Harry Potter

The Rebellion Begins

By xXxKaraBeckerCutterxXx

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Summary: This year the tables turn and it is time for the Wizarding world to make a choice between what is right, and what is easy. As the terrifying showdown between good and evil looms, the rebellion begins and there's no turning back!

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The Second War Begins

Ignoring the desperate calls of his friends behind him, Harry sprinted around the corner after Bellatrix Lestrange; the same witch that had just executed his God-father! The only family he had left! He could hear Charlie struggling against Jennifer as she called after him to stop, but he couldnt; he had to get Bellatrix, make her pay for what she had done! The only thing he could think of now was avenging Sirius's death and the only way he knew he could do that was to make his murderer pay for the crimes she had committed. And so he ran.

"Charlie!" Jenn whispered furiously in the Slytherin's ear "Calm down!"

Charlie struggled some more "I have to help him!" she screamed "I have to go..." she pulled against Jenn's grip, but the professor didnt relinquish her hold on the struggling 15-year-old.

All around the hall the Order Members were starting to finish cleaning up the remaining Death Eaters; Riley and the other students were starting to come out from their hiding places, except one. Lying face down in the corner of the room; a wand discared from his hand, was Chad.

"Charlie," Riley exclaimed, throwing herself across the room and kneeling down beside the former Ravenclaw "Its Chad!"

The young Slytherin whirled around and frowned in the direction her friend was kneeling, she observed the body and moved closer. Jenn keeping a firm eye on her as she helped Snape and Lupin round up the rest of the Death Eaters; "You called her your goddaughter," the COMC professor mumured to Snape "I heard you..."

"I know," Snape nodded

"Does she know?" Jenn asked

The Potions master shook his head "Im not sure," he responded "Im not sure if she heard me, or if she's just -"

"Playing it off," Jenn nodded "Would you care to explain, why or how you are her godfather?"

Snape shook his head "Its not the right time," he told his colleague "She'll understand someday. But today is not that day"

"I believe she deserves the truth," Jenn told him "But the final choice is yours, to make. If you believe she is not ready...then she is not ready" she nodded, and turned back to the students who were congretagated around Chad. The Ravenclaw had been awoken and was staring at them with wide eyes. As for Charlie...she was gone.

Not again


"Where's Nikki?" Charlie asked, seconds after Chad had been awoken by Riley and was getting carefully into a sitting position "What happened? One minute you guys were there...and the next..." she trailed off

The former Ravenclaw sighed and pressed his hand to his head "Took us by surprise," he grumbled "When the Order turned up, he grabbed Nikki and told me that she wouldnt be harmed if I just co-operated! Another two grabbed Marcus and Adrian, as they tried to get at Malcolm for hitting you," he looked up at Charlie "then they disapparated when the fighting started"

"Who?" Riley asked "Who took them?"

"I dont know," Chad mumured "They had their masks on"

"But you one of them talked," Charlie pointed out "What did he sound like?"

Chad looked thoughtful, his head was fuzzy and he was finding it rather difficult to remember what he had done that morning, let alone two minutes ago. He shook his head sadly "Im sorry Charlie, I don't remember...my head its fuzzy...nothing is making sense right now"

"They could be in danger," the Slytherin mumured, squeezing Chad's shoulder "Please, try and remember!" she pleaded "Please!"

He nodded "I'll try!" he promised "I won't give up on them...Nikki's my wife, I got her into this mess by taking her to the Order the moment we got married. I promised her a better life outside of her Slytherin family, I promised to keep her safe!"

"You will," Riley smiled "We'll get her back and you'll be able to give her everything she has never been able to have"

Chad glanced her way "And what's that?"

