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Flashback from previous chapter…

"Let me down, pervert! What do you think you are doing?" She shouted as she struggled in his arms, which of course was a futile attempt against his strong grip.

"I'm fulfilling my other promise, and I don't think you want me to do it in public, although I won't mind at all, my fiancé…"

End of flashback…

Takumi successfully carried Misaki to the lift area despite of her protest along the way and by the time the lift door slid open, Takumi took her inside the empty elevator, still being carried in his arms.

"Alright, I got it! I won't struggle anymore, so can you please let me down?" Misaki said as he pressed the button to let the elevator take them to the top-most floor, where his apartment was located. She finally gave up to his will, because she knew that she wouldn't be able to escape from him if he didn't let her, and struggling would only make it worse because it would only entertain him all the more.

"Eh? I thought that you like being carried around in my arms, Misa-chan…" Takumi said while smiling naughtily at her, which earned him a deadly glare from the beautiful woman in his arms.

"As if! Let me down now, pervert!" shouted Misaki, obviously started losing her temper as her demonic aura started to spread around the elevator.

Takumi slowly put her down, sad expression was evidently visible on his handsome face. "Misa-chan is still as cruel as ever… Is it wrong for wanting to be as much closer as I can to you after being separated for so long?"

Hearing him saying those words while making such a cute expression that resembled a lonely puppy, Misaki's demonic aura abruptly alleviated to its minimum level in no time, replaced by a cute pink blush that appeared beautifully on her cheeks. "Ukh… I didn't say that it's wrong, but we're in public place, just behave yourself, will you?"

"Hmm… Does it means that once we're in a private place, we can—" Takumi's mouth was forcefully shut by Misaki's hand as she knew what embarrassing words he was trying to say, and she wouldn't let him say it in front of her.

"You! You are still a hopeless pervert! Don't you feel embarrassed at all for saying something like that at this kind of place?"

"Something like what? I don't get what you mean at all, Misa-chan…" Takumi asked innocently.

"Stop playing innocent, idiot Takumi! I know what you were trying to say, and I don't want to hear it at all!" Misaki said stubbornly while avoiding his observing eyes that suddenly sent pleasant shivers down her spine. She knew that she had to switch the topic immediately or it would change to a not-so-decent conversation in just a matter of seconds, but she knew it was too late when she saw his eyes glinted mischievously as that sexy smirk of that handsome man graced his face.

"Nee… Misaki, don't tell me you were thinking of perverted things that you want to do with me once we are all alone…" Takumi said seductively as his hand ran through her smooth jet-black hairs while his fingers played with it.

Misaki felt her cheeks started to give off burning sensations as she felt how close he was, with his slender fingers playing in his hairs, and the intensity of his stare made it even worse. Her heart started to pound harder in her chest, betraying the attempt of her brain to calm her nerves.

Takumi could feel her fluttered with nervousness and couldn't help but thinking about how cute she was, especially when that cute blush adorned her face and thus made her look more adorable than ever. He smiled at that sight of his beautiful fiancé. He was so happy, for finally able to see his favorite expression of her again, the expression that always able to cheer him up whenever he pictured it in his mind, at the most difficult time. As I thought… Nothing beats this lovely sight of you, Misaki…

"Who—Who would think of that thing, I—I'm not you, pervert!" Misaki stuttered while throwing her gaze to the carpeted floor, refusing to let him see her flushed cheeks. Why am I stuttering? This stupid alien, how can he still have this kind of effect on me? It had been so long since the last time she had such a close proximity with him, therefore, to be approached by him in that kind of seductive way made her difficult to calm down.

Takumi chuckled when he saw her clutching her fist, fidgeting while standing nervously without looking at him. "Hmm… It doesn't sound so convincing to me… let me check first." He said as he snaked his left hand to encircle her waist while his right hand cupped her chin and gave it a little push upwards, preventing her from turning away. As their eyes met, he smiled charmingly at her and at the same time closed in the distance between them.

Misaki closed her eyes the moment she felt his warm lips touched hers gently. The familiar and pleasurable feelings that spread around her body through her whole nervous system made her lost in his intoxicating touch on her lips. As he slowly rubbed his lips with hers, she could feel her heart skipped a beat by the element of surprise but at the same time she couldn't help but wanting to feel it more.

