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It was around the 1900s when a child was born into the country of Russia. The icon for the nation was known as Ivan Braginski. The tall big-boned man smiled as he heard the news that the fourth child of his czar is being born. One of the servants told Ivan the gender and it made him frown. Another girl? It seems wonderful yes, but he and the parents are desperate for a male to continue on. The first three girls are very wonderful he must admit, but Ivan yearns for a male child. The servant, who stood silently beside the Russian, told him that he is to lead Ivan to the nursery where the czar's wife is taking care of the child.

Ivan nodded and followed the shorter man. He entered the nursery doors and was greeted by a sense of warmness in the room. The whole atmosphere melted his cold face, that was always greeted by General Winter's gusts every day. The nation coughed, trying to get the Queen's attention. The said woman looked up and smiled at her country.

"Privet moya koroleva." Ivan greeted as he watched the Queen turning her attention back to the infant.

The woman nodded in acknowledgment as she heard the faint foot steps of the nation's boots coming towards her. The marble tiles were soon stained with liquid puddles from the outside, though the servants quickly wiped them up. The nation stood beside the woman and continued to listen to the Russian lullaby that she hummed. As Ivan listened, the man observed the nursery room.

The place was painted with a calm blue with a pattern of the sun on each corner. The walls were decorated with paintings with the family and selves filled with books for young children. On the side was a wooden toy chest that was painted green, golden letters on the chest that clearly read 'toys.' Right beside the chest was a play pen and a bed for young babies. Ivan smiled as he saw one of the older siblings of the newest member of the Nikolaevna family.

The nation then turned his attention toward the sleeping child. He can feel his chest warming up as he watched the infant sleeping peacefully in her mother's arms. Ivan placed a gloved hand on the Queen's shoulder and asked what the child's name is.

The Queen thought for a moment and then smiled. She brought her child near her and said, "Her name is Anastasia."

"Oh?" Ivan questioned, "Why is that my Queen?"

"Because Nicholas pardoned and reinstated the students who have been imprisoned for participating in riots in St. Petersburg and Moscow the previous winter."

"Ah yes." The nation recalled, "I remember that event. Though that doesn't answer my question, Alexandra."

The said Queen chuckled and asked, "You do know what the name means right?"

It took Ivan a few seconds to realize it, "Ah~ I remember, da! Anastasia means the breaker of chains or prison opener. I get it now."

Queen Alexandra grinned and gestured Ivan to come closer. The nation did so and soon realized that the Queen is handing him the child. Ivan shook his head and insisted that he might drop the child, but by the looks of Queen Alexandria's face it seemed that she trusted the silver-haired man. Ivan sighed in defeat and took Anastasia right out of her mother's arms. Ivan seemed very tense, this is the first time he actually held a child. The other three he didn't really want to hold, because no one really insisted on it until now. Though when the nation looked at Anastasia, it made him smile.

The small child giggled and took hold of Ivan's nose. The Russian man stared blankly at the infant, but soon laughed along with the child. Queen Alexandria giggled along, but it soon faded as she stood up. She looked at the Russian nation and told him that she needed to meet with her husband.

Ivan nodded and watched the Queen walk off. The silver-haired man looked down at Anastasia and smiled. He could get use to this child. The tall nation cradled the baby girl in his arms, singing a soft song to her. Anastasia yawned and fell into deep slumber. Ivan chuckled and placed the infant back in the crib. As Ivan walked out, he looked back at Anastasia and whispered something.

"Horoshaya nochʹ."

Ten years passed and Anastasia grew into a young energetic girl, who causes trouble. The servants refuse to watch the young girl, so Ivan volunteered to watch her. To their surprise, the nation and child got along perfectly. One day, Ivan took Anastasia out to the forest. The nation pointed to the girl that people ice-skate on frozen lakes. It excited Anastasia so much that she dashed off toward the lake, trying to skate. Ivan grew very nervous, he didn't know whether if the ice was thin or not.

Ivan bit his lip as he called out, "Odin Litl! Come over here!"

Anastasia grinned and waved, "Vanyaa~! It's not thin at all!"

The nation cursed under his breath and quickly ran toward the young girl. Ivan swooped in and scooped the girl in his arms. Anastasia laughed in a giddy manner and clung onto the big man. Ivan sighed in relief as he reached stable land. He placed Anastasia back on the snowy ground and patted her head. The child grinned and held onto Ivan's gloved hand.

"Let's go back home, Vanya." Anastasia said as they walked back to their home, "Mother said that Rasputin is visiting."

Ivan frowned as he heard that name. He didn't like that man, sure he seemed nice, but he was odd. The man would hug the girls and talk to them while they were in their nightgowns, and there were rumors in town that Rasputin is sexually touching the girls. Ivan asked little Anastasia this and she only depended her dear friend. The Queen didn't say anything in this matter as well. She apparently needed this 'Holy Man.' For what reasons? The nation didn't know.