"A life!" the Gryffindor responded "Nikki's grown up in a tight security rich family, I bet she didnt have much of a life. Always being groomed to be a trophy wife to a Death Eater one day. But then you came along, I know your marriage was planned...but your not a Death Eater. Your a Phoenix..." she grinned "...and Nikki is a Phoenix too"

Chad nodded "Thanks Riley," he grinned. "Charlie -" he looked up at the Slytherin, but found her missing "Where'd she go?" he questioned

Hermione, Ron, Brandon and Riley looked around; Charlie was no where to be found in the room. No where. They panicked. Now where had she gone?


The Ministry was silent...it was eerie.

Clutching her wand tightly in her hand, Charlie walked along the stone corridor, through the blue door and back towards the lift that slid open on level 9. Behind her was the courtroom where she had had her hearing at the beginning of the Summer, but at this particular moment in time none of that really mattered too her. It was as if she was on auto-pilot, walking aimlessly into a batter that didnt concern her; Harry had fled the Department of Mysteries in pursuit if Bellatrix for revenge on Sirius's death and she...well, she had no clue as to why she was even following him this time. This fight was not her fight.

Punching the 'Atrium' button the lift started moving and the young Slytherin pushed through the thoughts that consumed her mind, Chad was safe. He was recovering down in the Department of Mysteries along with the others; as long as they were away from here, from anymore fighting, she didnt care. The lift jangled around her as her thoughts shifted once more, and Marcus, Nikki and Adrian surfaced. Where were they? Were they safe? Who had taken them? Al these questions buzzed around inside her head, making it feel like she was about to explode; Chad had mentioned Death Eaters taking them, but where had they taken them? Malfoy Manor, perhaps? and if that were true; what where they going to do with them?

Torture came to mind, Charlie shuddered at the possible idea that her friends could be tortured at this particular moment in time. Where are you Nikki? she thought aimlessly as the lift doors opened and she stepped foot into the grand hall of the Ministry of Magic, she hadnt taken two steps towards the centre of the room when a cold voice, caused the hair on the back of her neck to stand on end.

The young princess finally arrives...


Charlie's neck snapped up, as a puff of dark smoke, appeared next to her, and Voldemort emerged from it.

"Hello, princess," he grinned evilly, wrapping his cold hand around her upper arm "Our friends are waiting for us...lets not keep them too long, shall we?" he asked, before disapparating once more.

You've got to mean it, Harry

Voldemort whispered silkily, as he and Charlie appeared in a puff of black smoke, near to where Harry had rendered Bellatrix onto the floor and was holding her at wand point.

She killed him. She deserves it.

Charlie watched with wide terrified eyes as he friend re-gripped his wand tightly in his hand, flexed the muscles in his neck and hesitated in the next part of his plan.

You know the spell, Harry

Bellatrix glanced over Harry's shoulder and directly to the spot where Charlie and Voldemort had appeared, the latter holding the former tightly in his grasp. She giggled insanely.

"Do it!" Voldemort ordered

Charlie shook her head "Don't do it, Harry!" she cried

Upon hearing his friends voice, the Gryffindor slackened the hold on his wand and spun around, Voldemort raised his hand and knocked his wand from his hand. The wand clattered to the ground and Voldemort smirked in triumph, as he held Charlie in one hand; his free hand reaching for his own wand which was inside his robes.

"So weak," he commented

A flash of green flames eruped from a near-by fireplace; craning her neck to see who had arrived, Charlie's heart hammered in her chest as Dumbledore appeared.

"It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom" Dumbledore spoke, addressing Voldemort by his former name "The Aurors are on their way"

A flash of fear crossed Voldemort's face, but disappeared instantly "By which time we shall be gone," he slithered out in his response, his grip tightening on Charlie and causing her to whimper "and you shall be dead"

Then...several things happened at once. Dumbledore pushed Harry aside, as Voldemort did the same to Charlie; the two students hit the ground and slid to opposite sides of the hall. Bellatrix, slid backwards disappearing in a flash of green flame in one of the fireplaces and Dumbledore and Voldemort's wands clashed in battle. Red light streamed from Dumbledore's wand, and was matched by the green light from Voldemorts. The two powerful forces met like molten lava in the bursts of flashing sparks and flame, opposite her Charlie could see Harry plainly, he was sitting with his back pressed hard against the black tiled walls trying very hard to avoid the clashes the two powerful wizards were giving off with their spells.

