Title: Annaliese

Author: WriterGirl89 (duh!)

Spoilers: 1-6 referenced

Fandom: BH U.S.

POV: Third-person

Pairing(s): Aidan/Anna (my own creation), Josh/Nora (aren't they cute?), platonic Josh/Anna/Sally, & of course Josh/Aidan bromance (apologies for that word) sprinkled with Sally/Aidan frienship obviously

Summary: Josh brings a new friend over to the house. Although leery after finding out she's also a werewolf, Aidan soon finds himself charmed by his roommate's new pal.

Author's Note: Welcome back! I know you guys love my Aidan/Sally stuff but, wanted to try something new. Just came up with this idea of Aidan actually falling for a female newly turned werewolf (sounds hot, no?). I hope you guys like it (don't hurt me if you don't).

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the character of Annaliese 'Anna' Taggerty, obviously.


"I'm bringing someone over for dinner tonight."

Aidan and Sally just stared, both eyebrows raised, at their friend. Josh was smiling from ear to ear and his round, hazel eyes shone brightly as he beamed. He seemed positively giddy with the news he was presenting them with.

Aftering a moment of silence, Aidan countered flatly. "Who's the lucky guy?" Making the ghost next to him snicker quietly as Josh continued grinning, nonplussed.

"Actually she-"

Sally interrupted sharply. "Wait, wait. 'She'? Your bringing a girl over... again? Man, your fast working. Whatever happened to 'Dr. McCleavage' you brought over last week?"

Aidan chuckled as Josh turned seven shades of red and put his hands on his hips haughtily. "For your imformation Casper, Nora and I are doing just fine." He smiled smugly at Sally's slight look of indignation. "In fact, she was the one who introduced me to Anna-"

This time, it was Aidan's turn, apparently. "Anna?"

"Jeez, will you stop interrupting me? Yes! Anna. Her name's Anna. Or Annaliese rather." He nodded to himself. "But, she prefers Anna."

Another moment of pause.

"So, ah... what time is she coming over?" Sally asked brightly.

If it was even possible, Josh smiled wider.


Aidan cursed under his breath (figuratively, of course) as he slipped on a fresh black sweater over his torso.

Josh had been driving him crazy over everything about this dinner. He really, really wanted everything little thing perfect. The house, the food, even Aidan's own appearance. Which weirded him out because he'd never gotten any complaints before.

Wow... this girl must be something.

He'd tried pushing for details on their dinner guest but, everytime he would ask Josh would brush him off and tell him he would know everything as soon as she arrived. He had given him some details; though not enough to write a book about.

And those details were:

1. Her name was Anna Taggerty.

2. She'd been a patient at the hospital and had been treated by Josh's new girlfriend. And he had been doing his 'orderly duties' and had percured the bloody bed sheets she had come in on because her injuries were that severe.

3. There wasn't and will never be any sexual or romantic involvement with her and Josh. He'd made sure to point that out to avoid teasing and nit-picking at dinnertime.

4. "Aidan, please keep an open mind." What the hell did that even mean?

Again, not enough to write a book about.

He ran a hand through his dark hair before heading downstairs.

He was just on the last step when he heard a knock at the door. But, before he could within 2 feet towards the door Josh had nearly body slammed him to get to it first. "No, no. I got it."

Thank god for vampire reflexes.

He followed his friend to the door and was nearly startled as Josh suddenly whirled around on him.

"This is her." He stated, looking Aidan in the eye.

"Yeah. I got that-"

"She's my friend. A very important friend. And I want you to be nice to her. She's ah, been through some stuff. Just... please be nice." He finished seriously, a pleading look in his eye.

Aidan almost wanted to make a glib remark but, the begging expression on his friend's face stopped him. This girl really was something.

"Okay." He replied with equel seriousness, nodding.

"Alright." Josh's face relaxed into a smile as he went for the door handle before turning again. "And Aidan, please keep-"

"Keep an open mind." He was slowly starting to get anxious himself. Josh's earlier protective expression now really made him curious to meet this new friend of his. "I got it. Now will you please open the door?"

Josh paused a minute, peering into the vampire's face before turning and opening the door.

And there stood their guest.

She looked young. Maybe even a little younger then Josh. Not teenager young just... young. Her face was both child-like and womanly. She had nice, high cheekbones with flawless, porcelain skin. Her nicely shaped pink lips were full and smiling, revealing dazzling white teeth. Dark, chestnut locks hung over her shoulders. And her big, doe-eyes were beautifully blue and accentuated by a fringe of thick, dark lashes that fluttered soo invitingly.

And of course, Aidan had to notice how small she was. Not super petite, but just... deliciously diminutive. Although he's had his share of many different women, his favorite preference was always women that were shorter than him. He didn't know if it was because he was one inch over 6 feet or what but, a woman who's weight he could easily manipulate really, really did it for him.

And curvy, too. The buttoned up, slightly modest dress she wore accentuated the positives, as it were and was both loose and clung to her appealingly. He could make out broad hips and almost groaned as he saw the teasing bit of cleavage being offered unknowingly to his exploring gaze. He peaked to the bottom of the dress and the knee-hitting length gave him an appreciative view of her shapely legs.

It wasn't much he was seeing because of the modesty of her dress but, it was enough to make his mind wander. He was already picturing her naked and he had a great imagination.


Josh's voice made him wake up and he snapped back to reality as their guest's smile turned to him. And right then, he knew that if his heart still beat, it would have stopped.

God, she's gorgeous.

"Hi." Her voice was cheerful and full of sunshine. "You must be Aidan." She stepped inside the house and stuck a hand out.

Still out of sorts by the immediate desire to fuck this woman he didn't know on every surface of his home, he straightened and took the offered, petite hand in his much larger one and shook it, her warmth engulfing him.

"Anna, this is Aidan, my roommate. Aidan this is Anna, my new buddy." And as he said this, he put a firm hand on her shoulders and she smiled warmly at him as he grinned at her.

Aidan felt slight jealousy thrum through him at the obvious bond between the two.

But, luckliy for him, that's all he felt. A closer than close, completely platonic bond.

He felt no better as Anna let go of his hand and moved with Josh out of the foyer.

"This is my house. Aidan and I live here with..." Sally misted in front of them. "Sally."

The girl looked slightly startled before grinning beatifically. "Hi!"

Sally looked like she was gonna cry tears of joy. "Yes! Finally an actual girl friend I could hang with!" She exclaimed happily.

It finally hit Aidan. She smelled familiar... oddly. Earthy. Woodsy. Almost like...

"So, Josh tells me your a werewolf." Sally said casually.

Ah, well, that's just...

The girl paled significantly before looking down shyly and looking back up again, looking aroung embarrassed. "Well, that didn't take long. You weren't kidding about her, Josh."

She smiled at the lighter-haired man before turning again to the ghost. "I'm Anna. I'd shake your hand but, I know your-"

"Oh, no, it's okay. It's fine." Sally shrugged before bouncing happily to the couch and sitting there, waving Anna over. "Come on. I haven't had a female friend in seven months."

Looking at Josh, as if for comfirmation, he nodded and she went and sat down next to Sally.

"I'll leave you to it then."

Aidan followed him into the kitchen, bristling with questions.


A/N: Hey guys! I really hope you guys liked my introductory chapter and my original character of Anna (Aidan seemed to like her, right?).

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