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Arthur Kirkland known as the kingdom of England stepped out of his chambers. Arthur's attire consisted of a long dark green coat with a white dress shirt underneath. He straitened out his dark brown trousers and began to form his bow tie. The young man looked at the mirror besides him and saw his hair was an absolute mess. He smiled and began to walk off to meet his queen.

Queen Elizabeth I was the new queen of his country. The young women was dubbed the ruler for a month now and has been doing fairly good job about it. She has abolished many Catholic Churches and families and many training priests. To other people it may seem horrible, but to Arthur it was a dream come true.

The young nation walked up to Elizabeth and bowed his head. His queen got up from her throne and walked gracefully towards the Englishmen. Arthur took one hand and quaintly kissed it. He heard the young woman chuckle at his actions and began to pull away. Arthur stood straight and tall with both arms behind his back. He stared at Elizabeth who stared right back at the man.

"More suitors are entering the castle for you my queen."

"More heart broken suitors are going to leave my kingdom."

The blonde man smiled as he watched his beloved ruler walking back to her throne. Suddenly the royal doors opened and a tall blonde man walks in. Next to the tall blonde was another man who was about two inches shorter. He had a scowl upon his face that frightened Arthur and a pair of glasses. His blue eyes scanned the room and saw Elizabeth and Arthur. The terrifying man walked towards Arthur and began to converse.

"Berwald." He said in a low voice.

Arthur stiffened as he heard the name, "Arthur. Known as England."

Berwald nodded, "Sweden."

The Englishmen forced a smile. He knew the purpose of this visit. Arthur nodded his head and allowed Swedish man to enter the throne room of his queen. The prince known as Eric of Sweden bowed before Elizabeth and soon enough the two had a striking conversation. Arthur frowned and looked over at Berwald to see his reaction. It was blank.

Arthur sighed and excused himself from throne room.

Many days passed and soon enough word spread of both Prince Eric and Queen Elizabeth. Arthur paroled the streets of London and began to worry. Was his Queen, that he held so dearly, going to marry the Swedish Prince? The nation sped up his pace and began to walk back to the royal home.

Arthur burst in Elizabeth's chambers and saw that his highness was getting dressed for her daily routine. The Englishmen covered his eyes as he saw the back of her dress unzipped. He was truly embarrassed for his not so thought out actions. The man apologized several times and was about to leave but he heard her voice.

"Not yet..."

Arthur turned around and still saw her bareback. Elizabeth stroked her hair and with a slight blush upon her pale face as she requests something from her beloved nation.

"Can you zip it for me, Arthur?"

The blonde man soon began to grow nervous. He nodded his head and walked back to his queen. Both hands slowly made his way to her zipper and within a second he zipped the dress up. Elizabeth turned around and smiled at the Englishmen.

"Thank you" She murmured.

Arthur smiled and bowed, "The pleasure was all mine, my Queen."

Elizabeth sat down on her bed and smiled, "So what do I owe the pleasure of my nation visiting me in my chambers? It seems rather rare that you would want to visit me in such a place. Especially in my chambers! Gossip will spread if the servants find out, dear Arthur."

The blonde man stood with a slight smile, "Are you really going to do it?"


"Marry him?"

"Prince Eric?"

Arthur's smile soon turned sad, "I heard that the ministers were giving you serious consideration."

"They were." Elizabeth replied, "Also for the Archduke Charles."

The nation then frowned, "I see..."

"Oh Arthur..." She began, "What gave you the idea that I would marry Prince Eric?"

Arthur's eyes narrowed as he replied, "I may have heard rumors that you accepted his proposal."

"Really?" She sounded very amused.

"Yes. Many of the townspeople in London began to make medals with you and Eric."

Elizabeth chuckled, "Oh how absurd."

"Absolutely." He agreed with a slight tone of happiness.

The queen stood up and smiled at Arthur, "I do not wish to marry any man. I do not want to repeat the mistakes my sister made by marrying a man that would not be popular with the people."

The English nation grimaced at the remembrance of his previous queen, Queen Mary.

"I see."

Soon the Queen walked toward Arthur. As she passes him she whispers in his ear, "You are like my little dog; when people see you, they know I am nearby."

Queen Elizabeth then walked out of her chambers, leaving the nation to himself in the room. Arthur smiled slightly at the little insult or compliment that she gave him. He left the room and followed the Queen to her meeting. He got in her carriage and soon they rode off to a certain Parliament building.

