Scene. Truman and Sylvia (Lauren) are studying in the library for finals directly across from each other. Truman notices Sylvia and there is an instant attraction - they introduce themselves to one another and begin talking.

*School Bell Rings

Truman: Let's get out of here and go somewhere, I'm so sick of studying!

Sylvia: I would love to! But how are we going to leave without the teachers noticing?

Truman: I have a plan, no one will be able to see us.

Sylvia: (under her breath) That's what you think.

Truman: What did you say?

Sylvia: Oh, nothing. I'll explain later.

The two manage to escape the library and every single camera. (What stealth!) The producer frantically forms a search party immediately to find them. The star of the show cannot go missing! How is that possible with so many cameras around?

Meanwhile, Truman and Sylvia take off to the woods, running as far away as they can from the town, just so they can be together. They take a breather for a moment and Sylvia tells Truman her real name and the truth about his life. He is so hurt and disgusted, but is so thankful that she wanted to help by telling him the truth.

After much walking and talking, the couple hits a wall and finds a door that leads out to the real world.

Truman: Thanks for your help, Sylvia, uhh I mean Lauren. It takes a very special person to want to help me out of this mess.

Lauren: It's the least I could do. You're an amazing person who doesn't deserve to be "locked up" and on camera his whole life without knowing it. Stick with me and I'll show you the world.

The two hold hands and step out of the set. A shocked cast and crew stand by staring blankly as Lauren and Truman start walking out.

The producer appears, running and out of breath, to try and stop them.

Producer: What are you doing, Truman? Aren't you happy living in this world that I have created for you?

Truman: Happiness in that world doesn't matter. I've been secluded in a place by myself. It's all a lie. How would you like to live in a world where everyone knows your business?

Producer: I wanted to-

Truman: (breaking in) It's not about you! This is MY life. Show is over, there's nothing left to see.

Truman and Lauren walk out through the doors marked "EXIT" and everyone watching on TV cheers. Their beloved Truman will be missed, but they all really want what's best for him.