A minute later, Misaki found herself kissing Takumi with the same rhythm with the way he kissed her and they were lost in their own sweet yet passionate moment. None of them realized when that little act of teasing suddenly ignited the fire that was kept deep within them, but they knew that both of them were sharing the same thought at that moment. They wanted to be close to each other so bad and they couldn't bear to be apart anymore.

Suddenly the elevator dinged when they reached the top floor, causing both of them to pull away from each other spontaneously. Misaki's face was already blushing severely while Takumi smirked and observed her amusingly with a slight blush on his cheeks. The romantic stimulation they experienced just now was somehow making her feel embarrassed and happy at the same time.

Takumi acted first when he took her hand and led them out of the elevator towards his apartment. Misaki followed him without saying anything and she bowed her head the whole time, avoiding his observing eyes.

Realizing this, Takumi made a sudden stop just a few steps away from his apartment door, causing her to bump onto him.

"What the hell are you suddenly stopping here for?" Misaki said as she rubbed her face while eyeing him angrily.

"Nothing in particular, actually... I just realized something…" Takumi replied nonchalantly as he turned to face her.

"And that is…?" Misaki asked in confusion as the things he said caught her attention, and at the same time successfully shifted the awkward atmosphere they had just a few moments ago.

Takumi stared at her from head to heels while tapping his fingers on his chin. "You… feel— different. I guess time do us some good stuff too, especially to your body—"

Misaki's fist landed on his head before he got to finish his sentence. She was too embarrassed to hear the remaining words that were threatening to came out from the inside of his perverted mind.

"Oww… It hurts you know, Misa-chan?" Takumi said while rubbing his head.

"Blame it to your own perverted mind, pervert! What do you think my reaction would be? Saying thank you for your compliment?" Misaki shouted angrily with sarcastic tone while placing both hands on her waist.

"I was just being honest, is it wrong?" Takumi said pleadingly with his irresistibly cute puppy eyes.

Damn that puppy eyes! How can I be angry if he's like this! "W—whatever! Just stop harassing me as you please, will you?"

"Okay... Okay… I won't tease you anymore, so please stay with me, alright?" He said reassuringly, which then replied by a nod from her.


"So… Do you like it?" Takumi said while looking at the woman who was sitting at the table in front of him.

"Yeah… Your cooking skill is still great, but it will be better if you didn't stare at me the whole time while I'm eating my dinner."

Takumi chuckled and then laughed a little at her straightforward reply. "As I thought… It's really worth it to spend time with you, Misaki…" It had been a really long time since the last time he felt so relax and happy at someone's presence. There really was no other place that was as soothing as being with her, and he couldn't be more thankful that he was able to feel it again.

"What do you mean by that?" Misaki asked curiously at his weird statement.

He smiled, and replied shortly. "Nothing, I'm just happy that you are here."

Misaki didn't say anything but inside, she felt a lift in her heart, feeling somewhat happy for the words that he said to her. She could feel that there was some hidden meaning in his words, and although she didn't know what it was, she knew that he meant every word.

He put his right hand below his chin while supporting it as he continued to look at her while she was eating as if he was looking at the most beautiful scenery that nobody was lucky enough to see. He couldn't get enough of seeing her, because some part of him felt like it was still a dream that he could actually see her so closely.

Misaki on the other hand, was a bit annoyed by his behavior, because the way he looked at her made her unable to act naturally, knowing that he was observing her every move. Then when she realized that he wasn't going to let his sight off her, she complained. "Hey, why are you looking at me like that? You are making me uneasy, you know?"

Takumi chuckled and replied back at her. "Sorry, I can't help it. I just like what I see so much."

"S—Stop it! The way you look at me and the way you talk to me both are making me uncomfortable!" She said harshly but pink blush was spreading on her cheeks, betraying her intention to avoid being affected by his sweet words.

"But what do you reckon I should do in the mean time?" Takumi replied innocently.

"You can start by telling me what had happened to you all these years. Beside the fact that your half brother and your grandfather had passed away and left you with the chaos in Walker Corp to take care of. Oh and you being the CEO of the Walker Corp as well as the most admired business tycoon in England. Well, I think you'd better tell me about something other than the news had provided the world with."

