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Warnings: Yes, Sex and fighting

Chapter 7: Exposed

Sasori and Deidara were cuddled in the covers not wanting to move from his angel. deidara's hair was spilled all over those pillows and all over Sasori's body. Gaara and Naruto woke up looking around "That was loud" Gaara spoken. Naruto commented on that "Too loud but, it was funny" Naruto spoken. Gaara rolled his eyes and just laughed "Perv" Gaara said.

Naruto wrapped his arms around the red head and said something dirty "What if I make you scream like that" Naruto said softly. Gaara was blushing he was slightly red. Sasori looked down his blonde angel was right beside him snug warm in his arms. Sasori laid back down and just fell asleep. Naruto and Gaara was about to get play around until, the doorbell ring. "Oh shit who the hell can that be" Naruto said with slight annoyance.

Naruto walked downstairs and it was Sasuke. Gaara looked and met with his enemy that ruined his Sasori's mind "What do you want" Gaara snapped. Sasuke looked at him and was very angered "Nothing I just came here to apologize for my rude manners" Sasuke spoken. Gaara was annoyed and this was just petty and very naive of him "I don't give a damn to what you say" Gaara said in anger and slammed the door in Sasuke's face.

Naruto looked at Gaara with concern yet a odd feeling "Something isn't right" Naruto spoken. Gaara sighed and knew something bad was going to happen "You can say that again" Gaara said. Instead of worrying Gaara and Naruto decided to play spy seeing what the bad boys been up to. Gaara opened the door they were both asleep snuggled in the covers until, he heard Deidara ''Mmm, my danna" Deidara moaned softly to his lips. Deidara cuddled up with sasori more until, he reached his chin.

Naruto and Gaara didn't want to disturb their Uke and Seme moment which was way too cute "just leave these kids alone" Gaara and Naruto said softly. Itachi was looking for Deidara wondering what is wrong with him "I wonder " Itachi spoken. Itachi went over to Deidara's house knocking on the door looking for Deidara's mother "Miss Iwa hello" Itachi said in a calm tone. Ayame was a bit shock to see Itachi about the break up "Oh hi Itachi I didn't expect you here" Ayame said. Itachi asked her a question which was unexpected "Um, is deidara here we need to talk" Itachi spoken. Ayame looked straight at Itachi and explained "Um, afraid he isn't here"Ayame spoken.

Itachi was a upset but, he tried his best to hide his anger which really worked ''Well, do you know where he is" Itachi spoken. Ayame had a smile on her face explaining about Sasori and he wasn't too happy about it "He's over at Sasori's house there having a little sleepover" Ayame said. Itachi felt disgusted about Sasori that sadistic bastard wouldn't have the chance with his beloved it. Ayame felt Itachi's emotion anger, hate and animosity all in one "Itachi is there something wrong" ayame said.

Itachi quickly his his emotions and put on a fake cheerful smile. "Thank You Miss Iwa" Itachi said then, left. Sasori woke up next to him was his Angel Deidara. Sasori was yawning seeing his beautiful angel sleeping next him it wasn't a dream this time it was real, "My Angel" Sasori said softly. Deidara woke up and was pulled in for a hot savory warm kiss. Sasori tongue kissed him smooth begged for his mouth to his open.

Finally deidara let him have it within a few seconds they were at it "Ahhh Danna Mmm ahh" deidara begged for more. It was way too good Sasori hit his sweet spot. "Ack, Ah Danna"Deidara squealed. Deidara was pushed against the headboard almost caused him to him his head "Ready for round 2" Sasori said softly in his ear. "Yes" Deidara moaned. Sasori kissed him down hard and deep.

Sasori looked Deidara had a semi hard on which was too cute for words "Horny, bastard" Sasori said soothingly. Deidara gave those soft swee "Of course for you" Deidara said softly in his ear. Sasori kissed him and pulled his legs up to him and crawled down and started sucking him hard and deep just like last night. "ooh Harder deeper"Deidara moaned out.

Sasori was licking him really good up down and around. Poking and teasing the head of Deidara's member. Sasori leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. "You know really good" Deidara said softly. Sasori pulled Deidara by the collar "In the shower" Sasori spoken. Deidara was blushing and never doing it before sounds like fun "Yeah" Deidara said cheerfully.

Sasori turned on the shower water. Waited for the water to be heated "Ladies first" Sasori said. Deidara looked directly at Sasori with a red face "Hey, I'm not a lady" Deidara yelled. Sasori chuckled softly with a evil smirk "Just get in brat" Sasori said softly. Deidara stepped in Sasori pinned him down on the shower floor and looked straight at him "Where was I oh yeah" Sasori spoken.

Sasori kissed him all over nice and sweet. "Hmm" Deidara moaned lustfully. Sasori pushed his hard cock inside deidara. Sasori started fucking him like it was nothing hitting his sweet spot. Deidara gave loud moan saying ''goo harder deeper" Deidara said softly.

