My Heart

Year 3227. Around spring.

I rolled off of my firm, soft bed and yawned, sprawling out on the floor.

The alarm clock next to my bed shrieked, informing me of the time.

"I know…" I moaned and sat up, grabbing my alarm clock from the side table and slamming it on the floor. I knew I'd have to replace the clock, but I didn't care. I could buy another (less annoying one) later.

"Despite the rough morning, I smiled, remembering what I had done. I had finally gotten over Sonic. I never thought I would, but I needed to. Especially after he decided to date Princess Sally again. I literally HAD to move on.

After I moved on, I fell hard into love once again. I didn't want to, but I did (unfortunately). This time, Shadow clouded my mind and captured my heart.

I heaved my body off the floor and stared at myself in the mirror above my side table. My figure did look like how Shadow described it. Beautiful piercing emerald green eyes. Sandy tan muzzle. Heartfelt pink fur. Tempting lips.

I blushed. Shadow was right. I was quite wonderful.

All of the sudden, my joy dropped when I noticed the gun Shadow had given to me glaring at me.

"Show Sonic how you really feel about how he rejected you. Shoot him through the heart," Shadow's somber voice echoed. My heart stopped. All I could imagine was crimson stained on Sonic's pelt. A voice inside me begged to let him live. Another pleaded to murder the pathetic fool.

I wanted to shut myself up, but I know that I would never be left alone until I ended everything. I had to kill Sonic.

"Wise choice," Shadow's voice praised me in my mind.

I picked up the gun and gazed out my window. Without a doubt, Sonic and Sally stood outside.

I will kill both of them, I thought.

I was oblivious to the fact I was still in my nightgown as I hurried out of my home. The sun had already stained the land with scarlet. I raised the gun to Sonic's chest.


I pulled the trigger. Crimson burst out of Sonic's heart as he collapsed, blood pouring from his wound. Sally cried in fear as I barked threats at Sally before revealing her fate to her.

"Don't do it, Amy!"

My heart grew heavy with sin and regret. Did I really want to do this?

A loud bullet shot sounded. Sally's eyes closed as she fell into a puddle of blood.

I dropped the gun. The feeling of guilt stung my heart.

"Goodbye…" I turned away from the victims of my homicides and walked back to my house.