"So I guess you are pretty informed about the things that happened to me in England, I see… It would leave me with only a few things to tell then." Takumi said while tapping his fingers on his chin, trying to think of something to tell her.

"I would like to start with why I decided to leave seven years ago, but I think you have figured out that much at least. The point is my Grandfather needed me to be in charge of the company because of Gerard's weak condition, and the news about his illness was leaking out to the media, that's why my Grandfather used any means necessary to get me to substitute him, that includes threatening me about you and your family's well being. Realizing it, I knew that it was useless to refuse because he had the power to make our lives a misery if he wanted to."

Misaki nodded to him, signaling that she understood and even before he told her about it, she already figured it out.

Takumi then continued speaking after shooting her a grateful smile. "Then after I arrived in England, I was taken to the Walker Corp Head Quarter as my Grandfather's assistant. You can't imagine how people thought about me the first time I was there, the feeling of jealousy and disgust was so noticeable that it hurt to feel the way they looked at me. But it was nothing compared to the way the rest of the Walker family treated me when my Grandfather introduced me as his heir. It was a hard time though, being watched all the time, when they were waiting for the moment when I will make mistake so that they could dictate and attack me until I wouldn't be able to survive being there and in the end being forced to leave their 'empire' with nothing but stained reputation. I could feel it from the very beginning, and to be honest I have no intention to take what belongs to them, but I've made my resolution, that I would fulfill my promise no matter what, even though it's a promise I made to my Grandfather in order to prevent him from threatening your safety."

Misaki was a bit taken aback by his elaboration, and then she remembered about their conversation at the park when he said that he was leaving. "So that was the deal that you said you had with your Grandfather before you leave, something that you can't explain to me at that moment." She said as realization stroke her.

Takumi nodded and smiled slightly, realizing that she still remembered about that detail. "That's right. I was forbidden from telling anything about the deal to you. That's one of the condition he specified to keep you out of this matter, and I'm sorry that I only get to explain this to you now. The deal was for me to promise him that I would spend three years under his supervision or until I'm qualified enough to be his heir to take care of the Walker's whole business until Gerard was healthy enough to undertake the company. I was a perfect choice to be Gerard's substitute because he knew that I have no desire to take over the company and therefore when the time comes, I would gladly hand over the company's control back to Gerard in exchange for my freedom. It's a complete opposite from the other candidates in the family, because every one of them was trying to get into that position to take a hold of the company for money and therefore it's impossible to choose one among them." He paused for a deep sigh before he continued his explanation.

"However, things didn't turn out the way both me and my Grandfather had planned, because Gerard's condition suddenly worsened two years after I arrived in England, and he passed away six months later. Then the situation got worse in no time. Everybody in the family tried to take over Gerard's position in the name of the company's well being, but they were planning to sell the company for money once they got a hold of the whole company. But that old man wasn't a fool, I have to admit. He could see through everything even before his private investigators confirmed the issue. That left him with one choice, which was to make me the heir until he found the eligible candidate." He stopped speaking as he noticed Misaki gave an expression that told him she realized something.

"Yes, Misaki… That's why I wasn't able to come back here in three years time. I was caught up in an awful dilemma when my Grandfather told me about it, but when I knew about his chronic heart disease and the fact that he didn't have much time to live, I was unable to reject his request. Even though I remember how he had threatened me into coming to England, but somehow I understood his feelings, that he would do anything because he didn't want to lose something so dear to him." He said as he smiled meaningfully to her, which made her blush instantly.

"In his case, his company." He added. "So while he was looking for someone he trusted to take over the company, I was assigned as the vice president with himself as the CEO. But then two years ago suddenly I was called up to the Board of Director meeting when he announced that he appointed me to be the next CEO of Walker Corp, succeeding him as he was resigning from his position because of his health. Two days after that, he passed away, leaving me a will which stated that he declared me as his legitimate Grandson and therefore passed down his whole legacy to me." Takumi said as his expression hardened, remembering the rest of the family members' shocked expression that quickly shifted into hatred towards him when the will announced by the Walker's private attorney.

