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"How are you and Aidan doing?"

"Great. We're good."

Long pause.

"How's the sex?"


"What? I wanna know!"

Anna chuckled as she watched her friends. They'd been hanging out for a good portion of the day and once in a while, asking random questions about her relationship with Aidan. Now she and said vampire had 'sealed the deal', it had been a humorous 20 questions stretching out throughout the last two weeks.

And honestly, it was only a matter of time before they questioned the newfound physical aspect of their relationship.

Which had been going awesome, by the way.

Not two days ago, he had jumped her at the hospital.

And that had come out of nowhere.

She smiled just thinking about it.


She had brought a nicely prepared lunch for she and Josh to eat to save him from the awefulness of hospital food. Something she had found out the hard way during her stay when they first met and had been subjected to strange broccoli and matched potatoes with rubbery chicken and ugh, jello.

Anyway, she had prepared some nice, tasty BLTs for her and her best friend to eat, which would probably make the entire cafeteria jealous but, whatever.

They had enjoyed their lunch before Josh left to work again and Anna went looking for Aidan.

Josh had told her he was probably near the nurse's station ans so, there she went.

She ignored the odd looks she recieved from the female nurses as she asked about her boyfriend's whereabouts.

Some looked surprised. Some weirdly pleased. Others just plain pissed.

It was 15 minutes before she gave up and walked towards the direction of the elevators.

She was walking to her destination when she was suddenly yanked by strong hands into a dark room.

She barely had time to get her bearings before she was pressed against a door and a pair of cold lips were pressed against hers.

She immediately knew who it was as Aidan's familiar feel and smell invaded her.

There was a slight urgency to the way he moved against her that made her face blush and her knees go weak.

It was a minute of grappling with zippers and blue uniform before he had her up against a wall in a corner, moving frantically and, as always, deeply inside of her.

It wasn't the longest time they'd had sex but, it definitely wasn't the least satisfying.

Afterward, as she stood on wobbly knees and asked what had gotten into him, he had simply said, "I missed you."

She almost wanted to make crack at a 'Grey's Anatomy' joke but, decided not to and instead walked out of Suffolk County Hospital with a huge grin on her face.


Now, looking at her friends, she played nonchalant and shrugged. "The sex is... you know, it's satisfying." She spoke as if it was also boring although, that was anything but, true.

Sally looked at her with an incredulous expression on her face. "Oh! Come on-"

The slamming of the front door cut off the conversation immediately and all three friends turned to see Aidan walking into the living room and towards the stairs before glancing briefly at his friends and girlfriend.

His eyes immediately landed on Anna and she fought to read his expression. "Hi."


"Can you come meet me upstairs in a few?" He nodded to the stairs before walking up them.

"Sure. Okay." She belatedly responded before turning to her friends with a quizzical expression.

"What was that about?" Sally asked with a look of bemusement written all over her features.

Anna shrugged, getting up from the couch. "Guess I'm gonna go find out."

She headed towards the stairs before turning to the pair. "You know I love you guys, right?"

They turned with smiles on their faces. "Yeah, mom, we love you, too."

She shook her head as she went up the stairs. "Jackasses."

The laughter from her two best friends faded as she walked down the hallway towards Aidan's room.

She'd been there a couple of times and that was before they started having sex so, she really didn't know why she was suddenly nervous.

She got to his door and opened it.

He was lying on his back with one arm over his head and the other across his stomach. She knew what to do. I twas just their routine. He or she would have a bad day and they would comfort each other. She already knew what he needed.

She stood there a moment before closing the door and walking quietly to him, crawling on the bed and laying on stomach as he moved his hands and placed them on her back. It still amazed her how well they fit together like this.

They layed there a few minutes before Aidan broke the comfortable silence. "I love you."

"I love you, too."



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