Pulling back on his spell, Voldemort breathed out a gigantic flaming serpent and laughed coldly as Dumbledore gazed up at it. Charlie's eyes widened in surprise, fear and horror as the serpent bared its fangs, twisting his firey body towards her Headmaster and friend. It lunged towards Harry -

"Harry!" Charlie screamed

The Gryffindor ducked to avoid a collision but the snake was easily held off as Dumbledore raised his wand, a stream of water shooting out of the tip. Huddled against the wall, Harry shielded his face away from the heat, as Charlie whimpered as the serpent was dispensed of and flames rippled back towards her and Voldemort. She raised her arm and pulled the hood of her jacket over her head to block out the searing heated flames which rebounded all around her. Flicking his wand, Voldemort diverted the flames aside, and for a split second Charlie thought he was diverting them away from not just himself...but her. She banished the thought from her mind...Voldemort wouldnt protect her; why would he?

Using his wand, Dumbledore drew a great wave of water from the fountain and submerged Voldemort within a bubble. He burst out, seconds after Dumbledore knocked Harry down, the water hit the Ministry floor and washed up around everything within its reach, cool water splashed Charlie soaking through her clothes and cooling her skin which had become heated by the intense heat of the flames. Bursting free of the water, Voldemort threw out his wand as Dumbledore retaliated with a blast of powerful energy. Charlie watched as Voldemort staggered, before throwing out his arm and returning the blast causing her headmaster to fall backwards and the glass of the high windows around the hall to shatter with the force of the blast.

His face twisting into a snarl, Voldemort lifted his wand above his head "Watch and learn, Serenity" he called over his shoulder "this is what happens to those who try to cross me!" and he sent the broken shards of glass hurdling towards Harry and Dumbledore.

Charlie's eyes widened with panic "Harry, get down!" she screamed

Her friend buried his head in his arms, as Dumbledore rose and initiated a protection shild. The shards of glass passed through and disintergrated instantly, turning to dust and falling the ground like sand in a timer.

From the corner of her eye, Charlie smirked as Voldemort's grin of triumph faded from his face. Dumbledore stood protectively in front of Harry and faced Voldemort; in almost a daring manner. Voldemort suddenly disappeared in a whirlwind of sand, leaving three confused witches and wizards behind. Pushing herself carefully to her feet, Charlie felt around for her wand and grasped it tightly before turning back to Harry and Dumbledore, just in time to see Harry double over and land on his knees on the floor.

"No..." she breathed, fearfully. And in one swift movement was across the hall and on her knees beside her friend "...Harry!" she whispered, "Harry! Look at me!"

His eyes flickered to meet her's, but they werent his own, she knew that. They were red rimmed and dark. Voldemort.

"You've lost, old man," Harry spoke in a distorted voice, his gaze flickering towards Dumbledore and turning into a glare.

Harry screamed in agony.

Charlie's breathing hitched, as she watched her best friend writher in agony on the ground "Harry..." she mumured, reaching out to touch him "Harry...it's me...Charlie..." her hand clasped around his own, and his gaze returned to hers

"You don't belong here," he snarled at her "No one trusts you. Their just waiting...waiting for the perfect opportunity where they can destroy you, before its too late! They know you can be trusted!" he smirked, as a flicker of hurt flashed across Charlie's face "Your not one of us! You're one of them! A Death Eater!"

The Slytherin shook her head "No," she mumured "That's not Harry saying that..." she reminded herself "He would never say that to you!" lifting her gaze to meet his once more, it hardened and turned into a death glare "You let my friend go!" she demanded, feeling her mind zwoom forward. There was a eerie darkness, before a replica of the Ministry hall reappeared. At the end of which knelt Harry as Voldemort stood over him, holding him at wand point.

