Harry Potter

The Rebellion Begins

By xXxKaraBeckerCutterxXx

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Pairing: Fred/OC

Genre: Adventure/Friendship/Romance

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Summary: This year the tables turn and it is time for the Wizarding world to make a choice between what is right, and what is easy. As the terrifying showdown between good and evil looms, the rebellion begins and there's no turning back!

Author's Note: So Voldemort has returned; while the Ministry tries to defuse the situation and reassure the Magical community that Charlie, Harry and Cedric are merely attention-seeking students of Hogwarts! But while Voldemort quietly bides his time on the outside, the friends have much more to deal with as a new sardistic DADA professor is appointed by the Ministry. Also relationship wise, is Marcus and Charlie's relationship strong enough to withstand the distance between them? Lets find out. I would like to thank everyone who has made it possible for this to be one of the best series of Harry Potter that I have ever written; and I hope you enjoy this one as much as you have enjoyed the last four years...without further ado, I present to you the fifth installment of the Muggleborn Withches series: 'Harry Potter: The Rebellion Begins'.

Magical and Muggle Worlds Collide

"Do you Chad Young take thee Nikki O'Donald to be your wife?"

"I do!"

"And do you Nikki O'Donald take thee Chad Young to be your husband?"

"I do!"

"I pronouce thee Husband and Wife!"

"I've missed you!"

"It's only been three weeks since end of term,"

"Given then circumstances it feels longer...I hate this look!"

"Its for precautions; can't risk you getting caught"

"Promise me you'll visit, I can't stand the thought of going all summer and all year without seeing you"

"I'll do my best, I promise"


"Bye Dad," Riley waved as she stood on the doorstep over-looking her father's garden in the small estate of Privet Drive. Her father was just heading out for his evening shift at the shopping centre and he was leaving his eldest daughter in charge of things while he was gone. He knew that his younges, Rebecca would be out with her friends until around 9:00pm and therefore didnt have to worry about World War III ensuring between Rebecca and Riley's best friend Charlie, who was also staying round for the majority of the summer. Riley had agreed to come stay with him if and only if he allowed Charlie to come too, he had reluctantly agreed; the Hunter kid wasnt exactly someone he enjoyed having around and when he was living with Riley's mother sometimes often stopped Carol from allowing the hyperactive child around to his home. She was a bad influence on his daughter...at least that's what he thought.

Dean Spirit waved from his car, the few ties he had left with his eldest daughter after finding out she was a witch were slowly but surely starting to reform as he learned that he couldnt control everything that happened in her life, if she was destined to be a witch then he was just going to have to suck it up and deal with it; Riley seemed very pleased with the fact that she was different and all he wanted was for her to be happy. Clearly she was "Be nice to Becca when she comes home, Rils" he called, as he turned out of the drive "I'll see you when you wake up" and he drove off down the street, disappearing around the corner and out of sight.

"Is he gone?" Charlie Hunter's voice asked in Riley's ear, and the Gryffindor jumped almost a foot in the air in surprise "Your tense! That's why you scare easily"

The Gryffindor glared "Don't sneak up on people!" she scolded "and im not tense!"

"So, is he gone?" Charlie repeated

"Yes!" Riley nodded "Come on..." and she grabbed the keys from the table in the hallway, stuck a note to the door telling her sister -if she happened to come home early- that they would be down at the abandoned park, locked up the house and the two friends were off. They didnt know Privet Drive like they did Spinner's End and River Terrace but after exploring around yesterday they knew pretty much how to get to the park and home without getting lost. Reaching the abandoned strip of path that led out of a street called Magnolia Crescent and towards the park at the end of it, Charlie and Riley broke into a run and vaulted over the fence of the park landing on the otherside without falling over.

