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Warnings: Future fic and might be OOC in some parts.

A little bit of explanation just to avoid confusion:

Maid sama = Author's telling story

Maid sama = Thoughts

'Maid sama' = Conversations


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"Misaki, I have something to tell you…" Takumi said while holding her hands a little tighter than usual. They were sitting on a bench in the quiet park right after their graduation ceremony at Seika that morning. Both of them were rewarded as the honor students of Seika for scoring first and second highest exam results in the school's history. Everybody cheered on the couple, and addressed them as the strongest team that Seika ever had. It was indeed a pleasant day to celebrate. If only there was nothing weighing in his mind, they would have enjoyed that rare moment to its fullest.

Seeing a serious expression in his face, and a glint of sadness in his eyes, Misaki knew that he was going to tell her something important. She looked at him in the eyes and said. "I'm listening."

"I've been thinking about our future… And after reconsidering all of the possibilities… There's only one way to make it all work…"

Misaki listened carefully to every word he said, so she immediately noticed his difficulties in saying those words. She knew that he was extremely unskillful in dealing with situations that involved explaining things about himself. So she didn't say a word, giving him as much time as he needed to say it properly.

"I have to go to England…" He finally said, looking straight into her eyes while tightening his grip on her hands. It was the life changing decision he made after he put all of his might into thinking for the best decision he had to make.

Those words felt like a struck of lightning in her chest, leaving the pain in her heart. She wasn't able to let a single sound out of her mouth, as if it was magically disappeared before it made its way out. Silence immediately filled the air between them. Only the sound of the screeching leaves which blown away by the wind was heard as neither of them spoke. She could see his worried expression in his jade green eyes, waiting for her reaction to the things he just said. She then closed her eyes, silently accepted that the time she secretly afraid of had finally come.

She wasn't stupid. She knew that what they had at the moment was a temporary serenity before war. They were living in the shadow of his family's threat. Takumi was not an ordinary person she always encountered in her life. And that's why she had prepared herself. She knew that sooner or later, Takumi would face an inevitable choice when his family decided to intervene.

However, she knew that she could trust him. If there was something she knew about him after being that close to him, was that he always had a plan. He wouldn't do anything unnecessary, or making any move without thinking about it carefully. He had never made bad choices and nothing had ever clouded his judgment either. He was always able to get the best result out of everything he did no matter how much pressure he was in.

Nonetheless, even before she fully understood that side of his inhuman abilities, she had already believed in him. He was the man she entrusted her heart to. She, who was a man hater, and the person who was betrayed by her father, the man she trusted the most, was finally able to believe again. It was all because of Takumi's patience, honesty, respect, understanding and most of all, love, that never wore off no matter what she did or said to him. He changed her for the better, and at the same time, he made her life a whole lot more meaningful. The moment she realized it, she knew that she would never find a man that she would love more than she love him. She had never doubt him before, and she wasn't planning to start doing it now.

After some wordless moments, she took a deep breath, opened her eyes, and said. "…I understand…"

He couldn't hide his shock when he saw her unexpectedly calm reaction. But the moment he noticed those attractive golden eyes flickered in deep understanding, he knew that she had foreseen it long before. He didn't know how many times she had managed to amazed him. Never once did her fortitude waver, even in that kind of situation. Then without saying anything, he pulled her closer and hugged her tight. Misaki didn't expect it, but she stayed still in his embrace, savoring his warmth that immediately enveloped her body.

"You will come back, right?" She whispered to him.

There was a long pause, and it scared her. But before she could say something more, she heard his gentle voice in her ears. "Do you want me to?"

Misaki abruptly leaned backwards, leaving his embrace, and said to his face. "Of course I do, idiot! What do y—"

Before she could say another word, he pulled her closer to him and pressed his lips against hers in a warm and passionate kiss. Misaki's eyes widened for a moment of surprise, but then instinctively closed her eyes as the kiss deepened. Her mind went blank and all that she could think of was him and the feelings that exploded inside of her. The painful loud beating of her heart gradually became more intense as their kiss continued. It was yet the longest and the most passionate kiss they had ever shared.

