Prologue - Ciel's POV

Demon's Realm, 1894–Five years after Ciel's transformation.

It wasn't something I'd asked for, though I didn't mind it either. Alois Trancy had made sure neither butler, no, he made sure no one could take my soul. For once, I was rather glad at that boy's notions, though if it weren't for his creepy obsession to be acknowledged by Claude, none of this would have happened and I'd have died, willingly allowing Sebastian to claim what was rightfully his. I would have loved for Sebastian to finally attain my soul–he has and always will be so very deserving–but I am equally pleased that I will not have to die everand that he will be by my side for all eternity.

I enjoy being a Demon, you never get sick, you cannot die as easily, so many of the skills I lacked in–balance, timing, agility, strength, and ultimately control over my emotions–had improved significantly, you don't age, and you always look so damn perfect!

To be honest, it was amazing being a Demon! I enjoyed every moment since the transformation, although what had been bugging me was Sebastian's unenthusiastic response to it. I understand perfectly that he hasn't got much reason to be his usual amused self, but it's not like I'm making it completely horrible for him. I no longer need his assistance in trivial matters, neither of us makes much mess, so he doesn't have to clean like he used to and all the while that I couldn't help but push that awful feeling of guilt to the back of my mind; I had an itching sort of nuisance nagging at me.

"Sebastian," I spoke in my–now–perfect and rhythmic voice. My ever loyal Demon butler appeared suddenly–for he had no reason to hide his abilities now that we were staying in his realm. "What is this feeling? It's somewhat familiar, but I can't remember what it is, I haven't felt it in so long. I order you to help make it go away!"

"What kind of itching is it?" Sebastian had lost his nicer nature he used to show me. He now answered everything monotonously and never did he beat around the bush, he was so blunt now–I hated it! I never thought I'd miss his sly smirks and glances he used to give me out the corners of his eyes, nor the teasing he would share so openly about my height and inability to complete the simplest of tasks like tying my own shoe-laces.

Of course I felt bad, Sebastian had never wronged me in anyway, but it wasn't my fault! If I could change what happened–without knowledge of the feeling of being a Demon–then I would in an instant. Among the other Demons, Sebastian had become a mockery and had lost all his respect and reputation he had gained before his encounter with me, it would break anyone's heart–even a heartless Demon's–but such is life and it cannot be reversed.

"I don't know, but it's incessant and it feels like..." I pondered, sitting dubiously in my high throne with my legs crossed. My hand–with nails obsidian black–had subconsciously ran down my chest and rested over my stomach, gripping it ever so slightly. "It feels like–"

A flash of nostalgic emotion passed over Sebastian's face faster than the speed of light, "Like your insides are burning, like you need to satisfy an unattainable need, like you could never forget the irritating feeling until it's been sufficed? A feeling that drives you almost insane, a feeling that compels you to want to harm, a feeling that makes you regret the day you formed such a contract in order to just know you never would have to feel like this again." Sebastian's eyes were flaming their demonic hue, though that stopped in an instant when he asked playfully, "That sort of feeling, my Lord?"

Finally, that cruel smirk reappeared–hidden behind his cheerful, albeit secretive smiles–one I had been dying to see for so many years now. I was unable to speak at first, I was still taken aback by his ungraceful show of emotions before and now the memorable feeling I had been granted to see once again on his face.

"Yes," I replied strongly, knowing that since he described it so very accurately that he must know how to make it go away, "more or less."

I thought I heard him make a "tch" sound, as if he was thinking something along the lines of "you don't know the half of it". The annoyance he may or may not have shown that I caught in his expression was almost beautiful–such an odd thing for a Demon to think too–but it held a special embrace over me. Sebastian's and my bond was much stronger than many other Demons' and their contracts had ever been. We will never part ways or be separated again. No, Sebastian was mine and mine forever and I won't ever let him leave me, he was my lifeline once before, my everything! And I am still that much of a child that I refuse to share nor stop wanting to play.

"There is only one feeling in my world which matches that description," Sebastian returned to his monotonous voice, but he appeared to be having fun with this, drawing out his response as he draws in my curiosity.

"What is it?" I tried to sound strong and austere, but the old feeling of our Master/Butler relationship was coming back and I loved how it felt.

"Simply, my Lord–" Sebastian purred and bowed before me.

"Spit it out!" I demanded childishly–and Humanly–he looked up to me condescendingly, his eyes veiled by his long strands of raven hair and thick eyelashes.

"You're hungry."