup jumped down and hid behind Rip

The shadows took a form of a man, but he was not human, the priest was now face to face with a very angry vampire

"Who are you" he asked his voice held a dangerous tone his eye ablaze with red hell fire


"Who is this?" he ordered and a terrified Rip plodded forward

"He came from outside sire ...h...he just wanted t..." the vampire roared causing the clockwork girl to fall backwards

"You are trespassing!"

"I...I am sorry I got lost and just wanted a...p...place to stay" The vampire gave him a sick, twisted grin

"I will give you a place to stay" he grabbed hold of the terrified human and dragged him out of the room


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