"Ah, Serenity you have joined us," Voldemort smiled

Charlie glared "My name is Charlie," she retorted angrily "Im a Muggleborn Slytherin! And him right there..." she pointed at Harry "...is one of my best friends."

"You dare -" Voldemort started

"Yes!" Charlie nodded "I do!" she raised her wand "Expelliarmus!"

Voldemort deflected the blast, and raised his own, knocking her backwards with an unknown spell and knocking her directly out of Harry's mind. "Meddlesome fool!" the Gryffindor hissed at her "So weak..." he continued, "So vulnerable..." no one was certain who he was talking to now, Harry or Charlie

"Harry," Dumbledore whispered, "it isnt how you are alike. It's how you are not"

Harry lay motionless on the floor.

Crawling onto her knees, Charlie moved forward and stared fearfully at her friend, unshed tears glistened in her eyes "Harry?" she mumured "Your stronger than he is..." she reached for his hand once more "Remember? We're stronger together..."

Behind them, Riley, Hermione, Ron and Brandon arrive; watching the scene take place. Charlie glanced up and her gaze connected with her friends. "You're not like him Harry," she whispered "You have friends! You have a family...you have us!" the others started moving forwards slightly.

Several happy memories flood the Gryffindor's mind. Hermione running to hug him after she had been unpetrified in second year. His parents in the Mirror of Erised. Sirius back at Grimmuald Place. Him and Charlie at Hogwarts, with Riley, Ron and Hermione.

Voldemort sneered

"You're the weak one," Harry spoke, his breathing heavy as he struggled to beathe "...and you'll never know love or friendship..." he paused "And I feel sorry for you"

Before their eyes; Harry is thrown onto his back, as a faint black vapour left his body. His friends moved closer, dropping to their knees either side of him. Charlie, tugs at his hand and pulls him into a sitting position, and immediately wrapping her arms around him in a hug. Riley, Hermione and Ron envelope him tightly and comfortably too; pulling Brandon into the mix along with them.

Above them Voldemort sneered as he hovered above the group; Charlie's Phoenix necklace glinted in the dim light "You're a fool, Harry Potter" Voldemort whispered, through the throng of students holding Harry "And you will lose..." he brushed his wand against Charlie's neck "...everything"

Fireplaces sparked to life all over the hall, as Fudge and the Aurors finally arrived. The Minister of Magic paused in his tracks as Voldemort locked gazes with him, before the latter disappeared in a wisp of black smoke, leaving the friends all huddled together in the middle of the Ministry floor.

"He's back!" Fudge whispered

Charlie glanced up at him, unshed tears still glistened in her eyes as Harry sank into unconsciousness in her arms. It had taken all this...just to get Fudge to see the truth. If she wasnt so weak...hurt...tired...and worried, she would have probably said something. There was movement, but none of the friends paid any close attention to it, voices were shouting at one another from across the room and Fudge was mumbling non-chorent words as he tried to string sentances together. He had been saying all year that Voldemort had not returned, and now he had seen it with his own two eyes! Voldemort had returned.

"If you proceed downstairs into the Department of Mysteries, Cornelius," Dumbledore spoke from directly behind his students "you will find seveal escaped Death Eaters contained in the Death Chamber, bound by an Anti-Disapparation Jinx and awaiting your decision as to what to do with them"

"Dumbledore!" Fudge gasped, "You - here - I - I -" he spluttered

Dumbledore did not look any different, calm or angry as he faced the Minister "Cornelius, you had your proof that Lord Voldemort had returned no more than two minutes ago. It is time that you saw sense!"

"I -" Fudge hesitated "- very well! Dawlish! Williamson! Go down to the Department of Mysteries and see...Dumbledore, you - you will need to tell me exactly what happened"

Dumbledore nodded "We can discuss that after I have sent Harry, Charlie and their friends back to Hogwarts"

"Harry -" Fudge blubbered again "Harry Potter? Charlie Hunter?" his gaze turned and landed on the friends, who were getting slowly to their feet. Supporting an unconscious Harry between them.