And as her lungs screamed for air, she felt him slowly begin to pull away. She gasped to take as much air as she could while steadying her breath. He smiled as he looked at her crimson red face and slowly placed his right hand on her left cheek and said. "I'll definitely come back to you no matter what… I promise…"

Misaki looked deep into his emerald eyes and without doubt, there she saw determination and honesty, then she nodded. "Then I'll wait for you… No matter what."

His expression softened when he heard it, there was no words that would express how grateful and relieved he was. Then he pulled her again into his embrace and caressed her head dearly. "Thank you, Misaki…" He kissed the top of her head sweetly, hoping that it would tell her a bit of how much he loved her and how thankful he was to have her.

A few moments later, he leaned backwards to rest his back on the bench, pulling her closer to his chest by holding her shoulder with his left hand. His right hand entwined with her left hand on her lap while moving his gaze to the sky above. After some brief moment of silence, he decided to explain to her about his sudden decision to leave Japan.

"About my decision to go to England…" He paused.

"…I had a deal with my family…"

Misaki lifted up her head, couldn't believe what she just heard. He lowered his head and their eyes met. She had so many things to ask him in her mind, but she kept silent, waiting for his further explanation.

"I can't really explain much about it… It is part of the deal… But I need to tell you that… we will not be able to see each other for three years… and… we can't have any contact within that period…"

Misaki froze. Her mind couldn't think of anything. She needed time to adjust to the words he just said. She didn't know what kind of deal he had, but she knew that if he agreed to that kind of condition, then it must be involving something that really mattered to him.

"I know I'm asking too much, and I am being selfish… I will understand if you can't accept it…" He continued, worried expression plastered on his handsome face.

But then Misaki gave him a piercing stare and shouted while clutching his shirt tightly. "Are you stupid? Didn't you hear what I said just now! I said I'll wait for you no. matter. what! And I mean it! Do you think that will make me give up on you! Never!"

Takumi's eyes widened as his face formed a shock expression by the unexpected outburst, but then it gradually shifted to a breathtaking smile that melted her heart at once. "Really… Misaki… I always wonder how you are always able to make me so amazed…" He said while pulling out his hand and cupped her face.

"I didn't know what had I done to deserve you…" he added, and then he moved closer to her and slowly kissed her forehead.

"I love you, Misaki…"

Misaki's face gradually flushed hard by the touch of his lips on her forehead, even though the kiss lasted only for a few seconds. She didn't back away like she usually did whenever he confessed his feelings bluntly to her. Instead, she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him with all her might.

"I love you too… Takumi…"

The edges of Takumi's lips twitched, forming an adorable thrilling smile. He was extremely happy when he heard the words that rarely escaped her mouth even though they were already in a relationship for a year. It was indeed a pleasant surprise, and was exactly what he needed right at the moment.

"Thank you, Misaki…" He whispered to her ear while placing his arms around her waist and tightened their embrace. They hugged each other so tight, as neither one of them wanted to let go.

But just like every other thing in this world, it couldn't last forever. A few minutes later, they slowly pulled away.

"When… are you leaving?" Misaki asked, this time without looking at him.

"… Tomorrow…" Takumi slowly said. He knew that no matter how he tried to tell her about it, he would end up breaking her heart, the last thing that he would ever do to her, but it was the reality that he needed to be clear about. They didn't have much time left.

Misaki bowed her head. She couldn't help but thinking about how soon they were going to be apart, and suddenly she couldn't hold her tears anymore. She scolded herself in her mind for being so damn weak. She had never shown anyone that side of her before, not even to him. She tried to turn away and hide it from Takumi, but as soon as she pulled away her hand from his, Takumi placed his hands on each side of her face and looked deeply into her eyes. He slowly brushed away her tears with his thumbs while holding up her face to take a good look at her. Then he smiled and spoke to her softly.

"Misaki… Let's just consider this as a test… And if we pass, we'll know that we are meant to be together…"

She caught the sight of unshaken determination in his eyes, which silently told her that he would never disappoint her. Then she smiled back at him, believing that the day when they meet again, it would be the best day of her life.



"Misaki, seeing your adorable crying face for the first time, I've got to tell you that it makes me want to…"

He moved closer to her and whispered the remaining words in her ears, and abruptly her face reddened with embarrassment and anger, mixed together. Then blood vessels appeared on the top of her head as she shouted.


Takumi smiled when he heard she shouted his favorite nick name she created only for him.

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To be continued….


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