Title: Fall, my darling. Fall.


Summary: Because she was destined from the very beginning, to die alone. 'Remember that alone is where I belong.'

Words: Around 700.

Inspired By: Depression, heart break and pain.

Song Used: Cloud Nine - Evanescence.

Disclaimer:I do not own Naruto or Evanescence.

If I fall and all is lost, it's where I belong.

She stared down at the cliff looming below her.

Her green eyes looked dazed, no longer that pure, shining emerald. The playfulness they used to hold - diminished. No longer existing.

It was a slow process.

But, you know what they say, the slowest form of suicide-

So terribly slow. It took years. She fought it so badly. Tried to keep her happiness alive. But she failed.

- is love.

Her pink hair danced around her in the breeze, it was as if the wind was urging her. Just one more step -

-Just one more.

(One more to go, baby. Then you'll be free.)

If you want to go, let go.

She held the note tightly in her hand.

'If someone smiles at me, I won't jump.'

But nobody smiled.

Nobody asked where she was going or why.

(Just take that step, honey.)

She wondered when her life had spiraled downward.

It had been a long time coming.

But - That wasn't important anymore.

Her hands balled into tight fists at her side.

Would she be missed?

Beg my broken heart to beat. Save my life, change my mind.

Naruto would not save her. He had his Hokage duties to attend to. He had no time for anyone now. The stress of his dream come true took it's toll.

But someone had to take over after Sakura's shishou had been killed.

Her fingernails dig into her porcelain skin.

Sasuke - Heh, good old Sasuke.

Like he ever cared in the first place. Sakura, she had come to realise as she made her way toward the cliff, now knew that he held no emotions toward her.

(But he did. Oh, Sakura.. Beautiful, broken Sakura. He loved you.)

He did not question her as she walked out of the village.

And she died a little more inside.

It looked like... Like she wouldn't be saved.

No one cared.

If I fall and all is lost. No light to lead the way.

She straightened out her thin dark purple jacket, wrapping it around her tightly.

She closed her eyes, the tears finally pouring.

She wasn't crying over the soon to be loss of her life.

No, she knew what she was doing.

She cried for all the pain she felt. She cried for all the hate. She cried for her broken heart.

She cried for everything in her life that led her to this very moment.

(It will all be over soon.)

She stepped forward. Her foot dangling over the ledge.

She fell forward.


She thought she heard Sasuke's voice.

She twisted herself around, her back facing the ground. She let her hands lift towards the cliff's edge.

She could almost laugh, she saw Sasuke leaning over the edge. Following her. Screaming her name.

Falling with her.

His hand reaching out, stretching toward her.

She simply smiled that broken little smile of hers.

Remember that alone is where I belong.

Her tears left a trail through the air as she fell.

(Fall, my darling. Fall.)

Because after all -

- She was always destined to die alone.

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