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The Traitorous Rampage

Plot Summary

Is Will and Jack friends or are they enemies? And what is the Black Pearl doing in flames? Post DMC, AWE doesn't happen. AU.

Chapter 1

Will Turner was lying on deck of the Black Pearl while Jack was disarming him in a very drunken state. Jack then accidently pushed Will overboard and was just sipping his rum as if nothing happened. Just then Davy Jones ship submerged up out of the water. Davy Jones saw Jack and he was about to go over to get Jack, but Jack shoots Davy Jones. Davy Jones then got mad and starting fighting Jack while he was running away.

As Jack went to hide, Will woke up and found he was in the middle of the ocean, so Will decided to kill Jack because he had a suspicion Jack had something to do with this. Meanwhile, Davy Jones gave up chasing Jack and went back to his ship. While Davy Jones went back to the ship, he saw someone in the water, so Davy ordered someone in his crew to pull that person aboard. He got a surprise when he saw the person who was carried aboard.

When Will woke up again, he wondered where he was but when he recognized the surroundings he knew exactly where he was. So at that he got angrier at Jack, making Will want to get revenge. Once Davy Jones saw who the person was, he became curious of where Will had come from. As for Will, he got up and started to look for someone in a very angry state. After Davy Jones realized Will was awake he asked, "Where did you come from, lad?"

But Will wasn't in the mood for answering questions; in fact he completely ignored any questions. This had made Davy Jones mad, especially when Will fell back to sleep due o exhaustion. So Davy Jones had to wait until Will woke up again.

Back on the Black Pearl, Jack had just gotten sober and Elizabeth came up and asked, "Why did you throw Will overboard?"

Jack just replied, "I have no memory of throwing young William overboard, you might have just imagined me doing said activity."

"Was it the rum that made you push Will overboard Jack?" replied Elizabeth back to Jack treating him pretty much like a child.

Jack had then angrily replied back saying, "I'm telling you I didn't push young William overboard."

"Sure you didn't," said Elizabeth as she went below deck heading for the rum cellar, while Jack had passed out due from exhaustion. Meanwhile, after two hours of sleeping Will had finally woke up. Will had looked around his surroundings he realized he was in a cabin. When Davy Jones walked into the cabin for fifteen minutes and saw Will awake, so he asked Will, "Where did you come from, lad?"

Will then replied "The Black Pearl, I think Jack pushed me overboard." After Will had said this, he had fallen asleep again. Meanwhile, on the Black Pearl, Jack had just woken up to see half his ship on fire. Jack then ran to the rum cellar to save his precious rum only to find out that is where the fire had started. Then Jack went back to the rowboats and started rowing towards Tortuga.

As Will woke up after an hour of sleep, he started to lean against the wall of the cabin and wondered what was going to happen next. When Davy Jones came back in the cabin and asked Will, "What do you want lad, I could get it for you lad, just tell me what you want?"

Will just replied back, "What is the catch?"

Davy Jones then replied back, "Just tell me what you want, and then I will tell you."

Will then replied very rudely, "Well maybe I won't tell you then until you tell me the catch?"

At this Davy Jones had got mad and called two of his crewman and told them to lock Will up in the brig and to have him guarded by five guards at all times. Will then felt more madness at Davy Jones at that moment than he felt for Jack Sparrow; as a plan of escape came in his mind as Will was taken down to a cell and locked up and guarded.

Meanwhile, Jack had reached Tortuga and stayed there for a few weeks since his rum and ship burned down. So Jack was having rum for the first time in two days.