Fandom: The Pokemon Game-Verse

Characters: Blair, Whitlea, aka Black and White.

Rating: K+

Notes: Short little piece~ ^^




No, we're not related. Stop asking.


They stared at her with the awe of a peasant in the presence of a goddess.

They look at him like he was last year's garage sale fedora.

He was always with her, never left her side - his hand always laced with her ringed fingers, this was the societal norm for them. For those around the boy and girl, however, their being together was a curse, an omen of things to come.

But even so, they were practically inseparable. But none of that mattered - even if she arrived half-dressed in his clothes, and even if he spent the night at her house during the holidays, people would still ask, still wonder the same question:

"Are you related?"

Black would always respond with a cold, distant glare, and White would simply giggle slightly and take his hand. "Of course not, so please, stop asking."

But of course, that didn't stop people from asking.