"And they stick the landing!" Charlie grinned happily, punching the air in triumph "Race you to the swings!" she challenged her best friend

Riley nodded "Your on!" she grinned and the two took off, passing other children who were playing on various items, but had stopped to watch the two new comers. Charlie reached the swing sets first, and hopped up onto the seat, caught onto the metal chains and swung upwards as her momentum pushed her forwards. She laughed happily as she came back down, bent her knees and swung up again. "You can be so childish at times," Riley pointed out, once the Slytherin had jumped off and sat on the swing and started swinging normally back and forth

Charlie frowned "No im not," she pouted "Im just not serious, all the time. Life is boring otherwise"

The Gryffindor couldnt help but agree, averting her gaze and glancing around the playground as many kids started to leave "Is that Harry?" she asked, pointing at a single person entering the park. "It is! Harry!" she waved "Over here"

Harry Potter, a tall but skinny boy frowned at the sound of his name and scanned the park; his gaze settled on two familiar girls on the swing set and his eyes widened as he recognized them. Approaching cautiously he spoke "What are you guys doing here?" he asked, after Charlie pounced on him in a hug

"My dad lives here," Riley answered, prying Charlie off of him and hugging him herself "He wanted me to visit and I asked if Charlie could come"

"Who's your dad?" Harry asked

"Dean Spirit!"

Harry rolled his eyes "So your Rebecca is your sister?" he asked

Riley nodded with a frown, "Why?"

"She's my cousin's girlfriend," Harry answered, snagging the swing from Charlie and causing the Slytherin to glare at him before she clambered up onto the bar that was placed between the two structures of the swing set "She likes to pick on me, every chance she gets. She's a real piece of work"

Charlie quirked a curious eyebrow "When she left Spinner's End, Rebecca was a push over" she pointed out "how do you go from pushover to bully?"

Harry shrugged, as Riley pondered the thought of her sister being a bully. Her thoughts were, however interrupted when a voice reached her senses and she looked up to see Rebecca enter the park, she was hanging off the arm of stocky boy with short brown hair; and there was a group of four other boys behind them.

Harry sighed "Here we go," he grumbled "I've been doing my best to avoid him all day!" he told the two girls

"Who is that?" Charlie asked

"Dudley Dursely," Harry answered "My cousin. The others are his friends...his gang!"

Charlie smirked "Gang?" she asked "That's not a gang! SESG is a gang, they -" she pointed at the boys "are just a couple of kids who think their tough!"

Riley rolled her eyes "Please, don't start anything Charlie" she begged

"I wont," the Slytherin promised, as the group grew closer.

"He squealed like a pig, didnt he?" one of the boys asked, he had short dark brown hair and was rather skinny. He wore grey jeans and a green stripe top with black trainers on his feet.

"Yeah, brilliant punch, Big D." another boy, with shaggy blonde hair cackled, patting the boy Harry pointed out as his cousin Dudly on the shoulder "Did you see his face?"

Charlie clenched her hands tightly around the bars as she caught the jift of their conversation, they had just beaten up some poor kid and were laughing about it as if it was an everyday thing. As if it were funny they remind me of Harley she sneered wistfully.

"Hey, Big D!" Harry's voice sounded, snapping Charlie out of her thoughts and causing Riley to glance sideways at him "Beat up another 10-year-old?"

The boys fell quiet as Harry spoke; Dudley smirked "This one deserved it" he responded, calmly as possible

"Yeah" the boys agreed

Charlie scoffed "Wow," she spoke, her voice cynical "Five against one," she nodded "very brave" she shot Dudley and the boys a look that clearly stated that she was not impressed

"Im sorry, but who are you? asked the short brown haired boy

Rebecca looked across at him "Her name's Charlie Hunter," she spoke "the one sitting down's Riley...my sister, unfortunately"

"This is your sister?" asked a boy in a baseball cap, as he leered at Riley

"Don't think about it!" Charlie warned "Don't even look at her!"

"Or what?" Dudley asked "What could you possibly do?"

Charlie smirked "I'll tell you one thing, I could take each of you on my own! "

The group laughed loudly at the prospect of someone as small as Charlie fighting them off without back up.

"Whatever Charlie," Rebecca sneered "You may have been something once, but you've turned into a bit of a coward. Can't even handle a couple of nightmares!"

The Slytherin paused, looking horrified.

Rebecca smirked "Yeah, I hear you, nearly every night! 'He's gonna kill us, Harry!"

