Sonny's POV

It's been a month and a half since I broke up with Chad and left "So Random". Everything came my way so fast, Chad cheating on me, the show changing into something that just didn't feel like "So Random" anymore, I didn't know what to do, so I ran. I thought about moving back to Wisconsin, but I felt like I needed a new beginning and couldn't really start over there. So that's why I'm here, on a plane to New York trying desperately to forget the past that keeps coming back to haunt me. The thing is, forgetting is a hard thing to do when you still have fans and paparazzi trying to get to you and figure out what's going on in your head when the ugly truth is you're not even sure what's going through your head is the right thing, let alone sane.


"Attention all passengers, we will we landing at LaGuardia Airport in approximately five minutes. Please gather your belongings and buckle up for landing." The announcer guy called through the microphone he was holing. I sighed and looked at the seat next to me making sure my backpack was still there before checking my pocket to make sure my iPod was still in there.

Once I landed and I got my bags it took me about two minutes to figure out how to flag down a taxi and about five more to actually get one to stop. Once one finally stopped in front of me I sighed in relief that I didn't have to wait any longer. I was about to pick up my bags and get into it when someone knocked into my back, sending me tumbling down with whoever it was on top of me. I groaned and held my head where the pavement had hit it.

"Oh come on!" I shouted as a man took my taxi. The girl who had rammed me stood up and held out a hand for me which I accepted and stood up.

"I am so sorry, did I make you lose your cab?" I grabbed the back of my head again and nodded.

"Just a little." I answered. I wasn't mad at the girl, it wasn't her fault a jackass stole my cab.

"Well here," she said picking up one of my bags, "let me help you get another cab." She put her hand out and not long after a taxi pulled over in front of her. I looked at her in shock at how fast she had gotten one. She giggled.

"Never been to New York before huh?" she asked, I shook my head. "I've lived here my whole life." I nodded and handed the taxi man my suitcase for him to put in the trunk of his cab. The man grabbed my other bag from the girl and I suddenly felt bad.

"Hey why don't we share the cab so you don't have to wait for another one." I suggested to the girl. She smiled and nodded.

"That seems fair."

We climbed into the cab and sat down. The taxi man asked where to drop us off so I pulled out a slightly crumpled slip of paper out of my pocket and read off the address to my new apartment.

"Just drop me off at the end of Waverly Place." the girl told him. When we started moving she turned to me. "I'm Harper." she said, holding out her hand for me to shake. I grabbed it.


We started some unimportant conversation, skipping from one subject to another for the ride. We suddenly stopped at the end of a bock. It looked so cute, it had a bunch of little shops going down it. There was a sub shop two actually, a hardware store, food carts about a dozen of them, it looked like there was even some apartments. Waverly Place, I have to remember this street name. Harper got out and bent over to look in the car.

"So maybe I'll see you around."

"Yeah" I said, and like that she was on her way down the street and into one of the doors leading into one of the many places Waverly had to offer.

324 East 74th street, that's my new home. It's not to far from Waverly Place and to my advantage it's really close to Central Park. I put my suit cases down next to the door once I walked in and too in the smell of my new home. It felt so empty, though the movers had delivered my furniture before I had even gotten into New York. I sighed and put my keys down on the coffee table and walked into the bathroom, deciding that all I really wanted right now was a nice long shower.

~Alex's POV~

School, the worst invention in the entire world. I want it to die, I want it's children to die. The only thing that makes school a little better now, is that Justin graduated. But this entire week was jank cause Harper was off visiting her parents, and I was stuck, against will, sitting with Max during lunch and let me tell you I almost puked twice. But that all ends cause once I get home, which is where I'm heading right now, Harper will be there.

I jumped down the few steps that were on the street and up to a door that had a silver 57 on it. I took out my keys, unlocked the door and walked up the stairs that lead to the apartment part of the property my family owned. I wanted to avoid the sub shop as much as possible, I didn't want to have to work when I'd rather be catching up with Harper.

"Alex!" my red-haired friend shouted once I stepped into the basement which she had been using as her bedroom since she moved in.

"Harper I missed you." I told her as I pulled her into a hug. For the next half hour she told me about what happened when she visited her parents and I told her about my dreadful week with Max as my lunch buddy.

I've been gay for as long as I could remember, and Harper has always know too, she figured that one out on her own, shes a lot smarter than I give her credit for. Harper isn't gay, but she knows what a cute girl looks like from a mile away, so when she mentioned she shared a taxi with one that caught my attention.

"She didn't know how to flag down a taxi?" I asked laughing. Harper gave me a disapproving look

"Alex she just moved to the city and she was used to being driven around by her mom all the time."

"Okay, whatever forget about that. What did she look like? What color was her hair? Did she have an accent that could help distinguish where she was from?"

"Alex slow down, you haven't even seen the girl and you're acting as if you plan on marrying her."

"Okay sorry I just want to know the details woman." I said defensively. I haven't even looked at a girl in a month. After I staged my breakup with Mason I've been focusing mostly on helping him with his love life. Yes, I did say that I staged our breakup and I did say I was helping someone. Mason came to me a month and a half ago with a confession that, as he says, was 'eating away at him' and that he 'couldn't hold it in any longer'. He was gay and was using me as a cover up, which was ironic cause I was doing the exact same thing. So we decided that we would help each other out (his idea), I would help him get/find a guy and he would do the same for me with a girl. So yeah, here we are.

I don't know if it was the way that Harper described that girl Sonny that she met in the taxi or if it was just the fact that I missed scoping out random girls, but she sounded exactly like something I wanted right now.

"Hey Alex, hey Harper, you guys wanna go for a walk?" Mason asked as he trotted down the basement stairs, carefully avoiding the pipe that always seems to hit people.

"Yeah sure, gets me outta more work." I answered getting up and motioning for Harper to come with me.

~Sonny's POV~

Not long after I was done with my shower I decided to explore the advantage that was Central Park. I grabbed my keys and my leather jacket, though the May air didn't have too much of a chill, and walked out of the building and into the large entrance to a huge park. I walked on a path for quite a while until I saw a lake that looked like a perfect place to stop and catch my breath, literally and figuratively. I walked towards it, my keys being spun around my finger, and took in a deep breath. This was my new start, to make new friends, have a chance to live on my own and follow my world, to-oh my god holy crap! It happened as if in slow motion, one single more flip of my keys the metal ring slipped from my grip and flew. Not backwards so I could turn around and be embarrassed cause I dropped my keys no that's just too simple, no, my keys had to fly forward right into the water.

"Fuck." I said internally slapping myself. I looked around not knowing what to do. Those were the only copies I had to my apartment and to my mailbox. I groaned knowing what I was going to have to do. I slipped my jacket off and took my phone out of my pocket and pulled off my high tops. I looked down into the water took a deep breath, and dove in. My first thought once I hit the water that I didn't think of until that moment, 'I can't swim'.

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