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I kissed him, even as I felt the rise and fall of his chest begin to grow slow and shallow.

I kissed him, even as his heartbeat under my hand began to falter until it was barely noticeable.

I kissed him, even as I felt that incredible man go limp in my arms…


When my lips left his, tears were already blurring my vision. I knew he was gone, but I just didn't want to believe it. I couldn't believe it…I just couldn't…

I stared, misty-eyed, at my beloved Eugene. His eyes were closed, and his mouth just ever so slightly open. He could have been asleep…if it wasn't for his pale, pale face and the blood-red stain soaking the bottom of his shirt and vest. I stroked his face, ever so softly, not wanting to face the truth. This couldn't be possible…no…just, no...But it was.

Eugene Fitzherbert was gone.

"Gone…" I breathed, barely able to speak. "Gone…" Suddenly, the realization hit me so hard, I couldn't breathe. All the tears left inside me completely spilled out, and I threw myself on top of Eugene, sobbing uncontrollably. "Gone…he's gone!"

The scene, which, moments ago, had been pure chaos, was now deathly silent. I could feel all eyes on me…on Eugene…on the place where my mother had been standing, just minutes ago…I could sense everyone staring in disbelief. But I didn't care. My only focus was now on everything that I had lost in just a matter of seconds…my hair, my Mother, my Eugene…

My Eugene.

He was mine. He was my Eugene. My best friend. My truelove. My Eugene.

Mother had said the world was a horrible, terrible place, and I had discovered that what she had said hadn't been completely true. After all, outside the tower, I had discovered so many wonderful things…The Kingdom, the bookstore, heck, I had found out I was the lost princess of Corona! But all of that didn't matter anymore…not without Eugene. Losing him…that was what made the world as dreadful as Mother said it was. In that tower, I had never been exposed to death…loss…a love like this, so tragically ripped away from me…

"Why?" I sobbed, clutching onto my love's vest, wishing more than anything that he would open those gorgeous amber eyes once again. "Why, Eugene…Why did you leave me? Please…please come back!"

I cried even harder, knowing no matter what I said, or what I did, he was never coming back. There were some things you just couldn't change.

"Out of my—Out of my way!" I heard the King's voice break through the silence, and a gasp—I assumed it to be the Queen's—came from the crowd. I barely noticed. I was holding Eugene, wrapping my arms around him, never, ever wanting to let him go. I kissed him lightly on the cheek, stunned by how cold he already felt.

"I love you…" I whispered, my voice trembling. "I love you so much, Eugene Fitzherbert…and I always will…"

I just hoped that he had known that.

"Rapunzel," the Queen's soft voice came from behind me, and I heard her gasp again. "Oh…oh, my goodness…"

"He's gone…" my whole body shook with sobs. I shut my eyes tight, gripping onto Eugene with everything I had inside me. "Eugene…he's gone! He's not…coming back…"

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I looked up, making out the blurred image of the King through my tearstained eyes.

"I'm so sorry…" he apologized, looking more solemn than I had ever seen him before. "I just…don't know what to say…"

I knew exactly what he meant. I mean, the King had just found out I was his daughter…a moment he had no doubt dreamed of for eighteen years. He probably pictured this as being the greatest moment of his life...full of hugs and smiles and soaring hearts, knowing that his baby girl was finally home. I bet he never imagined it, instead, like this…with tears of joy being replaced by tears of sorrow, and in his daughter's arms, a whole new life…lost.

"Me, neither," I admitted. "I just…" I turned back to Eugene and ran my fingers through his hair. "Eugene…Eugene…my Eugene…" I was overcome with sobs once again, and lay my face against his, my hot tears hitting his cold skin against my cheek. "Eugene…I need you…Please come back to me!"

"My dear…" the Queen knelt down next to me and gently rubbed my back. I couldn't even thank her through my tears, I was drowning in my emotion. Eugene…this just couldn't be…He couldn't be gone! I'd…I'd die without him! I just felt so empty…

"No…" I whispered, and then my sobs turned into a quiet chant. "No…no, no, no, no, no, no, no…"

"Rapunzel…" the Queen's soothing voice whispered in my ear. I paid no heed, completely caught up in my lifeless love.

"I love you, Eugene…I love you, and I need you, and...I'll never, ever forget you…I promise…"

I held him as tight as I could, longing to feel his strong arms return my embrace. But I knew that wasn't going to happen…ever again. But one thing was for sure. There was no way I was ever going to forget him. How could I forget him? He was so…amazing. It was hard to believe that it had only been about three days since I had met him; since I had saved him from my mother back in the tower. I wondered what would have happened…if I had remained silent, and let Mother do what she said had to be done…If he had died that day, and life had gone on. Then, I never would have felt this hurt…things wouldn't be like this…

But then again, I never would have shared those special moments with him…That heartfelt talk we had around the campfire, those stories he read to me in the bookstore, and that beautiful moment where I was first wrapped up in his warm embrace the night before his execution was scheduled. The line from that book in my tower once again popped into my mind.

"Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all."

I could never experience those moments again, but I had those memories. I had those beautiful hours with him captured in my mind, and I would never forget them, ever. I would never forget his wonderful touch, or his incredible smile, or that beautiful, beautiful kiss…He loved me, and I loved him.

I would never, ever forget Eugene Fitzherbert.

I looked up gratefully at the King and Queen, who were trying their best to give me silent comfort through all my grief. I was thankful for everything, though angst still threatened to consume me. Before I knew what I was doing, I propelled myself into their arms, allowing them to wrap their arms around me and run their fingers through my now-short hair. They whispered words of comfort, wiped away my tears, and every now and again, would kiss me on the forehead. Though it didn't stop the pain, I was appreciative of everything they were doing for me. Then, I realized…these were my parents. They weren't just trying to console a random stranger…they were trying to console their daughter, who had just lost practically everything in a matter of seconds.

