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Dedicated to Nicholas Courtney (1929- 2011)

"We've been through a lot together, haven't we, Doctor?" the Brigadier spoke from where he sat, leaning against the headboard on his bed, too weak from illness to move downstairs. The Doctor was settled in an armchair facing across from him.

"Yes," the Doctor said. "Yetis, Cybermen, Omega..."

"Zodin," the Brigadier added. They shared a knowing smile. "I never did quite get around to mentioning that one to Doris."

"No," said the Doctor. "I don't blame you."

The Brigadier sighed. "It feels like only yesterday. Time is a funny thing; though, I suppose you know all about that."

"I've had some experience in the area, yes."

"All of those adventures..." The end of the sentence trailed off as memories became more prominent in his mind.

"Just remember, though," said the Doctor, in a soft tone. "I have many of those experiences still ahead of me."

"You know, that is somewhat comforting, in a way- to know I'll still be out there somewhere..."

"I've always thought so," said the Doctor, seeming a bit distant at that moment. After a brief pause, he suddenly added, "Well, my dear Brigadier, I really must get going. I'm not really meant to be here." He began to rise from his seat.

"I don't understand, Doctor," said the Brigadier, extending his arm out to shake the Doctor's hand. "But you never were an easy man to comprehend. Goodbye, Doctor."

The Doctor held the Brigadier's once firm grasp, and smiled sadly. "Farewell, Brigadier."