"Vanya~" The child sang out, "Is your sisters coming to visit as well?"

Ivan chuckled, "Big sister is busy with the fields right now."

"What about your little sister?"

The Russian man forced a smile, "A-Ah...B-Belarus is...um.."

"LOOK!" Anastasia interrupted, "IT'S RASPUTIN!"

Ivan's forced smile turned stale. He watched as the little girl released his hand to run toward another man. A man that seemed like a criminal. Though he couldn't say that out loud, if he did then more rumors will spread and something cruel might happen to that man and his little Anastasia would be so crushed. The silver-haired man walked casually to Rasputin as he picked up the girl. Rasputin gave Ivan a friendly look and hand-shake.

"Take care of her, da?" Ivan said as he squeezed the man's hand.

Rasputin chuckled softly and squeezed back, "Da, of course my dear friend. We are going to have fun, right little one?"

Anastasia smiled, "'Course we are! Now let's go!"

Ivan watched amusingly as the small girl pulled a giant man a long with her back to the palace. That's what he liked about little Anastasia, she can easily wrap her finger around the biggest men here in Russia. The said country chuckled and slowly followed in their foot steps.

As Ivan walked into the palace, servants rushed toward Rasputin and ripped little Anastasia out of his arms. She cried his name out as she saw him being threatened with weapons. Ivan stiffened and quickly ran toward one of the knights. The knight looked up at Ivan and told him that Rasputin has raped a royal governess.


The Russian nation gritted his teeth and took Anastasia out of the servant's arms. He held the girl tightly as she cried. Ivan looked at the others and said, "I shall take this Odin Litl back to her room."

They all nodded at the nation and watched as he took the little girl back to her chambers. Ivan closed the wooden door as he entered. He placed his little friend on her soft bed and watched as she hugged her pillow. Ivan was heart-broken. He admits that he dislikes Rasputin for taking his little one's attention, but the thing he hates the most is seeing this girl sad.

Ivan ran his hand through his hair and said, "Anastasia..."

"V-Vanya..." She hiccuped as she raised her arms up.

The nation smiled softly and picked up the child. She buried her face in his coat and continued to cry. As she did she managed to hiccup out a question, "W-Why...di-did they d-do that...t-to..Ra-Rasputin..?"

Ivan kissed her forehead and replied, "They...need to ask him to do something for your parents."

"C-Couldn't they do i-it in a nice w-way?"

The Russian man didn't say anything. He gently placed Anastasia back in her bed. He smiled and told her to sleep. It would probably take her mind off of Rasputin. Anastasia said nothing, but only nodded in response. Ivan chuckled and gave the girl a light kiss on her forehead. Anastasia smiled slightly and began to close her eyes.

Ivan chuckled and walked out of the room. As he passed he heard the servants gossiping. He froze and listened to their conversation. As he heard more, he began to grow nervous. Rasputin sexually touching, harassing, groping Ivan's little girls? Anastasia and her sisters..? Ivan shook his head, no, Rasputin would never do anything like that. Ivan chuckled and pushed that silly thought away.

Days passed and Rasputin was released from his captivity. Despite all the rumors that Ivan and Rasputin heard, the Holy Man continued to see the royal family. More sick and disgusting stories were surfacing the town and palace. Ivan couldn't take it anymore.

During one December night, Ivan marched his way through the snow, toward the poorest part of the kingdom. There he saw many nobodies, staring at the nation as he made his way toward the center. There in the middle of the peasant town, Rasputin was kneeing down 'praying'. Ivan coughed rudely at the man, trying to gain his full attention.

Rasputin turned around and lightened up as he saw his nation. Ivan stood there smiling with his hands behind his back, holding an object. Rasputin smiled and stood up, trying to have a good face to face conversation with the country.

"My, my, Ivan!" Rasputin said, "What brings you here tonight? Does the Queen need me once more?"

Ivan smiled, "No."

"Oh?" He asked, "Well what is it then?"

"Do you touch my Anastasia?"

Rasputin was disturbed by this sudden question, "W-What?"

"Do you touch the other Grand Duchesses?"

"I-Ivan! I do no-"

"Did you seduce the Tsarina?"


"And the four Grand Duchesses?"

Rasputin now had a red face, "IVAN! I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!"

Ivan's face soon turned dark, "Kolkolkolkol."

The man was very afraid, but he continued to talk, "P-Please, Ivan. I-I am nothing but a mere holy man..."