Harry perked up at the mention of his name and cast a look around at Charlie, his friend was glowering in Rebecca's direction, her eyes hard and her features dark "Rils," he nudged his fellow Gryffindor and nodded in Charlie's direction

"Shut up, Becca" Riley snapped at her younger sister

"No!" Rebecca argued "Charlie, here caused enough trouble for me back in River Terrace! Her and her stupid little gang! What were they called again, oh yeah, SESG..." she scoffed "Please, half of them couldnt even fight their way out of a wet paper bag..."

Charlie's hands tightened once more on the bar on which she sat.

Dudley wrapped his arm around Rebecca "You should hear, Potter!" he smirked "'He's going to kill me, Mum!'" he sneered, turning his gaze onto Harry "Where is your mum?" his friends chuckled behind him "Where is your mum, Potter?" he repeated "She dead?" the boys and Rebecca laughed "Is she dead?" Dudley repeated louder this time.

Finally had enough, Harry pushed himself off the swing and strode towards his cousin, removing his wand from his back pocket and holding it under Dudley's chin threatingly.

"Harry!" Riley exclaimed, as she jumped to her feet and Charlie jumped down from the bar "Harry, don't! He's not worth it!" she told her fellow Gryffindor, tugging his arm away from his cousin. The gang of boys laughed at the sight of the wand, while Rebecca and Dudely stood stone still, Dudley because unlike his friends knew the truth about his cousin, and Rebecca...well, because she too now knew the truth.

Suddenly above them the sky started to grow dark as heavy storm clouds rolled over, extinguising the hot sun from the sky.

"Dudley," the shaggy blonde haired boy spoke, his voice nervous

The boy with short brown hair also looked remotely nervous "Dudley, let's go" he urged, as a strong wind rose all around them.

"What's going on?" Rebecca asked, looking at her sister expectantly

"What are you doing?" Dudley asked his cousin

Charlie, Riley and Harry exchanged looks; the two girls shook their heads to indicate they had no clue as to what was happening. "Im not doing anything!" Harry responded to Dudley's question

"We're getting out of here, Dudley!" one of the boys stated, before they all took off. Leaving Harry, Dudley, Riley, Rebecca and Charlie behind; turning their gazes skyward the group of five watched as the sky turned darker, before each bolting for the fence surrounding the park and tearing across the path as the high winds pick up all around them.

Reaching the alley first, Charlie turned "Come on!" she urged the others, grabbing Riley and Harry and pulling them to a complete stop under the tunnel; soaked to the sky having been caught out in the storm which had taken place as the clouds parted and the rain lashed down. While Dudley catches his breath, Rebecca slid down onto the floor as the lights over head started to flicker throwing an eerie yellow light across the tunnel, as her breath became visible in the icy air.

"Look," Riley whispered, breathing out her own breath rising infront of her "I've only seen that happen when -" she cut off

Charlie and Harry exchanged looks "But they cant be," the Slytherin shook her head "Not here!" but she reached for her wand nonetheless. Harry and Riley followed her lead, as the one thing they hadnt heard in nearly 2 years issued from somewhere behind them. It was a long, hoarse rattling breath.

"What was that?" Rebecca asked, her head snapping up

Dudley frowned "What was what?" he asked

"That noise," the youngest Spirit answered "It sounded like a rattle...oh you don't think its a snake do you? I hate snakes!"

Charlie rolled her eyes "Will you shut up?" she asked "Im trying to list -"

"DON'T TELL HER TO SHUT UP!" Dudley yelled, springing to his feet quickly and slamming Charlie against the wall of the tunnel behind her. The Slytherin gasped as she slid to the ground and her wand slipping from her hand.

Riley and Harry gasped, Dudley had crossed the line.

"Dudley, you moron!" Harry yelled, shoving his cousin away from his friend.

Riley stooped to help her friend "Are you alright?" she asked

"Yeah," Charlie nodded, her eyes watering as she scrambled back to her feet "Son of a -" she cut off at the disapproving look on Riley's face "I lost my wand!" she scrowled.