"The will as well as my confirmation as Walker Corp's new CEO soon became a big shocking news in the whole business world in England, which I'm sure you've read before. But I came across some more shocking news from my Grandfather's most trusted personal assistant, Edward, not long after the news announced to the public. He revealed to me that soon after Gerard died, my Grandfather had actually meant to legally address me as his Grandson and gave me the Walker name as well as making me succeed his position as the CEO, but he knew that given the situation, I wouldn't agree. That's why he put it in his will without anyone's notice except for his attorney and Edward. My Grandfather had never intended to find someone else to take over his position, he was able to trick me into waiting for a very long time, what a sneaky old man."

Takumi let out a deep sigh but his expression softened. He admitted that the old man of his was a very expert player in manipulating people into doing what he wanted without realizing it, something that he would never be able to master if he had never worked under his supervision. It was thanks to his rigorous training that not only Takumi was able to run such big financial company in England smoothly, but also even made a very big impact on the increase of the company's profit. Rarely had a major company and industry been so dominated by a single individual, but Takumi's influence went far beyond anyone's expectation. As one success followed by another, the company found itself in a bewildering position under Takumi's hands, which earned him the trust of the shareholders. Nobody in the family could ever question his ability anymore, and naturally the contravention had finally come to an end.

The things that he said to her were much more complicated than what she had imagined before. Even though he knew the big picture of what had happened to him through the news, it was somehow felt like only a very small part in his life at the moment. Then Misaki started speaking while shrugging her shoulders. "Then again, even though you knew that you've fallen into his trick, you are willing to continue the path that he chose for you, is that because you were too caught up to that world?"

He chuckled while turning to her and said. "It's not entirely correct, but you've got a point there. I didn't follow the Walker's path because I want to be rich and powerful, but I felt like it was something that I must do if I want to become someone that is worthy enough to be with you. I knew that I'm different from the people who are always around you, and to be honest even though I don't want to admit it, but no matter how hard I tried, I'll never be able to change that. But after all these years, I've finally understood that I need to cherish my own existence to be able to find my own way. As a man, I promised myself that I had to be a dependable person and thus be able to protect the woman I love in any possible situation. I came to realize it in a hard way, but it was the way it worked. That's why I can't enforce my selfish desire and risking our future life just for a moment of happiness. I knew that sacrifice must be made, and if time should tell whether our destiny are still attached, I'm willing to do it if it meant I would have the slightest chance to live my life peacefully with you forever."

Misaki felt a lift in her heart as she listened to his long-awaited explanation. She couldn't help but being impressed by his way of thinking. He was willing to risk everything even though the chance was as thin as a piece of paper. What had driven him to do that? It was something that she was dying to know.

"Then what are you going to do if you got back and found out that I'm already with someone else?" Misaki asked with hesitation.

Takumi's face stiffened. It was the question that had been spinning in his mind all those lonely years. He had been asking himself what if he just made a huge mistake by risking their relationship just like that? But when he thought about the promise they made, and how much trust she placed in him, he was finally able to go on with that decision. "If you are happy as it is, I'll accept it no matter how hurt I'm going to be… But if you're not, I'll do whatever I can to make you fall for me once again, and I'll never let you go ever again."

Misaki was lost for words by his answer. She was amazed by his patience and touched by his sincerity. At the same time, she got the answer to the question that had been weighing in her mind for so long. She finally knew that by the time she decided to wait for him and believed in him unconditionally, she had made a right decision. It was all worth it, and he totally deserved it. Then she unconsciously smiled to herself as she replied differently. "You know what? You are indeed an idiot..."

Takumi chuckled as he suddenly stood up and walked to her side. He caught her off guard as he placed both of his hands on each side of the chair that she was sitting on while closing their distance until they were only a few inches apart. His eyes glinted mischievously as he realized that Misaki's cheeks reddened by their closeness. "You are smiling, my foxy prez…"

"W—What? D—Don't call me like that anymore!" Misaki stuttered, feeling nervous all of a sudden.

"You are happy to hear that, aren't you, Misa-chan?" He said seductively as he moved his right hand to touch the side of her face and ran his fingers along her neck.