Arthur sat next to his Queen in the room. There were at the Parliament to discuss important matters that were suppose to dealt with. Many men filled the room and began to argue about which case shall go first. One man stood up and exclaimed.

"My Queen! You must hurry and find a suitor. You are the last of your royal family and if you wish to continue to have this family throughout generations you must produce an heir!"

Elizabeth smiled, "I am already married."

Many gasps filled the room. Including Arthur.

"To whom?" Arthur asked.

Elizabeth grabbed his hand and stood up. Arthur stood up as well with a red-beat face. The Queen smiled and exclaimed loudly to every man in the room, "I have already joined myself in marriage to a husband, namely the kingdom of England."

The room grew silent with such news. Arthur smiled though and squeezed his beloved's hand, who in return smiled lovingly at him. Though another man began to speak up.

"Your highness, do you know how foolish that sounds? You can not marry such a man! Including a nation. You do not know if he can even produce such an heir to the throne. You need a noble man who can help rule this kingdom of yours."

Elizabeth shot a glare at the man, "Was I not born in this realm? Were my parents born in any foreign country? Is there any cause I should alienate myself from being careful over this country? Is not my kingdom here?"

"Your highness.." He mumbled and sat back down.

Elizabeth glared at the rest, "Now if you may excuse us. I must run a kingdom at once."

"B-But Queen Elizabeth! Please hear us out!" Another man exclaimed, "Do you really want this for yourself? Do you really want your family to expire?"

Elizabeth turned back with Arthur at her side, "It would please me best if, at last, a marble stone shall record that this Queen having lived such and such a time, lived and died a virgin."

Years and years passed and Elizabeth continued to reign Arthur's body. Though sadly as those years pass, Arthur began to notice his beloved to age. To him and many others she seemed so immortal, but by the turn of the seventeenth century, his loving Queen was soon beginning to display very real human illness. Arthur watched helplessly as his lover began to grow tired and weak both physically and emotionally.

Arthur would be by her side as she would slowly walk up the stairs with a cane and during the opening of Parliament she would almost fell under the weight of her heavy robes. Arthur almost choked out as he found out that she has been suffering from some form of mental instability.

The Englishmen knew she was no longer quite the charming, witty, graceful, monarch that she had once been. Poor Elizabeth soon began rather paranoid to his eyes and began to grow quite bitter towards him and others. She pushed poor Arthur away from her and all the nation can do is just listen and watch her become lonelier and lonelier as more of her friends pass on to the underworld.

By the late winter Arthur thought of trying his black magic to cure the immortal Queen but many weeks passed and by the time he found the right spell he was too late. The Queen had caught a chill after walking out in the cold winter air. She complained to Arthur and many servants of her aching throat and also pains on her body.

Arthur immediately dropped his spell book and lifted up the aging Queen. He quickly ran to her chambers and carefully placed the frail woman on her bed. She squeezed Arthur's hand and whispered, "I am not well..."

Arthur smiled sadly, "I know, love. Let me get you a doctor."


The blonde nation sighed. He dearly respects her wishes, "Alright."

The nation himself stayed by her side. As he did this he began to think. Who would be the succession to the throne? He heard that his brother's king would succeed. Then as if she was reading his mind, the woman began to speak again.

"Arthur...Sweet, sweet, Arthur..."

"Yes, love?"

Elizabeth smiled weakly and said, "I-I want... James VI of Scotland to succeed me.. Please tell your brother and ministers that."

Arthur caressed her cheek, "Of course."

Soon late at night, Arthur noticed that Elizabeth began to fall into deep sleep. Many servants and ministers visited her and assumed that she was asleep, but Arthur knew that she had passed. He told the news to the people and soon enough news of sadness filled the streets of London. The Queen wished for many things and one of them was the wish of no post mortem and it was granted.

Arthur watched Elizabeth's funeral. He must admit, it was very magnificent. Her coffin, covered in purple velvet, was drawn by horses draped in black cloth, An effigy of the great Queen, dressed in the robes of state with a crown on her head and a sceptre in her hands, lay on the coffin beneath a mighty canopy held by six knights.

The nation turned to his side and saw the streets were full of people, all coming to pay their last respects to the Queen, who had ruled them so wisely and for so long as she made her way to her final resting place right there at Westminster Abbey. Arthur wept when he saw the life-like effigy of his Queen.

Arthur will never love another human like that. He knew that his Elizabeth was his forever. The English nation will always remember the remarkable achievements of a remarkable woman, his beloved Queen Elizabeth I.

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The Italic phrases are Queen Elizabeth I's famous quotes.

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