"W-wand?" Dudley stuttered, his eyes bugging "Your one of them!" he cried "You're a freak! Like him!" he pointed at Harry "That's it! We're getting out of here...come on Bec," he grabbed at his girlfriend and pulled her off down the tunnel

Riley spun around "Dudley wait!" she called desperately "Your running right at it!"

"Running right at -" Rebecca started, before she cut off and a piercing scream cut through the darkness.

"REBECCA!" Riley screamed, reaching for her wand and racing forward.

Charlie gave a start "Riley! Wait!" she yelled, fumbling around in the dark to look for her wand "Lumos!" she muttered, hoping it would work. She smiled in satisfaction as the tip of her wand ignited and she grabbed it off the ground, spinning around and pointing it towards the end of the tunnel; there at the bottom hovering over the bodies of Dudley, Rebecca and Riley was a Dementor, but that wasnt all; gliding towards her and Harry was another one. The towering, hooded figure glided smoothly towards them. Exchanging looks the Slytherin and Gryffindor nodded and pointed their wands at the creature:

"Expecto Patronum!"

Two powerful bright lights exploded from the tips of their wands and hurled the Dementor backwards, out of the tunnel as behind them the two Spirit sisters and Dudley lay helpless. The dementor hovering over Dudley's motionless body as the two sisters clutched one another as their worst memories replayed over and over again in their minds. Charlie turned, and spotted the three before pointing her wand at the ball of energy floating behind her and throwing it towards the second Dementor watching as it collided with his side and propelled it away from Harry's cousin; as above them traffic roared past oblivious to everything and anything that had just happened.

"Rils!" Charlie cried, running forward and skidding to a halt in front of her friend; she dropped her wand and catches the Gryffindors hands shaking her "Come on, Rils, think happy thoughts! Think of Fred! Fred Weasley...the infamous prankster of Hogwarts and the only person who holds the key to your heart!" she smirked

Riley groaned and shook her head "I hate you!" she grumbled

Charlie laughed a little before pulling her best friend into a hug "Love you too, Spaz" she mumured as Riley hugged back

"What was that?" Rebecca asked curiously "It looked like -"

Charlie and Riley turned to her sharply "What?" they both asked

"It looked like a something from a Halloween movie," Rebecca finished her sentance "Why are you staring at me like that?" she asked

Harry, had looked up at this point "Because only Witches and Wizards can see Dementors," Riley answered her sister "Bec, how long have you...uh...have you received any letters?"

Rebecca looked down ashamed. Riley, Harry and Charlie exchanged looks, was it possible that Rebecca Spirt it was one of them? But before they could question her further, footsteps sounded behind them and an elderly woman wearing a plastic coat and a rain hat entered the tunnel, pulling a shopping trolley behind her. Harry, Charlie and Riley hastily moved to hide their wands.

"Mrs. Figg," Harry stated, as the older woman stopped a few feet in front of the group of five.

She looked nervous and shook her head "Don't put away your wands," she told the three friends "They might come back"

Charlie and Riley frowned in confusion as they sent glances towards Harry, who looked equally confused "They?" they asked, trying to feign confusion on what she was talking about.

"The Dementors," the woman, known as Mrs. Figg answered "Oh, I'm going to kill Mundungus Fletcher!" she seethed

"What?" Harry asked, blankly

Mrs. Figg looked down at him "He left!" she stated "Let to see someone about a batch of cauldrons that fell off the back of a broom! I told him I'd flay him alive if he went, and now look! Dementors! Its just lucky I put Mr. Tibbles on the case..." she continued to ramble on as the three friends exchanged even more confused looks over their shoulders.

"Uh, not to be rude" Charlie spoke "But who are you?"

"Im Mrs. Figg, dear" the woman answered "Harry's neighbour"

"But I don't understand," Charlie started again "How did you -"

Mrs. Figg cut her off "Dumbledore asked me to keep an eye on Harry," she explained "He didnt know you would be here this summer; contacted me the moment he knew, asked if I would keep an eye out for you"

"Dumbledore?" Harry questioned "You know Dumbledore?"

