That girl's just not right in the head, they would say.

She accepted it, but there was one boy who disagreed with them.

He liked her craziness, the way she'd say random things at random times.

She'd say things like "Hey, do mirrors work in outer space?" and he'd start laughing and everyone else looked at him like he was crazy.

Jade didn't know, she couldn't know, because that girl he liked was prettylittlerainbows and the girl who needed him to like her was darkdarkdark.

When Jade wasn't there in Sikowitz's class, he'd sit in his chair and just watch her. It didn't matter if there was something to learn that day. He'd watch her smile, he'd watch her laugh, he'd watch her act and dance and be prettylittlerainbows.

She'd say some pretty odd things on paper as well, he'd seen the little words on the papers she'd stuff into the cracks of her locker door. He had taken one out one day, when Jade and Cat weren't there, and read it.

it's a rainbow but it's full of red and doesn't have any other colors, it needs other colors but it doesn't have any

Now that one was tucked away in his RV, he thought it had a hiddenmeaning, and it probably did.

They had a lot of moments together, when they ate ice cream together in their younger days, and she painted her face with strawberry ice cream and he laughed. Her face was all sticky after that and he thought it was c u t e.

Prettylittlerainbows didn't show at school for a while, and even Jade seemed to be less mean, like she cared.

When she showed up, there was a bruise on her face and several on her arms. He asked her what happened.

A unicorn poked me, silly, she answered, and he said that hard? but i thought they liked you, and she looked down and he could've sworn she was crying.

Jade grabbed him shortly after that, pulling him away, pushing him against a set of lockers and kissing him heatedly. He didn't want Jade's lips, he wanted to know what prettylittlerainbows's lips tasted like.

He found another one of her notes not long after that, tucked in his locker.

is it possible to be sad and happy at the same time? i cry rainbows.. aren't rainbows happy little things?

Prettylittlerainbows stopped being the girl she was, with her smiles and laughter slowly fading away, until almost no one at Hollywood Arts remembered them, except for him.

Every day, she'd come to school with at least one bruise, and he'd ask her are you okay?, and she'd walk away from him with her head down.

Prettylittlerainbows got into a car c r a s h one day, they said she was broken.

The day before the crash, she'd left him another note in his locker, as if she knew something terrible was going to happen the next day.

i cry rainbows for you, beck, isn't that enough? what will it take?

And a week after the crash, he comes and lays a daisy on her grave, he knew daisies were her favorite flower.

"I'm sorry." he whispers, kneeling, asking for prettylittlerainbows's forgiveness.

He tilts his head to look at the ground, and he begins to weep, his sobs broken, tearing through his body violently. He puts his face in his hands, whispering i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm such a fucking idiot over and over again.

The wind picks up slightly and the daisy floats, he stares at it in stunned silence, it lands in front of him.

He can feel her smile.