Dalton was on break for the week and Kurt was happy to be home with the family, while, of course, texting Blaine 24/7. He was in his own house, his father and stepmother happily poking their heads into his room every now and then to ask a quick question and mention they were glad he was back. Finn even seemed in a particularly good mood, recently made up with Rachel and having his stepbrother back home. After their recent discussion at the coffee shop, Blaine had been more committed to the friendship than Kurt had ever seen him and particularly flirtier. The atmosphere was warm and Kurt couldn't have been in a better mood.

That evening, Kurt had wandered into the kitchen to find Finn pulling on a sweatshirt and grabbing his backpack.

"Where are you off to?" Kurt asked lazily, the slight smile still on his lips that seemed unable to leave over his past two days being home.

"Glee rehearsal. Shue's been having us come in in the evening a few times a week. We're almost ready for regionals!" Finn explained excitedly.

"Great! Gosh, I really miss you guys sometimes..." Kurt said wistfully, turning his attention to the slowly growing pile of dishes in the sink and wondering if he should attend to them

"Well…I mean, I don't think it would be that big of a deal…" Finn muttered to himself. Kurt glanced up at him curiously. "What the heck? Why don't you come with? I bet everyone'd love to see you."

Kurt opened his mouth slightly, pleasantly surprised, but quickly said "Are you sure? You don't think Rachel would be angry? She'd probably assume I was there to spy…"

Kurt laughed fondly, thinking of Rachel and their newly founded friendship, but assuring himself she wouldn't be afraid to risk their new bond in order to protect their chances for regionals.

"Nah, I'm sure it'll be fine. Come with!" Finn added enthusiastically. Kurt couldn't help but smile. He sighed dramatically, laughing to himself "Oh, FINE! If I must."

Finn just shook his head and motioned for Kurt to lead the way out to the garage where Finn's truck was waiting. Kurt grinned to himself, deciding to forget the dishes and attend to them when they returned. He was going to see his old friends again and sit in on a Glee rehearsal which never failed to leave him smiling. Nothing could bring him down he thought blissfully.


Finn entered the choir room ahead of Kurt to a chorus of "Hey, Finn." Kurt heard Rachel's little squeak and could imagine her skipping forward and standing on tiptoes to wrap her arms around Finn's neck.

"So guys, I have a little surprise…" Finn smiled and turned to the door. Kurt slid into view and smiled at the familiar room.

Rachel met his eyes first, and to his surprise, instead of accusing him instantaneously of trying to take down her beloved Glee club, repeated the same gasp she produced for Finn and bounded to Kurt, wrapping her arms around him, although not having to lift herself up for this embrace. He was startled, and laughed at her sudden welcome, wrapping his arms around her. He pulled away and returned her bright smile. She grabbed his hand and dragged him into the room. Everyone greeted him, smiling.

"Hey Kurt!"

"My MAN, what's goin on?"


Many hugs were exchanged and finally after a good few minutes of excited chatter, the group settled as Mr. Shue entered the room.

"Ok gang, we've gotten a lot done in the past couple days but we've still got a lot of practicing to- Oh!" Mr. Shue finally looked up and noticed Kurt sitting between Rachel, her arm looped through his, and Mercedes.

"Kurt! Hey, what are you doing here?" he asked, smiling and striding over to hug Kurt quickly.

"Well, I'm home for the week and Finn said I should come along and sit in on rehearsal…if you don't mind of course…" he smiled at his old teacher.

He felt Rachel's grip tighten on his arm and she bounced slightly on her chair, mouthing "Pleeeeasseee?" at Mr. Shue. From the feel of her grip, Kurt was pretty sure even if Shuester said no, Rachel wasn't letting Kurt go any time soon.

"Of course, Kurt, you're always welcome here. As long as I don't see the Warblers rehearsing our number any time soon" Shuester added with a wink. "Ok, guys, down to business…" he started, turning back to the rest of the group.