"Uh-huh," Mrs. Figg nodded "After what happened last year, did you expect him to let you both go wandering around on your own? Good Lord, they told me you were intelligent!" she shook her head "But there's no time to talk, at least not here...come on, lets get you somewhere safe and dry" she turned to look at Dudley who was still whimpering on the ground "Get up, you useless lump, get up!"

Harry sighed and turned to his cousin "I'll get him," and he took Dudley's arm and heaved. With an enormous effort he managed to hoist him to his feet, pulled his massive arm around his neck and started to drag him to the end of the tunnel. The girls following behind him. Finally they made it to the street separating Privet Drive and Magnolia Crescent and started the long walk down Privet Drive, before coming to a stop outside both number 4 and number 9.

"Now, get inside and stay there," Mrs. Figg told the five of them "I expect someone will be in touch soon. Whatever happens, don't leave the house!" and she pushed Harry and Dudley towards their house, as Riley, Charlie and Rebecca scurried up the drive to number 9. Unlocking the door Riley let them in, and slammed the door behind them.


The night drew on, and Charlie, Riley and Rebecca had taken Mrs. Figg's words to heart and not left the house for anything. They made themselves something to eat before settling down in the living room to watch TV, but neither of them could concentrate on what was playing on the screens and therefore switched it off. A heavy silence hung around them.

"Why didnt you tell me?" Riley asked, breaking the silence, she turned to Rebecca "Why didnt you tell me that you had recieved your Hogwarts letter?"

Rebecca didnnt answer straight away "Because..."

"Because...?" Charlie asked "Its nothing to be a shamed of, you know? Being a Witch."

"Have you told, dad?" Riley asked

Rebecca shook her head "He's been trying so hard to be good," she whispered "but he's still the same...I know he tries to show you that he can behave himself and control his temper but he can't," she hugged her knees close to her "I've seen the way he looks at you; like he is trying so hard not to retaliate! He still thinks your his freaky daughter!" she glanced up at her sister "When you go home to River Terrace, he'll take your freakiness out on me"

Riley and Charlie paused; they knew Dean Spirit had a temper but they really didnt think he was the type to raise a finger to his children.

"Why don't you come home?" Riley asked "Mum will be happy to take you back"

"Then maybe you can come to Hogwarts," Charlie suggested "If you wanted too...obviously"

Rebecca shook her head "I can't," she mumbled "I have to be the normal one in the family! Dad is happy that im normal!"

"Being magical isnt an abnormality..." Riley explained "It means your different. Unique. You'd be blown away, by what we learn at Hogwarts" she smiled "Its amazing"

But Rebecca merely shook her head "No!" she snapped, looking up and glaring at her sister "I wont join you, at that school! Im not like you! Im normal!" and jumping to her feet she run from the room, up the stairs and slammed the door behind her. Riley sighed and glanced at her best friend, who was staring out of the window.

"We can't force her," Charlie mumured "if she doesnt want to be a witch...then we can't force her to be one"

"I know," Riley nodded "But it would be nice if she just gave a chance..." she got up and dropped down onto the couch beside Charlie "What you looking at?" she inquired

Charlie pointed through the window "Is that an owl?" she asked

Something dark was swooping towards the house, one diverted and disappeared behind Harry's home while the other continued towards theirs. "Get the window!" Riley stated, jumping up and opening the window quickly. The owl swooped in, dropped a letter onto the coffee table and then took off once more. The letter, marked confidential floated into the air and turned towards the two girls, and transformed into a face as a female's voice echoed from it.

"Dear Miss. Hunter,

The Ministry has recieved intelligence that at 6:23 this evening, you performed the Patronus Charm in the presence of a Muggle. As a clear violation of the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, you are hereby expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..."

Charlie's breathing hitched as she stared wide-eyed at the letter, no she couldnt be! They couldnt expel her, it was self-defence.

"...hoping you are well," the letter continued "Mafalda Hopkirk!"

The letter then fell limplessly onto the floor, as Charlie and Riley sat in silence mulling over what had happened. One fact broke the icy numbness which had settled after the letter had been read, it penetrated the air like a paralysing dart -

Charlie had been expelled from Hogwarts...

...It was all over...

...She was never going back!

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