"We're so sorry," the Queen—my true mother—whispered, giving me another kiss through my hair. "We're so glad to have you back, but…Oh, Rapunzel…we're just so sorry…"

I swallowed and looked up at her through my tears.

"Thank you…Mom."

She gasped at the sound of what I said, and I could see tears welling up in her eyes once again. She wrapped her arms even tighter around me, and I let my own tears fall, overcome with emotion. I was home. The tower was not my home…this was. I was a princess—royalty—and here I was where I truly belonged. I had a father, and a true mother…one who truly loved me for who I was, not what I had. And another thing—this castle was now where I lived. This beautiful, magnificent structure I had longed simply just to see…it was my home now.

But all that paled in comparison to how much I had just lost. My mother was gone, and though she wasn't my true mother, I still felt a sensation of loss for her, seeing as she took care of me for practically my whole life. Even though her love had not been completely for me, specifically, I did think she did have some love for me, and, to be honest, I had loved her back. And Eugene…my Eugene…he was gone forever, too. He had risked everything—even death—just to make sure I was happy. And then, he truly loved me. Oh, gosh, I just couldn't thank him enough for that…

I took a deep breath and left my newfound parents' embrace, and then, one last time, went over to where Eugene lay and wrapped my arms around his neck, leaving a soft kiss on his forehead.

"I love you…"

The tears flowed from my eyes once again, knowing that now, this was really goodbye. Eventually, I would have to leave him, and who knows what would happen next. The whole Kingdom would learn about my return, and I'd be swept up in so much…After all…I was the lost princess.

I was the lost princess…

…but Eugene was my lost love.


It's been exactly one year since that day.

One year since my life completely changed forever.

One year since I lost the love of my life.

One year since I watched Eugene Fitzherbert close those beautiful brown eyes…forever.

The trip has been anything but easy.

For weeks after Eugene's death, I had terrible, terrible nightmares; His death, replaying over and over in my mind…And for days, I would wake up, screaming, and then I would have to snap back into reality…have to live with the fact that my Eugene…was really gone.

But as time passed, some dreams were welcome. Every now and again, he would reappear in my sleep, and I would have just a few more extraordinary moments with my one true love. He would hold me close, and every second would be wonderful…to the point where I would come to loathe waking up. Though I knew it was only a fantasy, those dreams…those memories…everything about Eugene…kept me going.

Tonight, we'll be releasing lanterns into the sky to celebrate the anniversary of my return. But I feel like those lanterns aren't meant for me…instead, they're for Eugene…my lost love…A reminder of all he did for me, and a sign showing that I kept my promise. I will never, ever forget him.

There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't come up in my mind, somehow. His charming smile, his witty sense of humor, his strong arms, wrapped around me…those memories seem to resurface every day, and now, I know for a fact that even if I wanted to, there is no way possible that I could ever break my promise.

I've just returned from visiting Eugene, actually. His grave, more specifically. My father, the King, showed no hesitation in burying him in the royal cemetery. Eugene…he was a hero. He was my hero. My eyes fill with tears—something that hasn't happened in a while—and I plop down on my bed, my head in my hands. My gaze falls on the scar on my hand from that fateful day...I had thrown that dagger just so Gothel wouldn't hurt anyone else...and yet, Eugene had used it to save my life. I trace the scar with my other hand. It will probably always be there...but it's nothing compared to the scar Eugene left on my heart when he died.

"Oh, Eugene…" I sigh. "I've missed you so much…"

Pascal scurries up onto my shoulder and gives my hand a soft pat. I somehow smile at him through my tears. He knows how much pain I've gone through in the past year.

My eyes fall upon the walls of my castle room. I've tried to make it as much like the tower as possible, and colorful paintings line nearly every section of the wall. My room is a lot bigger than the tower, so my paintings have been bigger, bolder and brighter. However, as I scan the wall, there's one thing I notice: Amongst all the colors and designs, there's one huge spot that's bare. I guess I might have missed that one area, on accident. I figure eventually it'll get filled. When it comes to my paintings, I'm never short of inspiration.


I rise to my feet, walking over to the wall. I run my hand down the cold, bare area. Inspiration is here. It's already flooding my mind. I can already see the colors blending, filling the void, brushstroke after brushstroke turning into a beautiful image…and I have to create it.

I have to paint.

I run to the other side of the room and drag over every bucket of paint I can carry, and then run back and grab the rest. This painting is going to be so extravagant…so extraordinary…everyone will finally see how I feel.

I stare at the blank space once again, filling it with the image occupying my mind. It's Eugene and me…how things should be…the life I dreamt we would have…together…forever…

I wrap Eugene around all of my thoughts, and every memory I have of him floods my mind. I can see it all: he smiles at me…he strokes my hair…he holds me tight, his arms encircling me, never, ever letting me go.

I think of all we could have become, and all that we could have been had we remained together. But I'm so thankful for the memories…that I can simply savor these moments right here, right now. I lay a hand over my heart, where he touched it one year ago. What he had said was the truth. He will never leave. He'll always be right here…in my heart…for all eternity.

"I love you, Eugene…" I whisper, holding back tears as I feel him all around me. He feels closer than ever, now…as if he's holding me close…I can almost hear him whisper in my ear, "I love you, too…"

I can still feel his strong arms around me as I pick up the brush and begin to paint.

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