One Day I'll Be Myself.

I'm a fallen angel dropped into Hell,

too many wishes down a wishing well,

a flying demon who just once fell.

They ask if I'm the devil.

I'm the chic who tries too hard,

the dealer playing all the wrong cards,

and I'll never ever reach the bar.

That was set for me.

I'm a beast in a cage,

who knows just how to wreck your day,

a proud sinner who can't help but pray.

Who everyone avoids.

I'm the girl full of lies,

she can't help but hate her size,

a genius girl who's just not wise.

Who never tells the truth.

I'm the suicidal teacher,

the sinful daughter of the preacher,

that girl with not one skinny feature.

Who wants to disappear.

I'm the girl I wish I was not,

the girl counting all the wars she's fought,

that one right hook will get me caught.

And I've got to change.

So now I'm trying to realize,

that this world isn't purely blue skies,

and one day I'll stop the lies.

One day I'll be myself... 33