Blaine turned back to Kurt, his thumb stroking Kurt's motionless index finger. He stared imploringly into Kurt's face. Even in the innocence that came with sleep, the small boy's face was still somewhat tense, screwed up from pain. Blaine looked upon little Kurt and felt tears stinging his eyelids, threatening to spill over again.

"Kurt…" he whispered hoarsely after a moment. "Please Kurt. Please be strong. Please wake up." He urged, giving Kurt's fingers a tight squeeze.

For a few minutes, Blaine sat just watching Kurt, holding onto his hand, watching his chest rise and fall steadily. Blaine began to realize how tired he was as he realized in the back of his mind that he felt like he needed to continue to watch Kurt breathe, for he believed for a second that the moment he looked away, Kurt would stop.

Soon, Blaine found himself humming a familiar tune, his automatic reflex in uncomfortable situations. He couldn't handle the eerie silence of the hospital room, accompanied by only mechanical beeps. It took Blaine a moment to realize what he was humming to himself. When he did, he laughed darkly out loud at himself. "Ha…wow. Kurt," he felt stupid talking to the sleeping boy who he knew couldn't hear him, but it made him feel better to pretend he wasn't completely alone.

"Kurt, do you know what I was just humming? Do you remember that song I played for you on the last day of school before break? Remember, on the piano?"

Blaine watched Kurt expectantly, hoping for some response. When nothing came, he continued.

"You know the one." He began to sing quietly under his breath, just loud enough for himself and Kurt to hear, had he been awake.

"Baby, you're not alone

Cause you're here with me

And nothing's ever gonna bring us down

Cause nothing can keep me from loving you

And you know it's true

It don't matter what'll come to be

Our love is all we need

To make it through…"

Blaine trailed off, staring at Kurt. After a moment, he went on,

"Kurt, you asked me who wrote the song and I pretended to forget. I did that because…Kurt, I wrote the song. About you." Blaine stopped, his confession ringing in his ears.

"I didn't tell you then because…because I was stupid. I should have. But Kurt," Blaine placed his other hand on Kurt's hand he already held, squeezing it with both hands.

"I-when I asked you to hang out tonight…I had promised myself that I would tell you. I promised myself that today I would…tell you…how I feel. About you. And I'm such a coward for doing this while your unconscious in the hospital," Blaine muttered, self-loathing seeping back into his voice.

"But Kurt, I just…I couldn't hold it in anymore. And with you the way you are…the way the doctors are talking…" Blaine stopped, his voice cracking and choking back tears, but forced himself to finish.

"I may never get this chance again. So I just need to say it." He paused, breathing in deeply and swiping away the tears pooling in his eyes. After a moment's hesitation, he stood, staring down into the closed eyes of the boy and whispered,

"Kurt Hummel; I love you."

He stopped, watching Kurt, taking in the impact of his own words. He repeated them to himself, adjusting to the feeling.

"Kurt Hummel…I love you." He turned back to Kurt, eager to finish.

"Kurt the way…the way you get so lost when you're singing…the way you smile at me whenever we're together…the way you still stand up straight and smile, even after everything you've been through…Kurt, you are beautiful. In every sense of the word. You're the most beautiful person I know, and you're stronger and braver than any person I've met. You keep fighting to love the life you've been given even when so many obstacles have been thrown your way. And even after this…Even after what that…that monster did to you…" Blaine trembled, his voice shaking angrily. "I…I know you're gonna make it. You're gonna get through this, Kurt. Because you are so strong. And…I know I act like I'm so strong and brave, but Kurt…I may have told you to have courage, but YOU are the one who inspired the courage in me. You are so…I don't even know how to say it, Kurt. I love you. That's it."

Blaine sat back in the chair, his feet on the ground, still clutching Kurt's hand and brushing away tears.

Then Blaine felt something, a strange movement in his hand. He looked up, not realizing what it was. He looked at his and Kurt's entwined fingers and gasped.

Kurt's fingers were twitching. They moved sharply at first, like they were re-adjusting to movement. Blaine watched anxiously, and slowly realized as Kurt's light fingers applied pressure to his, that Kurt was trying to squeeze Blaine's hand in return.

Blaine shuddered, fresh tears springing up, but he smiled down at Kurt who sighed softly and tilted his head somewhat to the right, in Blaine's direction.

After a moment, the pale boy's eyes fluttered open and focused, looking up at Blaine.

Blaine physically laughed out loud, choking on his own tears. He laughed at how unbelievably happy we was in this moment.

Kurt stared up at him for a moment, before groaning suddenly and squeezing his eyes shut.

"Will you stop crying?" he mumbled against the pillow, his usually high-pitched, sweet, bell-like voice sounded cracked and broken.

Blaine quickly wiped away the remaining tears, chuckling to himself. Of course this was the first thing out of Kurt's mouth.

"How're you feeling?"

"Like Gaga after the Grammy's after-party." He moaned, trying to bury his face further in his pillow.

Blaine couldn't contain his laughter. He knew he shouldn't but it was such a relief to hear Kurt talking again, just as witty and sarcastic as ever.

"What happened?" Kurt said, finally giving into the fact he wasn't falling back asleep and sitting up, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. "Ow! Damn…" he exclaimed as he moved his arm, now noticing the big purple marks everywhere.

Blaine stared at Kurt. How did he not remember? Blaine refused to be the one to tell him…he couldn't do that to him. She just stared, shocked, and Kurt turned expectantly back to him.

"You…you don't remember?" Blaine asked, dumbfounded.

At that moment, Kurt's half-smile faded and he sank back into the pillows. He pressed his eyes shut and when he spoke, Blaine realized he too was trying not to cry.

"Of course I do…" he muttered. "I was just really hoping I had dreamed it or something."

A moment of silence followed. Blaine could think of nothing to say, so he only squeezed Kurt's hand again. Kurt's eyes shifted open and he glanced down at his hand. A tiny gasp escaped him as he just now seemed to realize Blaine was holding his hand.

After a moment, obviously trying to re-direct the conversation, Kurt looked around and asked quietly "So are you the only one here?"

Blaine actually laughed a bit at this and Kurt turned to him, curious.

"No." he chuckled. "Kurt, the ENTIRE McKinley high Glee club is crashed out in the waiting room as we speak waiting for you to wake up. Even your teacher's out there. Finn and Rachel just left the room a few minutes ago, so they'll probably be back soon. Your dad and stepmom came in a while ago but I don't know where they went off to. And I left a note on the Warbler's rehearsal room saying I wouldn't be in and that I'd be here with you. Knowing them, they'll all be here by 7 tomorrow morning. Or, well, this morning I should say…" Blaine said glancing at the clock on Kurt's bedside table. Kurt gasped as he realized the time.

"Oh my god…Blaine it's 1:30 in the morning! What are you doing here?"

"Well, I'd been waiting for you to call. I started to get a little worried when you didn't but I assumed you and your friends were just out later than you'd thought. I ended up falling asleep and I got a call from Finn around midnight. Rachel had thought I'd want to know. Finn started apologizing for waking me up and I was just like, are you serious? I wish he'd called me sooner so I could've been here earlier." Blaine smiled a wistful, tired smile at Kurt and Kurt felt his cheeks burning. Blaine had rushed out of bed and driven the 45 minutes here…just for him.