Charlie glared at him

"They are here?" Fudge questioned "Why - what's all this about?"

"I shall explain everything," Dumbledore responded "when the students are back at school" he turned to Jenn who had appeared out of the Department of Mysteries and approached the children "Jennifer, can I count on you to escort these children back to school?"

Jenn nodded "Of course, Headmaster" she mumured, hustling them off towards the fireplace.

As Charlie was moved forward, she gasped and latched onto the closest thing near her, which happened to be Fudge's arm. The Minister looked startled and glanced down at her. The Slytherin's eyes flickered from blue to black, and then back again.

"Why do you fight me?" asked a voice inside her own head

"Because you insist on fighting me!" was her reply


They hadnt been back at Hogwarts for less that an hour, Harry and Charlie had been dismissed from the Hospital wing on strict orders to return the following evening for more check-ups, and once free of the confinments the two made their way silently down the corridor and back to Dumbledore's office. Reaching the stone gargoyle, the Gryffindor gave the password and it leapt aside to allow them through.

"You don't have to come," Harry told his Slytherin friend

Charlie shook her head "I want to know what steps Dumbledore is taking to find Marcus, Nikki and Adrian" she answered "Im really worried about them. Chad can't seem to remember anything, only that several Death Eaters took them!"

"You really like him, don't you?" Harry asked "Flint, I mean"

"Yeah," the Slytherin nodded "I do. I know of the stories that are going around about him, Harry. And I know that you're concerned for me," she smiled "But, you don't have to worry about Marcus; he'd never hurt me"

The Gryffindor nodded "I've noticed," he smiled "and im sorry"

"For what?" the Slytherin asked

"For accusing you of doing things with him, remember in the library before all this happened?"

Charlie did remember. She waved him off "Eh, forget it" she smiled "I over-reacted. I guess I was just stressing about exams, and needed someone to take it out on, and you provided me with an excuse. But it wasnt the right excuse...so forget about it! I have" she raised her hand and knocked on Dumbledore's office door.

"Enter," the Headmasters voice sounded from behind the door. The two friends did as instructed. "Ah, Charlie, Harry" Dumbledore beamed "Welcome back...please, have a seat" he motioned to the two seats in front of his desk.

They sat.

Dumbledore turned to Charlie "I am aware of why you are here," he smiled "and I must assure you that we are taking all necessary steps to find your Mr's. Flint and Pucey, along with Mrs. Young."

Charlie nodded "Im just -" she cut off "Worried"

"Understandable," Dumbledore nodded "they are your friends...your family. It is understandable for you to feel nervous for their disappearance. But I must ask you this, Miss. Hunter; please do not take it upon youself to go in search of them. Can you promise me this?"

The young Slytherin nodded "Yes, headmaster" she stated "I promise"

"Good girl," Dumbledore nodded, before turning to Harry. "I know how you feel, Harry" he told teh Gryffindor.

Curling her legs up under her chin, Charlie wrapped her arms around the top of them and buried her head.

"No, you don't" Harry responded, as Charlie tried to make herself disappear from the office by averting her gaze and hiding in her arms. "It's my fault"

Dumbledore shook his head "No, the fault is mine" he admitted "I knew it was only a matter of time before Voldemort made the connection between you." he paused "I thought, that by distancing myself from you as I have done all year, you'd be less tempted, and therefore you might be more protected"

"The prophecy said:" Harry started again "'Neither one can live while the other survives'" he recited from memory "It means one of us is gonna have to kill the other, in the end"

Dumbledore nodded "Yes," he answered "and no..." he added, before Harry could speak once more.

The Gryffindor frowned "What do you mean?" he asked

"I mean," Dumbledore sighed "There is another...another prophecy that concerns the Dark Lord. Another prophecy that concersn the future of our world."