Sasori gripped Deidara's hand really tight as he went inside him on and on over and over. Deidara felt the ripples of pleasure and love released him. "Ah...rigght there it feels goood" Deidara moaned. Sasori was thrusting on and on. "Fuck me harder oh fuck me" Deidara moaned. Sasori was speeding it up.

Deidara hair was wet his whole body was along with Sasori's. Sasori grabbed deidara's member and started sucking on it. While he was screwing the hell out of Deidara. Sasori was about to cum. ''Danna" deidara screamed loud. Deidara cum shot right in Sasori's mouth.

Sasori licked his lips with lust. Sasori was cumming also he shot his hot seed inside deidara. Deidara eyes looked at his angel. "Hmm, So sexy" Sasori spoken. "Yes, I love you" Deidara said. Sasori eyes looked as his eyes grew soft and sweet. "I love you too Brat" Sasori said softly.

Deidara got out the shower along with Sasori. They were cleaning themselves up "That was fun" Deidara said. Sasori had a smile on his face which was strange the puppet has a smile "I enjoyed it listen, there's something I got to tell you" Sasori said softly. Deidara locked eyes with Sasori and knew something was bad "What's wrong Danna" deidara spoken softly. Sasori looked he really wanted to cry as hate and revenge struck him like a sickness.

Sasori couldn't tell him anything he loved him. "I'll go downstairs okay" Sasori spoken. Sasori walked downstairs. Deidara looked and wanted to explore his room a little. He saw a journal right there on the desk. Deidara looked and picked up the journal. Saw bloodstains on the pages.

i hate Itachi , I knew that he was the only I could trust with my undying love for Deidara

I can't live in this world anymore and this is the reason why...

One day I was late for home I wished I never was there Itachi was staring at me

as I tried to run fast as possible. As he was gaining closer and closer each second my heart was pounding twice as hard

I was running fast but, some how Itachi caught me I laid on the ground staring at the cold and hate in his eyes

''Nobody loves you don't belong into this world" Itachi said coldly. "Stop please" Sasori breathed.

Itachi pinned me to the floor and I couldn't move he was too powerful like a lion catching his prey

I kicked and hollered screamed loud as I can nobody didn't answer my calls. He shuts me up by sliding his tongue down my throat

I couldn't scream. He starts taking off my clothes and I tried to scream but, I cried and kept crying really hard until,he had slapped me in the face hard

I felt a sharp pain it burned me and it hurts so bad I was screaming and crying as he starts pulling and teasing me..I screamed loud as a pool of blood and semen dripped down on the floor.

I was raped by Itachi...

Deidara's eyes widen now he realized why he had hurt himself and covering up. Sasori walked upstairs and saw Deidara's face darkened and Sasori looked straight at him trying to find out what was going on. Deidara turn and ran into his danna's arms and started crying Sasori's eyes widen "Dei, what's wrong with you" Sasori said. Deidara wrapped his arms around him and cried"You didn't deserve it" Deidara spoken in tears. Sasori was trying to play it off like nothing happen "What" Sasori spoken.

Deidara locked eyes with Sasori pouring out all his tears "He took something from you Itachi raped you un" Deidara said softly. Sasori's eyes narrowed and was denying it "What"Sasori said. Deidara was so upset that Sasori was playing stupid "Don't act dumb is that what you didn't want to tell me" Deidara said softly. Sasori looked and started to cry as he hugged Deidara.

Deidara pet him softly trying to soothe his pain "It's okay danna, It's okay" Deidara said softly. Sasori let out his tears showing his true emotions as he grabbed Deidara's shirt tight. Sasori didn't want to let go never it felt good to let out his emotions. Deidara and Sasori had fallen asleep on the floor within a couple of hours.

Itachi was pissed as he saw gaara and Naruto walking. "Hey Itachi-kun" Naruto spoken. Gaara rolled his eyes in disgust. "have you seen Deidara anywhere" Itachi said. Naruto was thinking of a quick lie "Nah, I haven't seen him anywhere" Naruto lied. Gaara looked at him "Me neither" Gaara lied. Itachi rolled his eyes and sighed "Well, tell him we need to talk" Itachi said in a stern voice.

Naruto and Gaara walked away. "Do you think there done" Gaara said with a giggle. Naruto eyes looked so innocent "I probably think so too" Naruto added with happiness. Gaara and Naruto walked inside the house. He saw sasori and Deidara knocked out on the floor asleep. "They really did a number" Gaara said with a laugh

Next day it was school Sasuke came to school with a black eye. Sasori and Deidara skipped into class and walked inside. "How about we do a little tease" Sasori said seductively in his ear. Deidara and Sasori sat next to each other. Sasori kissed Deidara hard and soft Deidara tugged Sasori almost making them fall right on the floor

Sasori's hand slid down between Deidara's thighs and he gave a girlish giggle "Ah, you such a tease" Deidara said in a girlish laugh. Sasori leaned down and kissed him in the neck. ''Ah Mmmm" Deidara said softly. Sasori locked eyes with Deidara how cute and sexy he was just too good for words "You like it when I tease you" Sasori said in a child-like tone.