His words brought out more intense color onto her cheeks while her heart responded by beating harder and faster by his teasing tone. "I—I didn't say that! Ah—More importantly! You were saying about fulfilling your 'other promise', right? W—What is it?" She said nervously. She was obviously trying to change the topic quickly to save her from embarrassing herself.

But then she knew that she was asking the wrong question at the wrong time as it brought a tantalizing smile to his handsome face. "You have a very good timing, Misaki… I was just about to do exactly that…" He said as he closed the remaining distance they had.

Misaki's pulse was beating fast and her heart throbbed with overflowing excitement that she hadn't feel for so long as she felt the touch of his lips on hers. His kiss inflicted their burning desire to be closer to one another as an exultant message of the longing of love. It bestowed an intoxicating feeling of infinite passion that was kept inside their hearts, yearning to be released.

Before she could think about how to react, her lips already moved on their own, responding equally to his lustful kisses. They kissed rhythmically and passionately as they let themselves being absorbed in their desire. The familiar feeling of his kisses and the pleasant feeling it brought to her made her unable to stop even though the kiss they were sharing wasn't a gentle one.

It was in that moment that they knew how much they missed each other. The feeling of each other's presence never felt so real in the last seven years of their lives and they wanted to savor the moment for a while longer. 'A while' that they hoped would mean forever.

While still kissing her, Takumi slipped his hands under her body and stood up while carrying her outside the kitchen in bridal style. Misaki realized his movement but didn't think that much about it as her mind was being too occupied by the pleasant feelings that the kiss emitted, she even encircled his neck with her hands to bring them even closer to each other. Takumi smiled inwardly by her action, thinking that she unexpectedly had finally able to chase her resistance-out-of-embarrassment habit away.

Not until they felt suffocated by the lack of air that they finally pulled away from each other. Then only at that very time Misaki realized where he had brought her, and she couldn't help but blushing in seven shades of red as she knew where they were sitting.

She reflexively distanced herself away from him as she shouted her protest. "W—Why are we in your bedroom? And moreover, why are we on your BED?"

"Is that bad?" Takumi replied nonchalantly, as if it was a normal thing to say.

"Y—You… Are you thinking of…" Misaki stuttered as more color adorned her pretty face when she thought about the things that he was probably thinking of.

"Thinking of what?" Takumi said enticingly as he placed his hands and legs at each side of her body on the bed, trapping her while moving his body forward, indirectly pushing her back to rest on the bed.

Misaki could swear her heart skipped a beat as she looked at his jade green eyes as it was sparkling with newfound interest. The throbbing of her heartbeats grew harder while it sent shivers down her spine as she felt him approaching her, and she closed her eyes, expecting his move that didn't come even though a few moments had passed.

Then she heard his voice as he was speaking to her. "Look at me, Misaki…"

Misaki opened her eyes, unexpectedly meeting a serious expression of his, which was completely different from that playful expression he was wearing a few moments ago.

"Are you afraid?" He asked earnestly while keeping a close look onto her face, watching her expression changing by his unexpected question.

"…No. I just didn't expect that… Y—You would suddenly…" She replied nervously.

"I did say that I will do it when we are ready. Although… on second thought, I think we should give us some time to adjust, we just meet each other again after all…"

As she heard his words, she could feel that the man she loved didn't change. His thoughtfulness and patience amazed her over and over again. But she also realized something that she didn't expect. When she learned that he wasn't going to make love to her that night, the feeling of disappointment was overpowering her relief. Could it be that she actually wanted it too but didn't want to admit it? That thought made her cheeks burned with embarrassment and excitement as well.

"But of course I won't disappoint you tonight, Misa-chan… In exchange of that, I'll give you plenty of challenges that will make you remember me every night…" He added as he shot her his mischievous grin and without waiting for her to react, a moment later, his lips already captured hers in a breathtaking kiss.

His hands traveled freely on the sides of her body as their kiss intensified. He tilted his face slightly to deepen their kiss as he continued to give her pleasurable stimulus with his touch. Then he moved his lips down her neck while leaving trail of kisses along the sensitive area of her face. His bold actions flared up the burning desire that she was trying to suppress and after some moments of futile inner struggle, she finally gave up to his will.