The Russian country used his right hand to fetch something in his pocket. He pulled out a newspaper and shoved it in Rasputin's hands. The man was confused, he looked up and he saw that Ivan is gesturing him to look at the paper. Rasputin was reluctant, but he looked. His eyes widened in horror as he saw a cartoon. A pornographic cartoon of him and his relations with the Queen, Anna Vyrubova, and the four Grand Duchesses. Rasputin immediately dropped the paper and looked up to see Ivan's eyes growing cold, needing blood.

"P-Pomiluĭ..." Rasputin whispered.

Ivan revealed his left hand, which held a brass dagger. The nation aura was dark and sinister as he slowly approached Rasputin. The man fell to the ground, begging Ivan to spare his life. Though Ivan didn't hear a single word that the man uttered out. His main goal was to protect his little Anastasia.

"Rasputin..." Ivan whispered darkly, "Do you hear that..?"

Rasputin looked at the nation, his face dangerously close to Ivan's, "H-Hear wh-what?"

Ivan's thin line of a mouth soon stretched into a gross smile, "Hell is waiting."


Ivan didn't hear his cries as he held up the brass weapon. He closed his eyes as he quickly brought his arm down. He could hear the sound of blood gushing out of Rasputin as he pulled the dagger out. Tears fell down his face as he continued to repeat his dirty actions. Ivan bit his lip as he stopped. He stood up straight and chuckled the dagger at the lifeless body's face. The point perfectly hit Rusputin's left eye.

"YA ... YA sdelal eto dlya moego .. Moya malenʹkaya Anastasiya.." Ivan muttered as he walked away.

Years and years passed. WWI entered the Russian nation and Ivan did his best to protect his lovely Anastasia. Ivan must admit, the little girl, who was once a troublemaker, was now a beautiful young woman, donated her time, helping the soldiers by keeping them company. As Ivan entered the hospital, he saw Anastasia laughing along with a wounded soldier. It touched his heart.

The young woman turned around and saw Ivan standing there looking embarrassed. Anastasia smiled and greeted the nation with a warm embrace. Ivan chuckled and returned the favor. Anastasia laughed and pulled Ivan along with her as they walked around the room.

"You and your sister and doing a good job with these soldiers." Ivan commented.

Anastasia smiled, "Thank you, Vanya. You are also do a wonderful job with handling this God awful war."

"I try my best, da."


Suddenly the doors burst open, Russian soldiers took Anastasia and Ivan and took them back to the palace. Ivan was deeply surprised by this and demanded to know what was going on. One of the men told him that a revolution has started in Russia and the King resigned from his throne. Now they are being placed under house arrest.

The soldiers threw the two in the house and was greeted by the rest of the family. Anastasia was the first to get up. She helped her country up and dusted herself off. She suddenly smiled as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Well...It looks like we'll be here for a while."

Her older sisters rolled their eyes at her while little brother chuckled.

Anastasia giggled and said, "Who wants to be in a play?"

Ivan laughed and watched as she and the other siblings began to scramble around the palace. During their time in the palace, Anastasia and the other family members would be amused by Anastasia's performances and ideas. Ivan really admired her. Though one morning men came busting in and took Anastasia and her family. Ivan was dumbstruck, he ran toward her and tried to pull her away from the men.

"ENOUGH!" A man roared as he smacked Ivan with his rifle.

Ivan was shock by the man's actions, "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?"

The man glared darkly and replied, "None of your concern, Russia."

Weeks, days and years passed since then. Ivan was lost, he knew by that man's comment that it was their execution. The personified nation felt stale and hallow when he heard the news, he had lost the feeling of warmness in his chest. The feeling that he loved is now gone.

Ivan was very troubled even more as imposters showed up to him. He knew that his Anastasia was gone on this earth, but rumors had it that she survived along with someone else. Though he knew better than to listen to those silly rumors.A famous imposter almost captured Ivan's heart, but DNA tests showed that she was a phoney.

Ivan sighed as he walked around Moscow. He had a feeling General Winter will be visiting again. The tall man sat down on a bench and began to think. Will he find someone like his little Anastasia? Someone who will bring warmth in his cold chest? Someone who will stay happy during a time of sadness? Someone who will look up to him? Sure he had his sisters, but...their love was nothing compared to Anastasia.

"I-It..." Ivan whispered as he looked up at the blue sky, "It is too late to tell you how I feel."

A gust of wind came by and Ivan was startled. He heard a whisper within the winds. A voice that he could faintly recognized was hiding within the winds. It told him a few simple words that he was dying to hear from her.

"YA tozhe tebya lyublyu."

Privet moya koroleva-Hello my Queen

Horoshaya nochʹ-Good night

Odin Litl- Little One

P-Pomiluĭ...- Have Mercy

"YA ... YA sdelal eto dlya moego .. Moya malenʹkaya Anastasiya.."- I did...I did this for my...My little Anastasia

YA tozhe tebya lyublyu.- I love you too

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