Charlie raised her head, a frown on her features "im confused," she mumured

"This second prophecy," Dumbledore continued "is about another with the power; another who was born to purest evil..." he got gracefully to his feet and removed a glass sphere from inside his robes "A prophecy of the one they call...Serenity" He handed the glass orb to Charlie.

The Slytherin frowned and reached out to take the sphere; the moment her hand brushed the glass the mist inside started to swirl, and it brightened instantly, as a misty voice echoed in the hushed office.

"The one with power to replace the Dark Lord approaches.

A girl born of the purest evil, and will share the same lineage as the Dark Lord.

Fourteen years will come and go, before the path begins to show.

If she takes the side of the light, she will destroy the darkness.

The future of the Wizarding world,

Lies within Serenity's hand"

Charlie swallowed hard as her gaze flickered between Harry, Dumbledore and the Orb "Me?" she asked "I decide the future of the Wizarding world? How?"

"By choosing which side you fight for," Dumbledore answered "You choose to stand by Voldemort; you will destroy the light and the world will plunge into Darkness; you will rule as a demonic lord and be praised by Death Eaters and all evil for as long as you live..."

Charlie's eyes widened

"...or you choose to stand beside the light," Dumbledore continued "and the light with burn brightly, destroying the darkness and restoring peace and calm to the Wizarding world. But the choice is yours to make"

"Why didnt you tell us?" Harry asked "Either of us?"

Dumbledore turned back to him "For the same reason you tried to save Sirius," the headmaster replied "for the same reason Charlie is distraught about her Slytherin friends. The same reason your friends saved you...after all these years, after all you both have suffered, I didnt want to cause you anymore pain. I cared too much about you"

Both Harry and Charlie remained silent, each processing the words of their Headmaster. And the words of Charlie's prophecy. So this is what it had come down too, had it?

The end of the world.

The choice between good and evil.

The only thing that the friends were certain about, was the fact that this was just the beginning, and the War...had only just begun.


After the talk with Dumbledore; Harry and Charlie were left to wander the hallways as students made their way through the castle towards the Great Hall for the feast. Neither the Slytherin nor the Gryffindor were in the mood to be surrounded by other students, talking over one another and discussing the headlines which had been printed in the paper that morning; neither wanted to be subjected to stares by the peers for telling the truth about Voldemort's return. So instead, they had agreed to steer clear of the Great Hall and big crowds for as long as they could.

As they wandered down a side corridor, the two were surprised to find Luna at the bottom of the hall, pinning up posters.

"How come you're not at the feast?" Harry asked her, as he and Charlie approached

Luna turned "Lost all my possessions," she answered "Apparently people have been hiding them"

"That's horrible!" Charlie cried

"Oh, its all good fun," Luna responded, with a small shrug "But as it's the last night, I really do need them back"

"Do you want any help finding them?" Harry offered

Charlie nodded in agreement

"No, im okay" Luna smiled, before turning to Harry "Im sorry about your Godfather, Harry" she mumured. Of course, Sirius's death would be in the paper, meaning everyone knew about it. She reached out and squeezed his hand reassuringly in her own.

Charlie smiled, as she looped her own arm through Harry's and winked at him as he looke down at her. "Are you sure you don't want any help looking?" she asked the Ravenclaw 4th year

Luna shook her head again "That's all right," she answered the Slytherin "My mum always used to tell me that the things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end..."

Charlie frowned; what did that mean?

"Including your friends," Luna spoke, as if reading Charlie's mind "Im sure your friends are okay. And you'll find them one day soon"

The Slytherin cast her gaze downwards "Me too," she mumured. Harry slipped his hand into her's and squeezed it reassuringly.