Soon a delicious moan escaped her mouth as he kissed and licked her nape, but he didn't stop. He knew that she was enjoying it, and he would give her as much pleasure as she could bear. The thumping of her heart got harder as both of his hands held hers above her head, preventing her from shoving him away and thus gave him full access to her upper body.

"Ta—Takumi… Ahh…" Misaki moaned his name as he bit her in the crook of her neck, while licking and sucking it, leaving a bite mark that was visible enough in a close distance. However, she didn't realize it because the pleasure she was feeling was more than enough to keep her mind attached to that moment only.

He liked the sound of his name being called with such enticing voice by the woman he loved. It made him want to leave the traces all over her body, and that idea thrilled him. Although, he realized that he shouldn't go too far because if he went any more than that, his remaining self-control would be stripped out of him in a matter of mere seconds.

So he moved upwards until his lips met hers and he kissed her softly as he released his hold on her hands. Then he kissed her forehead before he moved backwards and positioned himself beside her on the bed. He spotted a slight disappointment on her face when he pulled away, which made him smirk naughtily as he spoke to her. "Does it enough to preoccupy my fiancé's mind every single night until our wedding night or do you need something more… tantalizing?"

The question made her blush even more, and suddenly she remembered the way she moaned his name just a few minutes ago, which made her feel so embarrassed. "S—Shut up, pervert! Everything that you said is embarrassing!" She shouted while looking away, but then quickly turned around to face him again as she noticed something that made her face heated up. "Wedding night? What do you—"

Before she could finish her question, he suddenly interrupted. "Two weeks from now, Misaki…"

"WHAT? Is that what you mean before? How can you decide it on your own? You should at least ask me first, idiot Takumi!" Misaki shouted, couldn't believe how ridiculous he was.

"I thought I'd give you a surprise, so—"

This time, he was the one being interrupted as Misaki cut him off impatiently. "How many more surprises are you planning to give me in one night, are you trying to give me a heart attack? I wouldn't even be surprised if you've already talked to my mother about marrying me."

"Ah… one more surprise was ruined. How did you know about it?"

"WHAT? When did you do that?"

"It's a secret. But you know, I just want to marry you as soon as possible, I don't want to wait anymore…" He said as the playfulness in his voice disappeared, replaced by a determined tone, and as their eyes met, he asked hesitantly. "Do you not agree, Misaki?"

"Y—You know that I want to be together with you as much as you do…" She said, and without her consent, heat was creeping up her cheeks as she continued. "So how can I not agree…" Her face blushed beautifully, which made Takumi stunned for a few moments.

Then he smiled in relief as he approached her. "Misaki is indeed very cute…" He said as he kissed her left cheek softly and enveloped her petite body in his warmth as he led them to lie on the bed, facing each other.

"So Misaki…" He started while looking deep into her golden orbs.


"Do you want to continue?" He said temptingly as his eyes sparkled with interest, waiting for her reaction.

"Baka Takumi!" Misaki yelled as she raised her fist to send a jab onto his chest, which was caught by him without effort.

Then he moved closer and whispered in her ear softly. "My fierce fiancé… I'll let you off the hook this time, but next time when we are on the bed together, I will not let you escape unscathed. So please prepare yourself."

Those words made her cheeks flushed like never before as sheer of thoughts filled her mind and something tickled her senses as she realized the true meaning of his perverted words. "Perverted outer space alien…" She whispered as she smiled shyly.

"However… In the mean time, you should give this perverted outer space alien a little reward for his patience, don't you think?"

"W—What do you mean?"

"Misaki should let him kiss her as many times as he wants, then it can only be fair, isn't it?" He said as he moved forward to her.

"H—Ha? W—Wait!" Her heart beating twice faster than it was before as she tried to ask for more time to prepare herself, but he didn't stop approaching her.

"Nope. No more waiting. I want my reward now." That was the last thing he said before he kissed her none too gently, leaving no chance for her to protest. He was determined to not let her push him away that night, because he knew, she wanted it too.

My sly fiancé… I'll fulfill your wish now…


Author's note:

That's the end of The Promise, I've been through a lot to finish this, I hope I didn't disappoint anyone with this chapter. It turned out differently than how I planned before, as I was going to make an epilogue for this story, but I don't think I can make it. So I'm really sorry for that.

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