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A/N: Hello again everyone. This story is came to me in a dream, and I couldn't get it out of my head and so here it is. This story will have some adult/dark themes, but I will warn you ahead of time. This is an Edward and Bella story, although it will build up to it.

Hope you all enjoy it.



I tried to stay as quiet as possible, even though it was really hard to do. My leg was hurting so much that if I could, given the chance, I would have amputated the damn thing. It hurt that much. The whimpers were coming louder and louder. I simply couldn't help it. I looked down at the ground and tried to concentrate on all the specks, dried gum, anything that could distract me enough. Nothing was working. All of a sudden, something resembling a snake, dangled in front of me. My scream resonated throughout the otherwise quiet night.

A hand covered my mouth, effectively cutting off any sound. "Shhhhh! It's just a belt for fucks sakes," whispered-yelled the voice that belonged to the man holding my mouth shut.

I turned around looking into the green eyes of the man I wanted to beat with my tattered leg, once amputated of course.

Edward looked back in to my eyes for a moment before he shifted them towards the belt he was holding with his other hand. "You need to bite this and keep quiet before that pretty little mouth of yours gets us caught."

I glared back as hard as I could and tried to back away from his hand over my mouth. He held on tight and smirked one last time before he finally released me. I snatched the belt from his hand and looked at it once to make sure there was nothing nasty on it before I put it anywhere near my face.

Edward noticed my examination and sighed dramatically. "You know, later when we're back in the compound, I can think of something better to put in that mouth of yours."

I looked at him with as much hate as I could convey with my eyes, and showed him my special middle finger proudly. "I'd say to stick this up your ass, but I figure you're already doing that."

Edward's face turned a shade dark as his face set in a glare. Jasper and Emmett were leaning against each other laughing, yet trying to be quiet. I finally placed the belt in my mouth and bit hard as a wave of pain hit my leg. Edward had served as a distraction multiple times, but today it had not been enough. We quieted down for a few minutes, straining ourselves to hear if it was okay to escape. We were not safe here, not by a long shot. But by some miracle, we had found the only lamp post with a working light, and it was keeping us alive. Jasper leaned down and handed me a gun, knowing it would be used to defend myself, if not, to kill me before I eventually would turn on them.

All of a sudden, the light above us flickered off and then on. It seemed as if the light was not going to hold on much longer. Realization set in our group of four; we would have to fight for our lives once the light turned off. Everyone checked their weapons, making sure to have enough ammo to last through this herd, or at least enough until we figured out a way to make our escape. Me being on the floor, and not being able to be of much use, laid down and held on to the ammo ready to be distributed as it was needed. My gun would be a last resort. The light above us flickered again, making a buzz sound, signaling that the impending end was near. That wasn't the noise that scared me though; it was the groans that had started up again, only this time, they sounded much nearer than what we had expected.

There was no way of telling how many were coming, it was completely dark beyond the circle of light. Worst of all, there were no signs of help approaching either. We were mortally screwed, and it had been my fault. I let out a strangled sob as I realized that the deaths of these three men were going to be my fault.

As if sensing my train of thought, Edward leaned down and whispered in my ear. "I'll find a way out," he promised, with an edge of panic in his voice.

I refused to look at him, as much as the guy grated on my nerves, he also set all the neurons in my body alive with overwhelming desire. I didn't want to see him sad. I wanted to remember that fire in his eyes that always challenged me. I wanted to remember the sarcastic asshole I fell in love with, not the compassionate emotional man I had only caught glimpses of.

He grabbed my chin, captivating my gaze in his. "I will get you safety. Trust me."

Did I want to believe him? Yes.

Could I? I wasn't so sure.

The scales weren't exactly tipping in our favor. Regardless, I needed to trust him. I leaned down and grabbed a handful of the bottom of his jeans with my hand and fisted them, knowing he would understand the gesture of trust. The leather in my mouth that had distracted me from the pain, was at this point unnecessary to keep me quiet. Instead, I looped in around my leg, on top of the wound, hoping the pressure would help me enough with the pain so I could concentrate and help the guys.

I looked up one last time at the guys surrounding me, and smiled my gratitude, as they returned the sentiment. This was it. With one hand fisted on Edwards jeans, and the other holding the gun pointing in what ever direction, I sucked in a breath, as the the light post finally flickered off, along with it the last remaining of my hope.

Yes, this was it.