"If not always in the way we expect," Luna's misty voice spoke again, as she looked up to spot a pair of her trainers hanging from an archway. She turned back to the Slytherin and Gryffindor "Think I'll just go have some pudding..." she waved and skipped off down the corridor

Charlie watched her go "Strange girl," she commented, as the blonde-headed girls disappeared.


"You lied to me," Charle accused, standing in front of Snape in his office. She was dressed in her muggle clothes, carrying Scamp in his carry case and a backpack at her feet "For the past 14 years, you knew! You knew who I was...and yet not once, did you think I deserved to know the truth!"

Snape glanced up from his desk "It wasnt your place to know," he mumured

"My place?" Charlie questioned "Who gave you the right to decide when its my place to know things. Especially these things!"

The Potions master glared at her.

Charlie glared back "Just tell me one thing..." she spoke "...was it you who saved me? Was it you who took me to the Muggle world, 14 years ago?"

Snape hesitated "Yes!" he finally answered

"Why didnt I grow up with you?"

"Because you would have been in danger if you had," Snape answered "You needed to be safe. I promised your mother that I would keep you safe. Her ladyship, would probably kill me if she were alive these days, knowing that her precious daughter was raised by a Muggle; but I knew that you would be safe if everyone believed you to be a Muggleborn"

Charlie frowned "Why did you return me to Hogwarts, if I was safer being a muggle?"

"We couldnt hide it from you any longer," Snape explained "You were showing signs of magic. It was only a matter of time before they tracked you down..."


"Death Eaters," Jenn answered, as she entered the office "Charlie, we are aware that you are upset with us, but you have to understand that everything that Severus has done, has been for you. He gave you to the Hunter's because he cared about your safety, your well-being," she paused "He may never had any interaction with you until you turned 11-years-old, but he still watched over you..."

Charlie nodded "But always from afar," she mumured, turning back to Snape "I would just liked to have known" she answered "It would have been nice knowing that I had more family, other than my mother out there"

"It was safer this way," Snape told her

"I know," Charlie nodded "But I know how...does that mean i'm still in danger?"

Jenn touched her shoulder "He knows who you are now," she spoke "Until he is destroyed once more...you will always be in danger"

The young Slytherin sighed, and hung her head.

"But that doesnt mean, we aren't going to be there to protect you," Snape promised "As long as you stay out of trouble this summer; you should be fine"

Charlie grinned "Do you have any idea who you are talking too?"

"I mean, magical wise" Snape added

"Oh," Charlie smirked "Of course, Professor"

Jenn smirked, patted Charlie's shoulder and directed her towards the door "The train will be leaving soon. William is waiting for you in the Entrance Hall. I'll see you in a few days"

Charlie nodded, grabbed Scamp and her backpack, and opened the door "Thanks..." she added, before disappearing up the corridor, to head home for the Summer.


The train whistle blew in the distance, as students of Hogwarts trudged towards the station, trunks and suitcases were wheeled along the platform and stored safely onboard the train. After joining her friends in the Entrance Hall, Charlie -followed by both Gryffindor and Slytherin- walked the long path towards the station, House Unity wasnt a problem for her now, seeing as both Gryffindor and Slytherin had managed to put aside their differences this year to rid the school of Umbridge, and found some common ground.


It didnt mean that both sides were the best of friends, but they tolerated one another; that's all Charlie wanted, was toleration.

"I've been thinking aboutsomething Dumbledore said," Harry's voice broke the silence between the two groups

Charlie looked up from her conversation with Daphne

"What's that?" Riley asked, causing Harry to glance back at her, as she walked alongside Charlie

"That even though we've got a fight ahead of us," Harry replied, locking gazes with Charlie "we've got one thing that Voldemort doesnt have..."

Charlie grinned "Yeah?" she asked

Harry nodded and mirrored her grin "...something worth fighting for!"

Riley, Hermione and Ron exchanged smiles; as they hurried onto the platform; one thought passed between all of them, the Battle may have been over...but the War was only just beginning. And there was one thing that they were all sure about...

...they werent giving up without a fight!


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