Deidara gave a cute pout the one that Sasori loved so much ''Yeah" Deidara said softly. Sasori tongue went down Deidara's mouth. Students walked in the classroom and there was a lot talking among the students. Itachi was wondering what the hell was going on and why people were standing out the classroom cheering. Itachi came running and his eyes were full of rage "DEIDARA" Itachi yelled as he yanked Deidara away from Sasori who was having a teasing moment. Itachi was mad with Deidara "What are you doing with that whore" Itachi yelled.

Deidara looked at Itachi and he was playing it off like he didn't exist ''Hm" Deidara spoken softly. Itachi was getting upset wanting to hurt the boy right their and now "What the hell are you doing" Itachi said. Deidara looked at him and have a cute look "What does it think" Deidara said with a kitten look on his face. Itachi grabbed him by the wrist tighter "Don't play fucking stupid whore" Itachi spoken. Deidara pulled away from his death grip "Oh, so now I'm the whore now" Deidara spoken. "Yes, you were about the fuck the hell out him" Itachi spoken.

Itachi had a smirk on his face which was evil "Does your mom know about your behavior" Itachi spoken. Deidara looked at him and nodded "Yeah" Deidara spoken. Sasori looked and was annoyed and something that really ticked him off ''That phsyco really fucked up your brain" Itachi spoken. Sasori yelled at him bursting out of control "It was all your fault" sasori said in anger. Itachi rolled his eyes and scoffed "I wouldn't waste my time with you" Itachi said softly

Sasori looked with a certain tone of coldness and brutality. " I spent my entire time self loathing because of how much pain you cause me" Sasori spoken in rage. Itachi looked like he didn't care honestly he wanted his boyfriend back. Sasori made a cold evil look in his face like he wanted to kill Itachi ''Your crazy" Itachi spoken. Everyone in the classroom had their eyes locked right on Sasori and Itachi.

Sasori chuckled softly to himself and just laughed ''I'm crazy'' Sasori said hysterically. Deidara looked saw the expression on Sasori's face. Sasori looked at him with so much hate it was beginning to show ''Really, I'm crazy when you fucked me" Sasori said. Itachi looked right at Sasori with a nervous feeling. Sasori looked at him wondering how did this happen''Really you hate me when your using your own boyfriend as a little ''puppet'' '' Sasori said metaphorically.

Itachi was getting tense and didn't want this to happen ''What are you talking about" Itachi spoken. Sasori's eyes bored directly into Itachi's eyes. ''Just tell me what you told me when you had your ''fun'' with me'' Sasori quoted. Itachi's eyes narrowed and his expression had changed. Itachi looked directly at deidara "You bastard" Itachi yelled. Deidara was afraid thinking in his head "Why did you hurt Danna?" Deidar questioned without looking at Itachi's face. Itachi snorted and walked away

Sasori looked directly at Deidara. ''Danna, what's going on'' Deidara spoken. Sasori sighed trying to smooth things out and don't let Deidara get hurt in the process ''Nothing is going on'' Sasori spoken. Deidara knew that was a lie something bad was about to go down ''What's going on'' Deidara screamed at him. Sasori's eyes looked ''My doll it's nothing'' Sasori said softly. Deidara's face changed he knew he had risked something probably his life.

Deidara was walking and felt a certain grip ''Let me go" Deidara screamed. Itachi looked at him wondering what was going on ''What the hell is wrong with you'' Itachi asked. ''What's wrong, I hate you Itachi, how dare you'' deidara growled. Itachi looked at him with a calm look ''You have been spending too much with that sasori kid he's crazy'' Itachi spoken.

Deidara shook his head Sasori wasn't like that deep down inside he needed to be fix ''No, he isn't he just needs help'' Deidara spoken. Itachi laughed that was a joke seriously he doesn't need help "That kiss what the hell was that'' Itachi spoken. Deidara looked at him with a calm manner ''It's called love'' Deidara spoken. Itachi stopped laughing and locked eyes with Deidara ''You slept with him'' Itachi growled. Deidara looked as his face had a certain meaning. ''So what if I did twice'' Deidara boasted.

Itachi looked at him in disgust ''Your really are a slut'' Itachi said in anger. Itachi slapped deidara in the face that Deidara nearly lost his balance. "You never learn, how dare you'' Itachi growled. Itachi slapped Deidara in the face. Deidara felt hurt and really ashamed his heart was broken.

He fell to his knees and started crying. ''I don't love you" Deidara yelled in anger. Itachi looked and stared at deidara. ''Tell that to sasori'' Itachi said with a purr. Deidara refused he didn't want to. ''I don't , I hate you'' deidara yelled. Deidara looked and ran away from him.

Deidara wanted to cry or scream. Deidara ran into the forest area he stared at the blood ripened sky. Deidara wanted to scream his heart out. Scream his pain and suffering also his love for his Danna. Deidara looked up and started screaming loud as his throat can bear. he kept screaming so loud that the birds flew away.

Deidara screamed with all his might and power releasing all that he had...Then, he sink down to his knees and started crying.

There is more turmoil in the story and this chapter doesn't involve fighting yet